Cecily’s Tea Leaves Told Her She’d Just Had Tea.

Tuesday morning has dawned sunny and hot! I’m starting off the day with this Earl Grey from Ahmad Teas. I used the cucumber tea from yesterday to make a pitcher iced. Tossed in a few mint leaves, a bit of english cucumber and a lime. It is so refreshing in this heat.

Monday is a day off for us so after finishing our individual projects we went to the movies in the middle of the afternoon. There were 6 people in there. We had agreed we wanted to see Deadpool 2 because, well, Ryan Reynolds. There was so much blood and body parts flying around that at one point I almost threw up in the popcorn bucket. Seriously I was gagging. The man in front of us went to sleep, woke up, went to the bathroom, came back and went to sleep. I want those skills!

I was disappointed in this one. Too much Ryan and not enough plot or time for the other characters I love. By the time we got home that roast beast in the crock pot smelled like heaven! This time I had used an organic French Onion Soup stock and tossed in some potatoes and carrots. Smelled amazing!

I have to go to the eye institute today. Who knows what’s going on? Dr. D is trying to get me off the heavy steroid drops twice a day and on to a lighter steroid 3 times a week. The least expensive ones are over $200 for a tiny bottle. So we shall see.

I got called out on the entire birthday party debacle. By my own child no less, who reminded me that I once had an entire western town built for one of his birthdays and for another one everyone dressed as a pirate and had to search the entire club for treasure. But I did point out at no time did he believe he was a horse or an actual pirate. There was that one time he brought like 6 little kids to the house and when I asked him what was going on he looked at me and motioned to his group and said, “These are my people. I’m their Leader now.” I will never forget that. For all of a week my 5-year-old was a cult leader. That year we all had to wear white to his party. The moral being I shouldn’t be talking shit about another mother. And he is right. But I’m still going to do it cause it’s batshit crazy!!

I hope everyone is having a productive and peaceful day and now I’m going to go tan until my eye appointment.

xxPatricia   Have tea. Be Nice. Make someone smile!


Hello Monday! No matter what you always show up, don’t you? This morning I wanted to tell you about a tea I found yesterday. It’s Tazo Cucumber White. The box states the ingredients as : White Tea, Lime Peel, Dandelion Leaves, Black Darjeeling Tea, Cucumber,Peppermint, Lemon Verbena and natural Lime Essence.

On opening the packet you get a lovely and light aroma of the lime and lemon verbena. After steeping it for 3 minutes it smelled lovely. The taste was refreshing and bright. It reminded me of the water I keep in the refrigerator. A carafe full of White Tea mixed with slices of lime, cucumber and mint. Only it’s hot. I loved it and will definitely be adding it to the iced rotation as well.

I especially liked the box which stated: Where do cucumbers go to unwind? A spa carved in the crevice of an iceberg, with blue cooling pools, white tea saunas and a swim-up bar lined with lime peel mugs filled with piping hot tea.

Cucumbers are apparently living the life! So that’s our tea for today. Now, grab that cup and listen to this!

Without mentioning names, Tommy came home Saturday and said, You are never going to believe it but there is a lady up at the club having a dog birthday party. Dog bowls full of water and treats, All kinds of doggy decorations and excess but I’m still thinking this is one of those little old ladies who thinks her dog is a child. WRONG!! Couldn’t be further from the truth. Going back to see, it was a birthday party for a kid who thinks he is a dog. He dresses like a dog, he eats out of bowls and barks. You know every mother there was talking trash about her parenting skills! I mean Corbin thinks he’s Spiderman but he knows he isn’t. Can you imagine these poor Junior League Mommas watching their offspring eating out of a dog bowl on the ground? This should have been on Lifetime for some reason. My Strange Addiction or My son, the dog.

What’s the craziest party you have ever been to? And if you’ve been to one of my out of this world kid’s birthday parties you better just hush.

Love and Kindness….Bless her heart!

xx Patricia

Our Saturday Adventures

Good Sunday Morning! And for all of the mothers/step-mothers and Dads who are also mothers, Happy Mother’s Day.

I haven’t even made tea this morning. My calves are burning from all the walking we did yesterday. We started out at the Gulfport Seafood Company because they get fresh shrimp daily from our home in Gulfport, Mississippi. Yesterday they had a beautiful selection so I bought some to grill for salads then I shot my youngest a text telling him how gorgeous they were and a few hours later he sent me a picture of his gumbo pot full of rich, simmering gumbo. Yummy.

After dropping off the shrimps back at home we stopped off at Michael’s for some craft supplies and noticed a new store next to it. It was Five Below. Everything is $5 or below. I picked up a cute bed canopy and we are going to circle the top with LED lights and make a reading nook for Charli Ava. Then it was a stop at Ulta which was packed! We popped into the library to pick up the latest Kevin Hearne book.

Finally we stopped in at The Corner Bakery and had lunch. I had the Caprese salad on a sourdough baguette. It was delicious. With the kids getting out of school soon I stocked up on pool goggles and underwear. Those two things seem to disappear most often. I don’t even understand the underwear though.

So today is a food prep day. It’s so much easier when you have everything prepared in advance for those Mondays.

Have a great Sunday   xx Patricia


It’s the weekend! And it’s going to be beautiful. Almost no wind, bright sunshine and fun times ahead.

I was drinking tea at 4 a.m. when I should have been sleeping. Then OU Boy woke up and went to get birthday donuts. Of which we ate one bite each before declaring them too sweet.

So it’s been another year and what have I learned?

I’ve learned that life can always surprise you. Just when you think you know what is happening….boom….you don’t. I have no control over anyone or anything. Just go with the flow. Yes, that is what I’ve learned. Go with the flow. But make sure it’s your flow and not someone else’s. Be kind. You will never regret it. Be polite. Everyone will remember it. Be content. Where you are.


Before I go enjoy my day I did want to say thanks for sticking with me and getting me over this rough week of detoxing from the Xanax. I am ready for life, unmedicated. I sure hope it’s ready for me.

Brittany Fuson Paper | Shop | Greeting Cards to me! And all of you other lucky May Babies!  xx Patricia

It’s Friday! Let the Sun Shine!

Good Morning! It’s Friday and I’m starting off with a cup of Harney and Sons Green Blueberry Tea, which is a delight for the nose and the mouth!

I got some sleep last night, but I’m not going to pretend this is easy because it isn’t. I’m drinking a lot of tea and spending a lot of time reading. We keep the monthly Trader Joe’s booklet in the bathroom. It makes for fun reading. Anyway we saw this ad for Persian Cucumbers, which I didn’t even know were a thing, and the way they describe it..well, here.

Some people are surprisingly cool on cucumbers. We consider this one of life’s mysteries. Perhaps these people have never tried one of our Persian versions of the fruit. Yes it is a fruit. If someone less than impressed with curcubitae were to sample our smooth, thin-skinned cukes…experiencing their aromatic sweetness, and their tender, yet crisp bite…we believe they would change their cucumber-tune in a flash. I mean are we still talking about food here? Someone loves their cukes! 

You have to take your fun where you can find it some days. Books, tea and laughter will get you through a lot. I’m reading a good tale by Jo Nesbo.  Norwegian Detective in Australia. Different.

Back to the books! Have a good Friday and Be Good To Yourself!

xx Patricia



May is starting off bright and sunny this morning! Did you find a May basket on  your door this morning? OU Boy was spot on with his lovely wildflower bouquet. Thanks honey!

Yesterday I was so paralyzed with anxiety. I had to go to the Social Security offices to sign a document. I was not prepared. Way too many people and they have a set up like the airport except you don’t take your shoes off.  That was disconcerting as I wasn’t sure if I had any weapons or not. They even take your pepper spray. Sitting there waiting was torture.

When I finally got to my person to sign a document that had gotten lost in the ethernet, in comes a lady with not one but two ankle monitors! She was here to see why she wasn’t getting her benefits. Seriously? Maybe it has something to do with those bright orange ankle things!

All of that had me wringing my hands and ready to go through the roof. As if that wasn’t enough I also found out yesterday that I have to testify in Federal Court. It was like the Anxiety Fairy brought all of her friends at once and I was like a deer in the headlights.

Today I’m trying very hard to enjoy May Day since it is the most important month of all. Being the month of my birth and all. So I’m starting by sharing my anxiety with y’all and then being kind to myself today. Giving myself a pep talk. It will be all right in the end.

Happy May Day! A new month, a clean slate, another chance to reinvent yourself and your world. Have some tea and be kind to yourself.

xx Patricia



Good Morning Y’all. The sun is shining and the rain is finally over. Everywhere I go there are signs of Spring. Birds hatching, flowers pushing through the soft dirt to poke their lovely green heads up to the sun.

It is truly one of the most beautiful seasons. New birth, baby calves, piglets and chickens getting their first look at Mother Earth and the human race. One isn’t looking too hot right now, but sometimes you make the wrong decision and you have to live with it for a bit.

OU Boy stayed home yesterday as he had an awful headache. I kept checking on him in the bed to make sure he was still breathing. I mean, my mattress is brand spanking new and I’d rather not have bodily fluids on it if he were to croak. I only say that because whether it’s  hangnail or a heart attack, that man treats them the same. He’s gonna die.

I am sipping on Tazo Green Ginger this morning because I ate a bag of Twizzlers last night. They are like crack, I swear! You can’t just nibble on one. So now I’m paying the price for having an addict for a mouth and a convent for a stomach. They aren’t happy with one another today, so I will do my penance and sip ginger tea all day and moan and complain. I’m quite good at that!

Yesterday I received an invitation from Amazon to be a Vine Reviewer. Now my reviews can go up early. So yeah!

Time to refill the teapot! Have a glorious day and laugh, it makes me happy!


Taylors Green Jasmine Leaf Tea Caddy 125G Taylors of Harrogate Green Jasmine Leaf Tea, Loose Leaf, 4.41 Ounce Box - http://teacoffeestore.com/taylors-of-harrogate-green-jasmine-leaf-tea-loose-leaf-4-41-ounce-box/ Green tea with jasmine in cup and teapot

This green tea has been a favorite in China since the days of the Song dynasty, eight centuries ago. The best quality comes from Fujian Province where Flowery Orange Pekoe leaf tea is mixed with freshly opened jasmine flowers, and left overnight to allow the tea to absorb the scent of jasmine. The flavor is light and sweet with a subtle perfume. Use a warmed teapot and add one teaspoon of tea per person and an extra ‘one for the pot’. Add water just under the boil and infuse for 2-3 minutes. Serve on its own. You can top the teapot up with more hot water as you enjoy the tea.

This is a really lovely tea. You get that mellow green tea with a hint of jasmine on the back of the tongue. I am loving these new green tea combinations this time of year. Light and wonderfully flavored, I don’t think I have ever met a Taylor’s tea I did not like.

Most tea sellers sell samples, so you can try before you buy a large quantity and I would suggest doing just that. The market we go to has a huge tea selection and I feel it is my obligation to educate anyone in the tea aisle. Yesterday I helped a lovely woman choose an oolong.  I left feeling I had done a good deed. OU Boy sarcastically said next time I should just bring my business cards along and pass them out in the tea aisle. Not a bad idea as I would hate for someone to judge tea on one bad choice.

One poor fellow kept telling us he was looking for steeped tea. OU Boy whispered, Isn’t all tea steeped?  Yes, honey, but we don’t tell people that, we can only ask what color it was and if he liked it. Or just pick one and tell him it’s steeped.

It’s been a great week so far. Sunshiny and the wildfires are getting under control. Baby ducklings are waddling by the lake and two ducks were fighting over a female in my pool. Spring is definitely in the air!

I have heard so much about the Netflix show The Handmaid’s Tale that I got the first season and we binge watched and ate chocolate twizzlers. I will not be watching it again. Subjugation of women is not a topic I can discuss without hand gestures.

Have a lovely Tuesday! Try a new tea, expand your horizons!

xx Patricia



Monday is here and it is a sunny one today. The rain has cleared out and yesterday we went on an adventure. Grab your cup and share this pot of Scottish Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s of Harrogate!

We had such a lazy Sunday. Reading, cleaning house and all those things that need to get accomplished on your days off. I am off today too, but my book pile says otherwise. We knew we needed to make a grocery run and that is where things went horribly wrong!

OU Boy suggested we go to Buy For Less. I said I would rather not and he assured me it would be fine. It was not fine. My nose started wrinkling before I walked in. Then my upper lip started to go up. OU Boy was trying to be cheerful and pointed out asparagus was on sale for 98 cents a pound. I looked and it said From Mexico.  To which I said loudly I’m not buying shit from Mexico. We can grow our own food here. And that is where it ended.

Him: Good God, you can’t go around blurting stuff like that out. We are leaving.

Me: Why can’t I? It’s asparagus season, surely someone in the USA is planting it!

Him: Fine, I’ll take you to your store.

Me: Smiles

So we get to Uptown Market and darn if asparagus wasn’t on sale there as well! I was so happy….OU Boy quips, careful, your inner snob is showing. So yes, there you have it. I am a food snob. I have no control over the nose wrinkle or the lip curl. This market is comforting to me and they are so nice. So we got our stuff and drove by Lake Hefner and saw all the ducks, swans and what I thought were doves but OU Boy said they were pigeons.

When we got home I noticed there were two male ducks fighting to the death in our pool! I went to check it out and they were viciously snapping at each others neck! What is going on I said? OU Boy says, Don’t go near them, they are mating. No I say, they are fighting. They are both males. As I got close a female shoots out of the water and heads for the sky. And they are still fighting. Just like men. The woman has flown off and they still want to fight. Finally they left, but it was disturbing. Much like the first time I saw a rooster and a hen. That was straight up rape there! We got rid of our roosters because we couldn’t look our hens in the face anymore. I’m pretty sure one of them committed suicide by standing in the middle of the road just to not get raped again.

OU Boy made home-made pizza last night and I had beans and veggies. I had a small piece of his pizza and I have to say that dough was spot on.

Then I picked up and finished my book. Jar of Hearts…talk about a thriller!

Have a great Monday and don’t forget to stop for tea. Catch your breath. Calm your soul.

xx Patricia

Lavender Blue, Dilly, Dilly….

It’s Monday! And the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and this song is stuck in my head! So I went with it. Since our tea today is Lavender Lemon by Bigelow Teas.

Actually, I went to sleep last night listening to Disney Lullabies. Yep, that’s right. And I slept like a baby until 6 a.m. Then I got up and started making noise so OU Boy is out the door headed to the golf course.

We finally got all moved in to our new home. We had decided not to take any of our old furniture with us. It’s been moved from Mississippi to Oklahoma and I wanted a fresh start. We trusted we would come out okay. And boy did we!

We did buy a new mattress, because mine was 20 years old and OU Boy is picky about mattresses. Not about picking his clothes up off the floor, but sleeping apparently is a priority. And then a friend asked about furniture and said he had an Art Deco  looking cherry wood bedroom set and could we take it? Uh, yes. It is gorgeous, about 80 years old or so and is beautifully made. Bedroom done.

OU Boy built us a table with his very own hands! So we’ve done pretty well over the last couple of days. We met our neighbors. They are from Russia. Lovely couple. We have explored our area and found nothing lacking. Especially happy a new Tuesday Morning has opened down the block! I was looking for a bedskirt and had to mansplain that.

All in all we are happier than a pig in mud! And the kids all went back to school today after the teacher strike. The teachers were outside holding signs saying they missed their kids. Well, we are very happy to see y’all as well!

Y’all have a great Monday…I’m going to the walking track, which comes out at Barnes and Noble.

xx Patricia