Four Eggs, One Ghost and a Funeral

In a blue mood today. Not an emotional blue, a beautiful blue! It could have something to do with this blue sweet pea flower tea. It’s a calming herbal blend I’m thinking of entering in the tea expo this year.

It’s early in the day and I’ve already opened two investigations and made one discovery! We went to bed way too early last night and paid for it by being up with the chickens! And Tommy had a dream that only 11 people came to his funeral. He asked me to please not let that happen. I responded with “Funeral? I wasn’t planning on having one even.” Not the correct answer. He called his cardiologist because his blood pressure was way too high and they changed his meds. And told him to cut the sweet tea! A gallon a day is excessive. With sugar.

So our new doctor is a saint and his nurse prayed with Tommy on the phone! Huge pressure off. Feeling much more hopeful now. I told you all yesterday that I was reading a book. The cover was nice, the title is While You Sleep. Mystery, thriller….anywhooo, on page 10 or so I find myself reading a very explicit few pages on what the ghost was doing to her while she slept. Sex with a ghost? Who knew that was an option even? So I read all day until I finished that one! Let’s just say he was a very considerate ghost.

Discovery Time! I have never been able to peel a hard-boiled egg. I’m left with the yolk and maybe a tiny bit of white. This morning I boiled some eggs and let them sit a bit and went back and opened the lid a bit to drain the water. Then I put the lid back on and shook the heck out of that pot and Voila! eggs peeled and whole and I felt like making a sign!

So I’m not saying a lot about the orange man serving Clemson fast food. But I knew right there that he was not a Southerner! The horror! He didn’t even try to pass them off as homemade. And even though as a Georgia fan I can’t stand Clemson, this was uncalled for. Manners people. Hospitality people. A candelabra in the middle of a Big Mac pile is just tacky as hell. They could have gone for fast food at home!

Enough ranting. It is 60 degrees and sunny today, so sorry David Payne, but no snow. And now I am off to investigate why Mitch McConnell was only in the Army for 5 weeks. Hmmm….

xx P



Other than the fact that it is bitterly cold outside, I’m good with Mother Nature. All of my sisters got snow and graciously kept that mess to themselves instead of sending it south. I’m not big on sharing anything so thanks girls!

There were a lot of curse words flying around here last night. And not just from Nick Saban! I mean that first touchdown was a big slap in the face to the Sooner Nation!

Alabama: Welcome to the South Boys! Boom!

OU: WTF?????  Which continued to be their mantra.

Since the Dawgs didn’t make it my son and granddaughter cheered for OU as my daughter in law has ties to the Med school there. But my girl still wore her Dawgs jersey!

We are still waiting on surgeons and doctors and I wish this week would just be over already so we can get to surgery. I only have so much patience with ill people. Like a weeks worth. After that I’m not generally sympathetic. I come from good Scandinavian stock. Broken leg with a bone protruding? Put an Ace bandage on it and go to work. I also have a hefty dose of Irish so I can just drink until I don’t hear you moaning.

I took all the ornaments off my tree and decided to just leave the flocked thing up. It is in a gorgeous pot and is 7 foot tall. I told my sister I’m just going to decorate it for Mardi Gras now. Seriously my sister and I have already received e-mails from Paul’s Pastry in Picayune, Mississippi and Randazzo’s Bakery in Slidell, LA reminding us it’s time to order our King Cakes.

Basically I’m bored, I’m over Winter and having to wear pants. I’m at the stage of licking the rest of the caviar out of the tiny jar because I am not going to the store until after the shoppers are done. So it’s coffee, tea and figs.

Have a good Sunday and be Kind.

xx P

We Can Now Buy Booze and Tires at The Same Store!


Big news here in the state of Oklahoma! We can now buy booze in the grocery store and even 7-11! Imagine my surprise when I found 6 different brands of Prosecco! But first….

OU Boy stopped and picked up Corbin from school and we all went grocery shopping. This is not the best of ideas. I can’t say no to the boy and we end up with $200 worth of groceries that only a kid will eat. All in all it wasn’t too bad. Until we went to load the groceries. I don’t have any idea what OU Boy does all day it would seem. The entire back of the Landie was full. With an old reel to reel Sony recording device. Unopened Nike shoes, a compressor and other things I don’t recognize. I think he is hoarding in our vehicle!

All the showings of Venom were full except for 2 seats in the 8:30 showing so the boys headed out to the movies and I pulled up Captain America: The Winter Soldier and proceeded to enjoy my bottle of awesomeness. Yes, yes I did. Now I am not much of a drinker. Mainly because I have so many allergies and I don’t like to be sick. But this stuff is like nectar of the Gods. I never get a stuffy head, it just feels like I’m made of jell-o!

We didn’t get to bed until 1 a.m. so I was hoping to sleep in. No. I woke up the second something cold and round touched my stomach. Opened my eyes to a little boy saying, “Wakey, Wakey, time to decorate pumpkins!” As I drag myself into the kitchen I see he has cartoons on and is drinking sweet tea and eating chocolate donuts. Ye Gods! Sugar Rush before 8 a.m.? Who are you?

Things have slowed down now and there is silence in the land of the Sooners. Today was the Red River Rivalry with Texas in the Cotton Bowl. OU lost. Shock! Awe! Drunks cursing! People in shock! No honey, I’m not laughing….(lie).

Y’all have a great weekend and may the football gods shine on your team. Unless you are Alabama of course.

xx Patricia