Having Tea And Watching The Lawn Furniture Blow To Kansas.

This morning dawned sunny and bright but a bit chilly. Yesterday it was 82 degrees and so far today it’s 55 and turning darker by the minute with winds expected to be severe. So a nice cup of Chai Tea with almond milk was just the thing to warm my little heart with all of those yummy warming spices. I’ve already had to go get the lawn chairs once and I’m not doing it again. If they are in your yard, they are now yours!

Yesterday my sister posted about Tea!! The Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie. I’m so proud. Changing the world one cup at a time….

The pink eye crisis is over. I could tell yesterday that she was better. I had to go hide my basket of lip gloss. But we had a grand time. We made soup and drank tea out of martini glasses. We painted on a few rocks. We checked out the latest Mila and Emma video and then spent the rest of the day going over every page of InStyle Magazine gasping over the boots and wondering if the 70’s were making a comeback. I don’t care who you are those floral muu-muu’s are not attractive. We finally found a page of looks we would do but basically we spent hours going,” Oh my God, who would wear that out of the house???”.

Then we did a sniff test on all of my teas. I hold them under her nose and she has to tell me which tea it is. I have to say she is really good.

If you were wondering, and I’m sure you were not, I am making nothing for Thanksgiving. Zip, Zero, Nada. Number one reason is I can not stand a mess and I’m not cleaning that up. We will go to Auntie Anne’s and feast with family. At least that is what I thought. Turns out even though we aren’t frying our own turkey this year, OU Boy has received so many requests for fried cajun style turkey that he decided he’d do a few or more. But at least that is outside.

Enjoy your weekend! And remember “I’d rather not say” is a perfectly acceptable answer to “Did you enjoy the pie?” I’ve taken that up as my mantra. Whenever anyone asks me a question and I don’t want to lie. Cause, like, Santa and all that. Even though he sounds sort of pervy.

xx Patricia

Time To Make Stories For Monday!

You made it to Friday! You deserve a great big cup of Tea! That Awake Tazo English Breakfast was needed this morning! It’s been getting cooler every day but today dawned sunny and bright and not cold. But this is Oklahoma, give it a second.

Little Miss Pink Eye is doing much better and is getting tired of being cooped up I think. So far this morning she has painted 3 rocks, used up one entire red lipstick (which is forbidden) and asked me when is lunch. At 9 a.m.

But I’m thankful it wasn’t worse, although the Doctor said it was the worst case of pink eye he’s ever seen. So now we have more eye drop bottles on the counter.

She loves the full length mirror in my office. And I’m following behind her with Purell and Lysol.

I hope your Friday is full of tea, kindness and gratitude!

xx Patricia

Holiday Teas from The Boulder Tea Company Are Here!

It’s time for some more teas for the holidays and these are from The Boulder Tea Company out of Boulder, Colorado. If you have never been, go! Or at least take advantage of the great sales they have on tea right now, including gift sets!

This minty, full-flavored chocolate tea, is reminiscent of an after-dinner mint. You’ll discover why fans of this tea treasure it as a cup of indulgent, healthy and almost decadent brew…a simple, tasty indulgence you will look forward to daily.



An enticing herbal blend our master herbalist and tea expert created to raise your spirits, ward off seasonal maladies and re-charge vitality. Simply taking time to brew up a cup or pot of this warming herbal tea and unwinding for a few minutes makes a splendid difference…. with each sip, layers of stress fall away as you re-group for your day or evening. Perfect before or after sleep, meditation or work breaks.


Cooler weather and the hustle-and-bustle of the holidays takes extra energy to keep you on top of the season. Winter Spice energizes with a deeply satisfying flavor and wafting, spicy aromas that inspire and satisfy on the busiest days. Take a break, brew a cup and glide through life a little more energized…. your taste buds will thank you.



They have a terrific Loose Leaf Tea selection and I’ve done a post already on their Tea House, which is heavenly!  I’m all for supporting local businesses so give it a try and let me know what you think.

Today the seven-year old is home with pink eye. No matter what’s going on leave it to my family to raise their hands and volunteer for it. Including pink eye. Poor little munchkin though. I know how bad those things feel. And I’m wearing my protective eye cup all day so I don’t catch something that would postpone my eye surgery.

The dog barking neighbor lady went totally bat shit crazy. Now, she hasn’t been at her best since she’s been by herself and I’m quite sure it’s depression. She came outside looking like the girl in the Ring movies and paraded her mutt up and down the street yelling about dogs are supposed to bark and if the neighbors don’t like it she’ll move. Uh, okay. I’m good with that.

Y’all enjoy your Wednesday! I’m going to make some more tea and let little Miss put the warm bag on her eyelid.

xx Patricia

To All Our Veterans, We Salute You.

Grab a cup and raise your glasses! To our fighting men and women of the Armed Forces.

On Veteran’s Day, we pause and say Thank You. We owe you a debt we can never repay. You fought for our country, you believed in what you were doing and I am proud to be a part of a family that serves and protects us all.

Some of you came back and some did not. Some came back whole and some did not. I love every one of you!

xx Patricia


Hello Sunday! You’re looking good!


Morning Y’all! I am happy to report no gloomy morning! Sun is shining bright in the blue sky.

All of our college teams pulled out the win yesterday so the only Okies crying today are the Stillwater crowd. So close. It was just a fun football day all around.

I will be reading all day. I am reading Ripley’s new cozy mystery coming out this month and listening to Ed Sheerhan while proofing the Biology section of the new SAT study guide.

I hope everyone has gone and voted on Goodreads. I know it’s hard because there was a lot of good material out there this year.

I do want to give a big I Love You to OU Boy! Yesterday, in all of this talk of sexual assault and harassment, he went toe to toe with one and for myself, his baby sister, and our beautiful grand daughters, as well as our nieces I can say I have never been prouder of any man. You want to get to one of his girls, you go through him. And seriously no one should attempt that. Thank you love! Mad respect for you.

xx Patricia     Enjoy your Sunday.


It was a dark and gloomy day….

Good Morning! I am not at all sure what is going on outside. It’s cold. But it’s also drizzling and gray. Gloomy, which makes for perfect tea and reading day.

I seriously needed this day of rain and gloom. I may have overextended myself on some books and I do not need the distraction of the sun or children playing outside. I need to read this stuff. I’m going to be in bed with a book and this lovely Earl Grey London Fog Latte’ that I made myself! My mouth is very happy.

Yesterday I was reading. In the tub, but you should always just assume that’s where I am. And no, the door bell didn’t ring but the phone did. It was the nurse scheduling my pre-op tests and measurements. 3 weeks. And I had to get out of the tub and tip toe into the kitchen where the big calendar lives to check dates. However I had not opened any  drapes or blinds so no one got their boxers in a wad.

After the call I got a bit anxious. I guess because it went from “We’ll call you with the date”, to “It’s a go and here’s your date.” I’ll admit I shed a few tears and then reminded myself that my surgeon is top in the country and I trust him 100%. Then I realized I need to refresh my summer tan before I climb on the operating table. I mean if I must have people ogle me while I’m snoring I need to be on top of my game. I can just imagine the conversation. ” Wow, that is one complicated eye surgery!” ” Yes it is Doctor Smart, but she sure does have a great tan and pedicure!”.

So for 3 weeks I can stress and work myself up and do damage to my body with the stress or I can ignore it the way I do most things. Yep, let’s try number 2.

Tonight cousin Emberly, who is also seven, is holding a fundraiser for families in Houston and her mommy Aunt Jessie has made enormous amounts of Grandma Laura’s famous Butter Cookies, which I ordered 6 dozen of. Those yummy nuggets of deliciousness will go into the freezer for over the holidays when company stops by and look! (gasp) homemade cookies!

  My Earl Grey London Fog Latte’ and my mutant eyeball gum. Courtesy of Harney & Sons Victorian London Fog.

xx Patricia    Have a peaceful Friday and enjoy some tea and cookies!

Fridays and the London Fog!

Digital  black and white mood board inspiration created on www.sampleboard.com

Happy Friday! It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood. Kind of windy but then this is Oklahoma. But for now it’s gorgeous outside.

I took all of my indoor plants outside to enjoy some sunshine and potted some mums around the bird bath. Laundry is done, bed is made, I made tea. I was going to have a glass of wine until OU Boy told me it’s only Friday and I have standards. Only day drinking on Saturday. Cause, football and all. So that went out the window.

Okay so my Cubbies let someone else go ahead this year. It’s okay. Everyone deserves a turn.  Except the Red Sox. They get nothing.

I’m a bit bored today. I don’t know why. I have like a gazillion books to read and that’s YUGE! And yet, here I sit in the quiet of my house, with all the windows open, and it’s even quite outside.

For those of you who liked the look of the London Fog Latte….

IMG_1508514046408  Here she is. Stopped into Starbucks yesterday evening and my lovely Barista talked in a Peppa Pig type voice as he made it. Dude, seriously, you sound atrocious. I know he says. Well then go ahead and Peppa Pig away! And it was delicious, thank you very much. And they are just as easy to make yourself. If you don’t have a frother in your espresso machine, then buy just a battery operated frother. I got a great one at Target. No sense paying $5 bucks for one unless you are lazy. My excuse? It was next to the phone store.

Have a peaceful day. Be nice. Be the bigger person. And as Corbin says, “Don’t hit anyone if people are looking”.

xx Patricia


Town in a Wild Moose Chase: A Candy Holliday Murder Mystery by [Haywood, B. B.] Town in a Maple Madness (Candy Holliday Murder Mystery) by [Haywood, B. B.] Town in a Strawberry Swirl (A Candy Holliday Mystery, #5)

About The Author:

B. B. Haywood is a pseudonym of writing team Beth Feeman and Robert Feeman. They conceived the idea for the Candy Holliday mysteries while driving around the Maine countryside, stopping at different small towns throughout the state.

About The Books:

In the quaint seaside village of Cape Willington, Maine, Candy Holliday has a mostly idyllic life, tending to the Blueberry Acres farm she runs with her father and occasionally stepping in to solve a murder or two… 

This is another new to me author. I chose to start with Town in a Maple Madness. The latest in the series. I’ll let you know how it goes. If you have read this author, please let us know your thoughts on this one!

This morning it was 44 degrees when I got up. It’s barely made it into the 60’s so far. I was not really feeling that industrious. But a few cups of tea solved that. So far today I have Cajun Bean Soup in the freezer. Chicken Pot Pie Soup simmering on the stove and an apple pie in the oven.

It’s that time of year when we fill the freezer with warming and healthy soups and stews, hearty breads and pies. I would rather take a couple of days and do big batch cooking than have to do the “What do you want for dinner” dance until we all eat cereal. This way I can just pop it in the slow cooker and its nice and warm for dinner.

I do this with oatmeal too. Make big batches and then pour them into a 13×9 pan and then cut them up to snack on.

What is your favorite go to meal for a quick dinner?

Enjoy a cup today and remember to stay safe and informed. Ireland? We’re with you in spirit. To the 4 soldiers that were killed, thank you for what you did and rest in peace. To the folks impacted by the wildfires, and to all of the people still trying to recover from hurricanes, we haven’t forgotten you. I wish we could do more for you.

xx Patricia

Making A Choice…and Tea!

Tea board

Good Thursday Morning to Y’all. I’m feeling Zen today. So I’m going with the Tazo Zen tea today. With the temperatures dropping it may get moved to the back shelf until warmer weather so the winter teas have some room.

This has been a week hasn’t it? Although I have to say that the leak under the slab was relatively painless. I discovered it on Monday when my closet floor felt really hot. OU Boy pulled out his digital infrared thermometer and it was 105.5.  We knew we had a hot water line break. The plumber was here early the next morning. And by early I mean he was here at 9 a.m. on the dot.  People, I am not company ready at that time of day. This meant a change in my schedule and my anxiety was looking for a way out.

OU Boy bundled me and all of my things up and dropped me at the library and sent me text updates about the jack hammering and the dust collecting. And people watching at the library is always a fun activity. Everything was repaired and new concrete poured by early afternoon. Now everything in the living room is covered with a fine layer of dust that I’m thinking of just leaving there for a Halloween decoration.

I’ve talked some about CBT and how it has help my anxiety and I had an email asking what that was. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is identifying the event and controlling how you react to said event. I’m not a professional here. I’m a visual learner. I learn best by reading or seeing something rather than you telling me orally about it. I have worksheets, or I did for a while. Now it’s just second nature. The worksheets are divided into 3 parts A- The Activating Event (Something happened) B-Belief/Stuck Point (I tell myself something) C- Consequence (I feel something). Then I ask myself, “Are my thoughts above in “B” realistic? In my mind I’m playing out the scenario and any way it can negatively affect me. It’s a way to help me control situations. And for me it works.

I was all set to be really Zen today and OU Boy just shot me a text that the entire Thunder team and families are up at the Club celebrating the Thunders tenth anniversary. Even Melo and Lala! I am not feeling very zen towards him at the moment. I knew he cut out of here awful early this morning. Seriously, how could you forget to tell me that???

Have a calm and peaceful day. Make a choice to be kind. Make someone’s day a little bit better today. A smile, a kind word, a cup of tea, or you can just try not to start shit! Whatever level you are at!

xx Patricia

Hello Weekend! Spread The Love!

Good Friday Morning to you all! This morning I am on my third cup of tea. A nice Rooibus Tea this morning. I personally like the one from Twinings, but there are quite a few out there that are very nice.

Yesterday I think we all found out that during the night folks do a lot of odd things in their sleep. I wondered what I did, if I do anything, which I doubted .

Him: You sleep with your mouth open and you snore.

Me: I do not.

Him: You also sleep just like Corbin. You just flop on top of people like an X and sleep there until someone throws you off.

Me: I do not.

Him: If anyone in the bed gets up for any reason you steal their spot.

Me: Uh Uh.

Him: You also have trouble accepting the truth.

Me: What???

Him: You heard me.

All I know is that I wake up every morning alone, like Cinderella and stretch for a few minutes and then stumble into the bath where I sit reading a book in the tub until OU Boy calls me and lets me know it’s time to get out and move on with my day.  I like to wait until  the very last-minute to get things done. And I can get a lot done in just a few hours.

It’s Friday, everyone needs a little love today, so don’t be stingy with it~ Toss that shit around like confetti! OH and all my friends on the coast….Jim Cantore just landed in Gulfport, y’all….we all know what that means! Be Safe!

xx Patricia