Green Tea With Jasmine by Taylor’s and some Oddities

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It has been a heck of a morning here. I am trying to be all Zen having some nice Taylor’s Green Tea with Jasmine. It’s one of my favorites. As are some of these odd pots.

People are always sending me pictures of weird teapots and these take the cake!

I can see how the gun pot would be nice. Take out your aggressions while pouring tea. And seriously that looks like a sturdy handle.  The row of dancing pots look like a fun crowd. Very lively.

The others however are just plain wrong. I don’t want my tea out of a penis or a dictator. The dancing lady, well I still can’t figure out where the tea goes in.

As many of you know my own precious daddy went to the permanent deer camp in the sky a while back. Yesterday his partner in crime, fun, fishing and hunting, Louis Walker left this earth to go play with daddy and their dogs. Today my heart goes out to his wife and daughters. This man put the fun in everything and my heart is breaking for them all. So we’ll be driving to Mississippi for a funeral soon.

We are expecting horrid weather beginning tonight. A ‘significant weather event’. That never turns out well so it looks like the whole world is getting a good soak.

xx Patricia   Stay safe and love your tribe!

Bring your cup, I’ve got treats!

I noticed this morning that I had some apples that needed eating so I decided to make some Apple Crisp. I’ve got my recipe out and I’m caramelizing the apples and then began to make the crumble on top. First ingredient? Oatmeal. I don’t have that type of oatmeal. I use steel-cut oats. What to do?

I looked in the cupboards and found some instant Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal packets. 2 of them equaled 1 cup! Before I sautéed the apples, I poached them in Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea for about 45 minutes. Then let out the liquid and added a couple of tablespoons of Kerrygold butter and a tablespoon of sugar and let them get all gooey and yummy. The crumble went off without a problem and the entire thing smells like heaven!

Shopped for Corbin’s birthday gifts yesterday. Do you tend to go overboard on birthdays? I know we do and we are all trying to stop. Had the Landie serviced and cleaned and in doing so discovered what the odd smell int the back was. A towel from the lake and it was in a Rubbermaid box so that went into the trash.

Last night we met up with Aunt Gayle and had dinner at the Olive Garden and had a nice visit with her. We also checked out the new Burlington in Midwest City. Awesome! Very nice store.

WE are supposed to have rain over the next few days so I’m going to try to get in some tennis and running. Then I’ll come home and complain about how badly my thighs hurt.

xx Patricia!

We watched a Monarch being born!!!

Oh doesn’t the universe laugh when we make a plan! No, it was not a book and bed day yesterday.

Instead it was a last-minute hustle to get to Corbin’s school to help out with the Monarch Migration in the Monarch Gardens. So at noon here we were leading classes of kids through the book, the habitat that has been in the library until one glorious butterfly was born.

The second class was Corbin’s and wouldn’t you know it just as Miss Sarah got to the chrysalis part the other brown one started breaking open! And out came a little butterfly. It felt like we were cheering on someone giving birth that we didn’t know, but it was awesome!

My group was the boys so we looked all around the garden for caterpillars, eggs, and of course butterflies, which were plentiful. We found the one caterpillar on the stripped milkweed plant and a few eggs on the under side of one of the plants.

One of the little girls asked me which kid was mine. I told her Corbin and I’m not even sure what happened next. She started yelling at all the girls and pointing at me yelling ‘Hey y’all she’s Corbin’s Nana!! I looked at the other mom and said ‘Is this a big thing?’ ‘Oh yes, she said. Corbin is a hot property, even my daughter moons over him.’ If you notice on the bench he is sitting on there are only girls. All I could think was please lord don’t let him be a pimp or a cult leader. Then another girl asked me if I could talk to him because he doesn’t like her. Me? Uh, okay, here have an acorn!

I learned that my baby is really in to following the rules. I was in and out of his room a few times and he never looked up from his work. But when he saw PaPa in the doorway I thought he would burst. He also saw the glass of sweet tea in PaPa’s hand so it was probably the promise of sweet tea!

All in all we loved it and intend to do a lot more. The garden is a school/community garden and we can go work there and pick things anytime, so I’m keeping my eye on the pumpkin patch!

Turns out it was a much better day than the one I planned. And I am still amazed at that little brown thing becoming a butterfly! How insane!

Have a good Tuesday and be a school volunteer. Especially if you have been a teacher like Tommy and I . Things have changed and we can’t wait until the Fall Festival on Friday night!

xx Patricia

It’s a Monday Off Lazy Day!


Monday. Meh. Did everyone have a good weekend or were you flooding? For once we were dry. Sipping tea and watching these crack head squirrels outside. I have no idea what is up with them. Yes there is a huge oak tree full of those tasty acorns, but these guys/gals are getting brazen. Running all around like a cat on catnip. Then I found out my neighbor has been putting out bunny food on the ground for our shared bunny and the squirrels are having a field day with that shit!

And don’t even get me started on the geese and the massive amount of poop they are leaving on the walking trail. Today is a lazy day for me. An off day to stay in bed and read a book or watch a movie in my jammies. All with the background music of a wet vac. Because the a/c vent started dripping last night and the bucket was pretty full this morning so the a/c guy is here sucking it all out of the pan and blowing the condensate lines. Loudly.

I don’t care for this guy at all so I’m playing pan flute music really loudly. As soon as he is gone though I am getting right back in that bed and ‘rest’.

I hope you are all safe and sound and survived all of the storms.

xx Patricia

The Story Behind Pura Vida


I was so excited yesterday to receive lots of mail. And the best one was this selection of bracelets, anklets and a starfish ring. I’m a big fan of Costa Rica. And in the summer of 2010 on a graduation trip the founders found two bracelet artisans living in poverty. Seeing an opportunity to help out their new friends, Griffin and Paul took home 400 bracelets to try to sell.

Well they sold out in days and the demand was crazy high. Pura Vida means ‘pure life’ in Spanish, a Costa Rican philosophy that encourages the appreciation of life’s simple treasures. Each bracelet is carefully handcrafted and is unique. So far over 200 artisans are now earning a living!

The prices can’t be beat and make wonderful gifts while supporting artists in Costa Rica. I’ve already ordered several holiday gifts and I love the bracelets and the anklets. The ring is so precious too.

So that’s my Sunday! Everyone is feeling fine and laundry is done! Time to start the Thief’s Vinegar so we stay healthy all winter!

xx Patricia

Blue Matcha and September Crazies


The weekend arrived! And I am feeling much better today. We’re blue today because I’m trying the blue matcha. It’s good. I made a latte’ out of it and I think I will use it in some blueberry muffins!

You know loving people isn’t always easy. The people you love the most can also be the same people who drive you insane! They know all your buttons and you know theirs. I have a hard time saying no to family. So I will just ghost them until they run out of ways to ask me to do something I don’t really want to do. I really need to come up with a better way of handling this because they are also crazy. Like sit in your underwear on the front porch with a church fan and a glass of iced tea crazy. Suggestions?

The entire rest of this month is double booked. Between school functions, birthday parties, deadlines and doctor appointments we may have an hour or so free next Tuesday. Tommy and I are at a stalemate about Corbin’s birthday gift. He is going to be 6 on the 24th. Tommy wants him to have like drones and shit and I want him to have that Lego table so I’m not stepping on Lego’s all the time. Corbin wants a computer. Since I gave him a printer at Christmas I guess that is a reasonable request which I plan to grant. He’s in Kindergarten now and may need it for something other than Candy Crush. He may have homework. (He won’t) Or maybe he wants to download a snowman pattern and cover the house in them again. (He will).

So today I am trolling Zulily trying to find a Lego table and maybe a drone. Then I am going to try to get in a run and some boxing.

What’s on your calendar for this weekend? For all of my family in Florence territory I know you all will be fine, but we are keeping the faith!

xx Patricia

Please Bring Back The Sunshine!


Yellow seems appropriate today. Pretty much mainlining STASH Lemon and Ginger Tea hoping it will rid me of this plague of allergies. It’s damp and this morning every single allergen was at its highest level. I know this because the lovely weatherman, David Payne sent out a twitter alert at 4 in the morning.

My sense of smell is gone. I choked down some Vegan Protein Broth yesterday and it tasted and looked like baby poop. Well, I’ve never tasted baby poop but it looked like it! I must have sounded bad when I had to pick up a prescription and my pharmacist asked me if I was really sure I didn’t want a flu shot. No thanks. We will just stay inside and moan and whine like usual.

This has been a hella bad week. Thank God for Netflix. Our yard guy thinks I have a crush on him because I’m nice. I say hello. He told my neighbor he thinks we are swingers. I told Tommy and he said, You mean like on the swings at the park? No, babe, like in the olden days when couples all put their keys in a bowl and went home with another person instead of their spouse. He was properly grossed out. I on the other hand was hatching plans to run him over with the lawn mower. So instead, I cut my hair, in a very vicious manner.

My “boss” asked me whose world I was about to implode, as usually when I cut my hair shit is going down. I haven’t taken a picture, but the boy did so you’ll have to make do with that.

   Corbin is addicted to Snap Chat. But you get the idea. Before it was getting tangled in my arm pit during the night so it was a big cut. 8 inches. And that’s a real woman inches not a guys inches.

Another day of coughing and spitting but at least I have a good book. Vendetta by Iris Johansen, one of my faves. So far people are dying at an alarming rate and in such creative ways!

Enjoy your Thursday and try not to kill anyone.

xx Patricia



Happy Wednesday! So many things going on it’s hard keep out the anxiety fairy this week. Yesterday I felt useless. Emotional and starting a cough. In the wee hours of the morning I coughed myself out of bed. Checked my phone and there was an allergy alert. Stay in doors. That is what it said. So I made a nice cup of Taylor’s English Breakfast with a dollop of honey and went back to bed. The cough settled down a bit but my head feels like it’s twice its normal size!

As much as I hate to admit it. The morning temperatures are saying Fall is coming. Not happy about that. We are hoping our families in the Carolina’s will be safe with this hurricane knocking on their door. They have decided not to evacuate, which I think is ridiculous but to each his own.

For like the first time ever an author made a comment on one of my reviews of her self-published book on plant-based eating. And this is the reason I don’t do self-published works. I didn’t like the book and a lot of the recipes were already in another book. There was a lot of soy and fake meat recipes. I didn’t care for it and said so. She wants me to read it again and give it a better score. I said no thanks, the first time was bad enough and then I blocked her. So my morning is starting off with a bang!

Today I shall climb back into my bed with more tea and an actual good book and put on my rose-colored glasses. Everything is better in pink!

Have a good one and if you live in OKC, stay inside. Or bring me cookies.

xx Patricia




We are feeling a bit muted today and I thought this collage expressed how we are feeling. This is a day that is always hard for Tommy. His mother left 4 years ago today. She fought a brave fight that she had not learned about until it was too late to hope it would go back in the box.

From the time we had a diagnosis and the time she left was just a few months. She still lives with us. In the closet in my office. I chat with her a lot. As a mother in law, she was always there when I needed her and I admired how brave she was at the end. She became a mother at 16. A child raising a child. It wasn’t all champagne and roses. It was more struggle and heartbreak. But the man she gave birth to is the best man I know and for that I give her an A!

Sheryl, I hope you are somewhere fishing and playing the slots! Say hello to Daddy for me and I hope we’ve made you proud!


xx Patricia

GOOD THINGS HAPPEN. Kindness is Free.


Good Sunday Morning! Sipping on a Caramel Brullee Tea Latte this morning and I think I saw the sun! It’s been raining for days and I saw last night we’ve had over 6 inches of rain this week alone. Feeling soggy.

The five-year old, Corbin, had to leave school early Friday because he threw up. He has allergies and had coughed so hard he threw up. School policy is they have to go home if they throw up. He is always so funny. It was a gloomy day so we posted up on the sofa in our underwear and watched Season Two of Stranger Things. While we ate popsicles and sour vampire gummies. By we I mean him. I’m not eating that crap and he wasn’t eating my Spinach Smoothie.

Then he discovered Candy Crush on his computer. He was sound asleep by 8. The next morning I felt a little pinch on my arm and rolled over and he is staring down at me. “Hey! Wanna play Candy Crush?”. Me: ” Corbin, what is the rule?” Corbin: ” First the coffee then the talkie”. Later Charli and Jodi came over and we had a Candy Crush battle on 2 phones, 1 tablet, and the desk top. It was a fun couple of days. Today Tommy has the allergy cough and nasal crap.

I actually pulled on my galoshes and my Florida State raincoat and went and bought groceries. The coat was just to mess with the Oklahoma fans but I met several fellow FSU people at Target and I bought the Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea while Tommy just shook his head and called me a sell out.

It may not be a beautiful day outside, but inside I’m curling up with a cozy mystery and sipping tea.  I hope your Sunday is full of what ever you desire. Whether that’s good food, good friends or Thor.

xx Patricia