Royal Wedding Tea by Harney and Sons

We’re feeling all soft and pastel today. Did you see all of those gorgeous hats and dresses at the wedding? New beginnings are always precious. Old doors close and new ones open. And no I did not get up before dawn to watch. I got up just in time to see the vows and the kiss!

We were listening to the cake recipe last night and almost swooned! Who doesn’t love lemon curd? I wonder who squeezed all of those Amalfi Lemons. Mine is Meyer and I have a lovely jar of curd in the ice box. But what I wouldn’t give for a taste of that cake!

I finally finished my bedroom this morning. I’ve kind of been living in it to determine the final placement of the bed so the sunlight isn’t streaming in my eyes at dawn. So one room down and more to go. But I’m not in a hurry.

  You can’t have a wedding without some Royal Wedding Tea from Harney & Sons Collections. It is perfect.

I think my little friends and I will go have our own party this afternoon. What are you doing today? Opening any  new doors? Enjoying a lazy Saturday? Or already swigging Gin? What ever it is, enjoy yourself!


Autrefois    xx Patricia


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Just another wacky Wednesday here at the Pirate Nation. I just placed a summer tea order and can’t wait to try the Pear. I love pears. Right now my favorite drink is bubbly water with pure pear juice. It’s refreshing and not too sweet. But this morning I went back to a good old English Breakfast.

Yesterday I cooked. Like from scratch. I was cooking up the chicken and had so much of it that I made a really good smoked chicken salad plus green chile chicken rolled enchiladas. I stuffed the chicken salad in fresh bell peppers. It’s so hot outside I wanted something light and cool. With a fresh fruit salad it was perfect.

I am experimenting with different tea blends. I took a Meyer Lemon from STASH and brewed it with a white tea from Taylor’s and popped it in the icebox. Definitely a keeper. Tazo’s Passion is a favorite around here. The kids think it’s kool-aid. And it has no sugar. Today I’m trying the Harney and Sons Chocolate mixed with some Chocolate Mint leaves. We shall see what happens.

Southern-Style Strawberry Buttermilk Biscuits will melt in your mouth as just-sweet-enough roasted strawberries add a welcome burst of flavor.              Recipe for Mississippi Mud Cake - This recipe is so EASY to make and it will surely WOW all of your guests at your next social event or party!

Strawberry biscuits are melt in your mouth good! You can use your favorite biscuit recipe and just add a handful of chopped berries. Voila! As for the Mississippi Mud Cake, well that is a really easy recipe and every baker has their own interpretation of it. Mine is the good old pecan and marshmallow on top of the finished cake. Back in the oven to melt the marshmallows and then cover it with pecans and chocolate frosting. Slap yo Momma good there!

Have a great Wednesday. You can still kick ass, just be nice about it. I am off to play Susi Homemaker and then read a gory, serial killer tale!

xx Patricia


Feeling Anxiety? Try a “Grounding” Tool!

Good Morning! The heat is on here and we are switching our teas up. The strong black teas going to the back of the cupboard and the green and herbals going to the front. This morning it’s Harney and Sons Blueberry Green Tea. It’s light but so full of flavor and the aroma is heavenly. Most Barnes and Noble stores carry Harney and Sons.

Yesterday was a roller coaster of feelings. I was not calm, my hands were sweating so badly and I was snapping at everyone. We got home from the eye institute around 7 last night. It was a really long day.

Good news is that my corneal transplant is good. It is humming right along and all of my stitches are fine. It is a pressure problem. Normal eye pressure is 12 to 22 HG and mine was almost 40. This is not uncommon for those people, like me, who have been on massive amounts of steroid drops. I’ve been on them non-stop for almost 2 years now. They can cause cataracts and high pressure or high blood pressure in the eye. Is it a coincidence that I just went off my calming meds and get this? I don’t know but I have an appointment today with my Psychiatrist.

One thing you should know is that I am terrified of taking medicines that I have never taken before. So when Dr. Davis said “Do you have any kidney problems?” I thought oh heck, he’s going to give me some kind of pill. Sure enough he did. I don’t know what it is but it sucks all the moisture out of your body and leaves you with the driest mouth and throat! I drank so much water I was in the bathroom every 5 minutes. It goes straight through your kidneys. I was supposed to be on them for a few days at least but I had a strange reaction so we are sticking with pressure drops and reducing the steroids. By the time I left last night it was down to 18. I love how he said, “Well you may get to see your friend Dr. Bailey again, he specializes in steroid induced glaucoma and could do a quick procedure to help out.” Yeah, I don’t like him that much.

So today I go see my head doctor and will tell him that for now I’m going back on the meds. Dr. Davis said I need to. I am unable to calm myself physically and the meds help me with that. I prayed the other day that if I was going to have any eye issues let them show up before July, well, that one was answered! But I’m not willing to have this particular issue. So a smaller dose, but still controlling my blood pressure and my mind, I will just suck it up.

Thank you for all of your support yesterday. Today my eye is definitely feeling better. My shoulders are as sore as heck from stress, but that will go away eventually. I go back tomorrow so we shall see.

Have a great Tuesday and Stay Calm!   xx Patricia

It’s Friday! Let the Sun Shine!

Good Morning! It’s Friday and I’m starting off with a cup of Harney and Sons Green Blueberry Tea, which is a delight for the nose and the mouth!

I got some sleep last night, but I’m not going to pretend this is easy because it isn’t. I’m drinking a lot of tea and spending a lot of time reading. We keep the monthly Trader Joe’s booklet in the bathroom. It makes for fun reading. Anyway we saw this ad for Persian Cucumbers, which I didn’t even know were a thing, and the way they describe it..well, here.

Some people are surprisingly cool on cucumbers. We consider this one of life’s mysteries. Perhaps these people have never tried one of our Persian versions of the fruit. Yes it is a fruit. If someone less than impressed with curcubitae were to sample our smooth, thin-skinned cukes…experiencing their aromatic sweetness, and their tender, yet crisp bite…we believe they would change their cucumber-tune in a flash. I mean are we still talking about food here? Someone loves their cukes! 

You have to take your fun where you can find it some days. Books, tea and laughter will get you through a lot. I’m reading a good tale by Jo Nesbo.  Norwegian Detective in Australia. Different.

Back to the books! Have a good Friday and Be Good To Yourself!

xx Patricia



Happily sipping some Royal Wedding Tea from Harney & Sons this morning. Another day in the 80’s and then some severe weather in a few days. Our storm chasers are at the gate waiting for the signal to play find the tornado.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, if a bit windy, and we laid out in the sunshine with our uber white legs and listened to the 60’s channel. It was peaceful and so nice. The tiny terrorists went with their Daddy on a hike. Or as we call it a treasure hunt. So everyone got to spend time outside and we are all better for it.

If you are like me and don’t particularly like sugar, that STASH Meyer Lemon tea is a big winner in the iced category. I made a pitcher and it was really good unsweetened.

Last night I finished reading a book that made me feel angry. Described as a laugh out loud version of The Help, I did not have one laugh. I had many uncomfortable moments and a lot of racism and the end the horrible woman said Oh I’m so sorry, and the black lady said Oh it’s okay. No, it’s not okay and I wrote a rather scathing review. With a note to the publisher. This is a first for me. But if you are not from Mississippi but are writing about it, do your research. Don’t put a shiny dress on it and call it something it isn’t. It was insulting and I was glad to see this morning that at least 5 other people had emailed me saying how insulted they felt as well.

Happy Monday! Make it a great one with a nice cuppa and a nap! I am off to do errands that must be done. People want to eat and all. Thanks for listening to my little rant this morning. I would wake up OU Boy but he’s tired of hearing me talk.

xx Patricia….being quiet….lol

Harney & Sons Royal Wedding Tea


Good Morning! Starting the morning off with one of the new Palace Collections, Royal Wedding Tea. First look at that sachet. It smells heavenly and looks so pretty!

On the back it says….We are honored to present our Union of Chinese Mutan White Tea Buds, With Almond, Coconut, and Vanilla To Taste And a Floral Abundance of Pink Rosebuds And Petals. A Regal Tea to Celebrate a Glorious Union.

Opening the tin released a lovely and aromatic blend of roses, almond, coconut and vanilla. It is  a very fragrant blend. I steeped it for 4 minutes and the smell was even stronger. This is a light tea with a perfect blend of all of the above. I drank an entire pot it was so good. This would be perfect at a bridal shower. I liked it so much I’m thinking today I’ll run back to Barnes and Noble and pick up another, just to get this one for $5!

My granddaughter’s school in North Dakota is so engaged with us on social media and yesterday they were taking orders for May baskets to be delivered to the student or staff of your choice so I’m sending them my order today for Vangie and for my son who is a teacher there. What a sweet idea this is. Since they are in what we call the frozen tundra, these teachers teach outside of the box. The are a happy bunch all the time and I love them!

It was in the 80’s yesterday and the winds were awful. The wildfires changed direction and I have never seen fire like this. Total over 300,000 acres have burned and this is pasture land, homes, and livestock that have been lost. 2 people have died and this has been going on for a week up north of us. We desperately need rain. Last night it looked like Sherman burning Atlanta here. So send prayers and get out the rain stick!

Pretty much my day in pictures. Read, Run, Eat, Drink Tea, Repeat. I just finished the latest Bird Lover’s Mystery by J.R.Ripley and it is really good! Have a good Wednesday and enjoy your day with a cup of tea and a book.

xx Patricia

Harney & Sons Blueberry Green Tea Review and a Tale!

blueberry tea 

It’s Tuesday…back to work. This morning I’m trying out the lovely Blueberry Green Tea from Harney & Sons new Historic Royal Palaces Collection. First the tins are gorgeous, let me say. We went for a walk yesterday and ended up at Barnes and Noble for lunch, which was yummy Spinach and Artichoke Quiche. But the good news was they had the entire Royal Palace Collection and if you bought one, you got the Royal Wedding Tea for only $5! In these tins there are 30 sachets rather than the usual 20 in a tin. So for $16 I got two teas I was planning on ordering anyway.

Opening the Blueberry Green Tea,which contains Green tea, lemongrass, blueberry pieces, Blueberry flavor and cornflowers and vanilla. The smell was all blueberry on opening the tin. But when the water hit the bag in the teapot, the blueberry smell was strong and pure. It is a green tea so it is light in color and I loved it so much that I poured the remainder over ice and drank it on another walk. Would I recommend it? Heck yes! It is going to be a great summer tea iced.

Last night we went to dinner with Aunt Gayle at Outback. It’s so nice to be close to her. She lost her husband in December and they loved Outback, and OU Boy had never been to one before. They did it all from the Bloomin’ Onion to the Thunder from down under dessert. I had a salad. We talked and laughed and it was good to see her out and having a good time. We can walk to her house so she is close. When you are grieving it is so easy to just shut yourself off from going out, and it’s amazing what just a simple dinner with family can do for your spirit. We all left laughing about how full we were and what a good time we had.

I found out yesterday that our blogging world has lost Teacher of YA. Stephanie. Her sister didn’t have any reasons or details yesterday, but I know we all will miss her terribly and are sending much love to her family.

xx Patricia     Make a difference in someone’s day today. A smile. A kind word. You just never know.


Good Morning! Sitting back listening to Beyonce‘ sing about Becky with the good hair and sipping on some Harney and Sons Chocolate Tea this sunny but cold Sunday.

I completely fell down the research rabbit hole yesterday. I had a task. Removing everything from 2 hard drives I don’t use a lot to flash drives so I can toss those suckers. I got maybe half way there when my son called and we spent a long time digging through the research we had. After that it was over. You know how it is when you are researching history and those threads just come together and before you know it the day is almost over.

So we had snow yesterday. I feel horrible even saying that since it only dusted one shrub and then the sun came out and it was great and there was no snow. People still lost their minds and this time horses got loose. It was like bumper cars on the interstate. By Thursday it should be close to 90. I don’t even know. Mother Nature is playing with us.

It’s still a bit chilly at 42 degrees but I have no plans to leave the bed today. Book in hand, tea on the tray and I am good for the day.  School is already canceled for Monday. It’s turning into a really ugly thorn in the legislator’s sides. Good. Do something about it.

Have a great Sunday y’all! Be a good human. Have some tea. Eat the cupcake. Or some crab legs!

xx Patricia   


Seriously, I am not a hoarder…she said

Morning Y’all! I think the wind may have subsided for a bit. At least there aren’t lawn chairs flying through the air. Yesterday was so bad I couldn’t even open the car door!

Today I’m sitting in the office, avoiding work, chatting with my sister and sipping on my morning Irish Breakfast Cuppa. It’s also tea ordering day. If you looked at the tea cupboard you’d never know those suckers are stacked 3 to a row! Backups of everything.

It’s also time to get rid of the odd chipped teapot or cup or saucer and I’m looking at all of these different ways to  re-purpose them. I’ve done the candle making thing and I’m kind of over that. A few are being saved for fairy houses and I’m loving the bird feeder idea.

It doesn’t help when you have a great partner in crime to point out all of the cute cups and saucers and pots that you really need. I am a tea hoarder addict. It’s not like I keep the empties.

On another note I have started wearing a rubber band on my wrist. Now instead of things just falling right out of my mouth I snap my band and look away. I am really trying not to give unsolicited advice. I’m finally at a point in my life where everything is on point. I trying to be grateful and to do that I need to stop being judgy. Oh, yes I am judgy! I judge you on your football team. I judge you on your meat-eating ways. I judge you on your choice of pajama pants at Wal-Mart. So if you would all just jump on the Plant Based Diet, the Florida State Seminoles, and put on some damn pants, I think I can do this!

xx Patricia     Be Nice,Drink Tea and don’t be judgy.




Blueberry Oatmeal Bowl and Tea!

Had this at 26 Beach during brunch as iced tea. Totally addicting both iced and hot. Way to go Celestial Seasonings! Blueberry Green Tea-Harney and Sons  BEST STUFF EVER! Blueberry Pomegranate Herbal Tea by ArtfulTea

It’s the weekend! Sipping on some really nice Blueberry from Harney and Sons this morning. I love blueberries. To me they taste like summer. Fresh picked and juicy, full of possibilities.  This is a very nice blueberry tea and I want to tell you what I did with it this morning.

It feels like it’s been raining forever here and it can put you in a blue funky mood. So this morning I pulled some blueberries out of the freezer. I had a handful. Yes, I am one of those people who don’t measure. I made a pot of tea and put some of that with the blueberries, brought it to a boil and tossed in GF oatmeal and let it simmer. Popped some in a bowl with two good shakes of cinnamon and a teaspoon of pure maple syrup.

The left overs were then smashed into a cupcake tin and in a couple of hours I had them as muffins! Let me tell you that this oatmeal is to die for! Seriously good and good for you!

I’m experimenting with hot porridges. I love any food in a bowl. Yesterday I tried out banana, almond butter and maple syrup and loved that one too. I am so not a breakfast person. But I am trying to be better at eating regularly and not forgetting until dinner when we play the What do you want for dinner? game.

Lunch around here consists of a big mixed greens salad with apple, orange, asparagus, mango and maybe a handful of bulger. Dinner for me is usually soup/salad. I’ve already got my 13 bean soup in the slow cooker and have polenta cooling in the icebox. For my resident Neanderthal I am defrosting steak. I won’t touch it or cook it, but I’ll defrost it.

What’s your favorite oatmeal combo?

These Baked Blueberry Oatmeal Cups are easy to make and perfect to enjoy for breakfast throughout the week! Double Blueberry Steel cut Oats

xx Patricia OMG, I think I may see the sun!