Lazy Sundays Are The Best!

It’s a bright and shiny Sunday here. 59 degrees and that sun makes a huge difference in your mood. On days like this I wake up like Cinderella, stretching and waiting for the birds to make my bed. Happy and Content. Today I’m sipping on a good standard, Earl Grey and cleaning up my mess in the craft room.

My friend, Pamela, came over yesterday afternoon for a cup of tea and gossip. Neither one of us knows any so that was a short conversation. She brought me a very large bag from Michael’s Crafts chock full of Valentine supplies and red and pink boas. She always overbuys and I get what is left. So I’ve been busy making heart garlands for the windows and turning boas into wreaths.

I know we are late to the party but we started watching The Crown last night and before we knew it midnight was here! I spent the entire time fact checking on google! I had to promise not to watch the rest today until Tommy gets home. Yes, he is back at work. Which means he’s laying on a bed watching movies at one of the Hyatts.

Interesting conversation in my head last night. I never see babies named Karen. Or Cinderella. With all of the oddball names out there how come no one has picked up on Cinderella or Malificent? Or Karen? What’s the oddest baby name you’ve heard? I have to say mine was when I was helping a fellow teacher with her Kindergarten enrollment day. A mommy came over and told me her daughter’s name was Asshole’. Pronounced ASH-Ole’. When I asked her how she spelled that I realized she had named her kid asshole. I guess it’s all in how you pronounce something.

Tomorrow we will be at the cancer center so fingers crossed Quick trivia question from church….What fruit does the Bible say Eve tempted Adam with? I knew this one. Do you?

xx P


Wishing For Snow…or Whipped Cream


An early morning visit to the Eye Institute did not put me in the best of moods. My appointment was 8:45 and I didn’t get in until almost 10:00. Why does every doctor’s office have only HGTV on? I personally don’t turn on the television during the daytime. And I don’t want to listen to anyone talk so early in the morning. So I was in a bad mood.

The weather is insane. One day it’s almost 70 and the next it’s 24. I’m thinking Bi-Polar. We are all a bit on edge right now, waiting for surgeries and trying not to freak out. The real Ortho surgeon called and they are setting up at the Stephenson Cancer Center for the surgery. We have dear friends who work there so I already feel better.

We may get snow this weekend. I hope so for the kids. We have a great hill to sled down on our property so we shall keep our fingers crossed.

Today my project is to tidy up the tea closets. I had a really good idea to use my empty tins! Pick up from any hardware store or craft store some strong magnets. Secure them to the back of the tin and stick them on the side of your refrigerator! Great for herbs, pens and pencils, flowers or what ever you can think of. It’s a cute look. I have one for packets of honey, one for pens and markers, on for little posies and one with those tiny air plants.

I hope you  are all safe and warm and are able to pause and have a cup of tea.

xx P

Gingerbread Tea? Yes! Gingerbread House? Meh….

I can just imagine the insanity that is the mall today! What a day we had yesterday. Mike dropped off the munchkins in the morning. After doing some wrapping and snooping, I thought this would be the perfect time to break out the spare gingerbread house kit and make some gingerbread tea. The tea was a hit. The house, well by the time we got it together we had eaten all the candy decorations so the birds have it now.

Since they were still amped up we made chocolate no-bake cookies and put them in tins. You can tell they are getting excited by how they smack each other if one of them even looks like they may be looking at the other one. So we turned on Netflix and watched The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Sooooo not like Sabrina, the teen-age witch from our childhood. Which went very well.
We tried to make a nativity scene but didn’t have a baby. I made the comment that I needed to get a baby and Corbin totally lost his mind. “We are not getting a baby! If you get a baby I am throwing it in the trash!” Well Sweetie that seems extreme. Why would you not want a baby? “Because you would love it more and I’m not taking that chance.”

Charli on the other hand was trying to convince me to let her move in. “Don’t you want me here all the time?” Of course I do, but I mean if something happened to your Daddy I guess you would come live with me. ” Maybe we should take a picture of him so when he’s dead and I’m living here we’ll remember him.” Well aren’t you a little morbid thing today!

They had their ballet and hip=hop recitals and that went about as well as it could being this is Oklahoma and there is a teen girl teaching 80’s hip hop and she wasn’t even born yet. But on a good note Charli finally told me I had the flossing dance down! All summer I have been trying to do that dance.

So today is quiet so far and I’m watching The Derry Girls which I love and reading a thriller.

Have a safe and peaceful weekend!

xx P

GLITTER BOMB by Laura Childs with Terrie Farley Moran

Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery #15)

This is the 15th Scrapbooking Mystery starring Carmela, owner of Memory Mine scrapbooking shop. And of course her side kick, Ava, owner of a VooDoo shop and always dressed to kill or at least stun!

Mardi Gras is in full swing and Carmela and Ava are packed with the other million or so people in town for the season. But as they watch one of the floats carrying Carmela’s ex-husband and all around hound dog, explodes! Mayhem ensues and one of the bodies from the float isn’t getting up ever again.

Shamus begs Carmela to put her investigator hat on and make sure her detective boyfriend isn’t coming after him.

Of course the ladies are jumping in and snooping no matter what. But what if the what is their own demise?

I have read every book the author has put out and this one was the first one I have to say did not remain true to the characters in my opinion. Ava came off as a caricature of herself and even Carmela felt flat.

This was a collaboration with Terrie Farley Moran, whose books I love. For me this book really let me down.

Decorating Pumpkins and Gourds With Your Children….and Cupcakes!


Welcome to Fallinter. They say it is Fall but it feels like Winter! This morning I started my day with Tazo Earl Grey and then I saw the cupcakes. In my head I threw the idea out that they are just basically muffins. I’m sure you can see my mouth won the battle of cupcakes for breakfast!

Yesterday was Arts and Crafts day at Chez Cowan. We had so many small pumpkins and gourds and since I had burned my finger on the hot glue gun, we decided to go the regular Elmer’s Glue route.

I save old shower liners to use as a drop cloth for painting and crafts so that went on the table along with these adorable black paper plates with dancing skeletons on them, each full of a different thing. One for glue, one for glitter ( orange and gold) and one for Halloween sprinkles, and one with Epsom Salts. We divided up the ones we wanted and went to work making a mess. I had the two white ones. I painted glue all over it and covered it with gold glitter and on top a glittered acorn. On and on we went. The Epsom Salt looks just like ice crystals and they were so creative. Then we made cuppy cakes and took them to our neighbors. They were worn out when they went home.

I hope your Friday is peaceful and full of sunshine. It is foggy and raining and cold here. Perfect day to try some new teas and read a cozy mystery!

XX Patricia

We Can Now Buy Booze and Tires at The Same Store!


Big news here in the state of Oklahoma! We can now buy booze in the grocery store and even 7-11! Imagine my surprise when I found 6 different brands of Prosecco! But first….

OU Boy stopped and picked up Corbin from school and we all went grocery shopping. This is not the best of ideas. I can’t say no to the boy and we end up with $200 worth of groceries that only a kid will eat. All in all it wasn’t too bad. Until we went to load the groceries. I don’t have any idea what OU Boy does all day it would seem. The entire back of the Landie was full. With an old reel to reel Sony recording device. Unopened Nike shoes, a compressor and other things I don’t recognize. I think he is hoarding in our vehicle!

All the showings of Venom were full except for 2 seats in the 8:30 showing so the boys headed out to the movies and I pulled up Captain America: The Winter Soldier and proceeded to enjoy my bottle of awesomeness. Yes, yes I did. Now I am not much of a drinker. Mainly because I have so many allergies and I don’t like to be sick. But this stuff is like nectar of the Gods. I never get a stuffy head, it just feels like I’m made of jell-o!

We didn’t get to bed until 1 a.m. so I was hoping to sleep in. No. I woke up the second something cold and round touched my stomach. Opened my eyes to a little boy saying, “Wakey, Wakey, time to decorate pumpkins!” As I drag myself into the kitchen I see he has cartoons on and is drinking sweet tea and eating chocolate donuts. Ye Gods! Sugar Rush before 8 a.m.? Who are you?

Things have slowed down now and there is silence in the land of the Sooners. Today was the Red River Rivalry with Texas in the Cotton Bowl. OU lost. Shock! Awe! Drunks cursing! People in shock! No honey, I’m not laughing….(lie).

Y’all have a great weekend and may the football gods shine on your team. Unless you are Alabama of course.

xx Patricia


TEA STICKERS…My life is complete!

       Image result for i love tea stickers

Something new today! Normally I stay away from books with stickers. I’ve already had too many Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spiderman stickers all over the house.

But I love to make cards and tuck a tea sachet inside and while I’ve used stickers from the craft stores yesterday I found this lovely book of just Tea stickers.

And it was only $1.99! Thanks you Teresa Goodridge for this awesome idea!!

I know snail mail isn’t in vogue at the moment but there really is nothing that can replace that little smile when you receive an actual card or letter! There are so many lonely people around and I am trying to make an effort to mail at least one a week to random family members and people in assisted living homes. It’s an experiment and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

XX Patricia

Seriously, I am not a hoarder…she said

Morning Y’all! I think the wind may have subsided for a bit. At least there aren’t lawn chairs flying through the air. Yesterday was so bad I couldn’t even open the car door!

Today I’m sitting in the office, avoiding work, chatting with my sister and sipping on my morning Irish Breakfast Cuppa. It’s also tea ordering day. If you looked at the tea cupboard you’d never know those suckers are stacked 3 to a row! Backups of everything.

It’s also time to get rid of the odd chipped teapot or cup or saucer and I’m looking at all of these different ways to  re-purpose them. I’ve done the candle making thing and I’m kind of over that. A few are being saved for fairy houses and I’m loving the bird feeder idea.

It doesn’t help when you have a great partner in crime to point out all of the cute cups and saucers and pots that you really need. I am a tea hoarder addict. It’s not like I keep the empties.

On another note I have started wearing a rubber band on my wrist. Now instead of things just falling right out of my mouth I snap my band and look away. I am really trying not to give unsolicited advice. I’m finally at a point in my life where everything is on point. I trying to be grateful and to do that I need to stop being judgy. Oh, yes I am judgy! I judge you on your football team. I judge you on your meat-eating ways. I judge you on your choice of pajama pants at Wal-Mart. So if you would all just jump on the Plant Based Diet, the Florida State Seminoles, and put on some damn pants, I think I can do this!

xx Patricia     Be Nice,Drink Tea and don’t be judgy.




It’s A Fairy Valentine Tea Party!

Sick or not the Valentine Teas need planning. Our theme is A Fairy Valentine. And it isn’t at all difficult to pull together!

The heart cut-out banner is simply shabby chic scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. The pixie dust necklaces are tiny bottles from a party supply store filled with glitter. Pixie Sticks are always a favorite and using candy bracelets or necklaces as napkin rings is adorable. The Dollar Tree has wands and fairy wings, so this one is pretty much good to go. Using the Passion Tea from Tazo will give us a lovely pink color and don’t forget sugar cubes. We love those tiny sugar cubes! Buy a bunch of plain cake donuts, dip them in pink candy melts and sprinkle with coarse sugar glitter. This tea is for 7-year-old girls/boys and we have a thumbs up from their leader.

It’s simple as can be but the memories are priceless! And don’t forget to leave a bit of sweets for the fairies!

Let your imagination go wild! Enjoy your day and have some Tea!

cupofmetea  xx Patricia

A New Barn and Silo! With A Side of Gratitude!

Great selection to choose a perfect cup of tea,

Things have most certainly been wacky around the country this week! Here we are edging towards 50 degrees and our friends and family in the deep south are in snow while the Northeast gets a bomb blizzard!

So it just fit with the wackiness of things when OU Boy came home last night with a truck full of stuff from the grandparents storage. All of my fellow lovers of free junk we can re-finish or paint or turn into other things will understand my giddiness. There was an old Marine trunk full of woodworking tools, paint brushes, hand carved crochet hooks with indentations for my fingers even! Material that just so happened to match my living room decor perfectly! Black and White Herringbone with Red trim. Enough craft supplies to keep my babies busy for years!

And then I unwrapped this….    After some digging on-line I found out it is from The Barnyard Collection by J.S.Nicol made in Sri Lanka. The little barn is a cookie jar and the silo is a Teapot!!!! Cuteness overload.

There was also 6 sets of luggage which was never used and a lot of blankets which we donated today. One huge box contained nothing but gift bags, tissue paper and bows! One was full of picture frames and gorgeous antique mirrors, even a lovely dresser tray for my combs and such and lots of candy dishes. Since OU Boy is quitting smoking I’m filling those with mints at home and some for his office.

Next time it will be shoes. She is cleaning out entire rooms of shoes that have never seen the light of day and we are the same size. So all in all it was a kick ass day! Our 2018 is starting off with a bang.

How are things where you are? Snow? No snow?  It’s almost tea time so I’m going to brew up some nice Earl Grey from Harney and Sons in my new Silo Teapot!

xx Patricia