Sharing Some Chai and a Dead Deer


Yes, you did read that correctly. It is still cold out but at 30 degrees I guess we can’t complain. Well we can, but we won’t. Especially since I have a lovely pot of Chai sitting next to me! Nothing like all of those warming spices to get those bones warm!

Today was the Corneal Surgeon appointment. It was really early but I think I covered my jammies nicely! My lovely doctor made it back from Korea safely. He had some nice tales to tell. As he was explaining what comes next, OU Boy quickly got up and hustled to the waiting room. He has a thing about people poking things in my eye.

I had to wear these weird steam punk looking glasses and then I had to sit in a chair, bend down and look at the floor. Dr. D. sat on the floor between my legs and popped a fluid filled lens on my sclera. And then I was rattling off those eye chart letters! Keeping fingers crossed I will have one more surgery to fix some flap the lens sits on and then I can get this Scleral Lens. Not to be confused with a Sclera Lens, which makes the zombies look dead. No sutures came out but he may just leave them in forever.

But it gets better, he always has a Resident or a Fellow with him and he explained my case and then said, “Removing the cataract that developed because of the massive steroids was really easy because she is so young.” Yep, right then and there I fell in love with him all over again.  So that is the good news. The bad news is this lens costs around $4,000.00 but it’s for life. Insurance covers some but not the bulk of it. I’m trying to decide if I want this bad enough to forgo my entire Spring wardrobe. I’m still thinking.

OU Boy just sent me this on the way back…only in Oklahoma…

Yes, that is a gutted deer on the roof of an SUV. I have no words.   Stay warm and Be Nice. Try a cuppa Chai!

xx Patricia

The Boy Got His Printer!!

Enjoying our cups of Earl Grey after lunch when the phone rings and it’s my son asking me to go outside. Okay, Why?  It’s snowing he says! No, it’s not I say! Really? Really!

Oklahoma City has the oddest division of weather. It can be storming with freezing rain 5 minutes away and we are dry as a stone! But since then, there have been a few flurries blowing around. Nothing to write home about, but it’s pretty.

It has been cold though! And if we don’t get some snow soon I will be running out of the third batch of paper plates and copy paper from making indoor snowmen. The kids were in Dallas at their Dad’s for Christmas so we left the five-year olds printer and paper in his office. I tried to video tape it, but it was early and I was tired.

We have copied every body part we have and then he started printing copies of a dollar. With plans to give them to his Dad. Dad said he’d rather not go to jail. OU Boy got the seven-year old and me a Bluetooth microphone and we have spent the last two days rocking out to Taylor Swift. My son is really in to vinyl recordings now so we found an unused original first Wu Tang Clan album, but he won’t let us use the microphones with that.

Enjoy and stay warm and toasty!

xx Patricia

The Gift Is Just What’s In Your Hearts, And Not What’s In Your Hands…

Here it is already Christmas Eve. I’m having my breakfast tea in bed with my new pink socks. Reading a book. Rocking out to Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Last night we had to make a run to Wal-Mart. Big mistake. I have never seen so many angry people! The Instant Pot supply was gone. At the check out with our one roll of snowman paper, the lady behind me said, ” Well you must have done all of your shopping early!” To which I replied,” Well when you break this craziness down it’s really just Jesus’s birthday. He only wanted my love so it was an easy gift to give.”


Feeling Pretty In Pink Today!

Hey! I've been using PicsArt to edit my images and love it. I think you would like it, try it out!\n

Sipping on some Yogi Mayan Cocoa Spice Tea this morning. If you haven’t tried it, you are really missing out! It is cold outside and some misty looking drizzle is coming down. The weather man is predicting “Maybe some flakes”. Yep, that’s as good as it gets from Mr. Payne. As a child maybe always meant no, so I won’t get my tutu in a bunch yet.


Excuse me while I go online to find a printer to pick up for the five-year old. It was a late request yesterday but one of those “I’ll die if I don’t get a printer!” things. If a printer and a ream of paper make the boy happy for the rest of Winter break than he’s getting a printer!

Stay Warm and Peace to you all!

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Today we are watching the original Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas!  This song still takes me back to all of us girls watching this while our parents were out at their Christmas parties.

We know all the words and nobody…..and I mean Nobody does the song Sisters like my own sisters and myself! Lord,help the mister…who comes between me and my sister! lol


Making memories now with the youngest among us! Enjoy!


Celebrating Our Norwegian Roots at Christmas Time

All of our favorite Christmas foods! Making them every year connects me to my Norwegian Grandmother and make me think of home. I was lucky enough to have my father give me 2 complete sets of Rosette Irons with tons of different shapes to screw on and make these delicate little snowflake shaped goodies!

The lefse I don’t make any more and depend on my friends up in North Dakota to send me a supply.

Last night Uncle Richard left this world for his next big adventure. Today will be a sad and busy day for everyone.  The best way I know is to keep busy. Baking with the kids, reading and making more snowmen out of paper.

I hope your day is filled with wonder, gratitude and love!

xx Patricia

You Are The Fairest of Them All!

Good Thursday Morning. Unfortunately this flu thing has gone through our entire group, so we are all staying inside, in bed! Poor OU Boy tried to go to work today but is on his way back to bed and his own toilet!

Thank you all for the helpful comments this week. From what I hear it went well. I have been living on Tazo’s Green Ginger Tea as it calms my tummy a bit. But then someone throws up and I do what I call sympathy gagging. Aren’t you glad you stopped by today?

Have a good Thursday and I’m hoping we will all be well soon. I know I’m getting a lot of reading done!

xx Patricia

Tasting Hygge..Joyful Recipes For Cozy Days and Nights by Leela Cyd

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish term with no exact translation into English.

The most delicious approach to hygge—50 recipes to satisfy and savor, from Almond Custard Pancakes to Greens with Parmesan and Nutmeg

Good food makes everyone feel warm and cared for, which is the very essence of hygge. This Danish way of life has been embraced by Americans who want that same sense of cozy. In Tasting Hygge, acclaimed food photographer and cookbook author Leela Cyd shares the recipes that make her happy, for cultivating moments of connection in the dining room, at the coffee table, or over a little bedside tray. Keeping in mind the idea of slowing down and enjoying the moment, Cyd shares more than 50 recipes that elevate everyday meals into very special moments. She organizes the book into five sensory experiences (Calm, Bright, Warm, Spiced, and Smooth) with recipes.

This charming little book is full of wonderful, warm, and really good recipes! From mixing your own teas to Swedish Semlor with Almonds and Cream, my personal favorite. I could exist on these alone.

The Almond Sourdough pancakes are heavenly and the Pistachio milk is different for me. But it looks divine! Give it a look and find out about Hygge!

And now I’m off to read the new Sara Blaedel book The Undertaker’s Daughter. A Danish author of really great books!

xx Patricia    Make yourself a priority. Be as kind to yourself as your are to the people around you.

Dear Santa, I tried.


Good Sunday Morning! It’s a cool Chai morning here. And it’s also time for the annual letters to Santa! Grab a cup and take a look!

19 Kids' Letters To Santa That Did Not Screw Around The 21 Funniest Letters To Santa Ever #funny #letters #santa #christmas #holidays #notes #note #kid #kids #humor #comedy #hilarious

Okay Mr. Trump threats to Santa don’t work. And Sarah you are my kind of girl! That’s exactly what I used to tell my boyfriends. Be gone before the alarm goes off. And I loved that she was so specific about her stocking!

funny kids letters to santa santa letters

Okay so obviously little Tommy found out about Santa and is not happy! Oh dear Evan, I feel you on the brother thing. And I like that you are so security conscious.

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Oh my dear, wouldn’t we all like to be a dragon or as you say, at least have one as a pet. I love that she sucked up with the Valentine’s Day shout out! Oh dear Sofia L. I understand your struggle and yes I believe you will get a gift. You have good handwriting and know how to write a letter.

15 Kids Who Nailed Their Letters To Santa I hate when people are like, "Santa isn't real."  Of course Santa is real.  It's not my fault that you have doubtful parents.  Who do you think people get gifts that their families could never buy?  Ugh.

Okay, that may be my Christmas letter. Oh Chris, you are never to old to believe in Santa and your dad is getting underwear and while I can speak with God about this I don’t know that he’ll pop up in your Dad’s bedroom! But way to be pro-active and get ahead of this possible roadblock.

14908263_1682241345423324_2061156869085182883_n.jpg (720×720)

Yes he does! So sharpen those pencils and get to writing kids! As for me, I have been super good this year mainly due to the fact that I’m unable to do anything else. Also, just a heads up… may want to drop the See you when you’re sleeping, knows when you’re awake as this has been a bad year for doing things like that. I would also like a new French Press and a case of Prosecco. That will be all.

xx Patricia

Well, That Didn’t Go As Planned!

You Can't Buy Happiness But You Can Buy Tea  by LeeLeeandLivvy, $15.00

Good Morning!  Grab a cup of tea….things are going to get gross!

I was much more anxious about this surgery yesterday than I was the Corneal Transplant. I couldn’t explain why, I just was.  Although the nurse said my blood pressure was really low, I was still scared.

This time I had a lovely OR nurse who stayed with me through the entire thing. I had already forgotten they have wrist restraints and for this surgery I had them on my head, chest and thighs as well. Nothing says Anxiety like being tied down and then put to sleep!

It was supposed to be a shorter operation where they took out the cataract caused by the steroid drops that help the transplant heal. But they had to do it the old school way since I have 11 stitches left on my eye. Normally they take out the cataract and insert a intraocular lens. But it seems that somewhere in my past I had head trauma. Now I don’t have enough “ropey” things attached to my retina, so no lens. They took mine out and now I don’t have any. I asked my Momma if she knew anything about me and head trauma. She reminded me of that time I ‘flew’ out of a live oak tree and landed on the roots and broke some bones. Yep, that would do it.

So, new plan. It’s become obvious that I don’t do well under anesthesia. Even sound asleep I fight the restraints. So now we hope the pressure goes down and get the Retina Surgeon involved and this time knock me way out! This morning has been all about getting the pressure down with pressure drops. So far we’ve gone from the high 30’s to around 23.  And I’m back on 3 different drops 4 times a day. Friday will be decision day unless something happens in the mean time.

How bad does this crap hurt? I have an Amazon package sitting on my bed and haven’t even opened it. Shocking, right???

About nap time for me. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. I really appreciate them.

xx Patricia