Time To Make Stories For Monday!

You made it to Friday! You deserve a great big cup of Tea! That Awake Tazo English Breakfast was needed this morning! It’s been getting cooler every day but today dawned sunny and bright and not cold. But this is Oklahoma, give it a second.

Little Miss Pink Eye is doing much better and is getting tired of being cooped up I think. So far this morning she has painted 3 rocks, used up one entire red lipstick (which is forbidden) and asked me when is lunch. At 9 a.m.

But I’m thankful it wasn’t worse, although the Doctor said it was the worst case of pink eye he’s ever seen. So now we have more eye drop bottles on the counter.

She loves the full length mirror in my office. And I’m following behind her with Purell and Lysol.

I hope your Friday is full of tea, kindness and gratitude!

xx Patricia

Happy Sunday! If you need me I’ll be in the bed! Bring your own snack!


Sunday morning is pretty gloomy and cold around here. It was and still is a multiple cups of tea day. My poor body keeps waking up at 5 a.m. every day since this time change. I’m not happy about that.

Yesterday and last night was dedicated to watching football and hoping Alabama would crash and burn. Mississippi State gave it a good try, but no. OU came through but Georgia lost and we wept. They had a perfect record.

Before I forget, if you don’t already know Starbucks is running a special through Monday on their Holiday flavors only. Buy one get one free! The flavors are Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulee’ Latte, and Chestnut Praline Latte’. No coupon required. It is from 2 to 5 p.m.  Depending on where you live you may have different choices. I had the Caramel Brulee’ yesterday. Today I’m thinking the Chestnut Praline.

Luckily I get to hang out in bed all day. With a good book, Sophie Kinsella’s new one “Surprise Me!”, along with lots of pots of tea. Yesterday there would have been miniature lemon and red velvet bundt cakes. But like I said, that was yesterday.

Have a restful and peaceful Sunday no matter where you are. And if you are in the OKC area today Alexander McCall Smith is at Full Circle Books so go meet him and check out his series The #1 Ladies Detective Series.

xx Patricia


Knocking on Winter’s Door This Morning

It got cold in a quick hurry yesterday. And this morning started out in the high 30’s or so. Whatever, it is cold! Today’s tea is the Harney & Sons Pumpkin Spice. I added a shake or   two of Pumpkin Pie Spices into the warmed and frothed Almond Milk and got this really good latte’.

Honestly I wasn’t sure if the addition of the milk would overwhelm the tea, as it is a light tea, but nope it warmed all the way to the tips of my toes. So that one is a big yes for me.

Not much exciting going on here. Still working on the SAT test book and trying my son’s patience. This morning he butt called me and I’m hearing what sounds like him on a run in leaves. So I’m yelling into the phone,” Are you okay? Are you in danger? Have you been kidnapped and need to be rescued? Hello???” All I got was a text saying ” Sorry Mom, no worries”.

Does it seem like I’m procrastinating? Yeah, I have to clean out the fridge today. I have a tendency to put things in there and forget them. Best to get it over with. I should probably light a Lady of Guadalupe candle first. I think she’s the saint of disgusting things.

Stay Warm. Stay Safe. Take care of yourself and enjoy a cup of tea! Or clean your fridge, the candles are at the market.

xx Patricia

In A Monday State of Mind…but there’s Tea!


Good Monday morning all of you wordsmiths! I’m on my fourth cup of tea. Just regular breakfast tea. It’s gray and gloomy again. I am getting my bum kicked with this idiotic time change. It’s the one reason I would consider moving to Arizona so I would never have to wonder what time it is.

I pretty much go to bed at the same time every night and last night totally messed me up so I just went to bed anyway. My internal body clock is set so I’m just going to ignore that time change.

This has been a difficult week-end for our family. And it’s really difficult to talk about but you already know I have no filter so here goes. OU Boy’s 13-year-old sister overdosed and is now in hospital.Apparently these kids just toss pills in a baggie and you get what you get. She lives in a town so tiny they have 1 cop and 1 stop sign. The school is 2 doors down from her house. The things we’ve found out this weekend have left us shattered, scared and angry.

As for all the other kids, well the police have their names and who had what. I understand this is a tiny town and there isn’t a lot to do. Seriously there are no stores. But where the heck are the parents? You have teens and you lock up your meds. You don’t have to be a genius to know that. Bad things happen to people who pass out or overdose. People do things they shouldn’t and you end up on the internet.

I wish she wasn’t going through this. I wish OU Boy wasn’t going through this. But we are. And we will deal with it. Even if it means we have a 13-year-old residing in our guest room. I’m still pretty angry at the parents. This girl has no job but has an I-phone. She’s wearing totally inappropriate clothing. So who buys this stuff? Not her! That’s what bothers me the most. When did saying NO to a child become so horrifying? The one good thing happened yesterday when her mom asked OU Boy to handle this. And handle it he will.

So there you go. That was our week-end. I have a feeling this is going to be a long journey for all of us. And I’m going to need a lot more tea. And anxiety meds!

xx Patricia   Thanks for listening. Any advice?

It was a dark and gloomy day….

Good Morning! I am not at all sure what is going on outside. It’s cold. But it’s also drizzling and gray. Gloomy, which makes for perfect tea and reading day.

I seriously needed this day of rain and gloom. I may have overextended myself on some books and I do not need the distraction of the sun or children playing outside. I need to read this stuff. I’m going to be in bed with a book and this lovely Earl Grey London Fog Latte’ that I made myself! My mouth is very happy.

Yesterday I was reading. In the tub, but you should always just assume that’s where I am. And no, the door bell didn’t ring but the phone did. It was the nurse scheduling my pre-op tests and measurements. 3 weeks. And I had to get out of the tub and tip toe into the kitchen where the big calendar lives to check dates. However I had not opened any  drapes or blinds so no one got their boxers in a wad.

After the call I got a bit anxious. I guess because it went from “We’ll call you with the date”, to “It’s a go and here’s your date.” I’ll admit I shed a few tears and then reminded myself that my surgeon is top in the country and I trust him 100%. Then I realized I need to refresh my summer tan before I climb on the operating table. I mean if I must have people ogle me while I’m snoring I need to be on top of my game. I can just imagine the conversation. ” Wow, that is one complicated eye surgery!” ” Yes it is Doctor Smart, but she sure does have a great tan and pedicure!”.

So for 3 weeks I can stress and work myself up and do damage to my body with the stress or I can ignore it the way I do most things. Yep, let’s try number 2.

Tonight cousin Emberly, who is also seven, is holding a fundraiser for families in Houston and her mommy Aunt Jessie has made enormous amounts of Grandma Laura’s famous Butter Cookies, which I ordered 6 dozen of. Those yummy nuggets of deliciousness will go into the freezer for over the holidays when company stops by and look! (gasp) homemade cookies!

  My Earl Grey London Fog Latte’ and my mutant eyeball gum. Courtesy of Harney & Sons Victorian London Fog.

xx Patricia    Have a peaceful Friday and enjoy some tea and cookies!

Tea With The Anxiety Fairy


Well when I woke up this morning and up until this very minute I thought it was Friday. I”m also a time zone behind so who knows what’s next?

Let’s start with a cup of tea. This morning I’m going to my stand by English Breakfast Tea by Tazo. I’ve tried others. But this one does the job for me.

So as you know I am waiting impatiently for the nurse to call and schedule another eye surgery. I made the mistake of looking into cataract surgery when you have someone else’s cornea still being held in place with 11 sutures. That explained why we can’t do laser. And then the Anxiety Fairy strode right in and kicked my ass for about 4 straight hours. I really didn’t want to send her away with the magic pill. So I tried something else. Laughter.

OU Boy: ” Listen to this thing I taped on my phone last night.

Me: Ok

Him: Plays audio of snoring.

Me: That’s not snoring, it’s growling. I growl in my sleep.

Him: Uh,  no, that is straight up snoring.

Me: I don’t appreciate you smearing my good name. Why are you even here?

I’m pretty sure he did it to get back at me for an honest mistake I made Monday. I’m in the tub reading and the doorbell rings. I shouted hang on and wrapped myself in a towel, thinking Well it’s just OU Boy and it was not. It was the handyman come to fix my closet doors. I unlocked the door and yelled, “Wait for a 10 count and then come on in, I was in the tub”. He did and I quickly put a robe on over the towel. He fixed the closet and left.

When I told OU Boy he was nowhere near amused. More like furious. “Who does that?” Well apparently I do so other people must do it too. So last night when he left his parting words were ” I don’t give a damn who rings this doorbell. Do. Not. Answer. The. Door.

Aye, Aye oh Captain. I would say sorry but I have been  waiting on this guy to repair my closet door for a long time and I wasn’t going to miss getting it done.

I was making a butternut and white bean soup last night and asked him to cut the squash open for me. He did and then volunteered to gut them. He will never make that mistake  again. We were gagging over the sink and laughing so hard. OU Boy said “OH F***, I’m imagining Cynthia in the compost heap with this crap. More balls than we have!”.

By the way the soup was delish! And then I realized, I had no idea where little Miss Anxiety Fairy had gone to. But the important thing is she wasn’t at my house any longer! We had laughed her right out of the house.

I was grateful. And Gratitude brings miracles you can’t imagine.

xx Patricia  Have a great Thursday!  Enjoy some tea! Never answer the door in a towel or Saran Wrap. Bad. Yugely. Bigly.

Witch Better Have My Candy!

Happy Samhain, Happy Halloween, or whatever occasion you are celebrating today!

It has just been a hotbed of activity at my house today! First we had a 4.1 earthquake in the wee hours and the furniture re-arranged itself a bit. I had to get up at 8:00 a.m. this morning! (Gasp) I literally rolled out, combed my hair, brushed my teeth, put on some Uggs and a Florida State hoodie and rolled on to the Eye Institute.

Having not had but a drop of tea sustenance I may have been a bit cranky. But this relationship with Dr. D and the DMEI is the longest relationship I have ever had and I was hoping to get another stitch or two out. I even took him some of my prized white tea.

Bottom line here is I got 2 stitches out leaving 11 in. And I’m waiting on the nurse to call to schedule another surgery in November. Since I’ve been taking steroid drops for 16 months now, I’ve developed a cataract in the transplant eye. I had read this could happen so I was okay with it. Normally I am told they just laser that sucker out. Nope, not us. I can’t have a laser yet so he is doing this manually. I’ll be on my Milk of Amnesia drip so I should be fine.  But today after all the pulling and tugging I am really sore and trying to be calm Now that I’m home and have time to think about him digging in my eye Ms. Anxiety is creeping into my head. So today I think I’ll take a break and deal with that.

I hope you all have a safe night. Eat a little candy. Come by my house! I have Bubble Gum Eye Balls!

xx Patricia

Making A Choice…and Tea!

Tea board

Good Thursday Morning to Y’all. I’m feeling Zen today. So I’m going with the Tazo Zen tea today. With the temperatures dropping it may get moved to the back shelf until warmer weather so the winter teas have some room.

This has been a week hasn’t it? Although I have to say that the leak under the slab was relatively painless. I discovered it on Monday when my closet floor felt really hot. OU Boy pulled out his digital infrared thermometer and it was 105.5.  We knew we had a hot water line break. The plumber was here early the next morning. And by early I mean he was here at 9 a.m. on the dot.  People, I am not company ready at that time of day. This meant a change in my schedule and my anxiety was looking for a way out.

OU Boy bundled me and all of my things up and dropped me at the library and sent me text updates about the jack hammering and the dust collecting. And people watching at the library is always a fun activity. Everything was repaired and new concrete poured by early afternoon. Now everything in the living room is covered with a fine layer of dust that I’m thinking of just leaving there for a Halloween decoration.

I’ve talked some about CBT and how it has help my anxiety and I had an email asking what that was. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is identifying the event and controlling how you react to said event. I’m not a professional here. I’m a visual learner. I learn best by reading or seeing something rather than you telling me orally about it. I have worksheets, or I did for a while. Now it’s just second nature. The worksheets are divided into 3 parts A- The Activating Event (Something happened) B-Belief/Stuck Point (I tell myself something) C- Consequence (I feel something). Then I ask myself, “Are my thoughts above in “B” realistic? In my mind I’m playing out the scenario and any way it can negatively affect me. It’s a way to help me control situations. And for me it works.

I was all set to be really Zen today and OU Boy just shot me a text that the entire Thunder team and families are up at the Club celebrating the Thunders tenth anniversary. Even Melo and Lala! I am not feeling very zen towards him at the moment. I knew he cut out of here awful early this morning. Seriously, how could you forget to tell me that???

Have a calm and peaceful day. Make a choice to be kind. Make someone’s day a little bit better today. A smile, a kind word, a cup of tea, or you can just try not to start shit! Whatever level you are at!

xx Patricia

It’s Time To Talk #worldmentalhealthday

Today is World Mental Health Day.

When you stop making life about taking care of everyone else and take care of you first.

We don’t talk enough about Mental Illness in this country. There is a stigma attached to those words that people don’t want to stick on themselves. All my life I was told I was just “high-strung”, which may be a southern thing. But I had my first major panic attack when I was a child and a hurricane had deposited a tree down the center of the twin beds in our room. All I remember is being in the closet holding a Barbie and rocking back and forth. A Valium from my mother took care of that.

I got so good at pretending I wasn’t anxious that not many people noticed. I went to school and on to college. Worked in finance for years as the person in charge. It was better for me to be in charge because I had fewer people to deal with.

Of course I didn’t realize that until I had a traumatic experience and the anxiety and stress literally made me sick. After that I quit working in the public eye and concentrated on my therapy and learning to cope with the fact that I don’t like being around people.

It seems appropriate that today of all days I am working from the library. Full of questionable people! Why would I do such a thing to myself? Because I have a hot water line that broke in my bathroom and there are men jack hammering my floor up and that was worse than pretending to be invisible at the library.

The fact that my schedule has been interrupted is just one more thing for me to be thrown by.  I recently graduated from therapy. My anxiety is controlled by CBT and a Xanax at bedtime. If we met you would never know I suffer with this. I’m really good at pretending everything is fine. I’m lucky I have someone in my life who recognizes situations that are bound to trigger a wringing of hands or biting of my lip and gets me out of there as soon as possible.

Let’s try to educate the people we care about and be honest with them. I am the worst at bowing out of things at the last-minute. I usually use the I’m busy excuse, but lately I’ve been telling people that I’m just not comfortable with a bunch of people and hope they understand.

Through this blog I’ve discovered I’m not alone. I’m not weird. I’m not crazy. Sharing stories and the ups and downs of our lives has been the best thing in the world for me. So thanks to all of you for being there!

xx Patricia

My Own Stress Free Zone and A Cup of Matcha!

With my cup of Matcha this morning I’m feeling green. Not with envy. Although I wouldn’t say no to that green tea cup!

I really enjoy Matcha and all of its benefits. I do not however enjoy making things to eat with it. Although most of my diet consists of green foods, I just can’t do a green donut or brownie or beer. It looks like algae.

This morning started out in a very stressful zone! I couldn’t find my bank card and was not happy to find out someone had borrowed it and not returned it. The evil side of my brain was all set to blow this into a hurricane sized issue as I had plans to go to the kid’s soccer games. Then I walked outside and it would seem that it rained last night and it was 60 degrees. My allergies said “Get thyself back into the house woman!”.

Poor Anxiety…she just can’t win this week. She quickly got shoved back into her box and after that first cup of tea I can’t even hear her whining anymore. It’s Saturday, the sun is shining ( which means nothing to me when it is 60 degrees!) and football comes on.

Question!  How do you feel about school fundraisers? I have been asked to buy everything from nuts to sausage lately and even from daycares! Here is how I feel about that. I’m not buying anything. I wrote a check to Charli Ava’s school and that is that. I mean how much of that money for the $50 wreath is going to the school? And I don’t believe in kids going door to door selling stuff. And if you are one of those parents who expect all of your co-workers to buy magazines or cookie dough they don’t want please leave me out of it. If my child’s school is raising money for something, just tell us. We will give you some money directly for that instead of my child bugging the crap out of people so she can win a key chain worth a dime. If I wanted my kids selling stuff, I’d get them a job.

xx Patricia   Enjoy your Saturday! May it be calm and peaceful!