THUG KITCHEN eat like you give a f*ck!

Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck by [Kitchen, Thug]

I snagged this at the end of last year. After nothing I did or said was helping a certain man who is stubborn times 10. He has also in the past 4 years had 5 heart attacks, multiple stints, and CABG. Open heart surgery. No matter how hard I tried to give him information about plant based eating, he agreed but wasn’t on board.

He laughed through this entire book. And while he isn’t all the way there yet, or ever will be, I fell in love with this series of cookbooks by an LA-based duo and the authors of the #1 bestselling Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook and Thug Kitchen: Party Grub. They started their wildly popular web site to inspire people to eat some goddamn vegetables and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Beloved by Gwyneth Paltrow (“This might be my favorite thing ever”) and named Saveur’s Best New Food Blog of 2013—with almost a million Facebook fans and counting—Thug Kitchen wants to show everyone how to take charge of their plates and cook up some real f*cking food.

From breakfast to desserts, you are covered in these books. The recipes are easy, filling and delicious! The Oat Flour Griddle Cakes, The Pumpkin Chili, Potato Leek Soup and all the other recipes are really good. And they tell it like it is!

The two newest books are Party Grub…for social mother f*ckers, and Thug Kitchen 101, which is my favorite one yet! Yes they cuss. They use the F word (gasp), but when you are trying to save the life of someone you care about, sometimes it takes some good old Bro’ talk to get through. They have the most fantastic blog! Enjoy!

Putting Things Into Perspective

Today we’re having a nice cup of Twinings English Breakfast Tea. Grab a cup!

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It’s been a bit since I wrote anything on here. I’ve been busy dealing with this lovely corneal ulcer that has left me blind in one eye. And since they will not let me put a contact in the good ( and I use that term very loosely) eye, I’m mainly walking around squinting with a patch on one eye. But that entire story is over on

So it’s been 4 weeks. I was getting to that self-pity stage which is a dangerous route to take. I was quoting Bible passages about Job and just getting on my own nerves. People were beginning to irritate the heck out of me for no reason whatsoever!

Ah, but the Universe in all it’s wisdom had a plan. Here’s how that went.

Thursday night OU Boy told me his left arm was hurting and had been for a few days. Now that boy has already had 2 major heart attacks, bypass surgery and several stints. That was 4 years ago when he was only 32.  So Friday I received a call that he was on his way by ambulance from work to the Heart Hospital.

I got there just as he was being taken to surgery. No, I didn’t drive. I have a guy for that. The nice nurses led me to a spot I could wait alone. The Doctor said he wasn’t sure if OU Boy would make it off the table

Bam! Talk about putting things into Perspective! Here I had been whining about losing my eyesight in ONE eye and now the man I have loved for 13 years could be dying. After a long wait, a lovely nurse came and took me to a tiny office and told me to wait here,the doctor needs to speak with you. By now I am in full panic mode, as the last time I was taken to a small room the news was not good. Finally the good Doctor McGeary came in and laid it all out. OU Boy had had the famous Widowmaker heart attack and had been about 5 minutes from joining the Sooner team in heaven. He was straight forward in explaining everything and took me upstairs to see my love.

Thankfully the surgery went extremely well and he is now home resting but feeling much better now that he has some blood flow to his heart. Yep, I’m going to marry that boy!

We have surely had our share of health issues lately, I am pretty sure that my crazy sister has a voo doo doll of some sort that she is stabbing regularly. Maybe once in awhile  she could scratch my upper back for me.

So thank all of you for your prayers, good thoughts, love and caring. We appreciate it more than I can say.