Mug It! Easy & Delicious Meals For One by Pam McElroy

Mug It!: Easy & Delicious Meals for One

Dinner for one can be a lonely, tasteless prospect. But when dinner (or lunch, breakfast, or a snack, for that matter) is made in a mug, it suddenly becomes a whole lot more fun. From blueberry muffins and quiches to mac ‘n cheese and chocolate peanut butter cake, Mug It contains simple, delicious, recipes for every taste and craving. Easy-to-follow recipes and four-color photographs make Mug It the perfect cookbook for nearly anyone who has a mug, a microwave, and an appetite.

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Now that I have given in to years of begging and purchased a microwave I thought I should learn to make something in it and not just heat up coffee. So when I saw this book I was very excited. Most of my meals are eaten out of a bowl or a mason jar, so why not a mug. Heaven knows I have enough of them. And I am just odd enough to embrace this so I don’t burn up any more pots or pans.

There really is something for everyone in here! From Mason Jar Salads, which are my favorite thing this year to overnight oats, dips, breads and muffins in a mug, eggs in a mug, even meatloaf and mac and cheese! Cookies, cupcakes, yummy desserts and even pickling!

So we tried the cake thing and besides the dip and pickling everything else turned out just great! The one thing I especially like is portion control. I mean, it’s a mug. Normally when you make a cake you are probably going to eat more than you should. Same with other foods, but with this when you get to the bottom of the mug, you are done! No mess to clean up, no leftovers to put in the fridge and pretend you will eat later but never do and the entire thing ends up in the trash bin. At least here it does.

So all in all I’d have to say this book is brilliant! Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go have some Earl Grey Tea and a Quiche in a Mug!


Celebrate Every Day: Recipes For Making The Most Of Special Moments With Your Family by [Richardson, Jaime]

Recipes for making the most of special moments with your family.  You may know Jaime from I love her and I love this book. This is a woman who was chosen by the editors at Martha Stewart’s official blog network to be a part of their small circle.

Yet she has a family and this book shows that. Everything in here is simple to make, takes simple wholesome ingredients and turns them into an experience.

My absolute favorite recipe is the Fresh Peach French Toast Bread Pudding. Oh my heavenly days it is good!  Want to make some jam? Blueberry jam that is easy as pie!

It’s a go to book if you have children or not. Beautifully done and worth every penny!

celebrateeveryday Yummy!!!  With some Harney & Sons Peach Tea….wow!

Teatime Parties: Afternoon Tea to Commemorate the Milestones of Life from Tea Time Magazine

What better way to celebrate special life events than with afternoon tea? Table settings for birthdays, christenings, engagements, weddings, graduations, retirements, and other milestones are presented with beautiful color photography. An expert tea-pairing guide, along with a tea-steeping primer, make it simple to choose and prepare the perfect pot of tea to accompany the 80+ recipes in this gorgeous hardcover book.

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Tea Time Magazines newest book of gorgeous teas and menus to celebrate those milestones in life. As always the photographs are beautiful and the recipes very easy to prepare.

This is a great gift for those of us who love the magazine!


Give it a look and see what you think!5ef7878b0fbf3afdf2e4b161bcf6652e

Deliciously ELLA Every Day by Ella Woodward


Ella is one of my favorite cookbook authors in the plant-based eating world. I wanted to put this book out there before her next gem comes out this year.

I love that this isn’t a Diet book. It’s about enjoying delicious, natural food to help your body feel its best.

In this one there are over 100 simple and delicious plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free recipes.  Nourishing foods, and drinks. Everything is easy to make with ingredients that are easy to find.

I have to be nice to my tummy at all times or it behaves like a 2-year-old who just had their cookie snatched away! And while my mouth and nose love to see lovely pictures of food and sweets, I actually do not eat sugar. Or dairy or meat or bread. Even potatoes are a limited thing in my diet. As nightshade plants they along with tomatoes can cause me great pain. So I stick to what I know I can eat. I look at food and say What nutrients is this giving my body? And while I will occasionally have to tweak a recipe from Ella, most of the time I am safe with her.

Her next book is bigger and has more wonderfully nutritious recipes so look for it coming soon!

Little Old Lady Recipes by Meg Favreau

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Simple, good and sassy! These ladies know how to bring the goods in the kitchen!

This little gem of a book is hilarious! Not only do these older (70 and up) share their recipes with us, they had me cracking up at the advice!

From homemade applesauce to pork chops and so many more. These are simple, tried and true dishes like the ones we used to look forward to whenever the church had any kind of potluck.

The beauty of the book is the photos of the ladies and a quote from each. Such as:

“We had to eat a lot of beans and greens, vegetables-that was during the depression. Mom made one thing and you didn’t get anything else. So you learned to like it.” Rita,80

“Club soda is a wonderful thing. You can use it to remove any stain, or mix it with gin and drink until you don’t care about the stain anymore.” Chastity, 72

“Butter comes from cows. Tell me where the heck margarine comes from, and then maybe I’ll eat it.” Phyllis, 72

” A grandmother isn’t the same thing as a restaurant. Shut up and eat the eggs.” Ruth, 77

And my all time fave! “The best thing I make is reservations.” Anna, 96

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It is the sweetest book and I thank my own little old lady who gave it to me!

xx Patricia

Royal Teas: Seasonal Recipes from Buckingham Palace by Mark Flanagan

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What could be more quintessentially British than a spot of afternoon tea? It’s a hallowed tradition that’s taken particularly seriously at Buckingham Palace, where for more than a decade Royal Chef Mark Flanagan and his team have prepared an afternoon tea that reflects the best of this venerable tradition across the seasons, from springtime picnics to sophisticated summer garden parties and festive Christmas teas.

Royal Teas, the follow-up to A Royal Cookbook, shares Flanagan’s recipes for a variety of tantalizing tea-time treats, including sweet and savory pastries, cookies, and show-stopping cakes. Each recipe is reproduced with clear instructions and a table to convert measurements to the ones you are most familiar with and is accompanied by beautiful photographs of the tableware, floral arrangements, and other decorative items that adorn the royal table throughout the year. Organized by season, the book is also a testament to the Royal Kitchens’ commitment to sourcing fresh, local ingredients, from the mulberry trees in the Palace Gardens, whose berries are harvested and made into deliciously syrupy jam, to the beehives that provide the year-round honey used in honey sponge cake.

The first official tea-time cookbook from the Royal Collection, Royal Tea invites readers to take a break in the day to indulge in a Royal Family–tested sweet treat—well-behaved corgis welcome!
I am a big fan of Mark’s books. First they are absolutely beautiful and second the recipes are original and quite tasty. This is the newest book out and it has a nice new home now.

xxPatricia   Enjoy your Sunday and leave room for Tea!

Sweet! Celebrations: A My Cupcake Addictiton Cookbook by Eliese Strachan


Sweet! Celebrations: A My Cupcake Addiction Cookbook by [Strachan, Elise]

The creator and host of My Cupcake Addiction—one of the world’s most widely viewed online baking shows—shares her most dazzling and delicious dessert recipes and ingenious entertaining tips so you can throw the perfect party.

Whether you’re putting together a simple snack or an over-the-top extravaganza, bringing sweets to the office or planning a trick-or-treat to be remembered, Sweet! Celebrations will be your go-to book in the kitchen.

Organized around special occasions throughout the year—from Valentine’s Day to Christmas—the book includes Elise’s favorite recipes for a rustic wedding, a game-day celebration, an elegant afternoon tea, a colorful children’s birthday bash, and many more. Get the party started with the centerpiece cake—such as a Jack O’ Lantern Smash Cake or whimsical Tree Stump Cake—and pair it with Elise’s tasty drinks. Her easy, innovative small bakes and “no bake” options are great for filling out your display and giving every get-together that extra “wow” factor.

The double-page photographs are beautiful and I love Elise Strachan, who has become a household name int he world of sweets, with tons of fans on her YouTube channel, My Cupcake Addiction. My kind of girl!

I love the drip cakes and the naked cakes the best. Here are some shots from the book and my own try at fancy cupcakes. Enjoy!

It’s Thursday! Have a cupcake! It will feel like Friday!

xx  Patricia


Product Details  It is Release Day for this lovely book! And in honor of that we are holding a Give Away!  All you have to do is Like our FB page and one of you will recieve this hardcopy! I know so many of you loved this book so I got an extra from the publisher and I’m sharing it! Click Here At the end of the day. Midnight CST, my own little fairies will choose a name from  a hat!

The fairies (and kids) are invading the kitchen. Following up on the popular Fairy House and Fairy Garden handbooks, Liza Gardner Walsh presents a new dimension in fairy-themed activities—Cooking! 

In this delightful book, there are lots of delicious recipes, such as pretty fairy muffins, tiny confetti cookies, candied violets, and many more. There are also recipes for tiny snacks meant for fairies, and fun recipes for treats to leave out for the animal friends of fairies.
Complementing the recipes will be fun sidebars of fairy lore and guides for hosting fairy-themed teas and birthday parties.
Simple steps and easy-to-follow recipes help kids and parents make yummy food for parties, friends, or just for fun!





Fairy House and Fairy Garden are two of my favorite books. In a house full of fairy lovers, we never miss an opportunity to use our imagination and play like the fairies!

In the newest book, with help, the kids can try their hands at Toadstool Cupcakes, Toadstool Meringues and Marzipan Mushrooms,Pixie Dust Popcorn or Pretzel Fairy Wands and much more.

The photos in the book are a hit. Not staged, just kids having fun and making a mess while pretending they are fairies and having a bit of a party.

The books are aimed at stretching the imagination in the out-of-doors and now we have some tasty and quite easy treats to take with us on our adventures!

I am in favor of all things imaginary and I thought this was one of the most charming books I’ve seen on the topic.

Classic Southern Desserts from Southern Living…It’s So Good!


This is one of my favorite baking books! I’m not sure you can even be called a Southern Lady and not have a subscription to all things Southern Living! I’m pretty sure I have every book they have put out. Plus the magazine. For my birthday one year I got to go to a 3 day cooking class there. It was magic!

Recipes from the last 40 years. The best of the best. And the recipes are easy to follow and never require a lot of special ingredients. My personal favorite in this amazing book is the Baby Sweet Potato Cakes with Pecans and Sticky Caramel Sauce! Slap ‘yo Momma good!

The pictures are exquisite and the recipes are all tried and true favorites! I checked to see when I received this book and it was in 2012, so I’m sure you can check it out at your local library and then you will find you must have it!


This would make an excellent wedding shower gift! Let me know if you have tried it!

Today is another Big Weather Day! There is always that one week in May that Mother Nature comes in and reminds Oklahoma who is really in charge! I was going to do laundry and clean today, but if there is a tornado out there headed my way, well that would have been a big waste of my time, right?!

I’m having my cup of Tazo Awake English Breakfast today. I needed a little extra jolt this morning, as I’m still recovering from having to get up at 6 a.m. yesterday.

Have a great Thursday and enjoy yourself a nice cup of Tea!

5ef7878b0fbf3afdf2e4b161bcf6652e    Patricia





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This is the first cookbook by Rose Carrarini, co-founder of Villandry in London in 1988 and who  now serves her signature,simple,fresh and natural food at Rose Bakery in Paris.

Rose has one passionate philosophy that life is improved by great food and great food can be achieved by everyone.  This book has over 100 recipes from the bakery’s most popular dishes.

I liked the gorgeous pictures of food and I especially liked that the measurements for the recipes are in both European and American so we can all make them!

The Pizzette dough is really good  I enjoyed hearing the story of how things got started and how committed to fresh, good food she is. I originally found this at my local library and fell in love with it, as I do most things French!


Patricia  20170419_135150~4