Yes, it seems that you can get just about anything these days from a truck, cart, or a VW bus. Flowers, coffee, tea, all types of cakes and sweet treats. I’m pretty sure that none of these sweet little things are here in the U.S. I wish they were. We do have some amazing food trucks, and not just Big Truck Tacos! If you haven’t been  to one of them then you are missing out on some really good Truck food.

One of our favorites is The Loaded Bowl! Organic, Vegan, GF, and really good comfort food! Cashew Mac and Cheese and the Down Home Bowl…oh yeah!

dOugh M G  is a vegetarian raw cookie dough truck! Try The Maverick! Peanut Butter goodness!

La Gumbo Ya Ya is a Cajun/Puerto Rican Fusion Truck. With Crawfish Boils and Blue Shell Crab Boils!  Yummy!

Wicked Hangry Burgers has every kind of burger and topping you can think of. My favorite is the Complainer…it has nothing on it!

The Sugar Shack Sweets & Treats has desserts and Carnival type food.

And there are so many more. Every weekend there is some event where they all show up and there is something for everyone!  What is your favorite Truck Food? What is mine? Well let’s just say I always know where Big Truck Tacos is going to be for the day…

5ef7878b0fbf3afdf2e4b161bcf6652e  xx Patricia


Meet the newest love of my life…

cute menu idea. keep choices to a minimum so customers are not overwhelmed with flavors::

Only one of the reasons the UK is looking better every day. We all know the other “orange” reason. When it comes to sweets and goodies, our friends across the pond have us beat to hell and back! I mean Mary Berry....do I need to say more? And don’t worry Paris, we see you and your Macarons and Tartes. My mouth is in love with European cooking.

If we had a drive-in cupcake place here, I would be in some type of 12 step program by now. But it is a really good idea. Something to think about….hmmm  Cowgirl Cupcakes? What do you think? There is a perfect building just down the road that used to be a Starbucks….just thinking out loud ( thanks Ed Sheerhan).

Tea News!  As much as I love my green Matcha, I have found the blue Matcha. And being the fickle tea lover I am, it is now my obsession!

Blue Matcha Shop -Worldwide Shipping, All Organic Tea:   Is this not gorgeous? And oh my the things you can bake with it!  Like these coconut balls. Drool worthy!

Coconut balls with blue matcha - Blue Matcha:

I still love you green Matcha, but let’s be honest with each other, you look like mold. I said it. Sorry/Not Sorry.  Today I am trying a recipe from my Sea Island Cookbook. It’s a favorite, Lemon Basil Tea Cookies.  And trying out a Black Eyed Pea Crostini recipe for a tea party.

Happy Monday to y’all!



Classic Southern Desserts from Southern Living…It’s So Good!


This is one of my favorite baking books! I’m not sure you can even be called a Southern Lady and not have a subscription to all things Southern Living! I’m pretty sure I have every book they have put out. Plus the magazine. For my birthday one year I got to go to a 3 day cooking class there. It was magic!

Recipes from the last 40 years. The best of the best. And the recipes are easy to follow and never require a lot of special ingredients. My personal favorite in this amazing book is the Baby Sweet Potato Cakes with Pecans and Sticky Caramel Sauce! Slap ‘yo Momma good!

The pictures are exquisite and the recipes are all tried and true favorites! I checked to see when I received this book and it was in 2012, so I’m sure you can check it out at your local library and then you will find you must have it!


This would make an excellent wedding shower gift! Let me know if you have tried it!

Today is another Big Weather Day! There is always that one week in May that Mother Nature comes in and reminds Oklahoma who is really in charge! I was going to do laundry and clean today, but if there is a tornado out there headed my way, well that would have been a big waste of my time, right?!

I’m having my cup of Tazo Awake English Breakfast today. I needed a little extra jolt this morning, as I’m still recovering from having to get up at 6 a.m. yesterday.

Have a great Thursday and enjoy yourself a nice cup of Tea!

5ef7878b0fbf3afdf2e4b161bcf6652e    Patricia




Death By Tea( A Bookstore Cafe’ Mystery) by Alex Erickson

Death by Tea (Bookstore Cafe Mysteries)

With Krissy still trying to get her shop Death By Coffee up and running and making a profit, it isn’t helping things when a dead body is found among the shelves.

Two dueling book clubs are all set to square off for the annual book club competition. Reading one of Krissy’s fathers least favorite works, with the prize being a silver teapot. although I don’t think anyone will be using it any time soon, as it is also the murder weapon.

Thanks to Krissy’s nosy neighbor, she is definitely a suspect. And the only one the police are looking at.

There were a couple of different plots going on in this second cozy mystery. Money may or may not be missing from the store and the dead guy may or may not be who and what he said he is/was.

This is a nice cozy mystery. There are so many quirky characters in this little town and just like most little towns, everybody knows everyone’s business and will freely share it!

Looking forward to the next one!

Time For a Spot of Tea…and Treats


It is a rainy day today. And a very busy one. First I want to say Happy Birthday to Grandpa John! You are the best ever!!

Yesterday we baked. A lot of biscuits, scones and a pork something in the crockpot with barbecue sauce and salt encrusted baked potatoes. I’m going to just sit back and rest on that for a bit. Basically I got a lot of stuff done on my ‘weekend’ days. Laundry, and I mean everything. Washed, dryed and folded/ironed.   So it was clean sheet night, which is my favorite night!

I even went to the library, the market and the bank. Errands done, laundry done, baking done. I finished two books and have 12 reviews in my queue so I’m feeling pretty good.

Finally I sat down and enjoyed a nice cup of Paris tea from Harney and Son, which is a delight for all of your senses. And I had 3 tiny raisin scones. And I didn’t get into any fights with anyone over sports.

Have yourself a good Thursday and always be Grateful. I am grateful I have clean sheets!

20170408_203238_1491701585837-01        xxPatricia

European Cookies For Every Occasion from Krisztina Maksai


Oh my but this is a lovely book! Krisztina Maksai is a baking rock star! The thing I liked best about this lovely book is shown above. Step by step photo instructions. So you can see if you are doing it right!

I need this in a cookbook. I am most definitely a visual learner. Show me a picture and I can make anything. Everything in the book is just lush! My favorite is the Chocolate Wedges. Oh my gosh I can’t think of anything better!

You can take a look for yourself Here

And make sure you are following us on Teaandtales1 on  Facebook

Have yourself a wonderful Sunday!   xx Patricia    20170215_100015

Petite Sweets by Beatrice Ojakangas

Bite Size Desserts to Satisfy Every Sweet Tooth  Photographs by Roger LePage

Image result for petite sweets beatrice ojakangas

I am a big fan of Beatrice Ojakangas and her delightfully lush desserts! These sweet mini versions are just right. A nice sweet little end to a meal, or a lovely part of afternoon tea.

If I’m going to eat sweets, I’m only going to have the best. And these small bites are the perfect size portions. Sweets aren’t a meal, they are a treat. So when you have them with your tea, savor every tiny bite!

xxPatricia    26779ed2ee79450750471ade26cc0e4d

Taylor’s of Harrogate Organic Chamomile Tea! And Sweets!


Yesterday was a great day for Tea and all things Tea related!

I got this lovely Taylor’s of Harrogate Organic Chamomile Tea. If you aren’t familiar with Taylor’s you should get familiar with them. I absolutely love this brand and all of their teas, which have been recently re-packaged into the lovely black and gold. The sachets themselves are lovely. No staples, an almost silk like sachet and perfectly wonderful.

I’ve been looking for a really good organic chamomile, as I have allergies, so not all teas work for me. This one does and I am so happy to have received this lovely gift!

Some History:

We are a family business based in the historic spa town of Harrogate, England – devoted to the craft of outstanding tea and coffee. We do things properly, without shortcuts, showing care and respect to everyone along the way – from the people who grow it to the people who drink it. Since 1886, when our founder Charles Taylor sold his first pack of tea, that’s been right at the heart of our company, and we think it shows.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. It rained all day here. But the postman brought all kinds of goodies. The Italians sent Macaroons and several other sweet treats, the Brits were close behind with enough tea for months and a lovely cup plus biscuits!

The sick are hopefully getting well again. I swear that pu-erh tea can heal anyone!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy your tea!



Sweet Celebrations! Hint: There are Cupcakes!!




Celebrate with cupcakes! Birthdays, cocktail parties, weddings, bridal showers, picnics or low-key get-togethers with friends; all occasions should be topped off with a cupcake! In this delectable book, sisters and stars of the hit TLC series DC Cupcakes, Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne serve up more than fifty recipes for every celebratory occasion.

  • includes step-by-step cupcake decorating instructions with photos, guides for cupcake table presentations and tips for throwing the best parties, Sweet Celebrations is the perfect cookbook for the home baker and entertainer looking to wow friends and family
  • innovative recipes include: frozen cupcake pops for summer picnics; baby blue and pink “gender reveal” cupcakes for baby showers; recipes for non-cupcake treats such as their grandmother’s Greek butter cookies; their all-time favorite milk shakes
  • Katherine and Sophie also share charming personal memories of holidays and special events while giving readers the tools to plan their next cupcake-filled special occasion

One of my favorite duos in the cupcake world! This book has sweet celebrations for every occasion and it’s not just cupcakes! If you are a fellow lover of all things Pink…this is your book babe! I took the picture below at a store and left it in laying around for few days, I mean you never know what that Valentine Fairy has in store and I don’t want another toolbox.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for cupcakes! Pretty pink champagne ones, fluffy white coconut ones, I mean, really is there a bad time for a cupcake? One of my favorites in the book is the gender reveal cupcake!  So cute!

An update on the flu bug. Entire schools have closed today due to this nasty little bug. One school alone had over 300 students and staff call in with this. And the hospitals are full of sick people. So I am going to be grateful that I am not a worst case scenerio and virtuallly share a cup of tea ( it’s Earl Grey) and a yummy cupcake with all of you!


Macarons, Cupcakes & Cake Pops by Mia Ohrn


Yes, I am aware that I may have an issue with Macaroons ( my favorite spelling ). Cake pops I have been making since way before the craze began. Mostly because I am a clean freak and cake on a stick is a lot easier than cake on a plate for a 3 year old. So I have mastered the art of Cake Pops, Pie Pops, Cookies on a Stick, and any Cupcake you can think of. Except the Macaroon. This book is absolutely beautiful and she explains everything so nicely and I didn’t have to take out a loan to buy all of the stuff!

Doesn’t she just look like she would be a great teacher? Okay so these are some of the lovely pictures of yummy goodness in the book. Except this one with my little white teapot and morning tea. And those 4 Macaroons. All mine this morning. No, I didn’t make them. I am going to make some tomorrow but who knew that lovely Macaroon Chef was going to drop off an entire container of them last night. So breakfast was lovely. And now I may be a bit hyper from all that sugar but seriously they aren’t as big as a communion wafer so I felt absolutely no guilt at all. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Thank you to Ms. Ohrn for this lovely book and thank you to Chef Toni for the goodies. Oh yeah, there were mini eclairs too, but they are gone. Probably at the Tea Fairy’s house. My story. Sticking to it!

Treat yourself well today and Be Kind!

xx Patricia