My Beautiful Friend


Things are just peachy over here at the Pirate Nation. Sipping on a cup of Tummy Calming Peach and Ginger Tea from Bigelow. It’s really good and my tummy was whining this morning. Not as bad as the orange man, but still icky.

We had elections yesterday. One guy said, Donald Trump endorsed me. Oh, said I….well we won’t be voting for you! The world is topsy-turvy and who isn’t stressed out?

Today I’m remembering the life of a dear friend who this collage was dedicated to. She always had a smile on her face. Always inspiring and a loving mother of a sweet baby boy. Asthma took her from us and her baby suddenly.

She added so much to my life. All she wanted was to be a mom and doctors had told her over and over she couldn’t get pregnant. Just like Alva to prove them wrong. I’m so happy that she had that experience before she left earth. So to you my love, I will always love you, I will always be your “Momma”.

This is one of those weeks where I just disappear for a few days. Don’t be offended if I don’t answer my phone or email. I just need to get back to my own center and make some really hard decisions.

Grab a cup of tea and hug your friends!

xx Patricia

And The South Has Risen Again!

Ten days. Ten days of coughing, spitting,breathing treatments, vast quantities of tea and steroids. I hate to even say this out loud, but I’m like 99% well. I haven’t thrown up or had to have a treatment in 36 hours.

People always told me that prednisone makes you eat and look bloated. My problem was not that. It was the try to eat and then throw it up. The question of the day was always Well, Patricia, what do feel like throwing up today??? But I ate a bit of pasta salad last night and it stayed where it belonged. So with Corbin and I having just a lingering cough I think we will live.

Charli and I floated in the pool yesterday and it was wonderful and quiet and the sun felt amazing. My first instinct when I feel better is to dive head first into my regular routine. But I’m trying to take it easy. Especially since my postman asked me yesterday if I was still on the steroid rage. Normally I am a nice, polite person. Stop laughing. I am. But these steroid things had me telling people where to go and how they should get there! Things have come out of my mouth that normally I just say in my head. But I think I got some good street cred out of it. People are avoiding looking at me. Win!!!

So let’s talk about how I got through the throwing up mess. I found this Bigelow Calm Stomach. Now I love a good peach, but I do not love artificial peach flavor. I’m a Georgia girl. I know my peaches. And this stuff was delicious! There were so many things going on in my mouth and nose but one of them was not throwing up! I will definitely be keeping this in rotation.

We are having a heat wave. That’s funny. This is Oklahoma. It’s a typical summer. But my sister in South Dakota called yesterday all out of breath and depleted because she went out to her garden and picked some squash and it was 93 degrees! Oh Lawd! That’s a cool front here.

Thanks for all the well wishes and kind thoughts. Much appreciated. And as they say at Target…..Oh crap, that bitch is back!

xx Patricia


Today makes a long time that I’ve been sick. Trying to recover from the eye surgery and then praying my eye doesn’t just pop out while I’m hacking up a lung over here.

I had no idea there was an entire Pinterest area devoted to the craziness of Prednisone. But the struggle is real. I’m just waiting for them to get out of my system. They seem to want to leave as every time I eat I throw up for hours while coughing. The mood swings are the worst. I’m not quite sure why OU Boy is even here. Everything is his fault. Magazines not on an angle on the coffee table? Damn it man what the fuck is wrong with you!!!!

Let’s just say it hasn’t been pleasant and a lot of tears have been shed on all sides. Yesterday I had hope. So we cleaned the house top to bottom. Washed every piece of bedding and all the towels and wash cloths. And then I got cocky and ate a black bean burger. And another night was spent over the trash can. Which brings me to this. Who the hell does not know how to hold back the hair when someone is barfing? Do they not teach this in boy school? I’m gagging and motioning to my hair and he’s looking at me like What??? After the worst of it I asked him, “Have you never held a girl’s hair back while she barfed?”  “NO!” he says. “Where the hell did you grow up?” I say. It’s like common knowledge. So now I carry a pony holder because I should have been a lesbian and then I’d have someone to hold my hair back when I barf. Yes, these are the steroid crazy thoughts I have.

On steroids you want to eat all the time. Except if you also have an upper respiratory infection, then you only eat if you must and then throw it up along with some phlegm. But you are still bloated like a dead whale. I tell everyone I see, I’m on steroids. I’m bloated. Most can relate. Some just look at you and wonder if you are nuts.

Last night I ran across Bigelow Benefits Calm Stomach Tea. Ginger, Peach, Marshmallow Root and other goodies that should help. I’m going to try it today and see. Other than that I should stay home and not say a word to people.

So we are on the mend. Good News. It’s hot as hades and everytime I go outside I feel like a slug. Yesterday I wore my pajamas to Home Depot and not one soul noticed. Granted it was a tank top and boy shorts but still that’s how far gone I am.

Have a good one Y’all!

xx Patricia

Lavender Blue, Dilly, Dilly….

It’s Monday! And the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and this song is stuck in my head! So I went with it. Since our tea today is Lavender Lemon by Bigelow Teas.

Actually, I went to sleep last night listening to Disney Lullabies. Yep, that’s right. And I slept like a baby until 6 a.m. Then I got up and started making noise so OU Boy is out the door headed to the golf course.

We finally got all moved in to our new home. We had decided not to take any of our old furniture with us. It’s been moved from Mississippi to Oklahoma and I wanted a fresh start. We trusted we would come out okay. And boy did we!

We did buy a new mattress, because mine was 20 years old and OU Boy is picky about mattresses. Not about picking his clothes up off the floor, but sleeping apparently is a priority. And then a friend asked about furniture and said he had an Art Deco  looking cherry wood bedroom set and could we take it? Uh, yes. It is gorgeous, about 80 years old or so and is beautifully made. Bedroom done.

OU Boy built us a table with his very own hands! So we’ve done pretty well over the last couple of days. We met our neighbors. They are from Russia. Lovely couple. We have explored our area and found nothing lacking. Especially happy a new Tuesday Morning has opened down the block! I was looking for a bedskirt and had to mansplain that.

All in all we are happier than a pig in mud! And the kids all went back to school today after the teacher strike. The teachers were outside holding signs saying they missed their kids. Well, we are very happy to see y’all as well!

Y’all have a great Monday…I’m going to the walking track, which comes out at Barnes and Noble.

xx Patricia


The winds have been sweeping over the plains for days here in Oklahoma. The wildfires are still burning. Entire towns are gone and at least one person is dead. And the wind continues to howl.

Sipping our tea this morning and loving that I now have so many cupboards that my tea can go in the kitchen instead of the office. They may be stacked 3 deep, but I’m thrilled!

I slept great last night on the new mattress. It feels like a cloud. Tomorrow the rest of the bedroom furniture will be here and I can unpack the dresser box. Tommy discovered Burlington last night. The store, not the town. I went my own way looking for a new armband for my phone for running. I swear I was gone like 5 minutes and he comes around the corner with a full basket.

Then we went to the market and found something called a bumpy tangerine. A couple told me in his country they call it the ugly orange, so I had to buy one, just to see what the fuss was about. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The guy who built our cabinets just stopped by to see if we were happy with them and he looks like Santa Claus. How cool.

I am not happy about the Syria situation. Last night was spent feverishly texting back and forth with my journalist friends inside Syria and they were extremely upset at the gall of this president to use them as a distraction for his own bad behavior. It was heartbreaking.

Today, I am catching up on correspondence and reading a great book about Corporate Cultures. In Russia. Oh and I received a text last night saying school is on for Monday!!

Have a great weekend and Be Nice. That’s all really, just be nice.

xx Patricia

Blueberry Oatmeal Bowl and Tea!

Had this at 26 Beach during brunch as iced tea. Totally addicting both iced and hot. Way to go Celestial Seasonings! Blueberry Green Tea-Harney and Sons  BEST STUFF EVER! Blueberry Pomegranate Herbal Tea by ArtfulTea

It’s the weekend! Sipping on some really nice Blueberry from Harney and Sons this morning. I love blueberries. To me they taste like summer. Fresh picked and juicy, full of possibilities.  This is a very nice blueberry tea and I want to tell you what I did with it this morning.

It feels like it’s been raining forever here and it can put you in a blue funky mood. So this morning I pulled some blueberries out of the freezer. I had a handful. Yes, I am one of those people who don’t measure. I made a pot of tea and put some of that with the blueberries, brought it to a boil and tossed in GF oatmeal and let it simmer. Popped some in a bowl with two good shakes of cinnamon and a teaspoon of pure maple syrup.

The left overs were then smashed into a cupcake tin and in a couple of hours I had them as muffins! Let me tell you that this oatmeal is to die for! Seriously good and good for you!

I’m experimenting with hot porridges. I love any food in a bowl. Yesterday I tried out banana, almond butter and maple syrup and loved that one too. I am so not a breakfast person. But I am trying to be better at eating regularly and not forgetting until dinner when we play the What do you want for dinner? game.

Lunch around here consists of a big mixed greens salad with apple, orange, asparagus, mango and maybe a handful of bulger. Dinner for me is usually soup/salad. I’ve already got my 13 bean soup in the slow cooker and have polenta cooling in the icebox. For my resident Neanderthal I am defrosting steak. I won’t touch it or cook it, but I’ll defrost it.

What’s your favorite oatmeal combo?

These Baked Blueberry Oatmeal Cups are easy to make and perfect to enjoy for breakfast throughout the week! Double Blueberry Steel cut Oats

xx Patricia OMG, I think I may see the sun!


Wrapping Up The Weeks of the Plague

It’s Friday! Oh my I am so happy! Yes, it’s cold as crap but luckily we have lots of warm tea and blankets. This morning I am chugging down some coffee ( gasp ) since I woke up with my asthma acting up and coffee works better for me than my inhaler. Plus it’s warm and I got to use my new French Press.

I can not adequately explain just how thankful I am that the ice stopped and I am the only one home today. I have a routine and I do not like it disturbed. And it has been for the past few weeks with sickness, weather, doctor’s visits and other people in my space.

I am home alone waiting for the Publisher’s Clearing House people to show up at my door today. I actually put on pants and everything. I mean they sent me an email saying it was in my zip code so it must be me.

Back to the subject of tea. I am not a medicine taker. I don’t trust them. I read every insert and if there is anything more than may cause diarrhea, I’m not taking it. So I have had to come up with alternatives for this flu/strep cure. Luckily for me I have an endless supply of herbs, tea and pure essential oils to work with. The new Bigelow Benefits teas are full of wonderful things to help your body heal itself and balance things like your sugar. Mine gets really low and then I feel shaky and bad, so I have been drinking the heck out of those and using a lot of Frankincense and Myrrh. We diffuse it and I use it topically. I mean look how well the mummies held up with these two!

Now I’m off to write reviews on all the books I read while being iced in.

xx Patricia

Hello Friday! We’ve Been Looking For You!

It has been a crazy, busy day of appointments and looking for new teas in a different city!

This is one I found. I knew that Bigelow was coming out with their Bigelow Benefits line, and I had already picked up one and then I saw this one. Cinnamon and Blackberry Herbal with cinnamon, dandelion leaves and root, lemongrass, blackberry,raspberry, hibiscus, blueberry leaves, fennel, rose hips, apple, elderberry and blackberry leaves. Everything but the kitchen sink is in this balancing tea.

The top notes are definitely the cinnamon and lemongrass with the other flavors hitting your tongue with tiny explosions of flavor. I love it. The aroma was strong out of the individually sealed sachet and increased on brewing. Yeah Bigelow!

Everyone doing well this Friday? It is shorts and flip-flop weather today and it feels wonderful after being sick with the flu for the past 10 days.

Tomorrow I’ll have some pictures to show you of the home decor warehouse I’ve been at. I called OU Boy and told him not to wait for me, I was never leaving this place. He understood completely.

XX Patricia