Lemon Lavender Lane Tea with Lemon Lust Loaf! Mmmmmm

Monday morning and we’ve accomplished quite a bit already this morning. Started at Target to pick up Tommy’s meds and a new pillar candle, then to Starbucks for a latte’, and on to the Library to grab some books. Tommy has headed to the Cancer Center for his after surgery 2 week appointment and I’m not going there.

The wind is outrageous today! It may be in the 50’s but that wind is not! So, let’s talk about tea. This is one I discovered last summer and stocked up. It is a delicate tea with a smooth lavender flavor and a back note of tart lemon. It was the perfect thing to go with my Lemon Lust Loaf.

We are off on Mondays and Tuesdays so I’m hoping Tommy can rest and I can read. I have been on a crafting jag the past few days and accomplished a few things I saw on Pinterest and on Kelleysdiy one of which was the lantern.

Dollar Tree lantern made with 4 frames💵❤️   Now I stopped into Burlington and saw this lovely lantern with a bit of bling. $25. I stopped at the Dollar Tree and found 4 4×6 frames for $1 each and they also had some bling. So for $4 I made my own and like it better! Just rip of the backs, which I saved in the craft basket, I put a couple of drops of glue on the back so the glass wouldn’t fall out and then glued the sides together and Voila’!  I also did a couple of floral arrangements and a Spring wreath.

How is your Monday going? Did you do anything fun over the weekend? Has anyone seen the Twinings Soothe Tea anyplace? I can’t find it anywhere and I am out, so let me know!

xx P

10 thoughts on “Lemon Lavender Lane Tea with Lemon Lust Loaf! Mmmmmm

  1. jazzyjenness says:

    I may have to try the Lemon Lavender Tea and the lemon lust loaf.
    Your lantern is pretty and unique.
    I am trying to do more crafting myself. I want to try mosaic using little sequin gems that I picked up from Walmart on mason jars.
    My weekend was spent working on my final thesis/story which actually took me until last night. It was only two days late no biggie. lol
    I hope that your husband is doing well.
    My mom has two more weeks of treatments and hopefully, that will be the end of it and she will never have to worry about that “c” word again.
    I will say a prayer tonight for you and your husband.
    God bless.

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  2. insearchofitall says:

    I was so hooked on the lemon/lavender tea that I have 3 boxes of it. Now I’m looking for a good recipe for the lemon lust loaf. It seems that as soon as you find something you like, the stores or manufacturers quite producing or carrying it. ;(

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  3. anotetohuguette says:

    I haven’t seen the Twining’s Soothe tea at my local stores yet…I had the pleasure of being served a glass of sage tea with ginger and mint (and a touch of sugar) at my favourite coffee bar, the owner made a pot himself and now I’m on the lookout for a brand name that might make this tea although the owner craftily sells sage at his shop!

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