A List of Cozy Authors Being Canceled

For the past couple of years Penguin Random House/Berkley Prime Crime along with a few others have been culling the Cozy Mysteries from their offerings. Below is a partial list of authors/series effected. If you see one of your favorites there go Here to their website and leave a polite message for them. Also I’m in a group called Save Our Cozies on FB trying to keep up with the latest information and what our Cozy authors are planning.
Penguin Random House (Berkley/NAL/Intermix):
Avery Aames – Cheese Shop
Beverly Allen – Bridal Bouquet Shop
Karoline Barrett – Bread & Batter
Janet Bolin – Threadville
Melissa Bourbon – Magical Dressmaking
Jacklyn Brady – Piece of Cake
Lucy Burdette – Key West Food Critic
Amanda Carmack – Kate Haywood Elizabethan
Maia Chance – Fairy Tale Fatal
Erika Chase – Ashton Corners
Peg Cochran – Gourmet DeLite
Laura DiSilverio – Mall Cop
Monica Ferris – Betty Devonshire Needlework
Christy Fifield – Haunted Souvenir
Eva Gates – Lighthouse Library
Rosie Genova – Italian Kitchen mysteries
Victoria Hamilton– Vintage Kitchen mysteries (continuing the series with another publisher, ebook only.)
Mary Ellen Hughes, Pickled & Preserved
Annie Knox – Pet Boutique
Elizabeth Lee – Nut Shop Series
Meg London – Sweet Nothings Lingerie
Molly MacRae– Haunted Yarn Shop (plans to continue the series)
Leigh Perry – Family Skeleton
Cate Price – Deadly Notions
Paige Shelton – Farmer’s Market and Country Cooking School
Christine Wenger – Comfort Food

Five Star – has dropped their entire mystery lineup.
Nancy J. Cohen – Bad Hair Day
Maggie Toussaint – Dreamwalker Mysteries
Susan VanKirk– Endurance Mysteries

Limitless Publishing
A.E.H. Veenman – Marjorie Gardens Mysteries

Anna Loan-Wilsey – Hattie Davish
Edith Maxwell – Local Foods mystery

Macmillan / St. Martin’s Press 
D.E. Ireland – Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins (switching publishers)

Not canceled but “at risk”
Kathleen Bridge, Hampton Home and Garden
Nancy Herriman, Old San Francisco
Terrie Farley Moran – Read ‘Em and Eat
Denise Swanson, Scrumble River
T.C. LoTempio, Nick and Nora

Show your favorite Cozy Authors some love and encouragement. And let me know which authors or series you did NOT care for.
xx Patricia

Having Tea And Watching The Lawn Furniture Blow To Kansas.

This morning dawned sunny and bright but a bit chilly. Yesterday it was 82 degrees and so far today it’s 55 and turning darker by the minute with winds expected to be severe. So a nice cup of Chai Tea with almond milk was just the thing to warm my little heart with all of those yummy warming spices. I’ve already had to go get the lawn chairs once and I’m not doing it again. If they are in your yard, they are now yours!

Yesterday my sister posted about Tea!! The Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie. I’m so proud. Changing the world one cup at a time….

The pink eye crisis is over. I could tell yesterday that she was better. I had to go hide my basket of lip gloss. But we had a grand time. We made soup and drank tea out of martini glasses. We painted on a few rocks. We checked out the latest Mila and Emma video and then spent the rest of the day going over every page of InStyle Magazine gasping over the boots and wondering if the 70’s were making a comeback. I don’t care who you are those floral muu-muu’s are not attractive. We finally found a page of looks we would do but basically we spent hours going,” Oh my God, who would wear that out of the house???”.

Then we did a sniff test on all of my teas. I hold them under her nose and she has to tell me which tea it is. I have to say she is really good.

If you were wondering, and I’m sure you were not, I am making nothing for Thanksgiving. Zip, Zero, Nada. Number one reason is I can not stand a mess and I’m not cleaning that up. We will go to Auntie Anne’s and feast with family. At least that is what I thought. Turns out even though we aren’t frying our own turkey this year, OU Boy has received so many requests for fried cajun style turkey that he decided he’d do a few or more. But at least that is outside.

Enjoy your weekend! And remember “I’d rather not say” is a perfectly acceptable answer to “Did you enjoy the pie?” I’ve taken that up as my mantra. Whenever anyone asks me a question and I don’t want to lie. Cause, like, Santa and all that. Even though he sounds sort of pervy.

xx Patricia

Time To Make Stories For Monday!

You made it to Friday! You deserve a great big cup of Tea! That Awake Tazo English Breakfast was needed this morning! It’s been getting cooler every day but today dawned sunny and bright and not cold. But this is Oklahoma, give it a second.

Little Miss Pink Eye is doing much better and is getting tired of being cooped up I think. So far this morning she has painted 3 rocks, used up one entire red lipstick (which is forbidden) and asked me when is lunch. At 9 a.m.

But I’m thankful it wasn’t worse, although the Doctor said it was the worst case of pink eye he’s ever seen. So now we have more eye drop bottles on the counter.

She loves the full length mirror in my office. And I’m following behind her with Purell and Lysol.

I hope your Friday is full of tea, kindness and gratitude!

xx Patricia

Holiday Teas from The Boulder Tea Company Are Here!

It’s time for some more teas for the holidays and these are from The Boulder Tea Company out of Boulder, Colorado. If you have never been, go! Or at least take advantage of the great sales they have on tea right now, including gift sets!

This minty, full-flavored chocolate tea, is reminiscent of an after-dinner mint. You’ll discover why fans of this tea treasure it as a cup of indulgent, healthy and almost decadent brew…a simple, tasty indulgence you will look forward to daily.



An enticing herbal blend our master herbalist and tea expert created to raise your spirits, ward off seasonal maladies and re-charge vitality. Simply taking time to brew up a cup or pot of this warming herbal tea and unwinding for a few minutes makes a splendid difference…. with each sip, layers of stress fall away as you re-group for your day or evening. Perfect before or after sleep, meditation or work breaks.


Cooler weather and the hustle-and-bustle of the holidays takes extra energy to keep you on top of the season. Winter Spice energizes with a deeply satisfying flavor and wafting, spicy aromas that inspire and satisfy on the busiest days. Take a break, brew a cup and glide through life a little more energized…. your taste buds will thank you.



They have a terrific Loose Leaf Tea selection and I’ve done a post already on their Tea House, which is heavenly!  I’m all for supporting local businesses so give it a try and let me know what you think.

Today the seven-year old is home with pink eye. No matter what’s going on leave it to my family to raise their hands and volunteer for it. Including pink eye. Poor little munchkin though. I know how bad those things feel. And I’m wearing my protective eye cup all day so I don’t catch something that would postpone my eye surgery.

The dog barking neighbor lady went totally bat shit crazy. Now, she hasn’t been at her best since she’s been by herself and I’m quite sure it’s depression. She came outside looking like the girl in the Ring movies and paraded her mutt up and down the street yelling about dogs are supposed to bark and if the neighbors don’t like it she’ll move. Uh, okay. I’m good with that.

Y’all enjoy your Wednesday! I’m going to make some more tea and let little Miss put the warm bag on her eyelid.

xx Patricia

How The Finch Stole Christmas by J.R.Ripley *Release Day*

Grab a cup! Amy’s back with a Christmas Special! Murder!

This is the sixth book in A Bird Lover’s Mystery series featuring Amy Simms and her store Birds and Bees. Selling all things bird and bee related while poking her little nose in the occasional murder.

It’s Christmas time in Ruby Lake, North Carolina and Kinley’s Christmas House Village is always abuzz with shoppers. Only this year they seem to be protesting more than shopping. When the village is sold to a Mr. Finch, things turn down right foul. He is not a likable person and the town is up in arms over the changes. But was someone upset enough to murder?

It’s not long before Amy is in the thick of things trying to unravel this mystery. And not just for one murder.

With every new installment of this series the characters get better. Ripley peels back another layer on characters we thought we knew but oh how we did not! A great stocking stuffer for the bird lover in your family as well as the cozy mystery fan.

Well Done!

Netgalley/Kensington/Lyrical Underground  November 14, 2017

Trying Out Some Japanese Sencha from Harney & Sons

Japanese Sencha, Box of 20 Individually Wrapped Sachets

Our Sencha is a very fine one, and can be found in many homes in Tokyo. It is a very approachable green tea, and a fine choice for everyday. Try (and travel with) our box of 20 individually wrapped tea sachets. Each wrapped sachet brews a 12 oz cup of tea.

The Kaburagi family has sold to Americans for over 110 years. They are well-known in Tokyo and throughout Japan as a pre-eminent supplier of tea. They supply this pleasant Sencha from central Shizuoka. To keep the price somewhat reasonable, we choose teas from the middle of the season. John Harney drank this tea everyday for over 10 years. He valued the pleasant flavor and the antioxidants.
The leaves from this tea are a medium lime green color. Since this is a traditional sencha (futsumushi) the leaves are more identifiable than in the deep steamed (fukamushi).
The liquor is a medium green, not as intense as the Ichiban. The green is a truer green than the Bancha, which tends more towards yellow.
Our Japanese Sencha has pleasant spinachy notes, with slight roast flavors that are similar to toasted bread.

There you have the stats. I’m glad I tried this one as a sample before I bought it. Unfortunately that spinach taste with toasty taste did not encourage me to finish the pot. Rarely do I not like a tea that Mr. Harney has chosen, but this one just wasn’t for me.

Next….Lavender Chamomile!


We Can Dream Together and Have a Cup of Tea….and Cupcakes!

It’s Monday. Again. I am in desperate need of some sunshine so I made my own. I’m enjoying my cup of Paris Tea this morning.

It’s that time of year when Holiday party invitations along with Save The Date cards are pouring in. My go to Hostess gift is usually wine. It’s lazy, I know. So I’m determined to be better this year. In my mission to turn everyone I meet into a tea lover, I decided to order the Harney & Sons  gift boxes. They are lovely little black boxes filled with 20 individual sachets of several of their teas. At $7.95, plus a code it was an excellent buy. Plus they always have free shipping and are very prompt on delivery.

For closer friends and family I’m doing all things tea as well, but with a Fleur de Lis tea strainer, a small pot of honey, a tea-spoon with tea stamped on it that I purchased at Beau-Coup and six different packets of teas, and a lovely cup. And Walker Shortbread comes in a small packet with two shortbreads in it so that will go in as well. Some fancy ribbon skills and we are done.

All I needed was something to put on the tea shaped cards and I found this:

I really miss your presence 
I like to hear your views 
I wish that we could visit 
And catch up on the news. 

Since we can’t do that often 
The one thing that I can see is 
We can dream together 
And have a cup of tea. 

Cute!   Most places that you order tea from also offer samples. Individual sachets of any tea. Some are free, some are a couple of dollars, but you get to try it before you buy a larger quantity. Now, if you order from Harney, they always toss a few samples in your box.

Since for some reason I can never toss containers I have ended up with multiple glass containers used for centerpieces for weddings. They are perfect to stuff full of good tea stuff, but so is a nice fat cup from the Dollar Tree!

xx Patricia   Have a peaceful Monday.

Happy Sunday! If you need me I’ll be in the bed! Bring your own snack!


Sunday morning is pretty gloomy and cold around here. It was and still is a multiple cups of tea day. My poor body keeps waking up at 5 a.m. every day since this time change. I’m not happy about that.

Yesterday and last night was dedicated to watching football and hoping Alabama would crash and burn. Mississippi State gave it a good try, but no. OU came through but Georgia lost and we wept. They had a perfect record.

Before I forget, if you don’t already know Starbucks is running a special through Monday on their Holiday flavors only. Buy one get one free! The flavors are Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulee’ Latte, and Chestnut Praline Latte’. No coupon required. It is from 2 to 5 p.m.  Depending on where you live you may have different choices. I had the Caramel Brulee’ yesterday. Today I’m thinking the Chestnut Praline.

Luckily I get to hang out in bed all day. With a good book, Sophie Kinsella’s new one “Surprise Me!”, along with lots of pots of tea. Yesterday there would have been miniature lemon and red velvet bundt cakes. But like I said, that was yesterday.

Have a restful and peaceful Sunday no matter where you are. And if you are in the OKC area today Alexander McCall Smith is at Full Circle Books so go meet him and check out his series The #1 Ladies Detective Series.

xx Patricia


To All Our Veterans, We Salute You.

Grab a cup and raise your glasses! To our fighting men and women of the Armed Forces.

On Veteran’s Day, we pause and say Thank You. We owe you a debt we can never repay. You fought for our country, you believed in what you were doing and I am proud to be a part of a family that serves and protects us all.

Some of you came back and some did not. Some came back whole and some did not. I love every one of you!

xx Patricia


The Holiday Teas Are Back!

FPO  FPO FPO  Image result for nutcracker tea Related image Related image Related image Image result for nutcracker tea

Time to get down the Holiday Themed Teas! Celestial Seasonings and Bigelow Tea both have some lovely teas that are usually found in your local grocery market.

Image result for nutcracker tea   A really cute gift for a co-worker or neighbor or in my case, the postman because he is the only person I like to hear ring my doorbell.

Another think I love about these teas is you can use them in your baking, replacing the water/juice with a strong steep of a tea. The possibilities are endless! When we made the Caramel Apple Cupcakes, we used the Apple Cinnamon Tea. And if you haven’t tried mixing up your tea, you are missing out! So far my favorite is mixing Bigelow’s Vanilla Carmel with their Peppermint and adding warm Almond milk. It’s an event in your mouth!

If you find a new one do let me know! Enjoy your Friday and share a nice cuppa with someone you love. Or even moderately like.

xx Patricia

Drinking tea punctuates our day with precious and refreshing pauses... ~ Mutsoko Tokunaga



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