Life steps in and laughingly says, “Oh, sweetie…no.”

On the Inspiration Board this morning is a picture from St. Thomas. Waiting for my English Breakfast Tea to steep and reading this really great book from Simone St. James.

We are at the end of May and I had such high hopes for June. June 28th is the 2 year anniversary of the dreaded corneal ulcer and the 2 years of treatments and surgeries. So this year I thought I was in the clear and could make plans to hit the beach for a week, go visit my sister, play a lot of golf and tennis and just be happy I don’t have the guard on anymore. But then Life steps in and laughingly says, “Oh, sweetie…no.”

Yesterday was my appointment with Dr. D at the eye institute. We had a heart to heart talk about my progress, why we are moving so slow and where is this all leading? Long story short this June will be no different from the last two. I am having surgery in a couple of weeks. My inbox was full of paperwork this morning as well as a video to watch which I will not do again. No,no. Normally I would have had a lens put back in during my second surgery but it turns out I was missing some rods and stuff to put the lens on. Good news is that I have a lot of good fluid back there, which usually lessens with age. Not mine. Nope. I like to keep as many original parts as possible. So they are going to put me to sleep and go in and surgically sew this new goretex stuff with the lens sewn onto my eyeball. This goretex is what OU Boy’s stints are made of and I will have to carry a card around telling people to back the f*** off my eye!

The reason we hadn’t talked much about this one is because it is risky and he needed to know I understood the risks, such as infection and losing the entire eyeball. Plus I’ll need general anesthesia because even with the twilight sleep stuff I fight the restraints on my arms. I have a strong sense of survival. So that’s that. I’ll be in post-op care for 90 days so there goes another summer down the tubes. But the good news again is that after this surgery they can start taking out stitches from the surgery a year ago when I received the transplant. I still have 11.

I have 5 new drops to fill and each one is around $300. So my lovely doctor broke them down to the 2 components in the one and those two are way cheaper than the one bottle, so it’ll mean more drops but I can still buy shoes.

I am not going to stress about this. I trust my surgeon 100%. He is one of the best in the world. I keep telling myself what a great healer I am. What a great nap I’m going to have. That now I’m a risk taker. Well that one maybe isn’t new. I mean I have no rod thingys because of previous head trauma so obviously I do risky stuff, but this is the right thing, I know.

Today I’m going to just drink tea and sit in the sunshine while I still can!

xx Patricia


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Just another wacky Wednesday here at the Pirate Nation. I just placed a summer tea order and can’t wait to try the Pear. I love pears. Right now my favorite drink is bubbly water with pure pear juice. It’s refreshing and not too sweet. But this morning I went back to a good old English Breakfast.

Yesterday I cooked. Like from scratch. I was cooking up the chicken and had so much of it that I made a really good smoked chicken salad plus green chile chicken rolled enchiladas. I stuffed the chicken salad in fresh bell peppers. It’s so hot outside I wanted something light and cool. With a fresh fruit salad it was perfect.

I am experimenting with different tea blends. I took a Meyer Lemon from STASH and brewed it with a white tea from Taylor’s and popped it in the icebox. Definitely a keeper. Tazo’s Passion is a favorite around here. The kids think it’s kool-aid. And it has no sugar. Today I’m trying the Harney and Sons Chocolate mixed with some Chocolate Mint leaves. We shall see what happens.

Southern-Style Strawberry Buttermilk Biscuits will melt in your mouth as just-sweet-enough roasted strawberries add a welcome burst of flavor.              Recipe for Mississippi Mud Cake - This recipe is so EASY to make and it will surely WOW all of your guests at your next social event or party!

Strawberry biscuits are melt in your mouth good! You can use your favorite biscuit recipe and just add a handful of chopped berries. Voila! As for the Mississippi Mud Cake, well that is a really easy recipe and every baker has their own interpretation of it. Mine is the good old pecan and marshmallow on top of the finished cake. Back in the oven to melt the marshmallows and then cover it with pecans and chocolate frosting. Slap yo Momma good there!

Have a great Wednesday. You can still kick ass, just be nice about it. I am off to play Susi Homemaker and then read a gory, serial killer tale!

xx Patricia


Everything’s Gonna Be All Right!

Good Thursday morning! Sipping on a lovely Assam Tea from Taylor’s of Harrogate. It has the loveliest aroma and a nice malty taste. Getting ready to head back to Dean McGee and let them take my eye pressure again. I’m pretty sure it’s better.

When I saw my shrink on Tuesday I told him I needed to go back on my meds. I felt like it was the best thing for my sanity and my eye. Turns out there is something to that. I don’t know what, but when I took a pill late yesterday and my eye felt normal. And so did I!

Yesterday we picked up the sofa we had ordered. The love seat and the 2 chairs and ottoman should be ready in a few weeks. I love a structured sofa. And I love the look of natural linen. The pillows that come with the sofa have writing on them and so do the 2 chairs. But look what they say. Tea! They have all kinds and places of tea. You could also get them in French script. Or anything you choose really. I was so in love with it once we cut it loose from the yards of plastic and cardboard. What do you think?

I haven’t decided on curtains yet. I don’t want to mess up the perfect walls.

I am off to the eye institute. And then to the market. I hope you have a wonderful day.

xx Patricia



This was one of the teas I had samples for. It was a lovely color and it tasted like summer. Every sip reminded me of summer. Herbs and fresh-cut grass. Was it my favorite? No. But it was nice.

And we need nice. I have been awake since about 4 this morning. I was up a few hours later and I don’t think I need to be up and about at the same time as normal people. It was an odd experience seeing OU Boy’s morning habits. I probably shouldn’t do that, at least for a while. I am stopping my anxiety meds. I have been tapering off of them for a month and now I’m down to none and am feeling everything.

Food tastes different. I feel lighter. Yesterday was rough. It still felt like I was holding a live wire in my hand, but I got through it. I didn’t know how it would affect my sleep last night and I’m not sure it did. I keep repeating This is my new normal…over and over. I have definitely done more. Before noon I had done 4 loads of laundry, read a book, reviewed said book and had lots of tea. I had finished all of my email business and I was ready for whatever.

We are bracing for severe weather here. I think they may be just hoping for it in the storm center. That is really not what I need at the moment. A tornado and no Xanax, but I made this decision. I don’t want to be on meds. I want to be in control of my mind and body so I’m rambling on here rather than biting my fingernails. Thank you for listening.

Enjoy your day and thanks for the support!

xx Patricia


Once Again Someone Has Stolen the Title of My Memoirs.

Good Saturday to you all. I’m going out on a limb here with this morning’s tea. I love a good Assam and tend to stick to the few places I have found that do them so well. So this is my first time drinking Taylor’s of Harrogate Pure Assam. Assam in Northeastern India grows exceptional tea in the lush soil of the Brahmaputra Valley and Taylor’s is picked at the peak of the season from some of the region’s finest estates during the second flush harvest. It is rich, strong and full-bodied with malty notes.

The smoky malty flavor is there but it is not as in your face as some others. I really enjoyed it. Definitely going in the keeper box!

I’m finishing up Island of the Mad, which is a series starring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes, her husband. It is quite different. I swear every time I have a good title for my memoirs, someone snatches it up faster than that woman who snatched those boots on sale at Marshall’s from me!

Next up on the TBR list is A Literary Tea Party by Alison Walsh which I’m hoping will be full of teas and goodies! Our babies have been back in school for 2 weeks now, adding time on to an already long day so they can still be out of school by the 29th of May. So Corbin decided we needed a lazy Friday night. While we went and played in the park, OU Boy went and grabbed pizza. Then we went to Barnes and Noble to check out the new books and by then it was almost dark so we stopped at the ice cream shop and got a cone.

Everyone was exhausted and fell asleep right after bath time. This morning I was dragged to the park before tea time even. We ate fresh strawberries and ran the track and came home to get clean for Benjamin’s birthday party.

Now that they are off to the park with their aunt and cousins I am headed to Barnes and Noble to get some work done and enjoy tea and people watching!

Enjoy your Saturday! Go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

xx Patricia


We all made it to Friday! And it’s a beautiful and sunny day here this morning. Sticking with the Taylor’s English Breakfast Tea this morning. It gives you just the right amount of caffeine to jolt you out of sleepy town.

I have this tiny little obsession with mugs that say things on them. These are just a few I’ve found around and about. They are ridiculously easy to make your own. Hit up the Dollar Tree and grab some Sharpies and there you go! I like to stick them in a low oven for a few hours, but before you do that, alcohol takes the mistakes right off.  They are quite fun to give as gifts, filled with a few teas and maybe some honey spoons. Most of mine have been gifts from people who encourage my hoarding of crockery. I own one pot and one pan but I can host any size tea event! Just bring your own food.

I’m feeling the itch to be creative and make something. I’m starting with a beach bag. I made a lot of these in Mississippi but haven’t since coming to Oklahoma, so I thought I’d start there and see how it goes. I mean who doesn’t need beach/pool bags or library bags or shopping bags. I have a lot of plain canvas bags so we shall see what happens.

I’m not doing anything until after lunch however, because I received an email today saying the Publisher’s Clearinghouse could be stopping by before noon. So if you don’t hear from me for a bit, check Jamaica.

xx Patricia   Enjoy your Friday!


Taylors Green Jasmine Leaf Tea Caddy 125G Taylors of Harrogate Green Jasmine Leaf Tea, Loose Leaf, 4.41 Ounce Box - Green tea with jasmine in cup and teapot

This green tea has been a favorite in China since the days of the Song dynasty, eight centuries ago. The best quality comes from Fujian Province where Flowery Orange Pekoe leaf tea is mixed with freshly opened jasmine flowers, and left overnight to allow the tea to absorb the scent of jasmine. The flavor is light and sweet with a subtle perfume. Use a warmed teapot and add one teaspoon of tea per person and an extra ‘one for the pot’. Add water just under the boil and infuse for 2-3 minutes. Serve on its own. You can top the teapot up with more hot water as you enjoy the tea.

This is a really lovely tea. You get that mellow green tea with a hint of jasmine on the back of the tongue. I am loving these new green tea combinations this time of year. Light and wonderfully flavored, I don’t think I have ever met a Taylor’s tea I did not like.

Most tea sellers sell samples, so you can try before you buy a large quantity and I would suggest doing just that. The market we go to has a huge tea selection and I feel it is my obligation to educate anyone in the tea aisle. Yesterday I helped a lovely woman choose an oolong.  I left feeling I had done a good deed. OU Boy sarcastically said next time I should just bring my business cards along and pass them out in the tea aisle. Not a bad idea as I would hate for someone to judge tea on one bad choice.

One poor fellow kept telling us he was looking for steeped tea. OU Boy whispered, Isn’t all tea steeped?  Yes, honey, but we don’t tell people that, we can only ask what color it was and if he liked it. Or just pick one and tell him it’s steeped.

It’s been a great week so far. Sunshiny and the wildfires are getting under control. Baby ducklings are waddling by the lake and two ducks were fighting over a female in my pool. Spring is definitely in the air!

I have heard so much about the Netflix show The Handmaid’s Tale that I got the first season and we binge watched and ate chocolate twizzlers. I will not be watching it again. Subjugation of women is not a topic I can discuss without hand gestures.

Have a lovely Tuesday! Try a new tea, expand your horizons!

xx Patricia



Monday is here and it is a sunny one today. The rain has cleared out and yesterday we went on an adventure. Grab your cup and share this pot of Scottish Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s of Harrogate!

We had such a lazy Sunday. Reading, cleaning house and all those things that need to get accomplished on your days off. I am off today too, but my book pile says otherwise. We knew we needed to make a grocery run and that is where things went horribly wrong!

OU Boy suggested we go to Buy For Less. I said I would rather not and he assured me it would be fine. It was not fine. My nose started wrinkling before I walked in. Then my upper lip started to go up. OU Boy was trying to be cheerful and pointed out asparagus was on sale for 98 cents a pound. I looked and it said From Mexico.  To which I said loudly I’m not buying shit from Mexico. We can grow our own food here. And that is where it ended.

Him: Good God, you can’t go around blurting stuff like that out. We are leaving.

Me: Why can’t I? It’s asparagus season, surely someone in the USA is planting it!

Him: Fine, I’ll take you to your store.

Me: Smiles

So we get to Uptown Market and darn if asparagus wasn’t on sale there as well! I was so happy….OU Boy quips, careful, your inner snob is showing. So yes, there you have it. I am a food snob. I have no control over the nose wrinkle or the lip curl. This market is comforting to me and they are so nice. So we got our stuff and drove by Lake Hefner and saw all the ducks, swans and what I thought were doves but OU Boy said they were pigeons.

When we got home I noticed there were two male ducks fighting to the death in our pool! I went to check it out and they were viciously snapping at each others neck! What is going on I said? OU Boy says, Don’t go near them, they are mating. No I say, they are fighting. They are both males. As I got close a female shoots out of the water and heads for the sky. And they are still fighting. Just like men. The woman has flown off and they still want to fight. Finally they left, but it was disturbing. Much like the first time I saw a rooster and a hen. That was straight up rape there! We got rid of our roosters because we couldn’t look our hens in the face anymore. I’m pretty sure one of them committed suicide by standing in the middle of the road just to not get raped again.

OU Boy made home-made pizza last night and I had beans and veggies. I had a small piece of his pizza and I have to say that dough was spot on.

Then I picked up and finished my book. Jar of Hearts…talk about a thriller!

Have a great Monday and don’t forget to stop for tea. Catch your breath. Calm your soul.

xx Patricia


Happy Saturday! It is raining!!! Since about 3 a.m. it has been raining. I don’t even care if it’s grey and rainy this time. The wildfires may finally be over for now and last night I found out they may have been intentionally set. Not good. But we are so grateful for the rain.

And what better way to spend a rainy Saturday than with a nice cup of tea and a good book? I’m trying Taylor’s Lemon and Orange Tea today and if the smell doesn’t wake you up, you are probably dead. It had a wonderful aroma of just opened oranges with a hint of lemon. It is a really smooth tea, I know this will sound nuts to some of you, but it felt almost creamy in my mouth. Before I knew it I had finished off the entire pot! This will be a summer iced tea for sure!

Last night I ate one tiny peanut butter cup. Today I feel horrible. My entire stomach went on strike overnight and just let me know that sugar is the devil. There is an awful fight going on in there! Lesson learned.

Enjoy your Saturday while I limp to the bed and the heating pad!

    xx Patricia


It’s Friday Y’all! There is a rumor going around that we may have rain tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed.

I was sitting here yesterday sipping my Darjeeling and reading blogs when someone asked me “What exactly do you eat?” So I got out the trusty camera and took a picture of a pretty normal day of eating for me.

Breakfast is always oatmeal. Porridge, slow cooked oats. Then I get creative with what I have on hand. My favorite is to toss a handful of blueberries into the water when it begins to boil and cook the berries and the oatmeal together. A drizzle of honey and my mouth is in heaven. Somedays I toss in banana and almond butter.

Lunch is almost always a salad of different greens and veggies of all kinds and a handful of fruit on top. I personally don’t use a dressing. I like just the taste of the food.

Dinner is more of those vegetables roasted in the oven with a tiny bit of olive oil and some Herbes de Provence, a pinch of salt and a dash of black pepper. The kitchen smells heavenly. Sometimes I serve them over Bulgar or Polenta.

Mainly I listen to my body tell me what it needs today. For snacks, there are celery and carrots with Hummus that you can make yourself for a fraction of the store made. And it tastes better. If I’m not drinking tea, I drink water. I love water. We have well water and it is so good. For a treat I drink La Croix flavored water with no sugars. I don’t eat for my mouth but for my body.

OU Boy eats take out. Almost daily. We are a house divided by food and football teams! He drinks like a gallon of sweet tea a day. Wait until he hits 40 next year and we’ll see how that goes!