Happy News, Sad News But Great Tea!


Good Morning! It’s Wednesday and I have the house to myself. I had to drink some herbal tea this morning. It’s my own blend and it helps my tummy. It feels like there is always something going on.

Yesterday I had an appointment with Dr. D at the Eye Institute. At 1 p.m. and we didn’t get home until after 4! My pressure in my eye was 38. So for hours I had to sit in the special chair, take a pill and drink tons of water and have drops put in every 10 minutes. And then Dr. D said, “Hey did Lisa tell you I’m moving?” Um, noooooo. Where to? ” Oh, New Mexico, in 2 weeks.” I was gobsmacked. For almost 3 years now he’s been there for me and done all of my surgeries and I am attached. Tommy asked if we were moving to New Mexico too. That’s a solid no. But he is leaving me in good hands with Valerie, who has also been there since the beginning. For the first time since June of 2016 I am off steroids. Just pressure drops for a week or so and my antibiotic drops. I go on those for a week after they remove a stitch, which they did yesterday. Just one. Now I only have 10.

I did good on the vision test and can now start wearing RGP lenses. The hard contacts. As usual I looked like someone had punched me in the eye yesterday and all night, but today things look much better. So that’s good news. And I’ll take that.

A quick shout out to Cynthia for sending me the tea! It was waiting yesterday and it was much appreciated! You know I love you! xx



7 thoughts on “Happy News, Sad News But Great Tea!

  1. Kate Crimmins says:

    Yikes! 38! My eye pressure spikes when they give me steroid drops so they always give me another one to lower it. Fortunately it’s been a while since I needed either. So you can put the RGP over the stitches? Cool! I haven’t had a transplant but have had eye issues over the years including severe dry eye. My doc would like me to use scleral lenses (big hunking RGP) but I’m not sure I want the hassle of lenses again. My correction is mostly for reading. I can see distance fine without correction and I’m not convinced the multi-focal lenses are worth it. I felt the same way you did when my breast cancer doc retired. I’m out 15 years so it’s not critical but I haven’t been able to make a connection to my new doc. I only see her once a year. Can’t feel it but I’m hoping she’s competent and that’s all that matters.

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