You,Me and a Cuppa Tea!


Good Morning Y’all! Since I am still fighting this sore throat thing I am sticking to some good Zen Tea from Tazo this morning. Since I was so rudely shaken out of bed by a text from my sister! Yep, that would be you Victoria Beth!

She is such a kind and good soul, she has been up in the frozen tundra we call “as far north as you can go and still be in the USA”, taking care of our mother while she recuperates from a broken pelvis. And to be sure I asked her what the heck she was doing out of bed! Turns out Momma gets up at 5 a.m., you know that time when most murders happen. True Story. Honest.

We are trying to get used to this new schedule of having Friday and Saturday off, but I am as confused as heck! Yesterday I stayed in bed all day reading with a throat so sore I thought I may have swallowed acid. Thank goodness today is better.

I guess this is a Bank Holiday as it is closed. And for a good reason. Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. A man I never met, although I have met his wife. I wonder what he would think of the current political debacle? I wonder how much progress we have made and whether he would be disappointed in us? Most of all I’m wondering why race is an issue. We are all members of the human race. Period. No distinctions needed about color,who you love or who you want to become. Seriously, we are all the same. Except Trump, I’m not sure where he came from but I do wish he would go back there!

Enjoy your Monday. Be Nice. Be Kind. Be a Human Being!

xx Patricia, who is going back to bed.


A New Barn and Silo! With A Side of Gratitude!

Great selection to choose a perfect cup of tea,

Things have most certainly been wacky around the country this week! Here we are edging towards 50 degrees and our friends and family in the deep south are in snow while the Northeast gets a bomb blizzard!

So it just fit with the wackiness of things when OU Boy came home last night with a truck full of stuff from the grandparents storage. All of my fellow lovers of free junk we can re-finish or paint or turn into other things will understand my giddiness. There was an old Marine trunk full of woodworking tools, paint brushes, hand carved crochet hooks with indentations for my fingers even! Material that just so happened to match my living room decor perfectly! Black and White Herringbone with Red trim. Enough craft supplies to keep my babies busy for years!

And then I unwrapped this….    After some digging on-line I found out it is from The Barnyard Collection by J.S.Nicol made in Sri Lanka. The little barn is a cookie jar and the silo is a Teapot!!!! Cuteness overload.

There was also 6 sets of luggage which was never used and a lot of blankets which we donated today. One huge box contained nothing but gift bags, tissue paper and bows! One was full of picture frames and gorgeous antique mirrors, even a lovely dresser tray for my combs and such and lots of candy dishes. Since OU Boy is quitting smoking I’m filling those with mints at home and some for his office.

Next time it will be shoes. She is cleaning out entire rooms of shoes that have never seen the light of day and we are the same size. So all in all it was a kick ass day! Our 2018 is starting off with a bang.

How are things where you are? Snow? No snow?  It’s almost tea time so I’m going to brew up some nice Earl Grey from Harney and Sons in my new Silo Teapot!

xx Patricia

A Fun Saturday With The Kids!

Well that Dessert Fairy wasn’t needed today! Charli Ava and Corbin weren’t putting up with that type of unreliable behavior. We took matters into our own hands!

This had all of the makings of a huge mess but it went great! Corbin was in awe that “that lady just sent you that recipe on the computer!” And yes that lady did. For the pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. The key to cooking with kids is organization and responsibility.

While I called out the ingredients, Charli placed them on the counter as Corbin yelled, Check! While they were having a blast they also learned to measure and fractions and reading.  They were very proud of themselves!  The recipe is on our Tea and Tales 1  Facebook Page. Or HERE

We colored and cut and pasted snowmen, trees, angels and used a lot of scotch tape! We all talked to Momma still in the hospital and when their Dad called to say he was on the way they made signs for the front door and locked it. They just needed 300 more minutes to finish up the little gifts they made for their Dad. And another note that said, This isn’t your house so we don’t have to unlock the door.

Corbin decided that shortbread is even better dipped in Sugar Cookie Tea and then in the Sugar bowl! And then he ate the bars and thought they were the best thing he ever, ever had in his mouth! And he was correct. These are delicious!

So, while it was freezing cold outside, we were warm and listening to Christmas music and creating things. It was the best day ever!

xx Patricia

Wrap Your Hands Around A Warm Cup Of Tea And Let’s Chat

Good Morning Y’all! Well Mother Nature has sent some of that arctic Canadian weather our way. One day in the 70’s and this morning 24 degrees. No. Not going to work for me. I had to make a huge amount of Chai this morning just do feel warm.

I talked to my Momma last night and she had an MRI where they found quite a few small fractures and  a few healed breaks. First up I wanted to know how the you know what she got those! Especially the old ones as I did not want to have to dig up my Grandfather and kill him again. The newer ones are due to her osteoporosis. So we are concentrating on the pelvic break. She still can’t put weight on one leg and she is working herself up into a full on Hissy Fit!

My Momma retired from the warmth and love of Mississippi to the land just south of the wall. North Dakota. On the border pretty much of Canada. Why? I have no clue. My sister lives there and my father is buried there but she hated that place. She is a Charleston girl. Anywhoo, I’m asking about the MRI and she said they took her in a wheelchair out to the truck. WTF?  Yep, good old St. Andrews doesn’t have a MRI machine. Fargo sends one up once a week. And the doctor is called a Hospitalist. What the heck is that?

The food sucks, the weather sucks, and if the nurses know what is good for them they will keep those Percocet coming on the regular! Just be kind to her. I know she’s a handful of 5 foot nothing, and she can cuss you out like a sailor, but it’s just because she’s scared. I’m thankful for all of you and most of all for my sister Susi who lives there and keeps us informed and works her bum off for Border Patrol but still takes care of our mother. Which we are blessed and grateful for.

OU Boy is still pushing for her to come live with us. OU Boy may not be around much longer. Especially if things go wrong at the Rose Bowl. Keep pushing buddy and you and Momma will be living in a home getting fat at the Cracker Barrel!

xx Patricia


Enjoy Some Tea and a Tale!


Cup and Teapot at the ready! Always a good day when these guys show up at the door!

As if the eye thing wasn’t enough, my sister sent me a text Saturday night letting me know my Momma had fallen out of their truck and had broken her pelvis. Yesterday was just a round of calling, texting and trying to get information.

She can’t walk yet but they are getting her up and in a chair with help from Percocet. The doctor, who is from Oklahoma, said she could go home when she can walk to the bathroom. She should start Physical Therapy today. But it really scared us. The woman is tiny as a bird to begin with, but at least it’s not her hip!

When I spoke to her yesterday I said,”You just had to one up me didn’t you?” Yep she said! Sweet OU Boy immediately wanted to go get her and move her in with us. Yeah….that’s not going to happen buddy!

So Football! What a weird shake up those ranking were. Although really Ohio, you had two losses. Get a grip. The weird news here is Oklahoma plays Georgia in the Rose Bowl. We have no idea what to do. They haven’t played each other and I’m from Georgia and OU Boy is from, well OU.  Could be bad.

Enjoy one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite people!


I found purple tea. I’ve had some that were lavender but now I  have found purple! I saw quite a few sellers of this tea once I started looking. I received the Kenyan loose leaf and as you can see by the dry leaves they have a dusky purple hue. In the cup they become a lovely shade of purple and the taste is very nice.

Yesterday was Thursday and was busy from start to finish. It’s always soccer practice for the seven-year old and this time we met up with Jodi and Corbin at the ‘rocket park’. I call it that because I have no idea what the name of it is. But it has a very tall rocket in the middle of it that you climb a ladder round and round until you get to the top where there is a deck. I made it to the second highest which is the slide and slid on out of there.

Today is full of sunshine and all is well. Jodi and I discussed the dust situation and she agreed it was a good move as a Halloween decoration, along with the dead plants outside. So that’s settled. Corbin says he is going as Georgie from IT and Charli Ava wants to do the corpse bride. Copycat!

Last night I was alone, just strolling through the reader checking out who is doing what and I come upon this post the title of which was ” Why women should stop doing the Cucumber Cleanse for their vagina.” Well hell yeah, I had to click on that! It is a thing and it included directions. Peel the cucumber, swish it around in your vagina for 20 minutes. Then I had questions. Is it a cucumber like Cynthia grows? Or a skinny english cucumber? Does it have to be peeled? Does it have to be cold? And why 20 minutes? I mean heck, I’ve got other stuff to do. And what are these people using their vaginas for that they need a cleanse?  Since I was home alone I had to tell Cynthia about it. Because I’m a good friend.

So yeah, it’s Friday the 13th. And that was my weirdness for the day. Not really, I’ll be weird all day. It’s kind of my thing.

xx Patricia     Enjoy your day, Smile and have a good cup of tea.


My Own Stress Free Zone and A Cup of Matcha!

With my cup of Matcha this morning I’m feeling green. Not with envy. Although I wouldn’t say no to that green tea cup!

I really enjoy Matcha and all of its benefits. I do not however enjoy making things to eat with it. Although most of my diet consists of green foods, I just can’t do a green donut or brownie or beer. It looks like algae.

This morning started out in a very stressful zone! I couldn’t find my bank card and was not happy to find out someone had borrowed it and not returned it. The evil side of my brain was all set to blow this into a hurricane sized issue as I had plans to go to the kid’s soccer games. Then I walked outside and it would seem that it rained last night and it was 60 degrees. My allergies said “Get thyself back into the house woman!”.

Poor Anxiety…she just can’t win this week. She quickly got shoved back into her box and after that first cup of tea I can’t even hear her whining anymore. It’s Saturday, the sun is shining ( which means nothing to me when it is 60 degrees!) and football comes on.

Question!  How do you feel about school fundraisers? I have been asked to buy everything from nuts to sausage lately and even from daycares! Here is how I feel about that. I’m not buying anything. I wrote a check to Charli Ava’s school and that is that. I mean how much of that money for the $50 wreath is going to the school? And I don’t believe in kids going door to door selling stuff. And if you are one of those parents who expect all of your co-workers to buy magazines or cookie dough they don’t want please leave me out of it. If my child’s school is raising money for something, just tell us. We will give you some money directly for that instead of my child bugging the crap out of people so she can win a key chain worth a dime. If I wanted my kids selling stuff, I’d get them a job.

xx Patricia   Enjoy your Saturday! May it be calm and peaceful!


Lust, Lamps, Soccer and Irma

Image result for bronze buffet lamps  Yes, that is a lamp. I have been lusting after this lamp since I saw it on Pinterest. I needed wanted 2 of this tall buffet style lamp and I did not want to pay $200 for the joy of owning it. So yesterday I went in search of said lamp at a better price.

OU Boy had the entire day off and we had nothing earth shattering to do until the 4 year olds soccer practice at 6 p.m. We slurped down our tea and hit the road. For all of 5 minutes. Now that I can see things I couldn’t for a year, I’m always excited to point them all out to the driver and it apparently drives them nuts. As I said we were 5 minutes down the road and he turned to me and said,” Did you take your meds?” Well, no, I don’t take meds in the morning, just at bedtime. “Then I need to stop by the house and take some meds myself” was his reply!

So with everyone medicated we struck out to all the places you would generally find lamps and nothing under the $200 mark,  so I decided we would go to every thrift store in the area. And Lord Have Mercy at the final one there sat my lamps. Two of them! No shades but the exact lamps. I paid a grand total of $8 for both of them. It was really easy to find the shades, and now I have two lovely buffet lamps for under $20 each! Seriously one of these suckers was $209! The cheap skate in me was in Nirvana!

As I said it was the 4 year olds first soccer practice, which is basically 10 other 4 year olds carrying their balls around and tossing  them in the net, losing their shin guards every 5 minutes, looking at the clouds or in the case of ours, laid out on the blanket saying he just couldn’t go on with this. When Papa in all his wisdom tried to reason with him comparing soccer to golf, things got heated. ” But I love golf. And I hate soccer!” Do that in a whiney voice, okay? After bribing him with snacks, and telling him how hurt his Coach/Dad would be if his little boy wouldn’t play soccer,then it was my turn. ” Get your ass out there on that field right now or when you get home your Daddy is going to tear that ass up!” Boom! Done!

All in all by the end of practice, the kids were at least talking to each other and were keeping their balls on the ground. One little boy thought he was trying out for the NFL obviously. Everytime he kicked his ball in the net he did a very well thought out end zone dance. Go Lamont! There are girls on the team too. So we’ll see how this plays out on Thursday.

While we joke and are living our lives as normal ( okay that may have been a stretch to say normal) we are still keeping our prayer chains going for not only Texas, but all the people about to be smacked by Irma. Which includes my family. I was told by a Red Cross lady that they have so many supplies, but they need cash and people. These folks can’t just go back home. They need money for hotels, apartments, medications and transportation.

Also the fires in the western states are destroying lives and property. I’m just going to sit right here in the middle of Oklahoma and hope we don’t get some crazy tornado outbreak!

Be safe. Love each other. Do what you can.

We had a rocking good time yesterday!

Mollie’s series with Cora and her crafting ideas always inspire me to try something new. This collage I made was for the release of the last book and her new one comes out on Tuesday.

Tommy has been collecting all the flat smallish river rocks he can find and we now had a really big sack full of them! So we looked at a lot of ideas on Pinterest, which somehow spun into pinning about 30 more ideas for a Spiderman themed birthday part for the 4-year-old. Again.

But we got all the rocks out and I had already washed them in dish soap and bleach, so we knew we had to put down a base coat of paint for them to have something for the markers to stick to.

So after trying out several different paint brushes, we found the ones that worked the best. It’s always the one you have two of. They must be the same and the rocks must be the same size. I learned this the hard way when the four-year old was on the floor doing what I thought was the child’s resting yoga pose and the 7-year-old informed me that he was having a melt down. No noise, no whining. Just laid down like a cat and stayed there. It’s called Peaceful Protest. I like it.

But we finally managed to get all of the rocks thoroughly covered in the white paint on both sides and now they will dry until Monday. Mainly because I need more colors of paint because someone wants to paint Thor and we don’t have Tan for his hand.

We had some tea of course and a chocolate pudding that Tommy had made and Charli Ava wondered out loud if he had meant it to be brownie mix.

At one point she began to walk like the soldiers in the North Korean army and her dad was like What the heck are you doing? Where did you learn that? Do not ever do that again. It’s not a nice thing to do because bad people use it to make other people afraid.

I thought she was being a nutcracker so I kept my mouth shut. Finally we all piled on the bed and watched some movie about a stork that was pretty funny. Then out of nowhere the four-year old says, Did you know that Grandpa B**** is daddy’s daddy? Why yes, I said, I was married to him. To which he replied, That’s gross, aren’t you glad you got away from him cause he’s really old!?  God, I love this child so much!

How was your Wednesday?


Happy To Be Back Home!

I’m Back! Does anyone else need a vacation from the vacation? Not only do we need one, but we came home in worse shape than when we left.

OU Boy’s back went out after lifting the last of the supplies out of the truck. He made it to a chair float and then couldn’t get up, so we left him in the lake. It started off so nice. There was no one else about and the deer momma and her babies made a visit and we had found treasure ( treasure is defined as anything the fairies may need or something we can use to make some craft with) in this case we found an entire headdress worth of big duck feathers, 3 dead baby fish, and some really nice rocks.

There was golfing and swimming and running a Ninja Warrior obstacle course where we met a boy who said he was 7 and his birthday is next week and he’s turning 9. “Don’t you mean 8?” we asked. Nope, he says, ” I decided to skip 8 and go to 9.” I mean this boy had a plan! He was going to continue this until he was 25 he said. I had nothing. No come back. Just a confused look. Plus I was a little perturbed I hadn’t thought of that first.

Today I keep wondering why in the world we even have kids! Good Lord, it is like a full-time job when you already have a full time job. And I’m not even going to talk about the bathroom visits they make like we live in a commune or some weird parallel universe where people come in and cheer for you to go potty.

More on that subject tomorrow when I’ve recovered!

xx Patricia