Mug It! Easy & Delicious Meals For One by Pam McElroy

Mug It!: Easy & Delicious Meals for One

Dinner for one can be a lonely, tasteless prospect. But when dinner (or lunch, breakfast, or a snack, for that matter) is made in a mug, it suddenly becomes a whole lot more fun. From blueberry muffins and quiches to mac ‘n cheese and chocolate peanut butter cake, Mug It contains simple, delicious, recipes for every taste and craving. Easy-to-follow recipes and four-color photographs make Mug It the perfect cookbook for nearly anyone who has a mug, a microwave, and an appetite.

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Now that I have given in to years of begging and purchased a microwave I thought I should learn to make something in it and not just heat up coffee. So when I saw this book I was very excited. Most of my meals are eaten out of a bowl or a mason jar, so why not a mug. Heaven knows I have enough of them. And I am just odd enough to embrace this so I don’t burn up any more pots or pans.

There really is something for everyone in here! From Mason Jar Salads, which are my favorite thing this year to overnight oats, dips, breads and muffins in a mug, eggs in a mug, even meatloaf and mac and cheese! Cookies, cupcakes, yummy desserts and even pickling!

So we tried the cake thing and besides the dip and pickling everything else turned out just great! The one thing I especially like is portion control. I mean, it’s a mug. Normally when you make a cake you are probably going to eat more than you should. Same with other foods, but with this when you get to the bottom of the mug, you are done! No mess to clean up, no leftovers to put in the fridge and pretend you will eat later but never do and the entire thing ends up in the trash bin. At least here it does.

So all in all I’d have to say this book is brilliant! Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go have some Earl Grey Tea and a Quiche in a Mug!

Observations from the Library and other stuff…


What a week this has been so far! I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here the allergies are in full swing. And last night the weatherman said it’s not going to get better until the first good freeze. Dude, this is Oklahoma. I never even once put on a coat last winter. I can’t go on like this. I am having to stay away from any herbal teas except mint. So you know I’m not really happy.

Tuesday was soccer practice for the 4 year olds. They are much better now that they have a “game” under their belts. On the negative side, they know each other now. So there is a lot of goofing off together. Not to mention we practice right next to TAFB so the planes are constantly coming and going and they act like they have never seen an airplane before.  I got in trouble for “coddling” Corbin. But he accidentally broke his dad’s ball pump and he was crying that cry where they are almost hiccuping their words and of course I was going to tell him it’s fine,I have another one. What do you want me to get you lovey?

The just turned 7-year-old was there so we went to the next field over and practiced until the sneezing and nose blowing started. Then she wanted me to help her with her homework. Or that is what I thought until I started helping her. Her words, “No I don’t want to have to figure it out. Just tell me the answer and I’ll write it down”. Another teacher on the sidelines was looking at me side eyed and so obviously I wasn’t going to do that. So she lost interest and we just watched Taylor Swift videos.

Yesterday I had a lot of research I needed to catch up on so since OU Boy was headed out to the country to dig roots or something manly like that, I asked him to drop me off at the library over in MWC. But first I had to stop at Walgreens because their school supplies were being marked down to 90% off and I wasn’t passing that up.

So here I am at the library and I’m sharing a space with a lovely young lady who kindly kept her ear buds in the entire 4 hours. I finished all I could do and just sat back and people watched in the Library. It was a pretty normal day. Except for the man in the orange pajamas who was singing and dancing out loud! Not just in his head like I do. And then another man kept asking the ladies where the videos were. He’d go over there and then you would hear “help…help…help”. Well my space mate looked at me and I looked at her and we decided we weren’t getting involved with either of them.

So I’m skipping my run today to save my nose blowing for tonight’s soccer practice, where I have to be early to stake out the good spot that the flag football folks stole last week.

I hope your week is going well. Share a cuppa and be kind to someone today!

xx Patricia


CHICKADEE CHICKADEE BANG BANG:A Bird Lover’s Mystery by J.R.Ripley

Chickadee Chickadee Bang Bang (A Bird Lover's Mystery #5)

Ruby Lake, North Carolina, might be the perfect place to go birdwatching during autumn, but it’s also a habitat for murder . . .

Ruby Lake, North Carolina, might be the perfect place to go birdwatching during autumn, but it’s also a habitat for murder . . .

As Birds & Bees owner Amy Simms guides a half-hearted birding group around Ruby Lake, rumors soon start flying about the annual Fall Festival’s classic car and tractor show. Local eccentric Chick Sherman—boasting the hottest ride in town—has ruffled feathers by mysteriously entering the contest, and curious Amy hatches a plan to sneak a glimpse at the phantom automobile before the big event kicks off . . .

But competition turns deadly when Amy finally spots the sleek ’56 El Morocco—and it’s on top of Chick’s very dead body. With her neighbor and business partner framed as the murderer and priceless Audubon prints suddenly missing from Chick’s home, only Amy can identify the telltale markings of a killer before another hapless victim is plucked from the flock . . .

I am seriously considering moving to Ruby Lake! They have more fun events than any small town I have ever lived in!

It’s time for the annual Fall Festival with the Tractor and Car Show being one of the most popular and competitive events.

As our Amy is leading a group of birdwatchers in the park most of the group is looking at a Chickadee in the tree. Karl and Floyd however have spotted something white and teal that definitely is not a bird, but a ’57 Chevy Bel Air going down the street.

Karl and Floyd soon have Amy taking them to find their own oldie but goodie so for once they can be part of the parade of cars. Even Amy’s sweetie and her neighbor Paul have caught the car fever.

When Amy decides to sneak a peek at this mysterious El Morroco that Chick supposedly has the first person she runs into is Chick. Plan fouled. But when she returns to find her cell phone she finds Chick dead under the coveted car.

By now even the police chief is used to Amy snooping around crime scenes, so at least she isn’t being kept out of the loop, but there are always some shady folks hanging around this tiny town and the suspect list even includes some locals. But don’t worry because our girl Amy will peck around like a bird after a worm until she finds the truth!

We are in book 5 in this series now and the characters are developing nicely and I learned about another lovely bird.

Job well done Mr. Ripley!

Netgalley/Kensington/Lyrical Underground    Release Date is September 12, 2017

A New Day and A New Tea!

bf5d3f764342fd8bd8f774bf951acfe6 It is indeed a new day! Nice and Sunny here with no wind! Yesterday was not that great of a day. Yes it was Monday which normally would say it all, but the issue was my tummy and something I ate.

I tried out a new to me tea by Tazo.     RefreshMint. Peppermint, Spearmint and a touch of Taragon. It was really intense minty flavor and is very good! It settled my tummy down nicely. I’m reading the follow-up to the Bear and the Nightingale! Really good.

For all our friends in Florida, it looks like Hurricane Irma is about to slam y’all into Georgia! Please be safe and don’t get stuck  someplace we can’t find you! Just leave now. You know with a name like Irma, this chick has anger issues, so just go. Like Now.

This is my Saturday so I asked OU Boy if he wanted to go to the Myriad Gardens and do Yoga. His response “Are you talking to me or one of your hippy yoga friends on the internet thing?” Seriously you are in your 30’s Dude. It’s not called an internet thingy.

I guess that means he isn’t going even though I made sure to kick nudge him out of the bed with my knees. Which in sleep talk means, get out of my bed now. I need that side too and don’t you have somewhere you have to be? I admit I don’t like waking up to people in my bed. Not that there’s a line of them or anything, just the one.

We will be keeping an eye out for all of my family who lives in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and the Carolinas this week. I love you all and know  you won’t do anything stupid!

If you’re looking for a new book to read today, Sing,Unburied,Sing is out today and is set in Mississippi and it is outstanding!

xx Patricia


363 Days of Tea is a coffee table book by Ruby Silvious. Follow the artist’s 363-day journey as she creates miniature paintings using repurposed tea bags as her canvas.

Perhaps you’ve seen her art work on Facebook or elsewhere on-line. This is one of the most beautiful coffee table books I have ever seen. It amazes me how talented this woman is and the beautiful yet tiny paintings she does on used tea bags.

This one is a keeper! I hope you enjoy it!

Enjoy your Sunday and if you are in the U.S. your Labor Day Holiday tomorrow!


Celebrate Every Day: Recipes For Making The Most Of Special Moments With Your Family by [Richardson, Jaime]

Recipes for making the most of special moments with your family.  You may know Jaime from I love her and I love this book. This is a woman who was chosen by the editors at Martha Stewart’s official blog network to be a part of their small circle.

Yet she has a family and this book shows that. Everything in here is simple to make, takes simple wholesome ingredients and turns them into an experience.

My absolute favorite recipe is the Fresh Peach French Toast Bread Pudding. Oh my heavenly days it is good!  Want to make some jam? Blueberry jam that is easy as pie!

It’s a go to book if you have children or not. Beautifully done and worth every penny!

celebrateeveryday Yummy!!!  With some Harney & Sons Peach Tea….wow!

Tea,Books, and Lots of Rain!

Good Morning Y’all! It started raining last night sometime and is still coming down heavily. I just got an alert on my phone about an imminent flood warning.

So far the water is staying a tad below the sidewalk so I’m not dragging out the sandbags yet! For our dear friends in Texas, stay safe and if they tell you to evacuate do it! Seriously, when one of these things plants itself on top of you, no one is coming out to rescue your stubborn bum!

I feel really bad for the Houston folks, who took so many of us Mississippi people in when we took a direct hit from Katrina. So if you need a place to go just get on I-35 and head north to OKC. We’ve got you. We aren’t in such great shape ourselves right now, but we’re on high ground.

I also feel bad that we don’t even have a head of FEMA yet. Our people were left for weeks with no help from Bush, so I hope the orange man-child has a plan!

Our power is flickering so I’m signing off and dragging out the rain boots and moving my tea to higher ground!

Be Safe Y’all!

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see..Mark Twain


Good Morning Beautiful People of The Page! I have my tea and a good book to finish today and I have had my bowl of pumpkin porridge. I love porridge. It’s a warm hug in a bowl!

Speaking of things I like, the other day I asked my FB people if I’m the only person in the world who eats Sardines in Mustard with crackers. One person said Hell Yeah! The rest were grossed out. These are the same sisters that eat chicken livers and gizzards. My mother commented You are truly your daddy’s daughter! Well, yes, that is how I found out about those delicious little fish bodies ( or bait as Tommy calls them). When Daddy would go to the deer camp all of Momma’s rules went out the window and we ate all kinds of things we weren’t allowed to have at home.

At the deer camp is also where I learned not to spray things you find in the glove box. You should know that no man carries around air freshener. But they do carry Doe Urine. And it’s gross. But back to the sardines…ladies if you are not in the mood for love, eat a few of these little suckers. I promise you your man will not come anywhere near your mouth!

I hope everyone did something kind yesterday! It is a really hard time all over the world to stay positive. People are hurting and dying and we all feel pretty helpless to do anything about it. All I know to do is just be kind. Especially if you have anxiety issues already. Yesterday I was kind to my husband. I cut my hair so he would stop complaining about all the hair all over the bathroom. I thought about cooking something but after a bit that feeling passed.

Today I have to finish a book. Because tomorrow I’m having guests. My favorite people in the world, so I want to be able to give them my undivided attention.

I’m sending virtual hugs to all of you and a hand to hold if you need it! Of course, if you have food, you can come get a real hug!

Much love   Patricia


Teatime Parties: Afternoon Tea to Commemorate the Milestones of Life from Tea Time Magazine

What better way to celebrate special life events than with afternoon tea? Table settings for birthdays, christenings, engagements, weddings, graduations, retirements, and other milestones are presented with beautiful color photography. An expert tea-pairing guide, along with a tea-steeping primer, make it simple to choose and prepare the perfect pot of tea to accompany the 80+ recipes in this gorgeous hardcover book.

Image result for teatime parties: afternoon tea to commemorate  Related image Related image

Tea Time Magazines newest book of gorgeous teas and menus to celebrate those milestones in life. As always the photographs are beautiful and the recipes very easy to prepare.

This is a great gift for those of us who love the magazine!


Give it a look and see what you think!5ef7878b0fbf3afdf2e4b161bcf6652e

Tangled up in Brew: A Brewing Trouble Mystery by Joyce Tremel

Tangled Up in Brew (A Brewing Trouble Mystery) by [Tremel, Joyce]

Brew pub owner Maxine “Max” O’Hara and her chef/boyfriend Jake Lambert are excited to be participating in the Three Rivers Brews and Burgers Festival. Max hopes to win the coveted Golden Stein for best craft beer—but even if she doesn’t, the festival will be great publicity for her Allegheny Brew House.

Or will it? When notoriously nasty food and beverage critic Reginald Mobley is drafted as a last-minute replacement judge, Max dreads a punishing review. Her fears are confirmed when Mobley literally spits out her beer, but things get even worse when the cranky critic drops dead right after trying one of Jake’s burgers. Now an ambitious new police detective is determined to pin Mobley’s murder on Max and Jake, who must pore over the clues to protect their freedom and reputations—and to find the self-appointed judge, jury, and executioner.

This is the second in the Brewing Trouble series and it is every bit as fun as the first one!

The characters are smart, funny and very family oriented. The descriptions of Pittsburgh and the brewing process are very entertaining, as is Max’s family! I have learned more about brewing beer than I ever imagined and have a deep respect for those who do this complicated and delicious liquid!

Max and Jake make a good team and the action is well paced and the subject matter is spot on. These are people you probably know. Intelligent, fun-loving and very well thought out. Between good beer, tasty food and a mystery to solve, what’s not to love?

The best part is they share their recipes with you! So you can make a killer burger as well!

The third book in the series should be out in October!  Books,BooksandMoreBooks  Reviews.

Berkley Prime Crime