New Autumn Teas and Some Old Favorites! It’s Fall Y’all!

According to ‘people’ it’s Fall. Or Autumn, whichever you prefer. It’s still hot as hades here and humid too, but we are not going to complain at all when we know our fellow human beings are having a pretty rough time of it this month.

It can be overwhelming. Which is always where tea comes in. A few precious moments to sit and think healing thoughts for our neighbors and our planet. A time out from the constant barrage of bad news. You will drive yourself crazy if you don’t.

My favorites are the Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon and the Tazo Baked Cinnamon Apples. Although I won’t say no to any of them!

For those of you keeping track, I had a stitch taken out of my eye yesterday. Only 13 left to go. Yesterday was one of those at the eye surgeons office for hours days. We marked time by how many HGTV shows came on. And people watched. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I did notice that there are quite a lot of people who wear their pajamas and house slippers in public. I just can’t figure this phenomenon out. Every time I leave the house I hear my Momma’s voice in my head asking if my undergarments match. But these folks aren’t even getting dressed! I’m pretty sure this is where the break down in our society is coming from. People not even caring if they have on clothes, must less making sure they match! I tried to ask one why, but OU Boy was there reminding me to Be Nice. Which is apparently something he believes he has to do to save Oklahoma from me pointing out the obvious

Anyway, the taking out of the stitch makes OU Boy queasy so he leaves the room. To make up for that he took me to the new Super Grocery Store that just popped up across the street from Wal-mart. They had bulk bins for everything! Organic, GF, Dairy Free and it was all so nice and clean! They even had an in-house Sushi Chef and let me tell you, I may not be into the gas station sushi, but this stuff was amazing! I ate two samples and then bought some for dinner. I also bought a few of every root vegetable they had, as it is that season. Then I got to the check out and the lady had to ask me what each and every item was. Seriously? You have never seen a turnip or a parsnip or a beet for craps sake?

It was about that time that OU Boy pointed out we may need to just hush and go on home and take a Xanax. So we did. Then we snuggled up on the sofa and watched television while I moaned and whined about how bad my eye hurt. He was happy to put me to bed. He was gone when I got up and it is his day off, so I’m not sure if he’s just had enough or I forgot he had somewhere to be.

Have a good Wednesday and Be Nice! Be Thankful!

xx Patricia


Having a cup of Earl Grey and Talking Respect!

If you don't care for tea you could at least make polite conversation

Although I can’t imagine anyone out there not liking tea, I know there are some that don’t, but we can still make some polite conversation!

I’m trying to remember exactly when  the country went to hell. I’m also trying to remember when parents stopped teaching their children to say ” Yes M’am” and “No, Sir” and saying Please and Thank You and not calling adults by their first names.

In other words, when did we forget about being polite? Being well-mannered? Teaching our children to respect themselves and others? And I know it’s not me, since one of my boys was dating a young teacher who had a child. He called me to ask those same questions. “Mom, she never says please or thank you and is just rude and obnoxious to be around. What do I do?” Well my darling boy there isn’t a thing you can do. It isn’t your child and you just need to get out of there and go find yourself a good Southern girl.

Him:” Like Britney Spears? I think she’s crazy but just enough that I would have a chance with her.”

Me: Yep, you go do that. She may be bat shit crazy, but I bet her children have manners.

Of course in the south these things are just bred into us. To be rude to someone is a horrible offense. But I grew up knowing I respected myself and others. Didn’t mean I had to like them or agree with them. But I respected them as I respect all life.

We need to seriously get down to the job of educating our children about Respect. For themselves and others.

That’s my rant of the day as I am trying to refinish some tables and I have two rowdy children on the way over.

Be nice. Be kind. Be Polite. Be Respectful. Don’t Drink and Drive. And as my Grandpa says, “Don’t bend over in the garden, Ma, you know those ‘taters have eyes!”

xx Patricia

Observations from the Library and other stuff…


What a week this has been so far! I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here the allergies are in full swing. And last night the weatherman said it’s not going to get better until the first good freeze. Dude, this is Oklahoma. I never even once put on a coat last winter. I can’t go on like this. I am having to stay away from any herbal teas except mint. So you know I’m not really happy.

Tuesday was soccer practice for the 4 year olds. They are much better now that they have a “game” under their belts. On the negative side, they know each other now. So there is a lot of goofing off together. Not to mention we practice right next to TAFB so the planes are constantly coming and going and they act like they have never seen an airplane before.  I got in trouble for “coddling” Corbin. But he accidentally broke his dad’s ball pump and he was crying that cry where they are almost hiccuping their words and of course I was going to tell him it’s fine,I have another one. What do you want me to get you lovey?

The just turned 7-year-old was there so we went to the next field over and practiced until the sneezing and nose blowing started. Then she wanted me to help her with her homework. Or that is what I thought until I started helping her. Her words, “No I don’t want to have to figure it out. Just tell me the answer and I’ll write it down”. Another teacher on the sidelines was looking at me side eyed and so obviously I wasn’t going to do that. So she lost interest and we just watched Taylor Swift videos.

Yesterday I had a lot of research I needed to catch up on so since OU Boy was headed out to the country to dig roots or something manly like that, I asked him to drop me off at the library over in MWC. But first I had to stop at Walgreens because their school supplies were being marked down to 90% off and I wasn’t passing that up.

So here I am at the library and I’m sharing a space with a lovely young lady who kindly kept her ear buds in the entire 4 hours. I finished all I could do and just sat back and people watched in the Library. It was a pretty normal day. Except for the man in the orange pajamas who was singing and dancing out loud! Not just in his head like I do. And then another man kept asking the ladies where the videos were. He’d go over there and then you would hear “help…help…help”. Well my space mate looked at me and I looked at her and we decided we weren’t getting involved with either of them.

So I’m skipping my run today to save my nose blowing for tonight’s soccer practice, where I have to be early to stake out the good spot that the flag football folks stole last week.

I hope your week is going well. Share a cuppa and be kind to someone today!

xx Patricia


Be Useful. Be Honorable. Be Compassionate. And Have Some Tea!


Today is going to be one of those many pots of tea days! I am intentionally not turning on the television or I’ll be a puddle of anxiety on the floor. Hurricanes are my  trigger. The biggest one. Too many  horrible things have happened during hurricanes and now it looks like they are lining up one after the other to pound us.

I’m tired of hearing people tell the good  folks of Florida to just leave. If only it was that simple. It’s gridlock down there right now and gas is in short supply. So let’s do what we can to help out. There is always something you can do. Always!

Today is Thursday which means the 7-year-old starts soccer practice tonight. This should be much better than the 4-year-old. These kids are playing for points and wins. And Lord help  us  all  as she is her father’s daughter and will call you out on any rule infringement you make. They are both “actually” people. As in, “Actually, Ms. Keating, you can’t tell a student they can’t go  to the bathroom, according to Section 5C of the handbook.” Yep, my kid was nicknamed the high school lawyer. Adored by students, tolerated by teachers and a huge source of entertainment for the principal. Mr. Denly found it difficult to punish the boy when he couldn’t stop laughing. I was never so happy when he graduated to high school and got the heck out of the  school I was teaching in.

It’s back to work  today but tonight is Networking After Dark and it’s Scotch and Cigar Tasting night! As for our weather, it’s much like my baseball team, just shut up and don’t say anything about them. We’re just holding our collective breath over here hoping Mother Nature will think we have already been slammed enough  and the Cubbies go back to the World Series.

Be Nice today. A lot of people are anxious right now, be kind to them. Offer them a cup of tea and some love. WE really are all in this together. So let’s act like it.

xx Patricia

A New Day and A New Tea!

bf5d3f764342fd8bd8f774bf951acfe6 It is indeed a new day! Nice and Sunny here with no wind! Yesterday was not that great of a day. Yes it was Monday which normally would say it all, but the issue was my tummy and something I ate.

I tried out a new to me tea by Tazo.     RefreshMint. Peppermint, Spearmint and a touch of Taragon. It was really intense minty flavor and is very good! It settled my tummy down nicely. I’m reading the follow-up to the Bear and the Nightingale! Really good.

For all our friends in Florida, it looks like Hurricane Irma is about to slam y’all into Georgia! Please be safe and don’t get stuck  someplace we can’t find you! Just leave now. You know with a name like Irma, this chick has anger issues, so just go. Like Now.

This is my Saturday so I asked OU Boy if he wanted to go to the Myriad Gardens and do Yoga. His response “Are you talking to me or one of your hippy yoga friends on the internet thing?” Seriously you are in your 30’s Dude. It’s not called an internet thingy.

I guess that means he isn’t going even though I made sure to kick nudge him out of the bed with my knees. Which in sleep talk means, get out of my bed now. I need that side too and don’t you have somewhere you have to be? I admit I don’t like waking up to people in my bed. Not that there’s a line of them or anything, just the one.

We will be keeping an eye out for all of my family who lives in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and the Carolinas this week. I love you all and know  you won’t do anything stupid!

If you’re looking for a new book to read today, Sing,Unburied,Sing is out today and is set in Mississippi and it is outstanding!

xx Patricia

Those Sexy Little Words….It’s Football Day!

this me. This Georgia girl loves her some football!! :) That's right. RTR

Florida State Seminoles  She asked me to tell her the words all southern girls long to hear, so I whispered 'It's college football season!'FSU Seminole Football. Renegade & Osceola.

The Tea has been finished off and now OU Boy is in the shower getting all pretty to go to the OU vs UTEP home opener in a few hours.

Of course my game is the 7 p.m. Prime Time Game….But seriously I have been waiting for this day since the last game. A long time.

So Saturdays could be a bit short for a while. Like until the end of college football season.

Have a Great Saturday and Go Noles!

xx Patricia

A Good Time Was Had By All!


It’s been a day or so since I’ve been on here. It’s that time of year when we are all getting busy for school, football, soccer and ordering all the Autumn teas!

Yesterday I woke up and turned to my BFF and said, ” I feel a spree coming on. Killing or shopping, depends on you.” I am out of everything. That is how much I hate shopping in person. But the toothpaste was dangerously low and the only thing in the refrigerator were condiments.

There was just  a lot of stuff that needed replacing or that I had coupons for that would expire today. So yesterday was an 8 hour journey across the city.

   First up was these saddles. Nice, huh? And on a huge sale. Then I found some cute ankle boots and also later saw these lovely slip ons with the poop emoji. OU Boy quipped, “For when you know you’re shitty and you own it.”  No we did not get those.

I did however make a huge compromise for the sake of the relationship. I let him buy a microwave. Now, I don’t own a microwave or a toaster or a coffee pot or any thing else that could clutter my counters or make it easy to eat poorly. Now I also would have let him buy new pots and pans, but let’s get real here. I’m not using them. So after years of no microwave, I woke up this morning and almost spit out my tea when I saw this big black blob sitting on my counter. I’m not happy about it, but I’m going to take a page from Cynthia and pick my battles.

He heated up a sandwich last night and you would have thought he invented fire he was so happy.

Now everyone has enough socks, t-shirts and underwear to make it through the winter. I have stocked the cupboards with Game Day food. Which on his side is the good old Velveeta and Rotel dip, little smokies and Barbecue Sauce  and my side which is tiny toasts, some really nice hummus and a tiny tin of caviar. I shouldn’t have to go to the market for another month if I play this right.

After the truck was full we stopped at our favorite Italian place and had a nice lunch and we arrived home in time for Big Brother.  And to find that the Book Fairy had come and left me a gorgeous copy of The Bear and The Nightingale plus an ARC of The Tower.  So all in all it was a good day and no one had to die. And not once did I have a panic attack!

Now I’m going to finish my Breakfast Tea and try to figure out how to use this mop.

Be Safe! Drink Tea!   xx Patricia

Hello! It’s Tea! And other gross things!


Good Monday to you all!  Yes, I’m a bit late today but I have been playing Cinderella and her wicked step sisters. I was Anastasia. And now I am drinking copious amounts of tea and wishing I had made my therapy appointment for a different day!

It’s right at that awkward period where if I didn’t go I could have a nice long soak with a book. If I do go, I have to lay around and moan about it for 2 hours and hope the driver gets finished with whatever he was doing today that I didn’t pay attention to, well, because I was a wicked step sister.

I woke up to an alarm clock this morning, which is not something I ever do, and still don’t understand why it kept going off. I had no idea how to turn it off so I just ripped it out of the wall by the cord. Then the 4-year-old comes in with a bowl of cereal and no milk asking for sweet tea. Miss Charli Ava is walking around repeating Je suis une fille!

There was no getting around crazy today so I just went with it. No one wanted to do their numbers or letters. French lessons got interrupted. The bathroom is no longer sacred ground. And the 4-year-old informed me that he was selfish, which means he doesn’t like to share what he has. At lunchtime, he couldn’t eat his sandwich because his tummy hurt, to which I replied, ” Do you need to poop?”. Which was apparently hilarious so he ate the bread.

So now that their Daddy has taken them to run errands I can go to the bathroom in peace and try to see what other adults are doing besides discussing bowel movements and how milk comes from the place cows pee.

Much love to our Houston cousins, who are paddling around their neighborhood in a kayak being good neighbors!!

xx Patricia

Every Tea Should Come With A Tiara!

All tea services should come with a tiara, that way you can be prepped and ready for the 8 pm white tie dinner

I stole the above picture from Harney & Sons on Pinterest. The caption was Every Tea Should Come With A Tiara.

Being the Southern lady that I am I heartily agree! We look for every opportunity to wear our tutus and tiaras. Except when you go out to get the mail. Yeah, I learned that the hard way. People will talk. Kind of like when OU Boy weed whacked the bar ditch in his Tommy Bahama flip-flops and shorts. Farmers talk….

So it’s Sunday. I think our rain has stopped but our poor neighbors are getting hammered still. So let’s all keep them in our thoughts and donate whatever you can, time, money, food, clothing.  Poor OU Boy had to deal with flooding all day yesterday and again this morning. He called and said the Tea Vault had water on the floor but all the tea was safely high up on the shelves. Whew!

Today I’m getting our rocks ready to become Ladybugs, little cottages and some inspirational words. Yes, that is what we settled on. And since Miss Charli Ava has decided she wants to learn to speak French, I think we’ll do some French words as well. It warms my heart that she wants to learn and keep our French heritage alive! And her Mom is helping her also, so soon she will be all snooty and looking down her nose at the rest of us!

paristea3  Since I poached their picture, Let’s give some love to the people who keep me out of jail. Thanks Boys!

xx Patricia

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see..Mark Twain


Good Morning Beautiful People of The Page! I have my tea and a good book to finish today and I have had my bowl of pumpkin porridge. I love porridge. It’s a warm hug in a bowl!

Speaking of things I like, the other day I asked my FB people if I’m the only person in the world who eats Sardines in Mustard with crackers. One person said Hell Yeah! The rest were grossed out. These are the same sisters that eat chicken livers and gizzards. My mother commented You are truly your daddy’s daughter! Well, yes, that is how I found out about those delicious little fish bodies ( or bait as Tommy calls them). When Daddy would go to the deer camp all of Momma’s rules went out the window and we ate all kinds of things we weren’t allowed to have at home.

At the deer camp is also where I learned not to spray things you find in the glove box. You should know that no man carries around air freshener. But they do carry Doe Urine. And it’s gross. But back to the sardines…ladies if you are not in the mood for love, eat a few of these little suckers. I promise you your man will not come anywhere near your mouth!

I hope everyone did something kind yesterday! It is a really hard time all over the world to stay positive. People are hurting and dying and we all feel pretty helpless to do anything about it. All I know to do is just be kind. Especially if you have anxiety issues already. Yesterday I was kind to my husband. I cut my hair so he would stop complaining about all the hair all over the bathroom. I thought about cooking something but after a bit that feeling passed.

Today I have to finish a book. Because tomorrow I’m having guests. My favorite people in the world, so I want to be able to give them my undivided attention.

I’m sending virtual hugs to all of you and a hand to hold if you need it! Of course, if you have food, you can come get a real hug!

Much love   Patricia