Good Sunday Morning!

Good Morning! Feeling a bit pink today. I woke up with the most peaceful feeling and I’m running with it! I have a confession to make. I have been doing this weird thing for a week now and I have to say, I love it. If you would have told me I would love it I would have told you to be gone.

Every morning I make my English Breakfast Tea, which is half unsweetened Almond Milk and half tea. Then I plop a half teaspoon of Kerry Gold Butter in there. Yes, I said butter. Real butter and I only use Kerry Gold from Ireland. I stir it up and add a dash of cinnamon and it is smooth and delicious. It sounds gross, but it is not. I even did it with coffee and I love it. Mainly because my tummy loves it.

Tommy’s mass is getting larger but we do have a date with the surgeon this week and I have an eye appointment. The eye appointment I am so looking forward to. After almost 3 years of dealing with the contact lens infection and the transplant and multiple other surgeries I have become dependent on my Corneal Surgeon. And I haven’t seen him in 4 months! That’s a good thing and a bad thing. So we shall see what this year brings for the eye. I’m hoping just the one other surgery and maybe all 11 stitches out.

I dug dip. And I mean deep to find information on the referral surgeon. He received his medical degree at a dental school. Seriously?? But I can’t find anything at all about references or reviews. He’s from Saudi Arabia and other than that he doesn’t seem to exist.

We are actually doing better in the anxiety department. Maybe because we are doing a lot to keep our minds off of this. So far today I have washed all of my windows inside and out, because you know it’s 62 today. I have dinner in the slow cooker. I cleaned all of my ceiling fans, which is dumb because I do it every Monday anyway. I cleaned out the fridge, which was easy as it’s mostly full of wine, Prosecco, milk and tea. And I turned in all of my work that wasn’t due until February! I finished working out already which I am really proud of.

Thank you my dear friend Cynthia for sending me tea! You know just what to do to calm me down. And I appreciate it. My sister cares, but she’s still leaving for Curacao in a few days for the winter and will be busy lying around on the beach with a book and not turning her phone on.

That’s our Sunday so far. How’s yours going?

xx P

23 thoughts on “Good Sunday Morning!

  1. Xeno says:

    Nice. Okay then, I’ll admit to adding cream cheese to my oatmeal the last week or so. Fats like butter, whole fat yogurt and olive oil give us longer lasting food energy, compared to carbs and protein. It is good to remind our low energy friends who don’t know this and who eat too little healthy fats. (Google WAPF)

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  2. Liz says:

    There is nothing like tea. I like my mugs of tea and plenty of it.

    Today, I have been mostly out. I have not felt good today, due to lack of sleep last night. Something unexpectedly happened outside my flat last night. I nearly called the police. There were two events. The first one led to the other and I was watching this through the spyhole on my door.
    At first, I thought it was my door being kicked in. But it was the flat opposite.
    So bearing in mind I am already on edge and at this point about to phone the police. I then dropped my phone in panic because of what I seen next, which I can’t say, other than this other neighbour, who lives in a flat above, came down to see what they were playing at. Some heated conversation. The next this neighbour was holding something he should not be having and so I was terrified.
    For the first time since living where I am, I was terrified in my own flat. So hence on high anxiety from what I was witnessing.
    Although they all kissed and made up basically last night after when things were cleared up, I was very annoyed.
    They don’t know how annoyed I am because I did not open the door that night because then I was terrified and today, because of how I am, I did not want to bump in either of them. But from tomorrow, if I do, they will know about it if they speak to me. I was on that much anxiety last night, I only had four hours sleep. This morning my chest hurt a bit. It’s went off thankfully by the afternoon and I had the shakes for most of the day.
    I am getting tired and I hope to sleep better tonight, without any further disturbances.

    I bought a lamp today, which is dimmable. I’m now able to read my book with this, instead of having my main lights on. The shade on the lamp is trees, which the light shines through the cut out design. I love it and I have liked this style for some time. 🙂

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