And Just Like That…Plot Twist!!


First off this morning I must say Happy Birthday to my girl Charli Ava! 7 years old! My fellow lover of all things Pink! As well as tiaras and tutus. And cupcakes.

I did a birthday collage for her over on my other blog Book,Books and More Books

Yesterday was my appointment with my corneal surgeon. Since we are down to every two months now, I was a bit nervous. My appointment was at 3 p.m. and I left around 6 or so. First, they got some new camera equipment which meant better pictures of the inside of my eyeball, so we did a lot of those. A closer look at Dru ( yes, I named the graft) showed that he was hanging onto that eyeball for dear life. So well that Dr. Davis decided we should remove a stitch or two they were so tight. 

Me: Are you sure we should do that? I mean what if it slides off onto the floor?

Him: Well, that has never happened to me before. Ever.

Me: Okay. Just don’t tell me what you are doing, okay?

Him: Okay, but I have to talk out loud so my Fellow can learn and see the procedure.

Me: Dr. Hack? ( Who is not a hack, and has a wicked sense of humor!)

Him: Numbs me up and attached the speculum. Explains everything while I go la la la la la in my head. And he talks about Gideon from Criminal Minds and that he had 2 of these surgeries, did I know that?

Me: No I did not. Did you know that Dr. Hack? ( No, he doesn’t even know what Criminal Minds is because he is just a baby!)

And just like that I had 14 stitches instead of 16. Then we went and took more pictures with the machine that looks like something Dr. Who would use. And Voila! I could see much better. Since my surgery on February 23rd, I am 1/3 of the way through the healing process which is apparently pretty amazing.

So in another two months we may be taking out another one or two. I don’t care for being back on the antibiotic drops and the steroid drops, but I’ll do what ever I need to do to avoid rejection! I am grateful today. And happy. I had one anxious moment when they numbed me up but I got through it. Another win for me and a loss for anxiety!

xx  Patricia

You Suit Me To A Tea…Yes, Yes You Do!

Loving the turquoise and orange today! Trying out some different color schemes for a tea party next week. These are the colors I have to work with and I couldn’t be happier!

Turquoise and Peach remind me of the ocean and coral. They just make me smile!

The menu is set and I’m working on the invitations today. Obviously it is a Bridal Tea. My favorite kind. I also wanted to tell you about an amazing tea I had.

Peach Fresh Brew Iced Tea Image result for peach tea     This Peach Iced Tea with a peach sliced up in it is delicious!  I’ve been doing more cold brewing this month since the heat here is somewhere between WTF and OMG!  This one comes in larger bags too so it’s easy to whip up a pitcher.

The next one I tried with great success was cold brewing Ahmad Tea’s Lemon Ginger. It is a perfect drink in this heat and it’s good for you too! Do you switch up your hot tea to more cold teas in summer? What are some you have tried?

   I usually cold brew mine in a quart mason jar. This one was so good!

Today is Corneal check up day. I’m a bit anxious, but it’s a reasonable amount of anxiety. So today is going to be a great day and any news I get will be positive and reassuring!

xx Patricia


Killer Party ( A Tourist Trap Mystery #9) By Lynn Cahoon *RELEASE DAY*

For a gang of old college buddies, the quaint resort town of South Cove, California, is the perfect spot for a no-holds-barred bachelor party. But for Jill Gardner—owner of Coffee, Books and More—this stag party is going to be murder . . . After a few months of living with her boyfriend Greg, Jill is […]

via Killer Party ( A Tourist Trap Mystery #9) By Lynn Cahoon *RELEASE DAY* — Books, Books and More Books!

Release Day for Lynn Cahoon, cosy mystery writer and New York Times Bestselling Author!

Definitely a cuppa tea book!

How Can I Miss You if You Won’t Leave??


Is it wrong to jump up and down and do my happy dance because I’m finally alone again?

I’m trying some coffee this morning. Or as my Grandmother Anna would call it, coffee milk. Half of each. Anyway I’m trying it because it’s the Macaron coffee from someplace overseas. And it smells heavenly and tastes like a silky macaron.

I started to say everything is back to normal here, but it isn’t. We have a new normal now. At least I’m alone and able to sit around in my underwear reading and swigging coffee and eat okra. Yes, you read that right. Much like caviar, I love to pop those things against the roof of my mouth.

Since I am unable to spend hours reading in the bathtub until I get this bandage off my back later today, I thought about washing bed linens and stuff but then I decided I would wait and see if the laundry fairy would show up. For some reason she thinks she deserves a vacation. But at least the food fairy showed up with squash, fresh green beans, cherries and other good stuff. I am all rested up and ready for next week.

ppjan123  Hoping you all have a good Saturday!

Bonne journée de la Bastille!


Happy Bastille Day!  I hope you are all celebrating and having a grand time today and tonight!

My cousin is in Paris today so my family is well represented!  The only thing I dislike about France is that it is too far away!

I am celebrating with Paris Tea and a very laissez-faire attitude about getting off the sofa to do anything but refill my teapot!

Today is a day of rest for me. Too many days in a row of no sleep or food! So I’m cuddling up with a gory book and some tea and hopefully the nap Fairy!

Much love to France!

Bonne Nuit!  Patrice


Released on July 11th.

Continuing on with the Bird Lover’s Mystery Series, we find our Amy all a twitter over her old professor coming to town. He has a new book about hummingbirds out and is coming to Ruby Lake for a book signing.

From the moment he pulls up in his tiny bird house home on wheels, something is off. And when Amy finds him after the book signing dead and the bookshop owner calmly admitting she did it, something isn’t sitting right with Amy.

Of course our girl can’t sit back and wait to find out what is going on and soon she’s flitting all over town, looking for answers. And there is no lack of shady characters for her to focus on.

I’ve never been a bird person, until this series!  I love a story that entertains and teaches me something new. I never knew there where so many types of hummingbirds! And they are adorable. The characters in this series are quickly becoming like family and I think that’s a pretty good sign of a well written series!

Well done, once again Mr. Ripley!

This deserves some lovely tea and a sweet!
xx Patricia    That is Paris Tea from Harney&Sons with a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream frosting…..drool worthy!

Five Days in Hell…


This story may not be what you want to read, but that’s okay. It’s a copy of a letter I emailed to the hospital.

OU, I’m assuming stands for ON Vacation, as our 5 day stay there felt like one of those horror films of teenagers on vacation.

Let me give you some background. OU Boy aka Tommy, had his first heart attack in May of 2012. All enzymes normal, EKG normal, but when they did the Angiogram, he had two 100 percent blockages. In go 2 stints. His Cardiologist said his heart looked like a 90-year-old man. 3 months later..boom another one. Double Bypass. Since then we’ve been up and down until last year on July 22, he again was taken by ambulance unconscious and all enzymes were normal and so was the EKG. Still they quickly did an angiogram and found 2 more 100 percent blockages and put in 2 more stints. One of his meds is $400 with our good insurance.

Thursday he passed out at the golf course, chest pain, throwing up and sweating heavily. The Security people took him to the closest hospital which was OU. Our doctor is at The Oklahoma Heart Hospital. When I got there he was in the E.R. waiting for an ICU bed.

The first doctor came in eating and texting and asked some questions without ever looking up from his phone. Just Uh Huh over and over. Then said they were going to do an Angiogram Friday.

Overnight in the APU, his nurse drops his meds on the floor, picks them back up and says, “It’s okay” . Friday the procedure went way past the time they normally do, and we’ve had 7 so I know. This time after hours the surgeon came and motioned me back.

They were unable to make the repair to the vessel because instead of looking like tree roots it was knotted up. It was too risky to even attempt.

So up we go to CICU where every nurse on that floor should be a doctor. Especially Brooke! She googled and read and fought for us like we were family.

Dr. Karen Beckman was the Attending and Dr. Z. Asad the Fellow along with others who never told us their name. Every one of them gave different orders contradicting the others. As you can imagine this was extremely stressful. So I used Social Media to reach out and tell my story. They had someone in our room right away. Bertha Nunez-Herrera, who instantly got all the doctors in there to talk to us.

Monday night they ordered a CT to check for blood clots. Tuesday morning a nurse came in and said they were moving him to a different floor. 5 minutes later she came in and said “You’re going home”. We asked about the test results and she knew nothing. So I called Bertha. She knows more than any doctor I’ve come across! By this time we just wanted out of there before they killed us both.

The nurse came in and took out the Nitro I.V. which we had gone through at least 10 of as well as the pain med line.

Still no discharge meet with the doctor. We signed no discharge papers, and they wheeled him to the main entrance, in over 90 degree heat and asked if he could walk and said bye. They were aware I couldn’t drive as I am recovering from Corneal Transplant surgery.

At home I looked to see where his meds were called in to and the paper said they had been printed out and given to the patient. A straight up lie. WE have NO prescriptions.

From my end it looks like payback for going over their head. I have never felt more dismissed than I have the past 6 days. And I refuse to let this happen to another person. I mean we have great insurance! What would it have been like if we didn’t??

The OKCGCC cares about their employees and helps them in any way they can. I am so thankful for them and for Roger keeping me calm by sitting with me. You all are awesome 😊

Thanks for listening to me Rant, but I love this man and without him I’m just wandering in the dark. So I will fight and yell my story every day all day until someone listens.

P.S. We already called our Cardiologist ( who does not practice at OU), and got the meds called in.

Thank you to Brooke and Bertha! You guys rock.

After 5 Days in the CICU, We Are Home!


Finally I am back home! This was one wild ride! Five days sitting in CICU, waiting for answers, having surgeries, procedures. Let’s just say Murphy’s Law applied to the entire five days!

I’m not saying anymore because my attorney told me to shut up basically. On my Reviews site Review Site I had 6 books release today and I luckily there were all just waiting in the Draft Folder. Now I am going to sleep! I promise to catch up with you all and your blogs tonight.

Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts! Luckily I brought enough tea to last the week! And I had someone pick up my Anxiety meds, so I got through okay, but just barely!

xx Patricia

Hanging On By A Prayer 😷


OU Boy is still in ICU. Yesterday was a long day and I had grabbed the wrong bottle of meds off the counter so at a time when I needed them most I had  nothing 🙁

By this morning I had been here 48 hours with no meds. I called Uber at 7a.m and went home and took a shower and meds and slept until noon.

Back now at ICU with a fully stocked bag! Hoping the Cardiologist will be able to find a way to make his heart better. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts they help keep us positive.

Happy Saturday