Afternoon Y’all. I hope you are all safe and warm. The weather man says we have a really big winter storm headed our way this weekend. I’m always doubtful of that as Mother Nature and I have worked out a deal concerning cold wet stuff and I’m confident she will honor that.

In the continuing saga of the pumpkins….they are all gone! Day before yesterday the two big ones disappeared and that left one small one on one transformer and 2 small ones on the other. And all day I have watched over them to the point Tommy told me he wouldn’t be surprised if he came home and I had knit them some sweaters. And just when I thought oh crap, I’m just going to go get them and bring them inside,  just like that they were gone. In like less than a minute! I swear I ran to the bathroom came back and POOF gone. I feel awful now. Thank goodness they weren’t babies or puppies. I have a feeling my neighbor is doing this to me. He knows I love a good mystery.

I spent the entire day yesterday watching the Bush funeral. I don’t care what anyone’s opinion is about the man. If you weren’t old enough to vote at that time than hush. But we knew this man. One of my friends from high school was in his security detail and was there yesterday. The younger Bush we met when we lived in Dallas. We would go to the Rangers games and there would be George and Laura and the girls with their picnic basket sitting right across the aisle. It was fun and they were all lovely and fun to be with.. I don’t care what your politics are, they were a close and loving family so I sobbed all day.

We have a new coffee shop down the road and everyday they post the most delicious cupcakes and slices of rich, decadent cakes and I am seriously struggling to stay away from there. So we will look at some pretty pictures and pretend we ate them.

Stay safe. Stay warm. Be Kind. Eat the damn cupcake!

xx P


This Cozy Mystery debuted this week. It was really good.

And what goes better with a Cozy Mystery than a nice cuppa?

It’s back to shorts weather today. I’m still not sure where I got all of that intense energy yesterday. I did start using Moringa in my SuperFood Smoothies so I may have to back off of that one. Energetic is not one of my goals. Being cared for by an adoring billionaire on the other hand is. Sorry honey.

I completely re-arranged my bedroom so I would have more space on one side, flipped the mattress and cleaned the blinds even. Normally I only clean ceiling fans and blinds on the first Monday. I think I was just trying to put something in order because my brain was not in order. It feels as if we are in a holding pattern. Unable to make even the simplest of decisions until we know the outcome of Tommy’s surgeries. He is still in a lot of pain so our appointment can’t get here soon enough.

Have a good evening and keep us in your thoughts!

xx P

Read Books, Drink Tea and Chill

It’s Monday! Never have I been so excited to see you Monday. Why? Fall Break is over and the children are back to school! I’m having a nice Chai to celebrate that one!

We are drying out here in OKC. The sun is shining and the lake is calling. I am up early hoping to get back on my regular schedule. Having two children for two weeks of break, has almost broken me. My schedule went out the window and binge watching the entire Halloween Movie Series has left me with some serious damage from eye rolling! Even the kids were yelling, “Why are you going in there???” The moral we got from this series is that if you are making out with a boy, you are going to die. Scared straight for now.

Then we had the Romero classics. All of Night of the Living Dead ( They’re coming for you Barbara) P.S. My mother’s name is Barbara so we get a lot of fun out of this one. All the Zombie shows were watched. Pumpkins have been decorated, candy eaten and by yesterday morning I was letting them eat bread.

I tried to have an adult conversation at the hardware store, asking for one of those things that keep water in the sink. The man behind me started roaring with laughter and said, “You don’t do dishes much, do you?” No, I say, I don’t. But my lack of brain matter is because it is Fall Break. Ooooooo, he says. Gotcha!

I now understand why people drink. And buy Benadryl. Most of last night was spent staring at the wall.

Today I am going to try to get back on track. Try. I may need multiple pots of tea, but I am going to try. ( I’m probably going back to bed).

xx Patricia


Good Saturday morning! Technically not morning but close enough. I’m going to talk about tea in a second. First I want to talk about these pictures.

We had our last class in the Monarch Garden yesterday afternoon. We released our Monarch, cleaned up the messes and by then it was time for school to be out. Our kids go from 9:10 to 4:00 p.m. The Fall Fundraiser and Pumpkin and Plant Sale began at 4:30 so I had just enough time to grab Corbin, give him a snack, find S.J. and S.J.’s mom and head to the ticket table.

After my shift the boys got Spiders painted on their faces and then proceeded to be boys and run for hours. They hit a bump in the road and Corbin fell. S.J. was there before me and Tommy was taking pictures. S.J. helped Corbin up, where they both laughed and then automatically hugged.

You see that? Our natural response is love.For anyone. Where do we lose that? Who told us to stop? As for me I am proud of my boys for not losing that sense of love and friendship. Our kids learn by example. What kind of example are you? Think about that.

First cool day deserves a little extra. Bigelow This is the Bigelow Salted Caramel Tea I sent in the mail last week. On its own it’s naturally sweet and yummy but it got sinful with a teaspoon of caramel sauce. Later it went to a new level entirely when instead of the caramel I used Dulce de Leche. Nirvana in my mouth, Y’all!!

It has been a busy week and it’s not over. This morning I made the Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies for Corbin’s birthday party in 2 hours. Then made a casserole to heat up for later. Presents are wrapped, except for the giant plush tiger from Tommy’s Aunt Gayle.  Now to relax for a bit and get ready for a lot of 6 year olds high on sugar at the park.

Have a good Saturday and may the football Gods shine on your team!

xx Patricia


The Story Behind Pura Vida


I was so excited yesterday to receive lots of mail. And the best one was this selection of bracelets, anklets and a starfish ring. I’m a big fan of Costa Rica. And in the summer of 2010 on a graduation trip the founders found two bracelet artisans living in poverty. Seeing an opportunity to help out their new friends, Griffin and Paul took home 400 bracelets to try to sell.

Well they sold out in days and the demand was crazy high. Pura Vida means ‘pure life’ in Spanish, a Costa Rican philosophy that encourages the appreciation of life’s simple treasures. Each bracelet is carefully handcrafted and is unique. So far over 200 artisans are now earning a living!

The prices can’t be beat and make wonderful gifts while supporting artists in Costa Rica. I’ve already ordered several holiday gifts and I love the bracelets and the anklets. The ring is so precious too.

So that’s my Sunday! Everyone is feeling fine and laundry is done! Time to start the Thief’s Vinegar so we stay healthy all winter!

xx Patricia


It’s Friday! Right? Yes, I checked. If you really want to wake up try Gingerbread with Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Tea. Whoa! I’m awake and the entire kitchen smells like Red Hots!

I am such a sucker for outdoor carts, stands, buses, whatever it is, if it’s in a truck or cart, I want it. These ladies have really stepped up their game with such gorgeous and creative places of business. They wouldn’t work really well here since the wind is constantly blowing. I swear I don’t need to exfoliate because the wind rips your skin right off!

Odd news of the week: The lady that does water yoga with me came over to me in the pool and whispered, ” Have you heard any rumors about me sleeping with someone?” Me: “Uh, no.”. ” Why would I have heard something like that?” ” Well it’s not true.” “Okay.”

Bizarre, right? I don’t know you well enough to know your private business and it was very awkward. I had questions. Who are you ‘sleeping’ with? A guy? A girl? See now you’ve made it my business. And then another one of her friends swam by and she said, “Oh, I’m not sleeping with her either”. I didn’t know what to say so I just said, “Me neither.”

This is Labor Day Weekend. So for most people Monday is a day off. I’m going to be playing with all of this stuff that Ulta sent me. I have no idea what half of it is for but there is a primer for every portion of your face.

Trouble is I can only do one eye. When I close the other one it’s shady at best. So we shall see how this goes. They even sent me a lovely bag to keep it all in. Compared to my own make up bag, which holds one mascara and 20 lip balms.

So what fun things do you have for the weekend? I’m hoping a certain someone goes into labor on Labor Day. That would be awesome Lacey  Y’all go show this Momma some love! She is almost at the finish line with baby #3.

xx Patricia

An Opportunity To Do What Is Right

Good Morning! With all of us having sore throats and coughs today, we are sticking to a good English Breakfast with lemon and honey!

Summer colds are the worst. But at least we are all down at the same time. This was a tough few days. My eye decided to swell up like someone punched me. I freaked out. But after taking allergy medication it is much better. You forget how your allergies can affect your eyes. After a rough couple of days I’m feeling much more optimistic.

This is the first holiday I’ve not been very excited about. Right now I am not proud to be an American. I am embarrassed and thinking I should have stayed in Canada. The orange man has alienated all of our allies. Got into bed with our enemies and is ruining our economy and taking our freedoms. But hey, Oklahoma passed the marijuana question so there’s that. At this point go ahead and take my guns, leave the weed. We’re going to need that.

We will be at a friend’s farm tomorrow celebrating life and eating good food. Because in December our friend was given maybe 6 months to live and he is still fighting the good fight!

May your holiday be everything you want it to be!

xx Patricia


Let’s Play The Pajama Game!


Enjoying a cup of Lemon Ginger from Ahmad this morning. Summer means lighter teas for me. And this is one of the best.

We had a ‘cool’ front come through last night so today we are just in the first circle of hellish heat. I promised myself that I would stay inside yesterday and finish some reading but I took one look at the pool and all of a sudden it’s 9 at night.

Conversation of the day was about pajamas. Does anyone wear pajamas anymore? It seems retailers are hurting in the pajama game. It’s not something I have given much thought to but now inquiring minds want to know. What do people sleep in these days? Are you the full on pajama sleeper? The silk nightgown sleeper? Shorts and a tank top?

When did we stop wearing pajamas?  And why? Does anyone even own a robe anymore? I can tell you they are hard to find. Unless they are that funky material they make blankets out because those things do not absorb water well. Good old terry cloth robes I’ve only been able to find at hotels. And they will sell them to you. They aren’t like the tiny shampoos and lotions, you can’t just take them home with you.

Are there any cultural influences in this area? You know it’s a slow news week when this is your research for the week. I’m pretty sure my guy thinks of pajamas as clues. And you all know what I mean.

So chime in and let me know. And in the mean time enjoy your Sunday. I will be inside reading and trying to write this article on pajama trends.

xx Patricia  This morning I woke up with this song in my head. Then Sings My Soul….How Great Thou Art.

Life steps in and laughingly says, “Oh, sweetie…no.”

On the Inspiration Board this morning is a picture from St. Thomas. Waiting for my English Breakfast Tea to steep and reading this really great book from Simone St. James.

We are at the end of May and I had such high hopes for June. June 28th is the 2 year anniversary of the dreaded corneal ulcer and the 2 years of treatments and surgeries. So this year I thought I was in the clear and could make plans to hit the beach for a week, go visit my sister, play a lot of golf and tennis and just be happy I don’t have the guard on anymore. But then Life steps in and laughingly says, “Oh, sweetie…no.”

Yesterday was my appointment with Dr. D at the eye institute. We had a heart to heart talk about my progress, why we are moving so slow and where is this all leading? Long story short this June will be no different from the last two. I am having surgery in a couple of weeks. My inbox was full of paperwork this morning as well as a video to watch which I will not do again. No,no. Normally I would have had a lens put back in during my second surgery but it turns out I was missing some rods and stuff to put the lens on. Good news is that I have a lot of good fluid back there, which usually lessens with age. Not mine. Nope. I like to keep as many original parts as possible. So they are going to put me to sleep and go in and surgically sew this new goretex stuff with the lens sewn onto my eyeball. This goretex is what OU Boy’s stints are made of and I will have to carry a card around telling people to back the f*** off my eye!

The reason we hadn’t talked much about this one is because it is risky and he needed to know I understood the risks, such as infection and losing the entire eyeball. Plus I’ll need general anesthesia because even with the twilight sleep stuff I fight the restraints on my arms. I have a strong sense of survival. So that’s that. I’ll be in post-op care for 90 days so there goes another summer down the tubes. But the good news again is that after this surgery they can start taking out stitches from the surgery a year ago when I received the transplant. I still have 11.

I have 5 new drops to fill and each one is around $300. So my lovely doctor broke them down to the 2 components in the one and those two are way cheaper than the one bottle, so it’ll mean more drops but I can still buy shoes.

I am not going to stress about this. I trust my surgeon 100%. He is one of the best in the world. I keep telling myself what a great healer I am. What a great nap I’m going to have. That now I’m a risk taker. Well that one maybe isn’t new. I mean I have no rod thingys because of previous head trauma so obviously I do risky stuff, but this is the right thing, I know.

Today I’m going to just drink tea and sit in the sunshine while I still can!

xx Patricia


May is starting off bright and sunny this morning! Did you find a May basket on  your door this morning? OU Boy was spot on with his lovely wildflower bouquet. Thanks honey!

Yesterday I was so paralyzed with anxiety. I had to go to the Social Security offices to sign a document. I was not prepared. Way too many people and they have a set up like the airport except you don’t take your shoes off.  That was disconcerting as I wasn’t sure if I had any weapons or not. They even take your pepper spray. Sitting there waiting was torture.

When I finally got to my person to sign a document that had gotten lost in the ethernet, in comes a lady with not one but two ankle monitors! She was here to see why she wasn’t getting her benefits. Seriously? Maybe it has something to do with those bright orange ankle things!

All of that had me wringing my hands and ready to go through the roof. As if that wasn’t enough I also found out yesterday that I have to testify in Federal Court. It was like the Anxiety Fairy brought all of her friends at once and I was like a deer in the headlights.

Today I’m trying very hard to enjoy May Day since it is the most important month of all. Being the month of my birth and all. So I’m starting by sharing my anxiety with y’all and then being kind to myself today. Giving myself a pep talk. It will be all right in the end.

Happy May Day! A new month, a clean slate, another chance to reinvent yourself and your world. Have some tea and be kind to yourself.

xx Patricia