Pumpkin Spice, I mean. I swear seeing Pumpkin Spice Cheerios was the last straw. This is not a case of more is better.

So here are some of my favorite funnies from my Pinterest Board. I have a drainage issue with my bathroom sink. As in the water just stays there. Yesterday the plumber helper came and said, yeah, that’s clogged with something. He then pulled out an ancient stopper missing the metal top. So now I’m waiting for the plumber to show up and fix it.

This is a major issue for me as I read in the bathtub for hours during the day and he still isn’t here. Now if I were to hop in that tub, the man would be knocking on the door. Can’t go for a run.  Just waiting for him. And the Postman.

Yesterday I received a big box of new teas that I’m still trying to find a place for. Tomorrow I’ll share them all.

For now I guess I’ll call the plumber again.

xx P

Really, Can You Ever Have To Much Tea?

Hi Thursday! You are looking mighty wet and gloomy this morning. Good thing I had a big Earl Grey London Fog to warm me up.

I told you yesterday that I had been on a tea ordering binge. This is how it started. I was straightening up my Tea Cupboard and saw an empty spot up there by the Cranberry tin. So I ordered some more tins of the holiday blends.

This is my addiction. I love these tins. I use them for everything including small posies for tea parties. Do I have a problem? Probably. What you can’t see is I have backups of almost all of them behind the ones you see. There was also another motive. Depending on how many teas I order I get a box perfect for re-shipping. I needed 5 boxes that hold two tins. Yes, I ordered tea to get a box. It is the perfect size for a tea-cup, some tea, a truffle and a bath bomb. Christmas is done.

Converting the world to tea one gift at a time. Also it is a really great gift I would love to get. Plus I’m going on a cruise in April and I need my money for that. Very shallow I know, which makes me deep since I do know it.

     This is what I will be doing today. Plus making Pumpkin Bread from Diane’s Kitchen. She has the best looking food. And there aren’t a million ingredients you can’t pronounce. Plus she has the cleanest baking pans I’ve ever seen! So pop over and begin to drool!

xx P


Green Tea With Jasmine by Taylor’s and some Oddities

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It has been a heck of a morning here. I am trying to be all Zen having some nice Taylor’s Green Tea with Jasmine. It’s one of my favorites. As are some of these odd pots.

People are always sending me pictures of weird teapots and these take the cake!

I can see how the gun pot would be nice. Take out your aggressions while pouring tea. And seriously that looks like a sturdy handle.  The row of dancing pots look like a fun crowd. Very lively.

The others however are just plain wrong. I don’t want my tea out of a penis or a dictator. The dancing lady, well I still can’t figure out where the tea goes in.

As many of you know my own precious daddy went to the permanent deer camp in the sky a while back. Yesterday his partner in crime, fun, fishing and hunting, Louis Walker left this earth to go play with daddy and their dogs. Today my heart goes out to his wife and daughters. This man put the fun in everything and my heart is breaking for them all. So we’ll be driving to Mississippi for a funeral soon.

We are expecting horrid weather beginning tonight. A ‘significant weather event’. That never turns out well so it looks like the whole world is getting a good soak.

xx Patricia   Stay safe and love your tribe!


Happy Wednesday! So many things going on it’s hard keep out the anxiety fairy this week. Yesterday I felt useless. Emotional and starting a cough. In the wee hours of the morning I coughed myself out of bed. Checked my phone and there was an allergy alert. Stay in doors. That is what it said. So I made a nice cup of Taylor’s English Breakfast with a dollop of honey and went back to bed. The cough settled down a bit but my head feels like it’s twice its normal size!

As much as I hate to admit it. The morning temperatures are saying Fall is coming. Not happy about that. We are hoping our families in the Carolina’s will be safe with this hurricane knocking on their door. They have decided not to evacuate, which I think is ridiculous but to each his own.

For like the first time ever an author made a comment on one of my reviews of her self-published book on plant-based eating. And this is the reason I don’t do self-published works. I didn’t like the book and a lot of the recipes were already in another book. There was a lot of soy and fake meat recipes. I didn’t care for it and said so. She wants me to read it again and give it a better score. I said no thanks, the first time was bad enough and then I blocked her. So my morning is starting off with a bang!

Today I shall climb back into my bed with more tea and an actual good book and put on my rose-colored glasses. Everything is better in pink!

Have a good one and if you live in OKC, stay inside. Or bring me cookies.

xx Patricia




Happy Friday! It is so windy today, my poor flowers are all leaning to the left! It sounds like my eye and I will be staying inside today. I’m on my second mug of Scottish Breakfast Tea with a splash of almond milk.

I’m watching out the window as the wind is just beating my flowers making them lean to the left and thinking. When the winds and showers stop and the sun comes out those flowers will again stand straight and tall. They are not fighting the wind, they are just going with the flow. They are strong yet flexible. They aren’t just giving up and laying down. They aren’t jealous of the strong trees, they are just working together as a group, trusting in their roots.

Once in a while I’ll let someone else’s worries and insecurities spill over into my own life. I hate it when it happens but I’m getting much better at recognizing it and cutting it off quickly. And these days it is hard not to worry. Our nation is being ugly. We messed up and hired someone we knew was a crook and now we have only ourselves to blame for having a President who is a bully, a name caller and a liar. And somehow that has made it okay for everyone to be that way. Well, if the president is doing it, it must be all right. Well it’s not all right and it needs to stop. I want common decency. Respect. Tolerance. Charity. Empathy. I don’t want negativity, gossip, lies and abuse of powers.

As for me and my house, we are standing strong. If you have something ugly to say, don’t. Be an example, not a horrible warning. Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Don’t repeat gossip or lies. Be true to your word and your self.

Today just blast the shit out of everyone with love. That is really all you have to do. Love thy neighbor. And not just the next door ones. Treat everyone with love and see how your own soul sings.

Have a wonderful day and if you feel yourself slipping into negative thoughts or speech, go make a pot of tea and fill your mouth with that.

xx Patricia




Feeling fortified for the day ahead with Taylor’s English Breakfast and some almond milk. The sun is trying desperately to come out from behind some ominous looking clouds. We have had rain for days and I am about over it.

When I saw the lovely bird quote it struck a chord with me. Not only is it true, it applies to all of us. I’m thinking of book bloggers and reviewers of whom I am one. We can all read the same book and give totally different reviews on it. We are all influenced by our own experiences, beliefs and cultures. Do I get personally insulted if someone reads a book I loved and they didn’t? No. I used to, but then I grew up.

I learned to respect others opinions and move on. I don’t need to name call, shame, or throw a tantrum. I am not Trump. So let me tell you a tale and you tell me what you would have done.

OU Boy and I were crazy busy the other day and we had about an hour before more storms were coming so we popped into our pizza place. Greeted at the buffet by a 5-year-old girl wearing a dress laying on the floor in front of the salad bar with her legs in the air screaming bloody murder. The mom just ignored her and kept filling her 5 plates of food. At the table the kid starts licking the parm and pepper flakes holders and then went and touched every piece of food. Threw like 6 bread sticks on the floor which her mother picked up and put back on the tray!!! The entire time this kid is throwing a fit. Mom still shoveling in the pasta not saying a word.

My first instinct was to tell her to take her kid to the car if she couldn’t mind her but instead I told the manager and they quickly changed out the food and then I loudly said, Can you make her stop please? We are trying to eat. She chose to ignore all of us and we chose to leave. I talked to my sister about it and we were both appalled. None of our children have ever behaved like that in public. Nor do our grands. Personally I think they were just raised right. But also I always told my kids ” You can act up if you want to but when we get in that car, your ass is mine”. Never had an issue. My sister carried a small wooden spoon in her purse and would just open it and show it to her kids.

How do you feel about parents not controlling their children in a public space? Are we not teaching manners anymore? What happened to please and thank you or yes m’am and no sir? Because we aren’t getting any support in the behavior part from our elected officials or so-called celebrities. Let me know!

xx Patricia




Snuggled up in the bed with a nice English Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s this morning listening to the rain and wind.

Last night we lost power again and didn’t get it back until around 4 this morning. I peeked out the door this morning and the lawn furniture was everywhere except where it belongs. The wind and hail were intense and the flooding around town is bad. But it should clear out today so we can get back to the pool.

Nothing beats a dark, rainy morning and a cup of tea and a good book. I was reading Be Our Ghost by Kate Kingsbury, due out in October. It is a cozy mystery with its own in-house ghost!

In the ongoing saga of OU Boy taking a stand against racism and bigotry at the country club and resigning, we have settled with them and have been just looking at offers. Although he still works on his house flipping under our company, and will continue with that part-time now, he has accepted an offer from Hyatt Group Worldwide. It was a no brainer after we heard the perks were traveling all over the world and deep discounts on any Hyatt property. So tomorrow begins a new chapter in our story. He will be able to use his degree and the connection with the company’s reps was so positive and the people so real. So today is the last day I have him. Right now he is picking up a bulb from the Land Rover Shop and then who knows!

This works great for me as well. I get to travel too and I can work from anywhere so one life goal down. And as my son is thinking of buying a bus and living and travelling across the country with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat. So if that comes to pass we can meet them anywhere to visit. (I don’t think the reality of this has come to him yet, so I’m skeptical).

I’ll be over here drinking tea and reading a book.

xx Patricia



It’s Tuesday!!  I enjoyed another bowl of peanut butter porridge with some Scottish Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s. Then it was hurry up and get dressed I need to go to the library.

But I wanted to share this find with you all. Sunday we went to the market. Next door sort of is the Goodwill Shop. I’m just dawdling around in there and OU Boy comes running up with not one but two pieces of Frankoma Pottery!! For 50 cents each!

Frankoma Pottery is an American pottery company located in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. The company is widely known for its sculptures and dinnerware although the company made many other products including figurines, trivets, and vases. All Frankoma pottery is made in the U.S. from locally dug clay.

We occasionally see it on the Antiques Roadshow and I don’t think someone realized what they had before donating it. But we grabbed them and headed for the door! The two in the back of the picture are my little Toby Jug and a piece of Quimper. So yeah OU Boy who has just been surprising the heck out of me this week.

All the kids go back to school tomorrow. I’m really sad about that, but not having them this week has allowed me to start running again and play tennis with adults. Yesterday I did 3 miles and played a set with OU Boy of tennis. The water exercises I’ve been doing for my knee have really paid off but I’m still taking it slow.

For now we are off on some type of adventure….more treasure hunting maybe.

xx Patricia


Time to put the kettle on and grab a cup! Needing an extra boost of caffeine today, I opted for a good English Breakfast tea from Taylor’s. Just the thing.

I am quite sure I have been the most ungrateful person in the world this week. Well maybe not as much as the Orange Cheeto Man, but for me pretty awful. Everything has irritated me and I really just want everyone out of my house and have some peace and quiet.

This morning I had a long talk with myself in the mirror and I was totally ashamed. I can blame part of it on the anesthesia but the rest was just pure frustration. So I would like to say I am grateful. For the talented doctors at Dean Mcgee. For the great nurses in recovery and in pre-op. For OU Boy for putting up with me whining and crying and generally being a baby. For Harney and Sons having a package waiting for me as soon as I got home.

I’m grateful that I can come here and read your blogs and not have to think about recovery and the eyeball. That I can laugh at your tales, learn from your baking and get some great book recommendations. I wonder how Cynthia is getting along with the septic system, how is Cecilia getting on with the new farm babies? How is Garfield’s Mom? Who has the best TBR list this week? See, each and every one of you helps me and I am grateful.

I had forgotten for a minute to be grateful every day and let myself down by doing that. So I’m going to be really present today and make sure all of the people I love know how grateful I am for having them in my life.

Thanks Y’all! And to OU Boy, I am not bossy, those are Leadership Skills Dude!

xx Patricia

Life steps in and laughingly says, “Oh, sweetie…no.”

On the Inspiration Board this morning is a picture from St. Thomas. Waiting for my English Breakfast Tea to steep and reading this really great book from Simone St. James.

We are at the end of May and I had such high hopes for June. June 28th is the 2 year anniversary of the dreaded corneal ulcer and the 2 years of treatments and surgeries. So this year I thought I was in the clear and could make plans to hit the beach for a week, go visit my sister, play a lot of golf and tennis and just be happy I don’t have the guard on anymore. But then Life steps in and laughingly says, “Oh, sweetie…no.”

Yesterday was my appointment with Dr. D at the eye institute. We had a heart to heart talk about my progress, why we are moving so slow and where is this all leading? Long story short this June will be no different from the last two. I am having surgery in a couple of weeks. My inbox was full of paperwork this morning as well as a video to watch which I will not do again. No,no. Normally I would have had a lens put back in during my second surgery but it turns out I was missing some rods and stuff to put the lens on. Good news is that I have a lot of good fluid back there, which usually lessens with age. Not mine. Nope. I like to keep as many original parts as possible. So they are going to put me to sleep and go in and surgically sew this new goretex stuff with the lens sewn onto my eyeball. This goretex is what OU Boy’s stints are made of and I will have to carry a card around telling people to back the f*** off my eye!

The reason we hadn’t talked much about this one is because it is risky and he needed to know I understood the risks, such as infection and losing the entire eyeball. Plus I’ll need general anesthesia because even with the twilight sleep stuff I fight the restraints on my arms. I have a strong sense of survival. So that’s that. I’ll be in post-op care for 90 days so there goes another summer down the tubes. But the good news again is that after this surgery they can start taking out stitches from the surgery a year ago when I received the transplant. I still have 11.

I have 5 new drops to fill and each one is around $300. So my lovely doctor broke them down to the 2 components in the one and those two are way cheaper than the one bottle, so it’ll mean more drops but I can still buy shoes.

I am not going to stress about this. I trust my surgeon 100%. He is one of the best in the world. I keep telling myself what a great healer I am. What a great nap I’m going to have. That now I’m a risk taker. Well that one maybe isn’t new. I mean I have no rod thingys because of previous head trauma so obviously I do risky stuff, but this is the right thing, I know.

Today I’m going to just drink tea and sit in the sunshine while I still can!

xx Patricia