Lust, Lamps, Soccer and Irma

Image result for bronze buffet lamps  Yes, that is a lamp. I have been lusting after this lamp since I saw it on Pinterest. I needed wanted 2 of this tall buffet style lamp and I did not want to pay $200 for the joy of owning it. So yesterday I went in search of said lamp at a better price.

OU Boy had the entire day off and we had nothing earth shattering to do until the 4 year olds soccer practice at 6 p.m. We slurped down our tea and hit the road. For all of 5 minutes. Now that I can see things I couldn’t for a year, I’m always excited to point them all out to the driver and it apparently drives them nuts. As I said we were 5 minutes down the road and he turned to me and said,” Did you take your meds?” Well, no, I don’t take meds in the morning, just at bedtime. “Then I need to stop by the house and take some meds myself” was his reply!

So with everyone medicated we struck out to all the places you would generally find lamps and nothing under the $200 mark,  so I decided we would go to every thrift store in the area. And Lord Have Mercy at the final one there sat my lamps. Two of them! No shades but the exact lamps. I paid a grand total of $8 for both of them. It was really easy to find the shades, and now I have two lovely buffet lamps for under $20 each! Seriously one of these suckers was $209! The cheap skate in me was in Nirvana!

As I said it was the 4 year olds first soccer practice, which is basically 10 other 4 year olds carrying their balls around and tossing  them in the net, losing their shin guards every 5 minutes, looking at the clouds or in the case of ours, laid out on the blanket saying he just couldn’t go on with this. When Papa in all his wisdom tried to reason with him comparing soccer to golf, things got heated. ” But I love golf. And I hate soccer!” Do that in a whiney voice, okay? After bribing him with snacks, and telling him how hurt his Coach/Dad would be if his little boy wouldn’t play soccer,then it was my turn. ” Get your ass out there on that field right now or when you get home your Daddy is going to tear that ass up!” Boom! Done!

All in all by the end of practice, the kids were at least talking to each other and were keeping their balls on the ground. One little boy thought he was trying out for the NFL obviously. Everytime he kicked his ball in the net he did a very well thought out end zone dance. Go Lamont! There are girls on the team too. So we’ll see how this plays out on Thursday.

While we joke and are living our lives as normal ( okay that may have been a stretch to say normal) we are still keeping our prayer chains going for not only Texas, but all the people about to be smacked by Irma. Which includes my family. I was told by a Red Cross lady that they have so many supplies, but they need cash and people. These folks can’t just go back home. They need money for hotels, apartments, medications and transportation.

Also the fires in the western states are destroying lives and property. I’m just going to sit right here in the middle of Oklahoma and hope we don’t get some crazy tornado outbreak!

Be safe. Love each other. Do what you can.

We had a rocking good time yesterday!

Mollie’s series with Cora and her crafting ideas always inspire me to try something new. This collage I made was for the release of the last book and her new one comes out on Tuesday.

Tommy has been collecting all the flat smallish river rocks he can find and we now had a really big sack full of them! So we looked at a lot of ideas on Pinterest, which somehow spun into pinning about 30 more ideas for a Spiderman themed birthday part for the 4-year-old. Again.

But we got all the rocks out and I had already washed them in dish soap and bleach, so we knew we had to put down a base coat of paint for them to have something for the markers to stick to.

So after trying out several different paint brushes, we found the ones that worked the best. It’s always the one you have two of. They must be the same and the rocks must be the same size. I learned this the hard way when the four-year old was on the floor doing what I thought was the child’s resting yoga pose and the 7-year-old informed me that he was having a melt down. No noise, no whining. Just laid down like a cat and stayed there. It’s called Peaceful Protest. I like it.

But we finally managed to get all of the rocks thoroughly covered in the white paint on both sides and now they will dry until Monday. Mainly because I need more colors of paint because someone wants to paint Thor and we don’t have Tan for his hand.

We had some tea of course and a chocolate pudding that Tommy had made and Charli Ava wondered out loud if he had meant it to be brownie mix.

At one point she began to walk like the soldiers in the North Korean army and her dad was like What the heck are you doing? Where did you learn that? Do not ever do that again. It’s not a nice thing to do because bad people use it to make other people afraid.

I thought she was being a nutcracker so I kept my mouth shut. Finally we all piled on the bed and watched some movie about a stork that was pretty funny. Then out of nowhere the four-year old says, Did you know that Grandpa B**** is daddy’s daddy? Why yes, I said, I was married to him. To which he replied, That’s gross, aren’t you glad you got away from him cause he’s really old!?  God, I love this child so much!

How was your Wednesday?


Happy To Be Back Home!

I’m Back! Does anyone else need a vacation from the vacation? Not only do we need one, but we came home in worse shape than when we left.

OU Boy’s back went out after lifting the last of the supplies out of the truck. He made it to a chair float and then couldn’t get up, so we left him in the lake. It started off so nice. There was no one else about and the deer momma and her babies made a visit and we had found treasure ( treasure is defined as anything the fairies may need or something we can use to make some craft with) in this case we found an entire headdress worth of big duck feathers, 3 dead baby fish, and some really nice rocks.

There was golfing and swimming and running a Ninja Warrior obstacle course where we met a boy who said he was 7 and his birthday is next week and he’s turning 9. “Don’t you mean 8?” we asked. Nope, he says, ” I decided to skip 8 and go to 9.” I mean this boy had a plan! He was going to continue this until he was 25 he said. I had nothing. No come back. Just a confused look. Plus I was a little perturbed I hadn’t thought of that first.

Today I keep wondering why in the world we even have kids! Good Lord, it is like a full-time job when you already have a full time job. And I’m not even going to talk about the bathroom visits they make like we live in a commune or some weird parallel universe where people come in and cheer for you to go potty.

More on that subject tomorrow when I’ve recovered!

xx Patricia


Release Day for Fern Michaels “The Godmothers Series. Spirited Away”

Part Two of the New Three-Part Godmothers Serial!

The best of friends, Toots, Ida, Mavis, and Sophie have been there for each other through thick and thin. Now Sophie needs the rest of the Godmothers to help her through something they’ve never faced before . . .
There are no secrets between best friends. At least, Teresa “Toots” Loudenberry has always believed that to be the case. In the decades since she, Sophie, Ida, and Mavis met in Catholic school, they’ve shared all the joys and hardships of their colorful, extraordinary adventures. But right now, Toots can tell that Sophie is hiding something.

Sophie wishes she could confide in Toots. But she can’t reveal her hunch about her home’s history and the unhappiness that still seems to linger there. There’s too much at stake, including the safety of Toots’ daughter Abby and her twin girls. But though Toots, Ida, and Mavis are all entering new phases in their lives—and love lives—they won’t let Sophie face this challenge on her own . . .

I was really excited about this new novella series. These women have been friends since 7th grade and they have had some adventures.

In this second book, they have all moved to Charleston,South Carolina and Sophie is hiding a secret from the others. But not for long. Toots is way too nosy for that!

Somewhere in Sophie’s new house is a spirit that looks like it is there to destroy the entire house. Bt Sophie knows there is a story here and she will get to the bottom of it with help from her friends.

Nobody does strong women better than Fern Michaels. For some reason I feel better about life in general after reading her stories!

Good Job with this one and can’t wait for the next!   This one is out May 9th so check it out!

Being Lazy on a Beautiful Sunday!


Good Sunday Morning to you all! It is Sunday, right? The sun is shining bright this morning which is a treat.

It started storming here on Friday evening and didn’t stop until the middle of last night. The winds were strong enough to bring about 40,000 of us an entire day of no power because of downed poles, live power lines on the road.

Ceilings were falling in and shop vacs were in high demand. The only good part was I got a lot of reading done. My only angst came from knowing that the Dinner Fairy would be unable to make me a priority with the Country Club flooding and a bunch of guys sitting in the bar waiting to tee off. A very weak way of staying plastered all day as everyone knew this rain wasn’t stopping. So imagine my surprise when there was a knock on the door and *poof* there was my Caesar Salad!

Today is a major clean up day as signs, trees and trampolines are nowhere near where they used to be. But that is not my problem so I am posted up in my cozy bed getting ready to start a new thriller and drink a big fat mug of Chai Tea from Tazo.

Tomorrow starts my birthday week. An entire week celebrating the fact that my Momma went through excruciatingly painful childbirth (She was knocked TF out!) and gave birth to her first daughter. And I got to be the baby for a whole year before she spit out the next daughter. 

xx Have a good Sunday!

All the Little Liars by Charlaine Harris

An Aurora Teagarden Mystery!


Charlaine Harris is the author of the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, which are on Hallmark TV as well! She is also the author of my favorite Sookie Stackhouse Urban Fantasy series, which HBO turned into True Blood. She also writes several other series books.
All the Little Liars is one of the Aurora Teagarden Mystereies. This series is one of my guilty little pleasures! And looking at this book sitting on my TBR pile was getting harder and harder every day until fate intervened and I was able to read it ahead of schedule.

In Aurora’s little Georgia town, everybody knows everybody and their Momma, and Aurora is enjoying her new husband, Robin Crusoe, true crime writer as well as keeping a secret that she and Robin have yet to share with the rest of the world.
Aurora’s half-brother, Phillip, who is 15, is now living with Aurora and Robin, having had enough of his own parents and their bad behavior. Being new in town hasn’t stopped Phillip from making friends. Good kids whose parents Aurora has known a long time.
Everything is going along more or less as planned until one day when Phillip doesn’t come home. Also gone are his two best friends and an 11 year old girl who was just catching a ride home with them.
Is this a kidnapping? Aurora knows it’s not a runaway situation and she isn’t going to let a little old thing like pregnancy get in the way of finding her brother and bringing him safely home.
As she asks herself how well does she really know the people she grew up with, the friends and families? Secrets just keep popping out of the proverbial bag and each one is worse than the last.
A great mystery! Excellent takes on bullying, alternate lifestyles and hope, love and respect as well as the lengths a parent will go to protect their child.

I have to say the editing of this book was very unlike her other books. There were some issues with the pregnancy and who was told when and a few other things that should have been easily caught!

But that said it was good to see Aurora again!


Uff Da! It’s Time To Make The Lefse Again!

So what the heck is Lefse? Well if you are Norwegian, you already know. I am sure that half of the folks in Bottineau, North Dakota are boiling and ricing pounds of potatoes to make this delectable treat!lefse4 Which is covered in butter and sprinkled with sugar and rolled up and shoved in eager little mouths!

When my Great Grandfather, Fredrik Nilssen Vestre, of Vatne, married my Great Grandmother, Hannah Petrine, from Dyroy they soon set out to the U.S. and stopped just short of the Canadian border in Souris Township. Most of the people moving there were of Nordic descent and came from Sweden, Norway, Scotland ( where my other Grandpa came over from and married the daughter of Fredrik, Anna Vestre, born in the grain bin since the house wasn’t finished yet!)

They brought with them the customs and food of their homeland and it was the best food I ever ate! Being from the deep south, our holidays had to incorporate a few different cultures. But today it’s all about the Vestre family and what we make.


This my friends, is Lefse!  It is the best thing ever! I have only made it once. It’s hard. Usually someone sends me some. I can never think of Lefse without thinking about Lutefisk. Lutefisk is dried whitefish (normally cod, but ling and burbot is also used) treated with lye. It is nasty and stinks and I think they must leave it out in the sun for a few days to ripen…Every year the First Lutheran Church in Bottineau has a Lefse and Lutefisk Dinner. I went once. I will not go back.

Next time I will share some of the sweets we love and how you can make them too!



Some New Tea and a New Cozy Mystery

Time for some tea, new to me, and a really great new book series!

Today I tried Tazo’s refresh mint tea. Just 3 ingredients: peppermint, spearmint and tarragon.  And it is delightful! The Tarragon comes through more with a second steep and is a nice little bite on the back of my tongue. Seems just right for such a gloomy day. The treats are from my favorite Pastry Chef at the CC. There is a Red Velvet with the original style frosting, so it isn’t overly sweet and a luscious layered Espresso with Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache. 

If I had to choose, which I do not…the Espresso slice was absolutely heavenly!

Plus I have a new to me book series. Author A.L. Herbert has put out his second book in the Mahalia Watkins Soul Food Mystery Series. 

Murder with Macaroni and Cheese (A Mahalia Watkins Mystery) by [Herbert, A.L.]

First let me tell you there are RECIPES. Mahalia Watkins is the owner of Mahalia’s Sweet Tea, a soul food, no calorie counting, restaurant. Her food is well known and loved.

In the first book of the series Murder with Chicken and Waffles, we meet Mahalia and her Momma and her crazy cousin, Wavonne, who all work at the restaurant. On the side, she likes to dabble in some detective work.

Halia’s high school reunion is coming up and as much as she would like to just ignore it, the committee comes to her for a solution when their original venue has cancelled on them. Of course Halia agrees to help and Wavonne wiggles right in there too, hoping to snag a football player husband like Raynell has.The reunion is a succes, but when Halia and Wavonne go to pick up the check, they find that the Queen of Mean, Raynell isn’t going to be signing anything ever again.

Raynell was that girl at school who was just a straight up MEAN girl! And she hasn’t changed a lick! But when Halia and Wavonne start nosing around, secrets come flying out of the woodwork and it’s starting to look like more people wanted Raynell dead than alive.

These cozy mysteries are so fresh and different. I laughed my way through both of them. And the entire time I was reading I was pretending that each of the ladies was one of the Atlanta Housewives!  Great stories and a really great author!

xxP cupcakeholder1

The Wedding Shop by Rachel Hauck

The Wedding Shop

The Wedding Shop is a dual timeline story with one character, Cora Scott, who has inherited her Aunt Jane’s bridal shop in Hearts Bend, Tennessee in 1930. The shop is a magical place for brides and their families, with multiple generations returning over the years.

However Cora has never been married and is still waiting on her handsome riverboat captain to return and claim her as is wife. In the meantime, she waits and makes dreams come true for brides of all walks of life and from near and far.

It is the summer of 1996 and Haley and her best friend Tammy have always loved playing brides in the abandoned bridal shop and swear one day they will own it and make it great again. But as usual, life gets in the way. Haley goes off to college and then the Air Force and after a bad relationship decides to come home.
She has no idea why until she sees the wedding shop. And she knows what she is meant to do.

This is the first book of Rachel Hauck’s that I have read. And I was very impressed. I am going back to read the ones before The Wedding Shop.

This is a story of God’s love and of our faith. Believing in yourself and your path. A beautiful story of women and what we all hold dear. About forgiving ourselves for the mistakes of the past and really letting it go.
About seeing what is right in front of our eyes and trusting that God knows what he is doing even when we don’t.

I received this book from Netgalley and the publisher.

About the Author:

New York Times, USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Rachel Hauck writes from sunny central Florida.

A RITA finalist and winner of Romantic Times Inspirational Novel of the Year, she writes vivid characters dealing with real life issues.

She loves to hear from readers. She also loves to encourage new writers and sits on the Executive Board of American Christian Fiction Writers..

A graduate of Ohio State University with a BA in Journalism, Rachel is an avid OSU football fan. She hopes to one day stand on the sidelines in the Shoe with Urban Meyer.

An avid Diet Coke fan, she is caffeine free. Sometimes you just have to compromise.

She’s never skied or jumped out of an airplane. She leaves such hijinks to Jason Bourne.

Visit her web site to find out more and click on the icons to follow her on Twitter and Facebook.    257934