Good Sunday Morning! A lovely start to the day with some Meyer Lemon Iced Tea that I tossed some strawberries into. So good. Like summer in your mouth!

Yesterday I spent the entire day at the pool. Reading, floating and just letting my mind turn off for a bit. I’m so lucky to have people who always have my back and let me have the space I need when I’m not up to being a functional adult.

OU Boy always knows what I need. Friday night he hustled me to the bathing suit store where I bought 2 new suits and a new set of white sheets. We all know how horrid it is trying on swimsuits. But this shop has wonderful lighting and helpful staff and I would have bought one more but the bottoms were white and well, that is never good.

Last night we tried out a new pizza place and it was amazingly good. I had a Greek Salad and toasted Ravioli and my mouth was a very happy place. Then we came home and snuggled on the sofa to watch Atomic Blonde. Honestly it was so boring I mentally checked out halfway through. But I did finish a book!

This morning I cut some lilacs to go in a vase and they smell amazing. And now I shall go and finish at least one more book today.

Be kind to yourself and know that you are not alone, even when you think you are.

xx Patricia


Hello Monday! No matter what you always show up, don’t you? This morning I wanted to tell you about a tea I found yesterday. It’s Tazo Cucumber White. The box states the ingredients as : White Tea, Lime Peel, Dandelion Leaves, Black Darjeeling Tea, Cucumber,Peppermint, Lemon Verbena and natural Lime Essence.

On opening the packet you get a lovely and light aroma of the lime and lemon verbena. After steeping it for 3 minutes it smelled lovely. The taste was refreshing and bright. It reminded me of the water I keep in the refrigerator. A carafe full of White Tea mixed with slices of lime, cucumber and mint. Only it’s hot. I loved it and will definitely be adding it to the iced rotation as well.

I especially liked the box which stated: Where do cucumbers go to unwind? A spa carved in the crevice of an iceberg, with blue cooling pools, white tea saunas and a swim-up bar lined with lime peel mugs filled with piping hot tea.

Cucumbers are apparently living the life! So that’s our tea for today. Now, grab that cup and listen to this!

Without mentioning names, Tommy came home Saturday and said, You are never going to believe it but there is a lady up at the club having a dog birthday party. Dog bowls full of water and treats, All kinds of doggy decorations and excess but I’m still thinking this is one of those little old ladies who thinks her dog is a child. WRONG!! Couldn’t be further from the truth. Going back to see, it was a birthday party for a kid who thinks he is a dog. He dresses like a dog, he eats out of bowls and barks. You know every mother there was talking trash about her parenting skills! I mean Corbin thinks he’s Spiderman but he knows he isn’t. Can you imagine these poor Junior League Mommas watching their offspring eating out of a dog bowl on the ground? This should have been on Lifetime for some reason. My Strange Addiction or My son, the dog.

What’s the craziest party you have ever been to? And if you’ve been to one of my out of this world kid’s birthday parties you better just hush.

Love and Kindness….Bless her heart!

xx Patricia

Lady Bedford’s Tea Parlour & Gift Shoppe


Welcome to the lovely world of Lady Bedford’s Tea Parlour & Gift Shoppe. Located in beautiful Pinehurst, North Carolina.

In naming her tea room, Marian Caso was inspired by the story of Anna Maria Stanhope Russell, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, who is credited with inventing the British custom of afternoon tea. since 2008, it has become a favorite with locals and tourist of the area.

You can look forward to a Victorian atmosphere with crystal and fine china. Diners have more than 60 loose-leaf tea options, which are individually brewed once ordered. They also offer breakfast and lunch and a number of afternoon tea selections, making it perfect for those looking for a light tea as well as something more substantial.


Address: 21 Chinquapin Rd, Pinehurst, NC 28374

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Image result for lady bedford's tea parlour
If you are in Pinehurst, check them out!
Have a great Sunday and take time for tea and conversation!

A Literary Tea Party by Alison Walsh

A Literary Tea Party: Blends and Treats for Alice, Bilbo, Dorothy, Jo, and Book Lovers Everywhere by [Walsh, Alison]

A Literary-Inspired Cookbook for Voracious Readers at Teatime
Tea and books: the perfect pairing. There’s nothing quite like sitting down to a good book on a lovely afternoon with a steaming cup of tea beside you, as you fall down the rabbit hole into the imaginative worlds of Alice in WonderlandThe Hobbit, and Sherlock Holmes . . .
Fire up your literary fancies and nibble your way through delicate sweets and savories with A Literary Tea Party, which brings food from classic books to life with a teatime twist. Featuring fifty-five perfectly portioned recipes for an afternoon getaway, including custom homemade tea blends and beverages, you will have everything you need to plan an elaborate tea party. Cook up and enjoy:


  • Turkish Delight while sipping on the White Witch’s Hot Chocolate from The Chronicles of Narnia


  • Drink Me Tea with the Queen of Hearts’s Painted Rose Cupcakes from Alice in Wonderland


  • Eeyore’s “Hipy Bthuthday” Cake with Hundred Acre Hot Chocolate from Winnie the Pooh


  • Hannah’s Sweet Potato Bacon Pastries and Jo’s Gingerbread from Little Women


  • Tom Sawyer’s Whitewashed Jelly Doughnuts from Tom Sawyer


  • And more!


Accompanied with photographs and book quotes, these recipes, inspired by the great works of literature, will complement any good book for teatime reading and eating.

What a lovely book full of recipes and book references. Each one evokes a memory of a story, a book, another time and place. Perfect for the tea lover, book lover or both!

Netgalley/Skyhorse Publishing  June 05, 2018


Taylors Green Jasmine Leaf Tea Caddy 125G Taylors of Harrogate Green Jasmine Leaf Tea, Loose Leaf, 4.41 Ounce Box - http://teacoffeestore.com/taylors-of-harrogate-green-jasmine-leaf-tea-loose-leaf-4-41-ounce-box/ Green tea with jasmine in cup and teapot

This green tea has been a favorite in China since the days of the Song dynasty, eight centuries ago. The best quality comes from Fujian Province where Flowery Orange Pekoe leaf tea is mixed with freshly opened jasmine flowers, and left overnight to allow the tea to absorb the scent of jasmine. The flavor is light and sweet with a subtle perfume. Use a warmed teapot and add one teaspoon of tea per person and an extra ‘one for the pot’. Add water just under the boil and infuse for 2-3 minutes. Serve on its own. You can top the teapot up with more hot water as you enjoy the tea.

This is a really lovely tea. You get that mellow green tea with a hint of jasmine on the back of the tongue. I am loving these new green tea combinations this time of year. Light and wonderfully flavored, I don’t think I have ever met a Taylor’s tea I did not like.

Most tea sellers sell samples, so you can try before you buy a large quantity and I would suggest doing just that. The market we go to has a huge tea selection and I feel it is my obligation to educate anyone in the tea aisle. Yesterday I helped a lovely woman choose an oolong.  I left feeling I had done a good deed. OU Boy sarcastically said next time I should just bring my business cards along and pass them out in the tea aisle. Not a bad idea as I would hate for someone to judge tea on one bad choice.

One poor fellow kept telling us he was looking for steeped tea. OU Boy whispered, Isn’t all tea steeped?  Yes, honey, but we don’t tell people that, we can only ask what color it was and if he liked it. Or just pick one and tell him it’s steeped.

It’s been a great week so far. Sunshiny and the wildfires are getting under control. Baby ducklings are waddling by the lake and two ducks were fighting over a female in my pool. Spring is definitely in the air!

I have heard so much about the Netflix show The Handmaid’s Tale that I got the first season and we binge watched and ate chocolate twizzlers. I will not be watching it again. Subjugation of women is not a topic I can discuss without hand gestures.

Have a lovely Tuesday! Try a new tea, expand your horizons!

xx Patricia


Happy Saturday! It is raining!!! Since about 3 a.m. it has been raining. I don’t even care if it’s grey and rainy this time. The wildfires may finally be over for now and last night I found out they may have been intentionally set. Not good. But we are so grateful for the rain.

And what better way to spend a rainy Saturday than with a nice cup of tea and a good book? I’m trying Taylor’s Lemon and Orange Tea today and if the smell doesn’t wake you up, you are probably dead. It had a wonderful aroma of just opened oranges with a hint of lemon. It is a really smooth tea, I know this will sound nuts to some of you, but it felt almost creamy in my mouth. Before I knew it I had finished off the entire pot! This will be a summer iced tea for sure!

Last night I ate one tiny peanut butter cup. Today I feel horrible. My entire stomach went on strike overnight and just let me know that sugar is the devil. There is an awful fight going on in there! Lesson learned.

Enjoy your Saturday while I limp to the bed and the heating pad!

    xx Patricia



Good Morning! This came in the mail yesterday. More tea goodness to add to the bulging cupboard. I was really excited to see this one. There are six of each one to try. I’m going to start this afternoon with the Earl Grey.  At less than $20 you can get this sampler box which makes a terrific gift for Mother’s Day or a Birthday.

This morning I threw a handful of blackberries in my oatmeal with a drizzle of honey. Oh my lord it was good. Normally I do blueberries, but right now I have a lot of blackberries so you use what you have. I love blackberries. They not only taste like summer and sunshine, but they take me back to being a kid and picking them in the wild along the railroad tracks and even down in the beach dunes.

Spring is popping out all kinds of yummy vegetables. Tender new shoots of asparagus which I use in salads or just grill or roast it with some new potatoes and summer squash.

I started Mary Alice Monroe’s new book Beach House Reunions so I’m feeling all summery and beachy. Yeah, that’s not a real word, but you get it.

When I ran this morning the air was rather ashy. You can see the smoke from all of the wildfires that are still raging. At least this morning it was a little humid, so maybe we will get some much-needed rain. Even the Oklahoma River is dry as a bone. So someone isn’t shaking their rainstick!

Y’all have a great day and just be nice to each other!

xx Patricia

Harney & Sons Royal Wedding Tea


Good Morning! Starting the morning off with one of the new Palace Collections, Royal Wedding Tea. First look at that sachet. It smells heavenly and looks so pretty!

On the back it says….We are honored to present our Union of Chinese Mutan White Tea Buds, With Almond, Coconut, and Vanilla To Taste And a Floral Abundance of Pink Rosebuds And Petals. A Regal Tea to Celebrate a Glorious Union.

Opening the tin released a lovely and aromatic blend of roses, almond, coconut and vanilla. It is  a very fragrant blend. I steeped it for 4 minutes and the smell was even stronger. This is a light tea with a perfect blend of all of the above. I drank an entire pot it was so good. This would be perfect at a bridal shower. I liked it so much I’m thinking today I’ll run back to Barnes and Noble and pick up another, just to get this one for $5!

My granddaughter’s school in North Dakota is so engaged with us on social media and yesterday they were taking orders for May baskets to be delivered to the student or staff of your choice so I’m sending them my order today for Vangie and for my son who is a teacher there. What a sweet idea this is. Since they are in what we call the frozen tundra, these teachers teach outside of the box. The are a happy bunch all the time and I love them!

It was in the 80’s yesterday and the winds were awful. The wildfires changed direction and I have never seen fire like this. Total over 300,000 acres have burned and this is pasture land, homes, and livestock that have been lost. 2 people have died and this has been going on for a week up north of us. We desperately need rain. Last night it looked like Sherman burning Atlanta here. So send prayers and get out the rain stick!

Pretty much my day in pictures. Read, Run, Eat, Drink Tea, Repeat. I just finished the latest Bird Lover’s Mystery by J.R.Ripley and it is really good! Have a good Wednesday and enjoy your day with a cup of tea and a book.

xx Patricia

Harney & Sons Blueberry Green Tea Review and a Tale!

blueberry tea 

It’s Tuesday…back to work. This morning I’m trying out the lovely Blueberry Green Tea from Harney & Sons new Historic Royal Palaces Collection. First the tins are gorgeous, let me say. We went for a walk yesterday and ended up at Barnes and Noble for lunch, which was yummy Spinach and Artichoke Quiche. But the good news was they had the entire Royal Palace Collection and if you bought one, you got the Royal Wedding Tea for only $5! In these tins there are 30 sachets rather than the usual 20 in a tin. So for $16 I got two teas I was planning on ordering anyway.

Opening the Blueberry Green Tea,which contains Green tea, lemongrass, blueberry pieces, Blueberry flavor and cornflowers and vanilla. The smell was all blueberry on opening the tin. But when the water hit the bag in the teapot, the blueberry smell was strong and pure. It is a green tea so it is light in color and I loved it so much that I poured the remainder over ice and drank it on another walk. Would I recommend it? Heck yes! It is going to be a great summer tea iced.

Last night we went to dinner with Aunt Gayle at Outback. It’s so nice to be close to her. She lost her husband in December and they loved Outback, and OU Boy had never been to one before. They did it all from the Bloomin’ Onion to the Thunder from down under dessert. I had a salad. We talked and laughed and it was good to see her out and having a good time. We can walk to her house so she is close. When you are grieving it is so easy to just shut yourself off from going out, and it’s amazing what just a simple dinner with family can do for your spirit. We all left laughing about how full we were and what a good time we had.

I found out yesterday that our blogging world has lost Teacher of YA. Stephanie. Her sister didn’t have any reasons or details yesterday, but I know we all will miss her terribly and are sending much love to her family.

xx Patricia     Make a difference in someone’s day today. A smile. A kind word. You just never know.

infuse: Herbal teas to cleanse, nourish and heal by Paula Grainger and Karen Sullivan

Lost your zest for life? Feeling tired and sluggish? Need a health boost?

Reach for a soothing cup of herbal tea and harness the extraordinary power of nature’s most potent healing ingredients. With more than 70 expertly formulated recipes for tasty, soothing, caffeine-free infusions, tea tips to help you get the most from your brew, and a comprehensive directory of herbal ingredients and their active properties and benefits, you can blend, brew and sip your way to wellbeing.

I am always looking for new herbals and this book has everything one would want to make themselves a cup of healing herbal caffeine-free tea.

From Bladder Bliss to Sweet Sleep, there is something for every ailment. It’s a really lovely book and the recipes may look daunting but the ingredients are easily found at bulk herb shops or on-line. I go to the San Francisco Herb Co. My local herbal store also carries their brand.

I’m sipping on a green ginger at the moment because I ate a burrito at 10 p.m. last night and woke up feeling like my stomach had staged a revolt, so I’m trying to calm that sucker down before date night tonight.

Try out the book and see what you think of it. It should be at your local library so you can try before you buy!

Enjoy your Saturday what ever you are celebrating this week-end.

xx Patricia