Hello February! Chapter Two

It is a bit late in the day for me. Not feeling up to snuff today. Sipping on some Sugar Plum Fairy pink tea, welcoming in February. While it says rain and clouds on the weather app, the glaring sun and warm temperatures are saying something else. I know because the sprinkler system doesn’t come on unless it’s over 54 degrees and it came on today.

So everyone we know has this ‘flu’ thingy. And this morning I woke up with a sore throat and a headache along with a sensitive tummy. So I made some Turmeric Tea and filled the bath with Lavender Epsom Salts and proceeded to try to exorcise whatever demon has taken up residence in my body. Said body was highly offended at the intrusion of a germ. I mean for cripe’s sake, all I eat are fruits and vegetables and good for you stuff. But tiny terrorists at the school don’t care. They freely spread their little germs to all who enter the Kindergarten domain.

We are a firm go for next Friday, with pre-op on Thursday. I am a bit peeved that the patient told his aunt she could come and sit with me during the surgery. More than a bit. I was planning on finishing up the new Citizenship Study Guide and now I will have to make small talk. I despise small talk.

I am now off to go moan and groan to my sister. I’m quite sure she will be sympathetic as she is living it up at the beach! Love you MJ!

Have a great week-end and please stay warm all of you in the polar vortex. Read a book or watch a movie, just do some self-care and stay warm!

xx P


BRRRR!!! I am not even going to start whining about how cold it is. 47 degrees but it’s a dry cold. WTF? I don’t know, but I feel horrible complaining when my mother is up to her tiny little neck in snow and my sons are in the frozen tundra of -60. Doesn’t mean I won’t complain, but I am aware how lucky we are to have been spared this polar vortex.

We are getting our ducks in a row for surgery next Friday. Thank you for all the well wishes. I think we are getting everything under control. This morning Tommy told me I could toss that pitcher of sweet tea he made last night. “It just tasted funny. I don’t want it anymore.”  One more miracle and I’m pretty sure I can be up for sainthood, right??

It was very cold this morning, I had to put on a hoodie over my shorts! Since then I have been snuggled on my office sofa writing reviews and drinking a pot of Gingerbread Tea. Those warming spices make your entire body sigh. I’m finishing up one book and have a stack of Paula Brackston’s books to begin. Just for my own pleasure.

I hope y’all are staying warm if you are in this insane cold. Drink tea, wear socks or just hop in the hot tub and read a book!

xx P

Cozy Into a Comfy Chair with a Cuppa

Wednesday, you are my favorite day of the week. The silence in my home is like a warm blanket, allowing my brain to shut up for a bit.

I hope you all got out and did your civic duty yesterday. OKC Public Schools were out all day so our teachers could go vote. Charli Ava and I went and stood in line with all of our neighbors. Not to brag, but they were impressed I brought a child to learn about her civic responsibilities and how hard we fought to be able to vote. She was the star of the hour we stayed in line. Behind us was the young pilot for the Thunder basketball team and apparently he is a popular guy. About five 80 year olds were all getting their picture taken with him because he is in their book club!!!! Sign me up now please!

We then went with OU Boy down south to vote. Corbin wasn’t up for a lesson in anything and defo wasn’t going into the Baptist Church, but did get a trip to the cemetery which he loves.

As a treat we took them to Whataburger for lunch. If you don’t have one of those you are missing out! While they don’t have anything I can eat or drink, our little ones love their chocolate shakes and fries.

While we unfortunately elected the wrong man for Governor, in the RED state of Oklahoma we took 14 places from men including one from Steve Russell who was so far up Trump’s bum he couldn’t get out. Now we have the lovely Kendra replacing him. All our judges are women and I am so happy about that.

I had ordered this Fortnite hooded coat about a month ago and it came yesterday. I tried it on and Charli said, “If you had a crossbow you would look just like my character in the game.” Me, ” There’s a game?” It would seem so.

Achieve the ideal style match and refined look with our all-purpose Fortnite Hoodie. This asymmetric hoodie is made of premium comfortable, breathable fabric. Its long sleeve makes you warm and comfy and slightly stretchable material gives you an effortless wearing experience.

Have a peaceful and warm day and take some time for tea! And shopping!

xx P

Really, Can You Ever Have To Much Tea?

Hi Thursday! You are looking mighty wet and gloomy this morning. Good thing I had a big Earl Grey London Fog to warm me up.

I told you yesterday that I had been on a tea ordering binge. This is how it started. I was straightening up my Tea Cupboard and saw an empty spot up there by the Cranberry tin. So I ordered some more tins of the holiday blends.

This is my addiction. I love these tins. I use them for everything including small posies for tea parties. Do I have a problem? Probably. What you can’t see is I have backups of almost all of them behind the ones you see. There was also another motive. Depending on how many teas I order I get a box perfect for re-shipping. I needed 5 boxes that hold two tins. Yes, I ordered tea to get a box. It is the perfect size for a tea-cup, some tea, a truffle and a bath bomb. Christmas is done.

Converting the world to tea one gift at a time. Also it is a really great gift I would love to get. Plus I’m going on a cruise in April and I need my money for that. Very shallow I know, which makes me deep since I do know it.

     This is what I will be doing today. Plus making Pumpkin Bread from Diane’s Kitchen. She has the best looking food. And there aren’t a million ingredients you can’t pronounce. Plus she has the cleanest baking pans I’ve ever seen! So pop over and begin to drool!

xx P



It is definitely a multiple cups of tea morning here. Woke up to tornado warnings and cars tossed into J.C. Penney’s. Roofs peeled off. It’s a mess and it isn’t over.

Yesterday in between storms, we hit the running trails at Hefner. The winds were bad so when we went behind the marina into the cypress trees, Monarchs were all over. Hundreds hiding from the wind waiting for it to change directions so they can head to Mexico. The kids were thrilled and it was pretty cool.

We sat at the light house with an entire Iranian family and had our apples and water. It was fun.  At home we decorated our little pumpkins and put up some more decorations.

Corbin discovered Port-a-Potties and thought that was an awesome idea until the truck showed up to pump them out. Gag a maggot it stunk. Did make us run faster though. We shopped for some softer hip hop class pants and then their Dad picked them up for ballet and hip hop.

Today has started out with sirens going off, tornadoes wrecking things and just all around nastiness, so OU Boy has them snuggled on the sofa watching Hook. They had never heard of it!

I’m going to go ahead and make some dinner in case the power goes out again!

Stay dry! And for all my family in South Carolina,Florida and Georgia, my son Michael says, “Sorry.”

xx Patricia


The crime? Eating a burrito. The time? 2 days of gut wrenching pain and throwing up.  The Cure? Thank you a million times to Bigelow Benefits Tea for soothing tummies. After a pot of that I was able to get off the bed. So thanks Bigelow for that little gem.

Crohn’s is a picky little demon of a disease. You know what to eat but dang it sometimes I want a burrito. I’m not contagious as Miss Charli thinks I am and thought her snapchat photo was hilarious. Today I am feeling much better and just in time!

You know how school just started? Fall break is on for the next two weeks. Apparently the boy is planning ahead as his dad asked me yesterday if he was coming this afternoon to stay. Because Venom, the movie is out. I swear I am owned by a 5-year-old, who may or may not be 6 or 4. So today I will be clearing out any evidence that I was using his desk or his computer. And then doing some grocery shopping. We are at the I have ice and 2 cans of black beans stage.

One of my neighbors came by late yesterday afternoon to visit and let me know Whole Foods has their Quinoa burgers on sale. A true friend. She is a very good listener and is so interesting. And I just felt awful that I had nothing to offer her except a hot beverage. So yeah, I need to shop.

What’s everyone doing this weekend? All these Fall Festivals are going on and fun activities downtown, I hope you all have at least a little bit of tea and fun!

xx Patricia

Bob Siemon Designs. Purse Mirror - Bee Loved


Good Saturday morning! Technically not morning but close enough. I’m going to talk about tea in a second. First I want to talk about these pictures.

We had our last class in the Monarch Garden yesterday afternoon. We released our Monarch, cleaned up the messes and by then it was time for school to be out. Our kids go from 9:10 to 4:00 p.m. The Fall Fundraiser and Pumpkin and Plant Sale began at 4:30 so I had just enough time to grab Corbin, give him a snack, find S.J. and S.J.’s mom and head to the ticket table.

After my shift the boys got Spiders painted on their faces and then proceeded to be boys and run for hours. They hit a bump in the road and Corbin fell. S.J. was there before me and Tommy was taking pictures. S.J. helped Corbin up, where they both laughed and then automatically hugged.

You see that? Our natural response is love.For anyone. Where do we lose that? Who told us to stop? As for me I am proud of my boys for not losing that sense of love and friendship. Our kids learn by example. What kind of example are you? Think about that.

First cool day deserves a little extra. Bigelow This is the Bigelow Salted Caramel Tea I sent in the mail last week. On its own it’s naturally sweet and yummy but it got sinful with a teaspoon of caramel sauce. Later it went to a new level entirely when instead of the caramel I used Dulce de Leche. Nirvana in my mouth, Y’all!!

It has been a busy week and it’s not over. This morning I made the Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies for Corbin’s birthday party in 2 hours. Then made a casserole to heat up for later. Presents are wrapped, except for the giant plush tiger from Tommy’s Aunt Gayle.  Now to relax for a bit and get ready for a lot of 6 year olds high on sugar at the park.

Have a good Saturday and may the football Gods shine on your team!

xx Patricia



Good Morning. Bright and sunny here this morning. Sipping on some Peppermint Tea from Tazo and planning the day.

Yesterday we headed over to Lake Hefner, which is just down the street to see if the water had receded any from the rains. Some spots were better than others but we saw so many cranes and swans and a blue heron along with toddler ducks.

In the one picture I have no idea why someone would go to the park every day and feed these freaking poop machines! We were all taping it. I can’t wait to go back today. And we are. There are so many miles of trails and we are trying to map out one that I feel safe going alone on. The fact that a huge portion of the trails by the lake are also the places where all the lovely outdoor restaurants are so we’ll see which trail we take.

I wanted to tell you that I started the Teabag in a card project. I received a ton of tea themed stickers so I made my own cards and inside each one I stuck a tea bag. This week’s was Salted Caramel. The note just said, let’s share some tea and have a chat! Call me when you get this and we’ll sip and talk. Last night my momma sent a text. She was so surprised and happy. She doesn’t drink coffee so she is trying the tea this morning. So far I have mailed them to my sisters and momma but I’m branching out now to neighbors and just people who need a little happy in their day.

I hope you all have a happy day! It’s book release day so I’ll be busy today!

xx Patricia

My Beautiful Friend


Things are just peachy over here at the Pirate Nation. Sipping on a cup of Tummy Calming Peach and Ginger Tea from Bigelow. It’s really good and my tummy was whining this morning. Not as bad as the orange man, but still icky.

We had elections yesterday. One guy said, Donald Trump endorsed me. Oh, said I….well we won’t be voting for you! The world is topsy-turvy and who isn’t stressed out?

Today I’m remembering the life of a dear friend who this collage was dedicated to. She always had a smile on her face. Always inspiring and a loving mother of a sweet baby boy. Asthma took her from us and her baby suddenly.

She added so much to my life. All she wanted was to be a mom and doctors had told her over and over she couldn’t get pregnant. Just like Alva to prove them wrong. I’m so happy that she had that experience before she left earth. So to you my love, I will always love you, I will always be your “Momma”.

This is one of those weeks where I just disappear for a few days. Don’t be offended if I don’t answer my phone or email. I just need to get back to my own center and make some really hard decisions.

Grab a cup of tea and hug your friends!

xx Patricia

And The South Has Risen Again!

Ten days. Ten days of coughing, spitting,breathing treatments, vast quantities of tea and steroids. I hate to even say this out loud, but I’m like 99% well. I haven’t thrown up or had to have a treatment in 36 hours.

People always told me that prednisone makes you eat and look bloated. My problem was not that. It was the try to eat and then throw it up. The question of the day was always Well, Patricia, what do feel like throwing up today??? But I ate a bit of pasta salad last night and it stayed where it belonged. So with Corbin and I having just a lingering cough I think we will live.

Charli and I floated in the pool yesterday and it was wonderful and quiet and the sun felt amazing. My first instinct when I feel better is to dive head first into my regular routine. But I’m trying to take it easy. Especially since my postman asked me yesterday if I was still on the steroid rage. Normally I am a nice, polite person. Stop laughing. I am. But these steroid things had me telling people where to go and how they should get there! Things have come out of my mouth that normally I just say in my head. But I think I got some good street cred out of it. People are avoiding looking at me. Win!!!

So let’s talk about how I got through the throwing up mess. I found this Bigelow Calm Stomach. Now I love a good peach, but I do not love artificial peach flavor. I’m a Georgia girl. I know my peaches. And this stuff was delicious! There were so many things going on in my mouth and nose but one of them was not throwing up! I will definitely be keeping this in rotation.

We are having a heat wave. That’s funny. This is Oklahoma. It’s a typical summer. But my sister in South Dakota called yesterday all out of breath and depleted because she went out to her garden and picked some squash and it was 93 degrees! Oh Lawd! That’s a cool front here.

Thanks for all the well wishes and kind thoughts. Much appreciated. And as they say at Target…..Oh crap, that bitch is back!

xx Patricia