Grab a cup! It’s Going to get Weird!

This is what I call a working lunch. Nice cup of tea and a yummy salad. I can not even begin to tell you how glad I am that this month is over. The 28th especially. It was a year ago on that date that I woke up blind in one eye and started this year-long process of getting a new one. One of my favorite husbands died on the 28th. OU Boy hurt his back on the 28th. So much like the little boy in the park yesterday, I’m going to just start skipping that date. I refuse to acknowledge you so you do not exist.  All in favor, take a shot of tea!

I do not like to watch kids movies. Except Coraline. And the one with the mouse singing Somewhere Out There. Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But as part of our vacation package, I was obliged to watch 4 of them. I’m pretty sure the kids fell asleep out of boredom. Honestly by Day 3 I was just sitting on the sofa staring into space. We had swam, camped, hiked, golfed, pretended we were on Ninja Warrior, made cards, painted rocks until I couldn’t even think like a grown up anymore.

When did meal time become a negotiation? I’m quite sure my mother put the food on the table and we ate it. Or if it was liver, we at least hid it in a napkin! The 6-year-old is a great eater. She eats anything without complaint. The 4-year-old however wants to negotiate like a pirate. And every time I cave. It’s that little smile and those twinkling eyes, the same ones that get me at 2 a.m. when he wakes me up and asks if I was thinking about a snack too. Using his best British accent. Thanks for that Peppa Pig.

   Who could say no to that face??

So if you are raising kids. I applaud you for not leaving them at the Fire Station. Boys, I can deal with, girls not so much. They talk constantly and I swear if I had to hear the word actually one more time, I was going to trade her to the gypsies for a new cooking pot.

xx Laugh! It takes years off of your face!  Patricia

Happy To Be Back Home!

I’m Back! Does anyone else need a vacation from the vacation? Not only do we need one, but we came home in worse shape than when we left.

OU Boy’s back went out after lifting the last of the supplies out of the truck. He made it to a chair float and then couldn’t get up, so we left him in the lake. It started off so nice. There was no one else about and the deer momma and her babies made a visit and we had found treasure ( treasure is defined as anything the fairies may need or something we can use to make some craft with) in this case we found an entire headdress worth of big duck feathers, 3 dead baby fish, and some really nice rocks.

There was golfing and swimming and running a Ninja Warrior obstacle course where we met a boy who said he was 7 and his birthday is next week and he’s turning 9. “Don’t you mean 8?” we asked. Nope, he says, ” I decided to skip 8 and go to 9.” I mean this boy had a plan! He was going to continue this until he was 25 he said. I had nothing. No come back. Just a confused look. Plus I was a little perturbed I hadn’t thought of that first.

Today I keep wondering why in the world we even have kids! Good Lord, it is like a full-time job when you already have a full time job. And I’m not even going to talk about the bathroom visits they make like we live in a commune or some weird parallel universe where people come in and cheer for you to go potty.

More on that subject tomorrow when I’ve recovered!

xx Patricia


Caramel Crush( A Cupcake Bakery Mystery) by Jenn McKinlay

Caramel Crush (Cupcake Bakery Mystery, #9)

After the near miss at the altar in Vegas, Mel knows she still wants to marry Joe, but Angie is the only bridezilla they can handle at the moment! And that is a full-time job.

When an old roommate from college shows up and asks Mel for a favor, because apparently Mel owes her for some mysterious event in college, of course she says yes. Diane is a bit vague on the break up but wants Mel to deliver a batch of Caramel Crush cupcakes to her soon to be ex, with an  It really is you, not me theme.

When Mel finds the intended, he isn’t in any shape to be eating cupcakes or anything else as he is now dead. As Mel tries to find out who killed him and why, she is still having to deal with Angie, who is about to have a total melt down over the wedding.

Along the way Mel has to deal with all of the mean girls from Freshman year at college and they have only gotten worse over the years. I felt so bad for her. I mean we all know Freshman year is awful. But when you are carrying around an extra 75 pounds or so, it is even worse. Even though Mel has blossomed into a beautiful woman, the memories and the barbs still hurt, but Diane keeps reminding her that she owes her big, so on she goes with her investigating!

I love all of these characters. And now I’ve read the latest one and will have to wait for more bakery goodness. The recipes in this one are super easy but oh so good!

I hope you enjoy it too! And what better to have a Caramel Cupcake with than Bigelow’s Salted Caramel Tea!


Image result for caramel cupcake                      Image result for salted caramel tea

xx Patricia

It’s Time For The Weekend!

Good Morning fellow people of the page! I woke up to a man on a ladder outside my window this morning. He was changing out an upstairs window but good grief man it’s Saturday! 9 a.m. or so would have been just fine!

Last night was the final Reign. I’m not even going to lie. I cried like a 3 month old getting his first shots! And The Originals wasn’t much better! I’m still not sure what happened at the end there. So if someone can explain that to me, please do!

OU Boy showed up with dinner last night, so I didn’t have to eat cereal at 10 at night. Thank you kind sir! However the sweets fairy was nowhere to be found. She is such a stingy bitchy thing sometimes.

I’m making a pitcher of Tazo Passion tea this morning for later. If you liked it hot, you’ll love it over ice! It’s a burst of happy for your mouth!

We are under another Heat Threat today so make sure you stay hydrated and please for the love of all that is holy, dress for the body you have, not the one you want. Please. (Lady next door).

xx  Be Kind and Be Calm5ef7878b0fbf3afdf2e4b161bcf6652e


Release Day for Fern Michaels “The Godmothers Series. Spirited Away”

Part Two of the New Three-Part Godmothers Serial!

The best of friends, Toots, Ida, Mavis, and Sophie have been there for each other through thick and thin. Now Sophie needs the rest of the Godmothers to help her through something they’ve never faced before . . .
There are no secrets between best friends. At least, Teresa “Toots” Loudenberry has always believed that to be the case. In the decades since she, Sophie, Ida, and Mavis met in Catholic school, they’ve shared all the joys and hardships of their colorful, extraordinary adventures. But right now, Toots can tell that Sophie is hiding something.

Sophie wishes she could confide in Toots. But she can’t reveal her hunch about her home’s history and the unhappiness that still seems to linger there. There’s too much at stake, including the safety of Toots’ daughter Abby and her twin girls. But though Toots, Ida, and Mavis are all entering new phases in their lives—and love lives—they won’t let Sophie face this challenge on her own . . .

I was really excited about this new novella series. These women have been friends since 7th grade and they have had some adventures.

In this second book, they have all moved to Charleston,South Carolina and Sophie is hiding a secret from the others. But not for long. Toots is way too nosy for that!

Somewhere in Sophie’s new house is a spirit that looks like it is there to destroy the entire house. Bt Sophie knows there is a story here and she will get to the bottom of it with help from her friends.

Nobody does strong women better than Fern Michaels. For some reason I feel better about life in general after reading her stories!

Good Job with this one and can’t wait for the next!   This one is out May 9th so check it out!

Happy May Day! Where We Dance Around The Pole!


Happy May Day! It is a bright sunny day here. Tiny bouquets have been delivered to unsuspecting neighbors and the May Pole is ready for dancing.

The weatherman has promised me 10 days of no bad weather. Yesterday it was supposed to be done, but as soon as I got in the truck to grab some Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea ( I was out and coffee and I break up this time of year) shut the door and it started to sleet! Seriously Oklahoma? But I’m going to let that go as this is a new day, a new month.

Since this is my birthday week, I usually sit down and assess my goals and what worked and what didn’t for me and then I set goals for the next year. What do I need to work on? What did I get right/wrong? What color do I want my hair this year? Do I know more now than I did last year? Are there any things or people in my life that need to go the way of coffee? Will I finally make up my mind about relationships? Will I finally take over the world? Will culottes ever come back in style? Will I ever find Navy Blue sandals? You know, important shit.

OH well, I will ponder all of these deep topics as I laze in the sun with my best friend Kindle!

xx Patricia  5ef7878b0fbf3afdf2e4b161bcf6652e




Being Lazy on a Beautiful Sunday!


Good Sunday Morning to you all! It is Sunday, right? The sun is shining bright this morning which is a treat.

It started storming here on Friday evening and didn’t stop until the middle of last night. The winds were strong enough to bring about 40,000 of us an entire day of no power because of downed poles, live power lines on the road.

Ceilings were falling in and shop vacs were in high demand. The only good part was I got a lot of reading done. My only angst came from knowing that the Dinner Fairy would be unable to make me a priority with the Country Club flooding and a bunch of guys sitting in the bar waiting to tee off. A very weak way of staying plastered all day as everyone knew this rain wasn’t stopping. So imagine my surprise when there was a knock on the door and *poof* there was my Caesar Salad!

Today is a major clean up day as signs, trees and trampolines are nowhere near where they used to be. But that is not my problem so I am posted up in my cozy bed getting ready to start a new thriller and drink a big fat mug of Chai Tea from Tazo.

Tomorrow starts my birthday week. An entire week celebrating the fact that my Momma went through excruciatingly painful childbirth (She was knocked TF out!) and gave birth to her first daughter. And I got to be the baby for a whole year before she spit out the next daughter. 

xx Have a good Sunday!

I Will Always Love You My Friend!


Today in memory of a dear friend who passed away much too soon. She was bigger than life and wanted nothing more than to be a mom. Her wish was granted but for a very short time. Today I’ll remember her son along with how much she made me laugh and her larger than life style and oh that orange lipstick and those eyes!

You would come into my office like a tornado. Full of life, love and laughs

You were beautiful inside and out..true beauty. I know you are singing in the choir of heaven but I miss you Alva True Patterson!


xx Patricia   taylors2

Hello Yellow! You are looking Fabulous!


Well we all made it to Wednesday! Yesterday I overdid it as I tend to do so today I’m not picking up furniture~ When I saw these lovely daffy dillys yesterday popping  up with their happy little faces open wide to the sunshine I knew I wanted to do a Yellow board today. It would seem that Spring has decided to come to Oklahoma today.

Today marks an anniversary of something very bad that happened  to my sister. But that’s not my story to tell. I still would like to acknowledge her today and say that although she can drive me crazy sometimes, I think she is one of the bravest people I know.

So today all of this yellow sunshine love is for her. You are Strong, You are Stubborn, You are a Survivor.

xx Patricia