Happy Earth Day! Transformation Complete!

Happy Earth Day! It’s a pretty gray one here. The Arts Festival set up downtown this morning for a week, which means it will rain all week. I am 100 on this. I didn’t think our rain was supposed to come until Wednesday and then I read they were setting up downtown and sure enough, it started to drizzle. Oh well.

I finally finished the bedroom re-do. The room has white blinds and the challenge was to not use hardware of any kind. After numerous trips to design shops and some arguing in Home Depot, I found a way to rise to the challenge. Our entire house is ocean/beach inspired because that’s who we are and where we come from. It comforts us.

I left the blinds up and closed them. Measured about a dozen times the window which is not quite level. Finally I found an oil canvas that I loved as it reminded me of the piers at home and the shadows it cast were very nice. I had a nice fellow cut me a piece of 3 inch wood and painted it white and plopped the canvas on top and pushed just a bit and Voila! It fit perfectly with no hardware. Now I have a focal point that changes as the sun hits the window and at night it looks like the sun is setting. I have an extensive hat collection so I popped some at the top and use those white stretchy fasteners. I have an entire wall of them on the other side. Now I’m looking for the perfect throw.

I’m done with that experiment now and have written it all down. I can see this as being something apartment dwellers or renters could do to keep from putting a lot of nails in the wall as well as a decorating tool.

Time to go make the tea…Have a safe Monday and show the Earth some love!

xx P

Happy Earth Day~ Give a Shit!

Happy Earth Day! A day to celebrate the earth is one of those things that make me happy. I am passionate about this planet and the damage we have already inflicted upon it. When tea terraces are being plowed under for more lucrative businesses, I am appalled and upset.

I’ve always been a tree hugger you could say. And my children and my grandson are also passionate about not sucking the life blood out of the earth. About the ocean and the land. How can any rational person believe we can continue to suck oil out of the ground without consequences. Now we are having earthquakes weekly in Oklahoma. From fracking.

As a country we pride ourselves on being number one. But that is a lie. We aren’t even close to the countries that actually give a damn about the planet our children are inheriting from us. We have the sun on a regular basis and the amount of wind this state alone generates is enough to power a lot of states.

As Corbin would say, “Stop throwing trash on the ground and in the water! It’s just rude.”

I don’t really care if you believe in climate change or not. It is not necessary for you to believe in something for it to be true. Tell me this past winter hasn’t been insane and unpredictable!

So for the love of my tea leaves get involved. There is one earth and we are all in it together!

xx The Entire Pirate Nation  IMG_20170422_080324_185