Good Morning Y’all! It seems like Thursday has arrived rather quickly this week. It has been unrelentingly hot but this morning I woke up to thunder and lightning and rain! So I’m sipping some Earl Grey and watching the rain.

I can’t say I’m unhappy about the rain either. We spent way too much time in the pool yesterday. The kids found the underwater camera and made videos of themselves most of the morning. By lunch time they were raiding the cupboards like the baby pirates they are. I have never seen them eat so much in one day. As Corbin says, ” I have the growing pain.” Yep. And he proceeded to eat two cheeseburgers, fries, a quart of strawberries and a lot of tea.

OU Boy came home early and it was Watch Me time. By 5 p.m. the boy was crashed in his underoos on the sofa and OU Boy was crashed in his bed. Charli and I were just staring into space. But it was one of those days when my babies were safe and making memories with us and I couldn’t help the huge smile on my face. I love those days. Lazy summertime. The house full of floats and pool toys and the kids brown and happy.

Tomorrow we start tennis lessons. Can’t wait for that one. Today we are stuck inside so we are watching a Nancy Drew movie and then going shopping for peaches. Which Corbin just discovered don’t always come in a can. And that brought up the Millions of Peaches song. I have not done one productive thing in 24 hours. And I’m learning that I’m okay with that.

Enjoy your Thursday! Sing in the rain or dream in the sun, just have fun.

xx The Pirate Nation



Lazy Sunday mornings…they are just the best! Even though my other half had to go in this morning, he kindly made no noise and let me sleep. As a reward I am making beignets for him for brunch. Since he is at work building me bookshelves, I should do this.

It has been such a hectic week and yesterday I was going through my jewelry box deciding what to give to the kids to play with and what to do away with and while I have more that the average number of engagement rings, I could not find my current one. Which ramped my anxiety level through the roof. It is my favorite and the only one that I care about. I went through everything in the house and nothing.

I sent OU Boy a text telling him I had lost my engagement ring. His manly response was “Where?” If I knew where it wouldn’t be lost now would it! By the time he got home I was in full-blown crying, hysterical mode. He looked and nothing. I knew I had it when I moved. It never leaves my dresser. In a sudden burst of memory I grabbed my Warby Parker box out of the underwear drawer and there it was, snuggling in the box.Safe and sound.  More tears ensued and after a cup of tea I was calmer.

So life was once again good. Now I’m going to run by Barnes and Noble and grab another tin of tea before the sale is over! Then to the pool or park to get some sun.

Have a good Sunday! Enjoy the sun and some tea. I’m having a pitcher of Lavender-Lemon iced and it is so good!

xx Patricia

Our Cups Really Do Runneth Over!

Tea stop

I saw this picture and had to share! Is this not the coolest thing?

I’m finishing up packing up my office. Everything is ready and today we say good-bye to one adventure and dive in to a new one. The odd thing is I feel no anxiety whatsoever. I am happily giving up country life for right smack into the middle of the city. I can pretty much work from anywhere. As long there is a major airport close, so that won’t change.

For OU Boy it will be a lot different! Instead of a 45 minute drive to work, he can be there in 5 minutes, as the golf course is right across the street basically. The biggest draw for me is that instead of having to Uber everywhere, since the eye still isn’t at the driving stage, I can easily walk to Uptown Market, Barnes and Noble as well as Half-Price Books and Starbucks and pretty much everything. For me that is big. I’ve been dependent on other people for the past two years of the eye situation and now I will be independent.

Today I am off to look for a white sofa. And OU Boy is off to look for a not white sofa. This is going to get interesting!

Have a really good day and don’t forget to take time for tea!!

xx Patricia



Although I may not know the correct time, I do know it is Sunday. I could not figure out why I was so groggy this morning. After a nice strong cup of Irish Breakfast I went to rinse my cup and the microwave said “WTF are you doing in the kitchen at this ungodly hour I am displaying?” To which I replied, “WTF? Am I dead?”

Creeping back into my bedroom I asked Tommy what time it was. He told me.

Me: No, really, what time is it?

Him: No, really, the time changed. The correct time is on the alarm clock or your phone.

Me: Time doesn’t change! What devilry is this? What am I supposed to do now?

Him: I have an errand to run. Bye.

Me: Gutless Coward! I will not give in to these shenanigans.

Bottom line? I have no idea what time it is.  The past few days have been rather emotional for me. I don’t know why. My brain is probably figuring some stuff out.

Last night we had a quiet night in. Grabbed some grub at the Black Bear Diner. And came home and snuggled on the sofa to watch Thor: Ragnarok. Because Thor and Loki are my favorite boyfriends. It was hilarious. Then we had a mug cake and went to bed.

So sometime in the night someone changed the time. This has to be the dumbest thing ever. What is the point? We have electricity now so we don’t need to change time to have more daylight. And this entire daylight savings time…what is that? Where are we saving the daylight at? I definitely want in on that. Questions people? Inquiring minds want to know what idiot thought this one up!

I am off on an adventure to the pharmacy, maybe Frank will be able to figure out the time for me, or at least give me something to wean myself off the loss of time. Hang in there y’all, I shall return with answers. Or drugs, Whichever!

Happy Sunday!   xx Patricia  Have Tea, Be Nice, Clip Your Nose Hairs!

A Chilly Morning With Earl Grey

Enjoying a nice cup of Earl Grey this chilly morning. We were supposed to get freezing drizzle and snow or some form of wet last night, but nope. Still sunny, still dry.

It’s been a week since the plague descended on us and I still haven’t managed to get my fever under 99.5. But I think I’m on the mend. OU Boy, not so much. But then he doesn’t listen and eats crap and won’t take his meds. So on the one hand I don’t feel sorry for him but on the other, he is still going to work everyday and I should cut him some slack for that, but seriously don’t expect me to feel sorry for you if you won’t help yourself heal. I am not that person.

In case anyone was wondering….the above picture perfectly shows what I expect to show up at my door on Galentine Day! We tried calling it V-Day, but Corbin said vagina and we all dissolved into 5-year-old hysterics, so now it’s Galentine Day.

My little munchkins will be here Saturday and I can’t wait! The markers and paints are at the ready and who knows what will happen!

Now I shall go back to bed and read. I’m reading a cookbook. Kind of like Science Fiction…it’s cool, but it’s not going to happen!

xx Patricia

The Plague…Cough, Blow, Repeat..and a Bun!

Oh, Monday, here you are again. Here at the Pirate Nation we are in Day 5 of The Plague. I have had to change the batteries in the thermometer! I never even knew that was possible. There isn’t a lot we can do right now but cough, blow, throw off the cover, add more covers, drink soup, drink tea. I’ve found that most of the Spice teas help out the most. Warming you from the inside out.

Yesterday was a good day to be an Eagles fan! I was so happy for them and for Carson. NDSU Alum. But back to the plague. Yesterday I ran across a chart to tell what the color of your snot means. Yes, it was titled ‘Snot and what it means’. So now OU Boy is giving me updates on his snot. Which only makes me throw up. As I told him, I don’t care if you are sick. I only care that I am sick. So go to the store and get soup. 

And Lord bless him, he did. As he is putting things in the pantry I looked at him and asked, ‘How long are you planning on us being sick?’ I’ve never seen so much tomato soup and broth in my life! But we are not dead so that’s something!

He even brought me a hot chocolate and a vanilla cream filled bun shaped like a heart. It’s back to bed for us. Enough of this upright business.

Enjoy your day and for God’s sake wash your hands!!


A Day Off, Some New Teas and Reading


“Fog on her glasses from the still steaming tea, A book in her hand as she casually reads. A catch in her breath as the climax grows near, She’s deaf to the world: The book’s all she can hear. She’s completely lost now, Or perhaps she is found in this strange paper world that’s far from the ground.”

I am off for the next two days. I am tempted to go to the Library and see what is new there, but my TBR list is being overbearing and insisting I clear some space on the Kindle.

Since I’ve been up since before dawn, I think I can get at least two done today.

How is everyone today? Since an asthma attack woke me up before it was light outside I have managed to get a lot of work done. And I’m enjoying a nice cup of Harney&Sons Organic Peppermint Tea. It’s so soothing to my throat after that nasty albuterol stuff!

Make it a TEArrific Day! And don’t forget to take time out for a cup of tea.

xx Patricia