How Can I Feel So Bad and Yet Look So Good?!

Yep, the plague has arrived! On a Friday!  The sun is shining and there is a group of kids playing at the park across the street as it is their last day of school and I just want them gone. That’s the kind of sick we are.

Tommy was really getting sick at dinner Wednesday night and yesterday he was in full-blown stomach flu mode. I have to admit I may not have been as sympathetic as I could have been. See Below.


I knew I should have never let that man sleep with me! Around 3 in the morning I was headed to the kitchen for water! Wrong move. I’m just moving into the bathroom now. The man left me here alone crying in the bathroom. I swear he left early and snuck out just so he didn’t have to hear me whine. But he did make coffee. And I did return it to the toilet.

And just to make sure he knew how valuable I am I sent him this from Twitter DM’s.

Tommy wrote back, ” He called you simple and made it sound sexy”. Someone needs to recognize my virtue and Queenliness. I have no idea who this man is but he is a sweet talker! LOL

Y’all be good, I’m going to take some meds and sleep!

xx P

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