Trying Out Some Japanese Sencha from Harney & Sons

Japanese Sencha, Box of 20 Individually Wrapped Sachets

Our Sencha is a very fine one, and can be found in many homes in Tokyo. It is a very approachable green tea, and a fine choice for everyday. Try (and travel with) our box of 20 individually wrapped tea sachets. Each wrapped sachet brews a 12 oz cup of tea.

The Kaburagi family has sold to Americans for over 110 years. They are well-known in Tokyo and throughout Japan as a pre-eminent supplier of tea. They supply this pleasant Sencha from central Shizuoka. To keep the price somewhat reasonable, we choose teas from the middle of the season. John Harney drank this tea everyday for over 10 years. He valued the pleasant flavor and the antioxidants.
The leaves from this tea are a medium lime green color. Since this is a traditional sencha (futsumushi) the leaves are more identifiable than in the deep steamed (fukamushi).
The liquor is a medium green, not as intense as the Ichiban. The green is a truer green than the Bancha, which tends more towards yellow.
Our Japanese Sencha has pleasant spinachy notes, with slight roast flavors that are similar to toasted bread.

There you have the stats. I’m glad I tried this one as a sample before I bought it. Unfortunately that spinach taste with toasty taste did not encourage me to finish the pot. Rarely do I not like a tea that Mr. Harney has chosen, but this one just wasn’t for me.

Next….Lavender Chamomile!


We Can Dream Together and Have a Cup of Tea….and Cupcakes!

It’s Monday. Again. I am in desperate need of some sunshine so I made my own. I’m enjoying my cup of Paris Tea this morning.

It’s that time of year when Holiday party invitations along with Save The Date cards are pouring in. My go to Hostess gift is usually wine. It’s lazy, I know. So I’m determined to be better this year. In my mission to turn everyone I meet into a tea lover, I decided to order the Harney & Sons  gift boxes. They are lovely little black boxes filled with 20 individual sachets of several of their teas. At $7.95, plus a code it was an excellent buy. Plus they always have free shipping and are very prompt on delivery.

For closer friends and family I’m doing all things tea as well, but with a Fleur de Lis tea strainer, a small pot of honey, a tea-spoon with tea stamped on it that I purchased at Beau-Coup and six different packets of teas, and a lovely cup. And Walker Shortbread comes in a small packet with two shortbreads in it so that will go in as well. Some fancy ribbon skills and we are done.

All I needed was something to put on the tea shaped cards and I found this:

I really miss your presence 
I like to hear your views 
I wish that we could visit 
And catch up on the news. 

Since we can’t do that often 
The one thing that I can see is 
We can dream together 
And have a cup of tea. 

Cute!   Most places that you order tea from also offer samples. Individual sachets of any tea. Some are free, some are a couple of dollars, but you get to try it before you buy a larger quantity. Now, if you order from Harney, they always toss a few samples in your box.

Since for some reason I can never toss containers I have ended up with multiple glass containers used for centerpieces for weddings. They are perfect to stuff full of good tea stuff, but so is a nice fat cup from the Dollar Tree!

xx Patricia   Have a peaceful Monday.

Knocking on Winter’s Door This Morning

It got cold in a quick hurry yesterday. And this morning started out in the high 30’s or so. Whatever, it is cold! Today’s tea is the Harney & Sons Pumpkin Spice. I added a shake or   two of Pumpkin Pie Spices into the warmed and frothed Almond Milk and got this really good latte’.

Honestly I wasn’t sure if the addition of the milk would overwhelm the tea, as it is a light tea, but nope it warmed all the way to the tips of my toes. So that one is a big yes for me.

Not much exciting going on here. Still working on the SAT test book and trying my son’s patience. This morning he butt called me and I’m hearing what sounds like him on a run in leaves. So I’m yelling into the phone,” Are you okay? Are you in danger? Have you been kidnapped and need to be rescued? Hello???” All I got was a text saying ” Sorry Mom, no worries”.

Does it seem like I’m procrastinating? Yeah, I have to clean out the fridge today. I have a tendency to put things in there and forget them. Best to get it over with. I should probably light a Lady of Guadalupe candle first. I think she’s the saint of disgusting things.

Stay Warm. Stay Safe. Take care of yourself and enjoy a cup of tea! Or clean your fridge, the candles are at the market.

xx Patricia

It was a dark and gloomy day….

Good Morning! I am not at all sure what is going on outside. It’s cold. But it’s also drizzling and gray. Gloomy, which makes for perfect tea and reading day.

I seriously needed this day of rain and gloom. I may have overextended myself on some books and I do not need the distraction of the sun or children playing outside. I need to read this stuff. I’m going to be in bed with a book and this lovely Earl Grey London Fog Latte’ that I made myself! My mouth is very happy.

Yesterday I was reading. In the tub, but you should always just assume that’s where I am. And no, the door bell didn’t ring but the phone did. It was the nurse scheduling my pre-op tests and measurements. 3 weeks. And I had to get out of the tub and tip toe into the kitchen where the big calendar lives to check dates. However I had not opened any  drapes or blinds so no one got their boxers in a wad.

After the call I got a bit anxious. I guess because it went from “We’ll call you with the date”, to “It’s a go and here’s your date.” I’ll admit I shed a few tears and then reminded myself that my surgeon is top in the country and I trust him 100%. Then I realized I need to refresh my summer tan before I climb on the operating table. I mean if I must have people ogle me while I’m snoring I need to be on top of my game. I can just imagine the conversation. ” Wow, that is one complicated eye surgery!” ” Yes it is Doctor Smart, but she sure does have a great tan and pedicure!”.

So for 3 weeks I can stress and work myself up and do damage to my body with the stress or I can ignore it the way I do most things. Yep, let’s try number 2.

Tonight cousin Emberly, who is also seven, is holding a fundraiser for families in Houston and her mommy Aunt Jessie has made enormous amounts of Grandma Laura’s famous Butter Cookies, which I ordered 6 dozen of. Those yummy nuggets of deliciousness will go into the freezer for over the holidays when company stops by and look! (gasp) homemade cookies!

  My Earl Grey London Fog Latte’ and my mutant eyeball gum. Courtesy of Harney & Sons Victorian London Fog.

xx Patricia    Have a peaceful Friday and enjoy some tea and cookies!

Hello November! Would You Like Some Tea? It’s Heavenly…

Good Morning Y’all! Waking up to a brand shiny new month is always exciting. Clean slates and all that. A beginning to what ever you desire. The sun is shining brightly this morning. It’s 48 degrees now but should be in the seventies.

I hope everyone made it through the night and no one is in a sugar coma. We never even had a kid knock on our door. So now all of that eyeball gum is mine.

    Pictures of  the seven-year old and the five-year old. Yes he is on the right. I’ll let you guess who he is.

The five-year old started Pre-K Monday. And the world wept. Okay, not the world but it was a sad day in Cowanville. No more babies. Now I’ll be reduced to smelling other people’s babies and deeply sighing.


Earl Grey  Have some nice Earl Grey today. It really is heavenly!

xx Patricia

Be Happy, Be Fearless, Be You!

It’s Wednesday! Today we are trying Harney & Sons Organic English Breakfast Tea. Now normally I drink Tazo Awake English Breakfast because it’s strong! But this one I didn’t need my tiny bit of Almond Milk in my cup. It was very smooth. So that was good!

I am deeply into this beautiful Russian Folklore book and don’t want to put it down to do the million and one things I need to do. I did keep my doctor’s appointment. And in a couple of hours I’ll head downtown with OU Boy to watch the Thunder vs. Pacers. Now let me translate that statement. I’m going to the arena to ogle my boy Carmelo Anthony….oh how I love him and his hoodie. So pictures may be up tomorrow.

OU Boy is upset with me. Or more accurately my mouth. It would seem I have no filter. And he is terrified someone is going to start some type of shit and he’s going to have to beat the crap out of someone. I wasn’t sure that boy at the mailbox was aware that the bleach blonde look wasn’t a good one for him. Yes, I said, That’s not a good look for you. In the waiting room a lady in a bright pink track suit thing had this big black corset looking thing around her waist and I may have wondered out loud what the heck that was? Seriously he was so uptight about this that he came to the back with me just in case I had any other “inside your head” moments that were tempted to sneak out of my mouth.

I did manage to have an interesting conversation with a Native American man and I enjoyed that very much. And while we were sitting there I read him Cynthia’s post and he started gagging like a baby! It was hilarious!

So I’m off to jump in the shower!

xx Patricia  High Society Tea


The Tea Fairy Stops By for a Cuppa!


I received the Fall catalog from Harney & Sons on Monday and immediately got down to making decisions. I knew I wanted the Hot Cinnamon Spice as well as the Pumpkin Spice along with some white teas.

I love when a tea company tosses in some samples with your order. This time I received a sample of Paris Tea ( love it ),Organic Green Tea with Citrus and Ginkgo, Organic English Breakfast and Japanese Sencha Green Tea.

Since I was feeling a bit foggy today, due to the fact I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish a book and I had that ‘still in the book’ fogginess. So I started with the Hot Cinnamon Spice. On opening the tin of sachets the aroma of cinnamon was strong and pleasant. Honestly I could have just stood there and inhaled the aroma for a long time. But in went the sachet, steeped for 5 minutes and then the smell was permeating the entire office. I found myself smiling for no reason. I’d say the tea had a medium body to it. Not too light and not too heavy. It definitely was invigorating and my mouth was doing the happy dance as all that cinnamon hit every taste bud. A big winner for me! I can see using this in all types of holiday goodies. And just like the red-hot candies I love, I wanted more!

Have you picked up any holiday or special seasonal teas yet?


Grab a cup and enjoy some tea this afternoon! Offer a friend a cup! And have a peaceful day!

xx Patricia

How Can You Get Cozy Without Tea?

Tea Time is brought to you today by Harney & Sons Green Hot Cinnamon Tea. It’s a lighter tea than the one made with black tea. With three types of cinnamon it’s quite nice!

Supposedly there is a “cold” front coming through later. With the upper corner of the state seeing flurries and the south-east is hitting the 90’s! Lucky Cynthia~ I’ve already been out this morning so it’s not anywhere close to cool out. But my mums are starting to bloom! They are so pretty.

I’ve been trying to decide what I want to do for gifts this year. The rules are it must be homemade. I have bought a ton of plain white mugs from the Dollar Tree and will be drawing and writing on those so that’s one thing. Then last night when I was looking for a place to put the stash of glass containers that my flower arrangements come in and a light bulb went off! How about using them to fill with some tea samples, a cute tea strainer and maybe some honey and shortbread. Done!

Now I am off to finish a cozy mystery I’m reading Pecan Pies and Homicide by Ellery Adams. Totally for my own pleasure since I’m caught up through November on serious reviews.

I’m off the next two days. Remember to be kind. Sometimes that can mean not saying something too! Run it through your head. Is it kind? Is  it helpful? If so, go for it. If not well, a smile costs you nothing.

xx Patricia

A Day Off, Some New Teas and Reading


“Fog on her glasses from the still steaming tea, A book in her hand as she casually reads. A catch in her breath as the climax grows near, She’s deaf to the world: The book’s all she can hear. She’s completely lost now, Or perhaps she is found in this strange paper world that’s far from the ground.”

I am off for the next two days. I am tempted to go to the Library and see what is new there, but my TBR list is being overbearing and insisting I clear some space on the Kindle.

Since I’ve been up since before dawn, I think I can get at least two done today.

How is everyone today? Since an asthma attack woke me up before it was light outside I have managed to get a lot of work done. And I’m enjoying a nice cup of Harney&Sons Organic Peppermint Tea. It’s so soothing to my throat after that nasty albuterol stuff!

Make it a TEArrific Day! And don’t forget to take time out for a cup of tea.

xx Patricia

And Just Like That *poof* It’s October!

I’m always surprised when October shows up. September seems too short. And if you’re going by the weather, well, we’re still in shorts here. But then this morning I brewed a nice pot of Lapsang Souchong and that wonderful aroma of wood fires and bundling up out doors put me right in the Fall mood! Thank you very much Harney&Sons!

Things have been downright odd around here! I don’t mean the normal oddities either. I have killed 3 bees inside my house. Now before anyone gets their panties in a twist about bees being endangered, I am highly allergic. This is my house. How the heck did they get in here? They aren’t like a little beetle you can just shoo back out. No, they are tiny little killing machines and I’m thinking they came with the farm honey.

OU Boy has been spending a suspicious amount of time out in the country with his BFF doing God only knows what but coming home dirty. Yesterday he was smart enough to preface his “I’m going out to the country tonight”, with “I got you a present! I hope you like it!” See what he’s doing there? So when he came in the door with the exact thing I wanted there wasn’t a whole lot I could say!  It was a new massage table. With all the bells and whistles. I set it up yesterday and am pretty pleased with it. He’s already called today and said he’s headed out to the country after work. But it’s Sunday and football is on so I don’t mind.

Things came to a head next door. The arguing couple stopped arguing. I do not know what he did (had an affair) but yesterday I came out to find her tossing his stuff in the yard and mumbling something about where he could put it. Well obviously he wasn’t thrilled to come home to his drawers hanging on the shrubbery so the police came over. By this time I’m in my office listening at the window. They explained to the errant husband that he should just collect his things and go. That this was a civil matter ( Ha! ). The conversation between the police went….”I’m not going to the door!” ” Why do I always have to deal with the crazy women?” So the smaller of the two went to the door to let this woman know things were cool and you know what she said?? ” Go F*** yourself!” and slammed the door. The extra policeman was laughing so hard and the poor door knocking policeman was not amused.  I think I like this woman!

So how’s your October shaping up? Stocked up on all that pumpkin spice goodness? I’m not quite there yet. Maybe when the weather changes and I have to wear shoes I’ll feel different. In the mean time, try to have a good day and maybe share it with someone who isn’t having such a good day!

xx Patricia


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