Southern Living Annual Recipes 2017: An Entire Year of Recipes by [The Editors of Southern Living]

Southern Living has been a part of my family for a lot of years. My mother collected the Christmas ones as well as the Annual Recipes.

When I went out on my own she would still send them to me. It’s a part of our shared Southern love for the food our families have always made.

The book is divided by months and seasons of the year with recipes for food in season. The pictures are always great and this is where I got my Chicken Pot Pie recipe. If you have never looked at one of their Christmas books, get yourself to the library and check them out!

Another memory on my bookshelf!

A New Tea and Getting Out The Vote

Back to work Monday! Hope you are all safe and warm out there. This is one of the new teas from Harney & Sons. Yellow and Blue. Chamomile and Lavender. And it is really nice. Smooth, aromatic and even after two steepings it was still delicate and calming. It’s a keeper.

Friday night sleepover with one child turned into an entire weekend with both children. It was entirely my fault. I was the one that told my son about going to Kevin Hart. He was the one who said, ‘You know Mom, I have a couple of little things for Jodi’s birthday but this would just knock it out of the park.’ Now Jodi had been taken by her sisters to Tulsa for a concert and was just getting back in town. Those “little” things? A Elmo Onesie. A book. She seriously needed to laugh and I can always see him, so I ended up with kids all weekend and had to watch football. All night. And for teams I hate.

Today I am recuperating from lack of sleep and the time change is messing me up! Sunday morning at 7 a.m. I was hearing whispering in their room and told them to hush. But it’s already 8 they said. No it isn’t I said. Well it says so on the stove! Me….here’s my tablet and phone. Go play.

Tomorrow their will be no school in Oklahoma so the teachers can vote. So we are taking the kids with us to vote and having a little Civics lesson.

For now, I’m going back to bed. With a book.

Have a great beginning to your week, and VOTE! Remember, You Can’t Fix Stupid, But You Can Vote It Out!

xx P

Read Books, Drink Tea and Chill

It’s Monday! Never have I been so excited to see you Monday. Why? Fall Break is over and the children are back to school! I’m having a nice Chai to celebrate that one!

We are drying out here in OKC. The sun is shining and the lake is calling. I am up early hoping to get back on my regular schedule. Having two children for two weeks of break, has almost broken me. My schedule went out the window and binge watching the entire Halloween Movie Series has left me with some serious damage from eye rolling! Even the kids were yelling, “Why are you going in there???” The moral we got from this series is that if you are making out with a boy, you are going to die. Scared straight for now.

Then we had the Romero classics. All of Night of the Living Dead ( They’re coming for you Barbara) P.S. My mother’s name is Barbara so we get a lot of fun out of this one. All the Zombie shows were watched. Pumpkins have been decorated, candy eaten and by yesterday morning I was letting them eat bread.

I tried to have an adult conversation at the hardware store, asking for one of those things that keep water in the sink. The man behind me started roaring with laughter and said, “You don’t do dishes much, do you?” No, I say, I don’t. But my lack of brain matter is because it is Fall Break. Ooooooo, he says. Gotcha!

I now understand why people drink. And buy Benadryl. Most of last night was spent staring at the wall.

Today I am going to try to get back on track. Try. I may need multiple pots of tea, but I am going to try. ( I’m probably going back to bed).

xx Patricia


Good Morning. Bright and sunny here this morning. Sipping on some Peppermint Tea from Tazo and planning the day.

Yesterday we headed over to Lake Hefner, which is just down the street to see if the water had receded any from the rains. Some spots were better than others but we saw so many cranes and swans and a blue heron along with toddler ducks.

In the one picture I have no idea why someone would go to the park every day and feed these freaking poop machines! We were all taping it. I can’t wait to go back today. And we are. There are so many miles of trails and we are trying to map out one that I feel safe going alone on. The fact that a huge portion of the trails by the lake are also the places where all the lovely outdoor restaurants are so we’ll see which trail we take.

I wanted to tell you that I started the Teabag in a card project. I received a ton of tea themed stickers so I made my own cards and inside each one I stuck a tea bag. This week’s was Salted Caramel. The note just said, let’s share some tea and have a chat! Call me when you get this and we’ll sip and talk. Last night my momma sent a text. She was so surprised and happy. She doesn’t drink coffee so she is trying the tea this morning. So far I have mailed them to my sisters and momma but I’m branching out now to neighbors and just people who need a little happy in their day.

I hope you all have a happy day! It’s book release day so I’ll be busy today!

xx Patricia

Green Tea With Jasmine by Taylor’s and some Oddities

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It has been a heck of a morning here. I am trying to be all Zen having some nice Taylor’s Green Tea with Jasmine. It’s one of my favorites. As are some of these odd pots.

People are always sending me pictures of weird teapots and these take the cake!

I can see how the gun pot would be nice. Take out your aggressions while pouring tea. And seriously that looks like a sturdy handle.  The row of dancing pots look like a fun crowd. Very lively.

The others however are just plain wrong. I don’t want my tea out of a penis or a dictator. The dancing lady, well I still can’t figure out where the tea goes in.

As many of you know my own precious daddy went to the permanent deer camp in the sky a while back. Yesterday his partner in crime, fun, fishing and hunting, Louis Walker left this earth to go play with daddy and their dogs. Today my heart goes out to his wife and daughters. This man put the fun in everything and my heart is breaking for them all. So we’ll be driving to Mississippi for a funeral soon.

We are expecting horrid weather beginning tonight. A ‘significant weather event’. That never turns out well so it looks like the whole world is getting a good soak.

xx Patricia   Stay safe and love your tribe!

We watched a Monarch being born!!!

Oh doesn’t the universe laugh when we make a plan! No, it was not a book and bed day yesterday.

Instead it was a last-minute hustle to get to Corbin’s school to help out with the Monarch Migration in the Monarch Gardens. So at noon here we were leading classes of kids through the book, the habitat that has been in the library until one glorious butterfly was born.

The second class was Corbin’s and wouldn’t you know it just as Miss Sarah got to the chrysalis part the other brown one started breaking open! And out came a little butterfly. It felt like we were cheering on someone giving birth that we didn’t know, but it was awesome!

My group was the boys so we looked all around the garden for caterpillars, eggs, and of course butterflies, which were plentiful. We found the one caterpillar on the stripped milkweed plant and a few eggs on the under side of one of the plants.

One of the little girls asked me which kid was mine. I told her Corbin and I’m not even sure what happened next. She started yelling at all the girls and pointing at me yelling ‘Hey y’all she’s Corbin’s Nana!! I looked at the other mom and said ‘Is this a big thing?’ ‘Oh yes, she said. Corbin is a hot property, even my daughter moons over him.’ If you notice on the bench he is sitting on there are only girls. All I could think was please lord don’t let him be a pimp or a cult leader. Then another girl asked me if I could talk to him because he doesn’t like her. Me? Uh, okay, here have an acorn!

I learned that my baby is really in to following the rules. I was in and out of his room a few times and he never looked up from his work. But when he saw PaPa in the doorway I thought he would burst. He also saw the glass of sweet tea in PaPa’s hand so it was probably the promise of sweet tea!

All in all we loved it and intend to do a lot more. The garden is a school/community garden and we can go work there and pick things anytime, so I’m keeping my eye on the pumpkin patch!

Turns out it was a much better day than the one I planned. And I am still amazed at that little brown thing becoming a butterfly! How insane!

Have a good Tuesday and be a school volunteer. Especially if you have been a teacher like Tommy and I . Things have changed and we can’t wait until the Fall Festival on Friday night!

xx Patricia



We are feeling a bit muted today and I thought this collage expressed how we are feeling. This is a day that is always hard for Tommy. His mother left 4 years ago today. She fought a brave fight that she had not learned about until it was too late to hope it would go back in the box.

From the time we had a diagnosis and the time she left was just a few months. She still lives with us. In the closet in my office. I chat with her a lot. As a mother in law, she was always there when I needed her and I admired how brave she was at the end. She became a mother at 16. A child raising a child. It wasn’t all champagne and roses. It was more struggle and heartbreak. But the man she gave birth to is the best man I know and for that I give her an A!

Sheryl, I hope you are somewhere fishing and playing the slots! Say hello to Daddy for me and I hope we’ve made you proud!


xx Patricia


Feeling fortified for the day ahead with Taylor’s English Breakfast and some almond milk. The sun is trying desperately to come out from behind some ominous looking clouds. We have had rain for days and I am about over it.

When I saw the lovely bird quote it struck a chord with me. Not only is it true, it applies to all of us. I’m thinking of book bloggers and reviewers of whom I am one. We can all read the same book and give totally different reviews on it. We are all influenced by our own experiences, beliefs and cultures. Do I get personally insulted if someone reads a book I loved and they didn’t? No. I used to, but then I grew up.

I learned to respect others opinions and move on. I don’t need to name call, shame, or throw a tantrum. I am not Trump. So let me tell you a tale and you tell me what you would have done.

OU Boy and I were crazy busy the other day and we had about an hour before more storms were coming so we popped into our pizza place. Greeted at the buffet by a 5-year-old girl wearing a dress laying on the floor in front of the salad bar with her legs in the air screaming bloody murder. The mom just ignored her and kept filling her 5 plates of food. At the table the kid starts licking the parm and pepper flakes holders and then went and touched every piece of food. Threw like 6 bread sticks on the floor which her mother picked up and put back on the tray!!! The entire time this kid is throwing a fit. Mom still shoveling in the pasta not saying a word.

My first instinct was to tell her to take her kid to the car if she couldn’t mind her but instead I told the manager and they quickly changed out the food and then I loudly said, Can you make her stop please? We are trying to eat. She chose to ignore all of us and we chose to leave. I talked to my sister about it and we were both appalled. None of our children have ever behaved like that in public. Nor do our grands. Personally I think they were just raised right. But also I always told my kids ” You can act up if you want to but when we get in that car, your ass is mine”. Never had an issue. My sister carried a small wooden spoon in her purse and would just open it and show it to her kids.

How do you feel about parents not controlling their children in a public space? Are we not teaching manners anymore? What happened to please and thank you or yes m’am and no sir? Because we aren’t getting any support in the behavior part from our elected officials or so-called celebrities. Let me know!

xx Patricia



It’s the weekend! And it isn’t hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk! What is this??

I don’t know but I’ll take it. This has been a week of highs and lows. I’ve had way too much stimulation and drama. While everything is peachy in my own tiny corner of the globe, our daughter in law has lost her grandfather and our hearts ache for her and her mother. Now we are trying to figure out who is going where and who stays home and school starts next week, so we are running out of time with the grands.

My mother is home from the hospital and doing much better, thank God. I spent an entire day looking for another pair of drapes that I should have bought when I bought the first set. I stress ate an entire package of licorice whips. So now, like my flamingo friend I’m trying to find balance. Between what I need and what other people want.

Today is me day. Hair, nails, the whole shebang! Because tonight is my good friend Debra’s birthday and we will be getting wild and dancing away at a bar. Yes, a bar. I am going to a bar. I don’t like it. But for her I will do it. I hit up H&M yesterday and they had a great 70% off sale. I found a lot of stuff I needed and forgot about the drapes for a bit.

So I am off to the spa! Have a great weekend or just hole up in your house and read or soak in a bubble bath. No one will die if you don’t vacuum or dust today! Sit down with a cuppa and a nice cozy book!

xx Patricia


WE made it to Friday and the heavens have rewarded us with rain. Glorious, much-needed rain.

The kids are still snuggled in their beds watching Goosebumps on their pads so it’s quiet except for the rain falling.

Yesterday at tea time, we made a pot of the Sugar Plum Fairy Tea. The smell was wonderful with the almonds coming through nicely. It is a light green tea and very smooth with notes of pink peppercorn coming through followed by the wonderful aroma and taste of almond.  Charli tried hers with a Clover Blossom Honey Spoon. We did not think that adding sweetness to the tea added anything to it so we drank ours without sweetener and she licked the honey spoon like a lollipop.

I have to say it was really good and I plan to go back this weekend and get the Blue and Pink ones. We got in a game of tennis yesterday before it started to sprinkle, so we went to Wal-Mart. I have to take a xanax just to go in there, but they are the only ones that carry the brand of body gel I like. It gives you a nice glow but it is also waterproof and keeps my skin from coming into contact with chlorine in the pool. We’re a sensitive lot.

While there we saw what I am assuming were teachers buying out every supply in the store. I asked them what were they doing. Apparently some schools are just telling parents to send in $20 and they will provide the supplies. I was outraged! Buying school supplies is a personal thing. If my kid wants all purple supplies, she’s getting all purple supplies. If it makes her excited to pick out her own stuff, then she’s doing that. We look forward to new supplies day, even after all these years of teaching I still love it. So no, good sir, we will not go with the flow. We are making our own choices. This isn’t a facist state just yet!

Have a good one! WE are snuggling up with Mrs. Doubtfire because they have never seen it! Lord I feel old!

xx Patricia