Friday Funday! Drinking my lovely cup of tea and watching the orange man in the oval office unravel as his entire crime family crumbles. I personally apologized to Trudeau and asked if I could come back to Canada. I find myself wondering  What would Wonder Woman do? Get that lasso of truth out and take care of business.

It’s difficult to remain mellow and nice when our pretentious country is in shambles and the state of Mississippi proved once again that they are racist and proud of it. Mississippi you are dead to me now. You elected a woman who is a known racist and bigot and who said publicly she would go to a public hanging. WTF is wrong with you people? Well I can tell you it’s the same thing that is wrong with Oklahoma. This time around at least we got those Democratic women in office. But like Mississippi, we are at the bottom in everything that matters including education and at the top in things like obesity. So we are raising a bunch of illiterate fat people. Yeah!

Common sense much like common decency is becoming less and less common. That’s my rant for Friday. Actually it helps take my mind off of the waiting and worrying about Tommy so if I hit a nerve, I apologize. ( no she doesn’t).

xx P





Good Saturday morning! Technically not morning but close enough. I’m going to talk about tea in a second. First I want to talk about these pictures.

We had our last class in the Monarch Garden yesterday afternoon. We released our Monarch, cleaned up the messes and by then it was time for school to be out. Our kids go from 9:10 to 4:00 p.m. The Fall Fundraiser and Pumpkin and Plant Sale began at 4:30 so I had just enough time to grab Corbin, give him a snack, find S.J. and S.J.’s mom and head to the ticket table.

After my shift the boys got Spiders painted on their faces and then proceeded to be boys and run for hours. They hit a bump in the road and Corbin fell. S.J. was there before me and Tommy was taking pictures. S.J. helped Corbin up, where they both laughed and then automatically hugged.

You see that? Our natural response is love.For anyone. Where do we lose that? Who told us to stop? As for me I am proud of my boys for not losing that sense of love and friendship. Our kids learn by example. What kind of example are you? Think about that.

First cool day deserves a little extra. Bigelow This is the Bigelow Salted Caramel Tea I sent in the mail last week. On its own it’s naturally sweet and yummy but it got sinful with a teaspoon of caramel sauce. Later it went to a new level entirely when instead of the caramel I used Dulce de Leche. Nirvana in my mouth, Y’all!!

It has been a busy week and it’s not over. This morning I made the Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies for Corbin’s birthday party in 2 hours. Then made a casserole to heat up for later. Presents are wrapped, except for the giant plush tiger from Tommy’s Aunt Gayle.  Now to relax for a bit and get ready for a lot of 6 year olds high on sugar at the park.

Have a good Saturday and may the football Gods shine on your team!

xx Patricia



Esos 5 minutos que se necesitan para volver a estar de verdad en el mundo....

Even after a huge cup of Earl Grey Supreme, I could still return to the loving embrace of my bed. We are over here sneezing, coughing, and miserable. Allergies have returned with a vengeance. The only speaking going on is one of us saying, “Uh” or “Uh Uh”.

This rain is just miserable. Thankfully our friends on the Gulf Coast were spared extreme damage, but it’s still a mess.

I made a horrible mistake yesterday by watching the confirmation sham over Kavanaugh. This has to be the worst thing I have ever seen. I would not have been surprised if the whole lot of them got throttled by Kamala Harris. So many old men in one place. So my anxiety was amped up more than it should have been. Today I’m not even turning the television on. We are taking to the bed with books and tea and hoping the world rights itself soon.

All the shoe burning was interesting. Here’s the thing. You already paid for the shoes. Nike doesn’t give a shit what you do to them. Personally we went and bought more. Because we aren’t ignorant or racist. Nike will be just fine.

I shall be off of my soap box now and heading to the bed that is whispering my name! Have a wonderful day and Be Kind.

xx Patricia

YOU, ME, AND A CUP OF TEA…and Some Gingerbread!


The calendar may say summer is over, but the weather did not get that memo. High 90’s all week. I’m not complaining. I don’t turn on the a/c until it’s 100. So why in the world was I making Gingerbread yesterday?

Well I had this Bengal Spice Tea from Celestial Seasonings for afternoon tea yesterday and I thought, this blend would be really good in a gingerbread. I had the stone ground whole wheat and some molasses so I substituted a strong version of the tea for the liquid. No added sugar or bad stuff. I made just a small pan and they came out amazing! So much more flavorful.

On to weirder things. Does anyone else get totally creeped out by JC on Big Brother. We watched the Live after dark last night and he was touching Tyler while Tyler was asleep and then he kissed his armpit. Seriously this dude has been sketchy like this the entire show and I don’t know why CBS hasn’t take action by now. I’m not surprised but I am disappointed.

I finished Rising Out Of Hatred by Eli Saslow last night and it was highly disturbing. It is interviews the author had with the heir to the KKK throne, Derek Black, godson of David Duke, who has now turned his back on the groups and even changed his name legally and moved. It was interesting to see him transformed from what he had been brainwashed with his entire life and how he searched for his own truth and what he found that profoundly changed his beliefs.

And in other unrelated news, I found that tossing an orange into the blender with my mixed greens makes one of them less bitter. ( I’m talking about Dandelion greens, but don’t want to hurt their feelings). I made the most amazing Superfood Smoothie yesterday with organic baby spinach, kale, chard, dandelion greens and mizuna, which is also called spider mustard or Japanese mustard greens. A cup of coconut water, a handful of frozen no sugar added peaches,strawberries and pineapple and I felt very healthy for a few hours. At least until the gingerbread came out of the oven.

Off to water Yoga. That’s what I call my attempts to climb on my float everyday!

What’s up with your day??

xx Patricia

Harney & Sons Darjeeling Tea and New Beginnings

This Darjeeling came in my last tea order as a sample. I love the triangular silk sachets. They let you see what you are getting and leave enough room for the tea to expand nicely. Darjeeling is one of those teas I brew when I’m feeling a bit down or overwhelmed. It’s just smooth and pleasant.

Then this teapot caught my eye. I don’t even like cats but this was so unique I thought I would share.

We have been in the third circle of Hell for weeks now and this morning’s 92 degrees feels like a cold front moved through! OU Boy and Thunder Boy are putting together a shed  and are spending more time at Home Depot than in the yard! But Thunder Boy is just like me and hardware stores have some sort of hold on us. We want it all! Kind of like a book store.

We had a really nice time at Miss Charli’s birthday out in the country with all the cousins and aunts and uncles. My son cooked his “famous” hamburgers. They are only famous because Corbin calls them that. There was a lot of swimming and diving for coins just to avoid being shot with the Super Soakers!

Mike said Charli let him read her first diary entry but he had to promise to never touch it again. It said, ” I registered for school today. My life is over. I don’t see why I need to go.”

Yep, we’ve all been there chicklet and now it’s your turn! There are no shortcuts to graduation! So unless you become a princess or something you are doomed!

WE also took a leap of faith and OU Boy resigned from his job. We don’t do racism or bigotry in our house. And as he watched a well known member of the club strike a black woman with his cane and then found out the club tried to pressure her into dropping a lawsuit since they weren’t going to cover the medical cost of her broken wrist, his conscience wouldn’t let that stand. We don’t want to work for people who think they are so above the law that this 76 year old lady has to sue them to get her bills paid.

If you don’t stand up for what is right, then don’t expect someone to stand up when it’s you on the receiving end of bad behavior. So as for our house, we don’t need money that bad. If you don’t stand up you are just as complicit as the rest. He already has a better job with more pay and just handling his specialty, high steam boilers. And it’s at a heart hospital so if he falls out he doesn’t have far to go! lol

I hope y’all are having a good Monday! I know I am. Off to tennis and then to buy school supplies!

xx Patricia