Seriously, I am not a hoarder…she said

Morning Y’all! I think the wind may have subsided for a bit. At least there aren’t lawn chairs flying through the air. Yesterday was so bad I couldn’t even open the car door!

Today I’m sitting in the office, avoiding work, chatting with my sister and sipping on my morning Irish Breakfast Cuppa. It’s also tea ordering day. If you looked at the tea cupboard you’d never know those suckers are stacked 3 to a row! Backups of everything.

It’s also time to get rid of the odd chipped teapot or cup or saucer and I’m looking at all of these different ways to  re-purpose them. I’ve done the candle making thing and I’m kind of over that. A few are being saved for fairy houses and I’m loving the bird feeder idea.

It doesn’t help when you have a great partner in crime to point out all of the cute cups and saucers and pots that you really need. I am a tea hoarder addict. It’s not like I keep the empties.

On another note I have started wearing a rubber band on my wrist. Now instead of things just falling right out of my mouth I snap my band and look away. I am really trying not to give unsolicited advice. I’m finally at a point in my life where everything is on point. I trying to be grateful and to do that I need to stop being judgy. Oh, yes I am judgy! I judge you on your football team. I judge you on your meat-eating ways. I judge you on your choice of pajama pants at Wal-Mart. So if you would all just jump on the Plant Based Diet, the Florida State Seminoles, and put on some damn pants, I think I can do this!

xx Patricia     Be Nice,Drink Tea and don’t be judgy.




It’s A Fairy Valentine Tea Party!

Sick or not the Valentine Teas need planning. Our theme is A Fairy Valentine. And it isn’t at all difficult to pull together!

The heart cut-out banner is simply shabby chic scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. The pixie dust necklaces are tiny bottles from a party supply store filled with glitter. Pixie Sticks are always a favorite and using candy bracelets or necklaces as napkin rings is adorable. The Dollar Tree has wands and fairy wings, so this one is pretty much good to go. Using the Passion Tea from Tazo will give us a lovely pink color and don’t forget sugar cubes. We love those tiny sugar cubes! Buy a bunch of plain cake donuts, dip them in pink candy melts and sprinkle with coarse sugar glitter. This tea is for 7-year-old girls/boys and we have a thumbs up from their leader.

It’s simple as can be but the memories are priceless! And don’t forget to leave a bit of sweets for the fairies!

Let your imagination go wild! Enjoy your day and have some Tea!

cupofmetea  xx Patricia

A New Barn and Silo! With A Side of Gratitude!

Great selection to choose a perfect cup of tea,

Things have most certainly been wacky around the country this week! Here we are edging towards 50 degrees and our friends and family in the deep south are in snow while the Northeast gets a bomb blizzard!

So it just fit with the wackiness of things when OU Boy came home last night with a truck full of stuff from the grandparents storage. All of my fellow lovers of free junk we can re-finish or paint or turn into other things will understand my giddiness. There was an old Marine trunk full of woodworking tools, paint brushes, hand carved crochet hooks with indentations for my fingers even! Material that just so happened to match my living room decor perfectly! Black and White Herringbone with Red trim. Enough craft supplies to keep my babies busy for years!

And then I unwrapped this….    After some digging on-line I found out it is from The Barnyard Collection by J.S.Nicol made in Sri Lanka. The little barn is a cookie jar and the silo is a Teapot!!!! Cuteness overload.

There was also 6 sets of luggage which was never used and a lot of blankets which we donated today. One huge box contained nothing but gift bags, tissue paper and bows! One was full of picture frames and gorgeous antique mirrors, even a lovely dresser tray for my combs and such and lots of candy dishes. Since OU Boy is quitting smoking I’m filling those with mints at home and some for his office.

Next time it will be shoes. She is cleaning out entire rooms of shoes that have never seen the light of day and we are the same size. So all in all it was a kick ass day! Our 2018 is starting off with a bang.

How are things where you are? Snow? No snow?  It’s almost tea time so I’m going to brew up some nice Earl Grey from Harney and Sons in my new Silo Teapot!

xx Patricia

Today I Choose A Nice Cup of Oolong

Good Morning Y’all! The children are back in school! 3 weeks is just too long. We have been through several reams of paper, sticker books, markers and 100 paper plates and two rolls of tape. Snowmen and Gingerbread men are hanging all over the place. But we made it! And learned quite a bit!

I am always on the look out for unusual tea pots or tea rooms and I love these! My friend Vicki who lives in Bromley owns Lady Bug Pest Control so the ladybug teapot is perfect for her. I am the cupcake queen, so I would love that one. I already own the three lovely ladies along with creamers for each. Left to me by an ex-husband’s Grandmother who liked me. And of course the Flamingo cup and saucer is on my list.

At the end of the Winter Break PaPa was surprised to hear the kids asking what time it was. When he would say 3 p.m. they would run to the tea-table and sit and wait for tea. Each day we tried a different tea and their opinions were quite funny.

We had many deep and important conversations about hot dogs, how chicken nuggets are made, and why you can’t just opt out of school. Just so you know Corbin popped up with a question. Did we know what hot dogs were made of? Not a clue I say, I don’t eat those. Well that’s good, he says because they are made of cancer. Now you know. Proceed at your own risk. We watched the video on how they make chicken nuggets and they will never eat those again.

All in all we survived. The last week was hardest because it was bitterly cold, but today the sun came out and we were above freezing. We danced with our new Bluetooth microphones to Taylor Swift and the Biebs, along with AC/DC, Halestorm and Queen, as well as their Daddy who has quite a few videos on Youtube.

We are getting ready to swing into Mardi Gras mode, Mardi Gras is on Feb. 13th this year, early but we are ready!

How was your week? Did you get snow? My hometown of Brunswick,Georgia did! And lord did it cause problems. The police sent out a notice for people to stay home!! LMAO

XX Patricia

Celebrating Our Norwegian Roots at Christmas Time

All of our favorite Christmas foods! Making them every year connects me to my Norwegian Grandmother and make me think of home. I was lucky enough to have my father give me 2 complete sets of Rosette Irons with tons of different shapes to screw on and make these delicate little snowflake shaped goodies!

The lefse I don’t make any more and depend on my friends up in North Dakota to send me a supply.

Last night Uncle Richard left this world for his next big adventure. Today will be a sad and busy day for everyone.  The best way I know is to keep busy. Baking with the kids, reading and making more snowmen out of paper.

I hope your day is filled with wonder, gratitude and love!

xx Patricia

And Life Goes On…

Today I'd like to sit and sip. Forget the world a little bit. Ignore the things I have to do. And just enjoy a cup or two.

This morning was looking pretty misty and gloomy but now the clouds have lifted and it is bright and sunny. I’m sipping a lovely Oolong loose leaf pot of tea at the moment and as always it is perfect.

It is always difficult when family is ill during Christmas. OU Boy’s Uncle is just in his sixties and was moved to hospice. One of his co-workers had a stroke this morning at work and it just seems wrong to be jolly and happy when so many of our family members and friends are seriously hurting. Every time his phone beeps we jump. Since this is the exact same hospice room his mother died in, it has been very difficult for him to even go there.

We had our Christmas vacation planned and now we are just in limbo, because it just seems wrong. Our home is a solemn one today. Even the kiddos are subdued. This afternoon we are going to paint the salt dough ornaments they made Sunday and listen to Christmas music.

Today my heart goes out to all of you who are hurting or ill or going through rough times.  Remember, when you’re going through hell, keep going. No need to set up shop there!

xx Patricia  Be Kind. Be Nice.

A Fun Saturday With The Kids!

Well that Dessert Fairy wasn’t needed today! Charli Ava and Corbin weren’t putting up with that type of unreliable behavior. We took matters into our own hands!

This had all of the makings of a huge mess but it went great! Corbin was in awe that “that lady just sent you that recipe on the computer!” And yes that lady did. For the pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. The key to cooking with kids is organization and responsibility.

While I called out the ingredients, Charli placed them on the counter as Corbin yelled, Check! While they were having a blast they also learned to measure and fractions and reading.  They were very proud of themselves!  The recipe is on our Tea and Tales 1  Facebook Page. Or HERE

We colored and cut and pasted snowmen, trees, angels and used a lot of scotch tape! We all talked to Momma still in the hospital and when their Dad called to say he was on the way they made signs for the front door and locked it. They just needed 300 more minutes to finish up the little gifts they made for their Dad. And another note that said, This isn’t your house so we don’t have to unlock the door.

Corbin decided that shortbread is even better dipped in Sugar Cookie Tea and then in the Sugar bowl! And then he ate the bars and thought they were the best thing he ever, ever had in his mouth! And he was correct. These are delicious!

So, while it was freezing cold outside, we were warm and listening to Christmas music and creating things. It was the best day ever!

xx Patricia

It’s Finally Here! Christmas With Southern Living 2017!

Christmas with Southern Living 2017: Inspired Ideas for Holiday Cooking and Decorating by [The Editors of Southern Living]

Brought to you by the lovely folks at Southern Living it’s the annual Christmas With Southern Living. Inspired ideas for holiday cooking and decorating.

It’s always a pleasure to get the annual book of all things Southern and Christmas. With ideas on decorating, themes, full menus with recipes and lovely things to make to adorn your home with that special holiday magic.

Image result for christmas with southern living 2017  Recipes You Need To Try This Holiday Season: Coconut Cake with Rum Filling and Coconut Ermine Frosting Add Symmetry with Perfect Pairs December 2014 Recipe List - Southern Living Impress your holiday guests with a show-stopping cake that tastes as great as it looks on the dessert table. Here are our favorite festive cake recipes. Faith Hope Love

They always have the most gorgeous decoration ideas and the food is exquisite! In our family it wouldn’t be Christmas without the annual book. They even have a place in the back with a place for lists of things you did that year, what the menu was and who got what. And heaven knows I love organization like that! Wouldn’t want a repeat of two Christmases ago now would we? ( Sarcasm there)

Our local libraries have all of them if you would like to check it out before you buy.

Enjoy your Saturday. It’s warm and sunny here today and I am pretty sure they are either having war games on the Air Force Base as we have had ordinance of some type going off all morning.

xx Patricia

Fun With Cups…Tea, not Red Solo!

It’s Monday! Grab a cup and let’s have some tea. This morning I’m consuming large quantities of Oolong.  It’s about 62 degrees here this morning. Although the sun is shining, the wind is blowing like crazy.

I’m trying to narrow down the choices for the kids to use their Sharpie skills to make holiday gifts. Even though we have a ton of plain white cups just for this purpose, with small children I prefer to stick to one or two choices.

These are a few of the ideas I’ve found. I don’t want them to be holiday designs because I feel foolish drinking tea in June from a Christmas cup. Just a quirk. I’ve done the tea bag one and several with tea sentiments on them.

I also found trays. Like our famous Sex Trade Tray for sick days. Corbin named it when he was little and it stuck. For under $10 at Tuesday Morning I found some lovely ones. White and dark wood. The bottom is glass and underneath there are 4 spots for pictures under the glass.  So for about $14 I can do a tray, cup, teapot and creamer/sugar holders. Not too bad.  I use my tray for everything. Tea time, sick kids in bed, lazy mornings when I just want to snuggle under the covers and have breakfast and tea in bed.

Today’s plan is to finish a book and then paint some shelves. For books of course. And another shelf in the tea cupboard. And it’s my Friday so that is a plus.

Enjoy your Monday! And since I jumped on the Say One Nice Thing About Yourself Everyday train….   Good Job Patricia for getting out of bed before 9 a.m., you rock! Daily five year old contribution…”What do you mean they make you eat lunch at school? I’m not doing that. I don’t know those people.” Good Boy!

xx Patricia  a-ketoglutarate   Hilarious!

We had a rocking good time yesterday!

Mollie’s series with Cora and her crafting ideas always inspire me to try something new. This collage I made was for the release of the last book and her new one comes out on Tuesday.

Tommy has been collecting all the flat smallish river rocks he can find and we now had a really big sack full of them! So we looked at a lot of ideas on Pinterest, which somehow spun into pinning about 30 more ideas for a Spiderman themed birthday part for the 4-year-old. Again.

But we got all the rocks out and I had already washed them in dish soap and bleach, so we knew we had to put down a base coat of paint for them to have something for the markers to stick to.

So after trying out several different paint brushes, we found the ones that worked the best. It’s always the one you have two of. They must be the same and the rocks must be the same size. I learned this the hard way when the four-year old was on the floor doing what I thought was the child’s resting yoga pose and the 7-year-old informed me that he was having a melt down. No noise, no whining. Just laid down like a cat and stayed there. It’s called Peaceful Protest. I like it.

But we finally managed to get all of the rocks thoroughly covered in the white paint on both sides and now they will dry until Monday. Mainly because I need more colors of paint because someone wants to paint Thor and we don’t have Tan for his hand.

We had some tea of course and a chocolate pudding that Tommy had made and Charli Ava wondered out loud if he had meant it to be brownie mix.

At one point she began to walk like the soldiers in the North Korean army and her dad was like What the heck are you doing? Where did you learn that? Do not ever do that again. It’s not a nice thing to do because bad people use it to make other people afraid.

I thought she was being a nutcracker so I kept my mouth shut. Finally we all piled on the bed and watched some movie about a stork that was pretty funny. Then out of nowhere the four-year old says, Did you know that Grandpa B**** is daddy’s daddy? Why yes, I said, I was married to him. To which he replied, That’s gross, aren’t you glad you got away from him cause he’s really old!?  God, I love this child so much!

How was your Wednesday?