Fairy Chickens and Rogue Baby Bulls!


Welcome to The Farm! I’ve got a lot of pictures to share today, so let me explain them!

Some of these are from when we still had roosters. I won’t make that mistake again. Have you ever seen a rooster make love to a hen? It is not a pretty sight and OU Boy said Never again will one of our hens have to do that. Plus some of them are just plain mean. You don’t need a rooster to get eggs, just to fertilize them and turn them into chicks. But we don’t eat meat and we have enough hens so no roosters! Are they spoiled? Oh hell yeah! They will come and go at will as they are free range, but never leave the safety of the yard. They come inside and look around and leave. They get along with dogs, cows and baby bulls that get into the yard. Everyone is kind. The dog has a kind of boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with a bull and one of our hens laid her first egg and immediately went and stood in the middle of the unpaved road, waiting to commit suicide. She just wasn’t going to do that again I assume.


They will come sit in your lap and eat all of your dinner too! These are Rhode Island Red and Plymouth Rock. We have some Orpingtons also, but they are a bit more skittish.

Most of the time they are parked on a porch chatting or gossiping about the cows. They all have names and yes sometimes they dress up as fairies. They will also jump on your float in the pool and just chill.  The ducks are gone because ducks are just messy and nasty. Even the chickens wouldn’t talk to them.

If only humans got along so well!

xx Patricia

Meet the newest love of my life…

cute menu idea. keep choices to a minimum so customers are not overwhelmed with flavors::

Only one of the reasons the UK is looking better every day. We all know the other “orange” reason. When it comes to sweets and goodies, our friends across the pond have us beat to hell and back! I mean Mary Berry....do I need to say more? And don’t worry Paris, we see you and your Macarons and Tartes. My mouth is in love with European cooking.

If we had a drive-in cupcake place here, I would be in some type of 12 step program by now. But it is a really good idea. Something to think about….hmmm  Cowgirl Cupcakes? What do you think? There is a perfect building just down the road that used to be a Starbucks….just thinking out loud ( thanks Ed Sheerhan).

Tea News!  As much as I love my green Matcha, I have found the blue Matcha. And being the fickle tea lover I am, it is now my obsession!

Blue Matcha Shop -Worldwide Shipping, All Organic Tea:   Is this not gorgeous? And oh my the things you can bake with it!  Like these coconut balls. Drool worthy!

Coconut balls with blue matcha - Blue Matcha:

I still love you green Matcha, but let’s be honest with each other, you look like mold. I said it. Sorry/Not Sorry.  Today I am trying a recipe from my Sea Island Cookbook. It’s a favorite, Lemon Basil Tea Cookies.  And trying out a Black Eyed Pea Crostini recipe for a tea party.

Happy Monday to y’all!



Taking Advice From A Flamingo


You should know by now that I have a serious love for the Flamingo. Miss Charli Ava found some flamingo jammies at Old Navy and I was very disappointed they were only in Toddler sizes.  I did find this lovely cake stand though.

Advice from a flamingo? It really is good advice for all of us!

Wade into Life.  Get out there and participate in life! You don’t have to jump in, just wade in as far as you are comfortable.

Stand Out in a Crowd. Do you. Be different. Fashion is fashion but style is forever!

Spend Time With Your Flock.  Your flock doesn’t have to be your family either. Hang with people who let you be yourself and just get you!

Find The Right Balance. Unless you are a professional juggler, which I am not, you need to find balance in your life. Work, play, reflect, learn. LIfe is a balancing act!

Show Your True Colors.  Be who you are and be true to your core values. If you are as nutty as a fruitcake, own that shit! If you love to sing, then sing. If you love to dance, then dance. Be true to what you believe in and you can bet you’ll find others who feel  the same!

Keep Your Beak Clean.  Basically keep it on your face and out of other people’s business. Don’t do bad things or hang with unsavory characters. As much as we may not like it we are judged by the company we keep. And remember, if someone is comfortable gossiping to you then you need to re-evaluate your squad.

Dont’ Be Afraid To Get Your Feet Wet.  Try new things! You don’t have to commit to a life long love of something, but you can’t have an opinion if you haven’t at least dipped a toe in. Well except drugs…keep your feet out of there. But you are all smart people and know that. Right?

Look how much we’ve learned from the gorgeous Flamingo!

This weekend is full of graduations, proms, and here:

A Very Gary Busey Gala

Oklahoma’s most talked about party is three weeks earlier this year! Come party with us on May 20th! Dead Center Film.   See you there tonight at 8!

xx Patricia

A Multiple Cups of Tea Day!


Hope you are all having a somewhat sane Wednesday. After yesterday and last night things were a bit dicey this morning. Whenever we hear David Payne interrupt our day with words like; Supercell, Cloud Wall, lowering, rotation and PDS ( pretty dangerous storms) you just know you aren’t going to be able to watch the final NCIS!

Here in Oklahoma, the weather guys take over the channels at the first hint of a storm crossing the border from Texas. They were so hyped up last night that at one point our weather guy said, ” NO, don’t follow that one, it’s going into Kansas, we don’t care about them”, chase the one to the west. It isn’t like it’s a big secret that we don’t care for Kansas. Why is Oklahoma so windy? Because Kansas sucks and Texas blows. Not my joke but you see it a lot.

This morning we are all praying for our fellow humans in Elk City, which was just trashed last night with one fatality. Tomorrow will also be a Significant Weather Event day. Fingers Crossed!

Eye Doctor update: Doctor #1 said Wow looks great, I think we’ll take out one of the sutures. As soon as he left the room I looked over at the tech and said, “Now Dr. Davis is going to come in and bring me back to earth”. Which is what happened. Nope no sutures coming out. No sign of rejection either. I told him I had named the graft Dru and he actually wrote it in  my chart. ( Call graft Dru). Same restrictions as before.

Anxiety almost won the day today and yesterday, but it didn’t. I didn’t kill anyone, or have a full blown panic attack, so that’s a win!

OH, and Cynthia, someone brought me a huge bag of Collards!!! We’re cooking outside tonight!



You,Me And A Cup of Tea…Let’s Chat!


All day yesterday I thought it was Friday, so today seems rather anticlimactic. Good news is the sugar shock wore off. Thank goodness for herbs! This morning I woke up with my tummy saying WTF! I gave it some Zen Tea and it shut up for now.


This morning I’m sipping my tea and thinking about Choices. Most of us are capable of making our own choices and understanding and living with the consequences of those choices. By the length of time it takes me to decide on dinner every night I am obviously one of those people who just can’t decide. Now that could be because I really don’t care that much about food. I eat a plant-based diet so if you just bring me a plant I’m good.

But some choices involve more than you and your stomach and those are the hardest. I have chosen to downsize my life and stop collecting things and people who I’m sure I can save. If there is an old junky piece of anything on the roadside, I want it. Got some needy relatives? I’ll fix them just send them over. It’s my worst habit and I have chosen to stop it.

What bad habits have you chosen to get rid of? Have you been successful at it?

orange7    xx Patricia


Off The Eaten Path by Morgan Murphy

Image result for off the eaten path

Southern Living presents Off the Eaten Path by Morgan Murphy. Favorite Southern Dives, and 150 recipes that made them famous.

17 states across the South and the dives and the food that made us fall in love with them.. Along with a few signature dishes from each place, Morgan gives us addresses, phone numbers and even GPS coordinates. As well as some interesting local attractions to check out.

I love this book. and after doing a vegan post yesterday, I was asked to do this one by someone who doesn’t eat anything unless it moos, clucks or oinks. Preferably with a Mason jar of sweet tea and a lot of cream gravy. So this one is for you.

I have pretty much been to all of these places! My favorite will always be The Dinner Bell in McComb, Mississippi. all the food is home made and southern. We all sit at a big table with people we don’t even know and the lazy susan style table is piled high with greens, macaroni and cheese, biscuits, fried chicken and pies to die for.

OU boy is not just a fan of the Chicken Fried Steak and Cream Gravy, I personally believe that if you cut him he would bleed gravy and sweet tea.

Have you eaten at any of these spots? What was your favorite?

This one is available at your library probably. If it is you should really get it! Food and travel, what tops that?

xx Patricia   Happy Eating!

Rise and Shine Babes! There’s Cake!!!


Yep, there is cake. It is the season for all things Mardi Gras and King Cake is one of those things that you either know how to make it or you do not. I love Randazzo’s and Gambino’s and will always be loyal to Paul’s Pastry in Picayune.

Randazzo’s Camellia City Bakery   

This is how these lovelies come to you. My favorite is the Pecan Praline from Randazzo’s!

Joe Gambino’s Bakery       Image result for joe gambino king cake

Another favorite of mine. They all come with beads and cups and of course a baby hidden inside,  I mean, how else do we know who buys the next one?  Here my favortie is Blueberry and Cream Cheese filled.

Paul’s Pastry in Picayune, Mississippi    Image result for paul's pastry in picayune ms

Of course I’m going to be loyal to Paul’s forever! A Mississippi classic and they have more flavor combinations than you could think up!  One of the first things I freaked out about in moving to Oklahoma was King Cake. Oh, don’t worry they said, there’s a bakery in town that makes them. No. No they don’t. That’s a cinnamon coffee cake and there is no baby or beads or secret Southern ingredients. Just no. So like all good people I started ordering them. Second to that is making a quick weekend trip to Randazzo’s and the drive thru daiquiri shop for  a to go cup of Strawberry goodness in a cup!

No open carry laws…..js   Try one out but make sure you’re getting authentic King Cakes. They are great for breakfast, snacks, lunch, they go well with coffee or booze, so it’s a win win!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!   Hera.





Dear Santa, I’ve Been Naughty and I’d Like Some Shoes That Match That….

Blogmas Day 21..Winter is taking a break today, so it’s back to shorts and flip flops. Plus I found a handful of different sized safety pins in my robe pocket this morning. So I’m not sure what went on last night, but it would appear I needed to make repairs at some point.

Letters to Santa have certainly changed since I was a child and today I’m going to share my stash of weird, funny and lovely letters to Santa!  Enjoy!

Sent in by Claudia T. from Woodbridge, VA.Send us photos of yourself kids� letters to Santa!:                         cutest thing ever.:

Well Andrew, it looks as if you may have a future in Law/Manipulation, while I admire you being upfront with the bad behavior, stop making excuses for it! And Tommy, I’m calling BS because I know you and so does the big guy!

Funny Letters To Santa From Kids:                                      Okay this kid is AWESOME. The Happy Valentines Day totally threw me off haha, love it! :-):

Well Olivia thanks for all the phone numbers and all of your wishes for your family, but you really should not send old men your picture. As for you Elisha, Nice try Terry Maggert! No dragons for you.

The 21 Funniest Letters To Santa Ever #funny #letters #santa #christmas #holidays #notes #note #kid #kids #humor #comedy #hilarious:                            Kids Write The Funniest Letters To Santa - 20 images:

Sarah, is organized and likes her men to be gone before her alarm goes off. I like you Sarah.  As for Sofia, of course I will bring you a present. Looks like you could probably use a dictionary….

Letters to Santa:               funny-photos-of-funny-letters-to-santa-how-do-you-get-into-my-house.jpeg (650×353):

Well we obviously have some trust issues on the left, so let’s just tiptoe out of that house! Ah Evan, a boy after my own little heart…..first the reindeer are fine, your brother is not the devil, just a minor demon, as to your question….Magic!

Letter to Santa:   I see you Santa!  Good comeback!

I hope you laughed at these. Merry Christmas!  Happy Solstice!




No More Excuses…Maybe…


While I have a great list of new cozy mysteries for you all, I can’t post them quite yet. So I’ll give you a Tale and a really good Tea recommendation as well! It’s Tazo Refresh Mint and it is really lovely!

Pretty much everyone knows I’ve been battling this blindness in  my left eye due to the infection from a contact lens. Since June 28, when I woke up blind and in pain, it has been a pain in my ass. Not literally, but you get it. For the first 3 months I couldn’t see anything and we were just focused on saving the eye. Well here we are almost 6 months later and my eye is healed. No more infection and as of today, no more meds. No more putting in 6 different drops every hour on the hour. I can go outside now. I have no pain now.

In January I will start the second leg of this journey by having 2 surgeries one right after the other. The first to remove the scar and the second, the corneal transplant. I have to admit I’m having a bit of concern over the transplant. I’ve had strange dreams about having other people’s body parts stuck onto my body. Stephen King type dreams.

Yesterday I was at my therapist office. The first time I’ve gone without sunglasses or the pirate patch, which I don’t need anymore, it’s just for fun now. So after 2 hours of me unloading on this poor guy, I asked him straight up, What was the first thing you noticed when I walked in? I was trying to judge how odd my eyeball looked but in a safe environment for me. His response? ” The first thing? Your boots.” I can’t tell you the relief I felt. So OU Boy and I went to the sandwich shop, again without my sunglasses. As we were picking up our order the girl behind the counter said, “Wow, I love your eyes”.

While I can look in the mirror 100 times a day,I still notice there is a slight difference, but now I know that other people just think one of my eyes is bluer than the other. After the surgeries they will be the same again. The point is now that I have feedback on the situation, I can no longer refuse to be social. And that sucks.  I would much rather stay on here with y’all and be entertained, educated, and just have some good conversations on tough topics, than go be social.

So today I have to do some soul searching and live in the real world instead of a book or here! Although I really don’t want to!