It is 18 degrees. Yep, all that mess we begged Denver to keep to itself came east and it is cold. Not a mess, very little snow. Like an eighth of an inch or so but this cold and wind is leaving us wanting something hot with a little spice kick!

Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice is perfect. I love cardamom and that along with all the other chai warming spices are just what the weather calls for! I give it a well done!

I have to finish this book, which is the second in a world I love. So that is it for now, Off to the land of warm blankets, hot tea and a nice warm husband to curl up with!

xx P

Really, Can You Ever Have To Much Tea?

Hi Thursday! You are looking mighty wet and gloomy this morning. Good thing I had a big Earl Grey London Fog to warm me up.

I told you yesterday that I had been on a tea ordering binge. This is how it started. I was straightening up my Tea Cupboard and saw an empty spot up there by the Cranberry tin. So I ordered some more tins of the holiday blends.

This is my addiction. I love these tins. I use them for everything including small posies for tea parties. Do I have a problem? Probably. What you can’t see is I have backups of almost all of them behind the ones you see. There was also another motive. Depending on how many teas I order I get a box perfect for re-shipping. I needed 5 boxes that hold two tins. Yes, I ordered tea to get a box. It is the perfect size for a tea-cup, some tea, a truffle and a bath bomb. Christmas is done.

Converting the world to tea one gift at a time. Also it is a really great gift I would love to get. Plus I’m going on a cruise in April and I need my money for that. Very shallow I know, which makes me deep since I do know it.

     This is what I will be doing today. Plus making Pumpkin Bread from Diane’s Kitchen. She has the best looking food. And there aren’t a million ingredients you can’t pronounce. Plus she has the cleanest baking pans I’ve ever seen! So pop over and begin to drool!

xx P



Reading and sipping this morning. This is such a nice tea to have by itself. The flavors are so delicate and calming. It can be hard to find, but you can always get it on-line.


Tazo Decaf Lotus Blossom Green Tea 20 Tea BagsImage result for tazo decaf lotus blossom green

Tempest in a Teapot (A Teapot Collector Mystery Book 1) by [Cooper, Amanda]


Tucked away in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York is the charming town of Gracious Grove, where time moves slowly, gossip spreads quickly, and the scones are to die for…

This is the first in the series and I’m catching up on it! So far it’s really good!

What are you sipping and reading today?

Decorating Pumpkins and Gourds With Your Children….and Cupcakes!


Welcome to Fallinter. They say it is Fall but it feels like Winter! This morning I started my day with Tazo Earl Grey and then I saw the cupcakes. In my head I threw the idea out that they are just basically muffins. I’m sure you can see my mouth won the battle of cupcakes for breakfast!

Yesterday was Arts and Crafts day at Chez Cowan. We had so many small pumpkins and gourds and since I had burned my finger on the hot glue gun, we decided to go the regular Elmer’s Glue route.

I save old shower liners to use as a drop cloth for painting and crafts so that went on the table along with these adorable black paper plates with dancing skeletons on them, each full of a different thing. One for glue, one for glitter ( orange and gold) and one for Halloween sprinkles, and one with Epsom Salts. We divided up the ones we wanted and went to work making a mess. I had the two white ones. I painted glue all over it and covered it with gold glitter and on top a glittered acorn. On and on we went. The Epsom Salt looks just like ice crystals and they were so creative. Then we made cuppy cakes and took them to our neighbors. They were worn out when they went home.

I hope your Friday is peaceful and full of sunshine. It is foggy and raining and cold here. Perfect day to try some new teas and read a cozy mystery!

XX Patricia


Good Morning. Bright and sunny here this morning. Sipping on some Peppermint Tea from Tazo and planning the day.

Yesterday we headed over to Lake Hefner, which is just down the street to see if the water had receded any from the rains. Some spots were better than others but we saw so many cranes and swans and a blue heron along with toddler ducks.

In the one picture I have no idea why someone would go to the park every day and feed these freaking poop machines! We were all taping it. I can’t wait to go back today. And we are. There are so many miles of trails and we are trying to map out one that I feel safe going alone on. The fact that a huge portion of the trails by the lake are also the places where all the lovely outdoor restaurants are so we’ll see which trail we take.

I wanted to tell you that I started the Teabag in a card project. I received a ton of tea themed stickers so I made my own cards and inside each one I stuck a tea bag. This week’s was Salted Caramel. The note just said, let’s share some tea and have a chat! Call me when you get this and we’ll sip and talk. Last night my momma sent a text. She was so surprised and happy. She doesn’t drink coffee so she is trying the tea this morning. So far I have mailed them to my sisters and momma but I’m branching out now to neighbors and just people who need a little happy in their day.

I hope you all have a happy day! It’s book release day so I’ll be busy today!

xx Patricia


The week-end is upon us. And so is the rain. Never. Ending. Rain. And this morning I did something I never do. I made a mug of tea and climbed back into bed and finished my book! It felt comforting and a bit undisciplined for me.

I’m still not officially recognizing Fall. Drinking Chai is about as close I’ll come for now.

The entire country has almost lost their minds over the drama that is our supposed government. Women banding together to tell men they have no control over their bodies! Can you imagine us passing a law that prohibits men from taking Viagra? I say if we confirm this guy every woman in the country should put on a chastity belt and say, Nope! How long before these guys cave? Not long, I’ll guess. And that’s all I’m saying about that for now.

I’m still trying to figure out what my new normal is. I’ve accepted that my eye looks great and no one would even know I’ve been through over 2 years of trying to see again. I’m tired of waiting for my life to get back to normal. I’m trying to accept that this may be as good as it gets and I’m okay with that, but what do I do now? Assassin is out as I need that eye for shooting. No race car driving. I’m quite sure I could get a job in the White House. Obviously you don’t need to be at full capacity to work there. Or maybe I’ll write my memoirs and give my mother a heart attack.

There are millions of things I could do but all I really want to do is read, drink tea, lay in the pool and buy shoes. So if you know of any job openings like that, let me know. Or maybe I’ll move to Arizona and be warm all the time! Whatever it is it will be awesome!

xx Have a great weekend and take time for a good cuppa!  Patricia


“There’s only so much space inside a person, so you have to be careful what you let fill you up. Anger, bitterness and despair will crowd in if you let them, but so will mercy, forgiveness, and joy….if you make the room and invite them in. Sometimes you have to work extra hard to make the room.”

Good Monday Morning! Having a big mug of Tazo Organic Earl Grey Noir. Sounds very mysterious. But it tastes lovely!

Yesterday was my thinking day. Taking stock if you will. And one thing kept popping into my brain. Are you living what you believe? And like most of the country I said, no. We have been gradually conditioned to gloss over any bad behavior, any lie, any responsibility for our actions and when I protest I hear a lot of Who Cares?

I do. I care. I am sick of non-reality reality shows. I am sick of people behaving badly and being rewarded for it. I expect respect and common decency. The entire political scene has become a really bad Honey Boo Boo episode. As a friend once said, the world needs an enema. I am all for people having guns. I am not for just passing them out like Halloween candy. Make some guidelines. Stop sending your thoughts and prayers and vote. Make noise. Our children shouldn’t have to be afraid to go to school or to the mall.

I for one am tired of looking the other way while people aren’t held accountable for their actions. The bar is so low now and that is not acceptable. Get yourself registered to vote and use our voice to demand change. Because if you believe it you have to live it, and I for one am starting that today.

xx Patricia



It’s a bright and sunny morning with no rain! And while we are gulping down our Tazo Awake Breakfast Tea, which has a little extra kick of awake, it is also a sad day for our nation.

Senator John McCain has died. I may not have always agreed with him, but I always respected him. The sacrifices he and his family made for this country were significant and I know the pain they are all facing today. So Thank You Sir for all you endured and all you gave.

Today I am going to soak in the pool. That’s it. Just float and not think for a bit. I hear it’s a good thing.

Enjoy your Sunday!

xx Patricia


Tazo Earl Grey and I wish you a good Tuesday! I’m not sure what is going on with the weather here. Conditions are ripe for severe storms. The heat is relentless and last night our entire neighborhood lost power. I’m assuming from all of the air conditioners working full-time. We just sat in the dark and listened to comedy on the phone. Then we just decided to go to bed. Just as I was falling asleep I heard the a/c come on and thank goodness as it was steamy in here!

I tried really hard yesterday to put my mind on caring for myself and hopefully avoiding the Anxiety Fairy for a bit. First I dragged out my calculator and figured what a SuperFoods Smoothie was costing a week and shuddered. So I dug out the juicer and decided to try making my own. I put 1/2 cup of water in and then 2 big handfuls of Spinach and 1/2 tsps. of Coconut Oil to help turn this into a sludge and also it helps me digest the spinach better. Once I had a nice sludgie mixture, I tossed in a handful of frozen chopped up banana and a handful of frozen, unsweetened mango,pineapple, strawberries and peaches. In minutes I had the same smoothie I pay $5 for every day. And it was delicious. So I sat down and figured out some more combinations and I’m trying a Blueberry Banana Cacoa one at lunch with some added Bee Pollen.

I pretty much eat a raw food diet anyway but as you can see from the picture I do heat some things like broccoli. Just 4 minutes in the pan makes it easier for me to digest. And all those fresh farmer’s market veggies are delish!

So OU Boy figured out finally that if he wants meat he better learn how to cook it. And my goodness he has some hidden skills. He googles recipes and turned out this lovely meatloaf that held together and was easily sliced. I was most impressed because when I tried to make meatloaf it came out falling apart and it was suddenly taco night.

Today we are continuing our hunt for the perfect kitchen table. It has been frustrating to say the least.

Have a great day and take a few minutes for a nice cuppa!

xx Patricia

Would you like some Porridge? It’s Heavenly!


Good Monday Morning! I’m enjoying a nice Tazo Earl Grey Noir Organic this morning with my porridge.

A lovely person sent me these boxes of porridge that are Protein and Fiber strong. They each have 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 27 to 29 grams of whole grains, such as steel-cut oats, whole rolled oats, red quinoa with the peanut butter one having peanuts and honey and the Vanilla one has almonds, pecans and Madagascar vanilla. Sugar? 9 grams.

This morning I tried the Madagascar Vanilla, Almonds and Pecans. It was yummy and smooth. Yesterday I tried the Honey Peanut Butter and holy moly was that good. I have no idea how the little porridge elves made this taste exactly like creamy peanut butter, but it was exceptional. I had a little bowl of blueberries with it. When I say it is good I mean I would eat it every day!

Yesterday OU Boy and I hung out at the pool and then went grocery shopping. Very low-key as we had gone to my friend Debra’s birthday party Saturday night and slept until almost 10 a.m. Around 6 last night I was reading in the bath when OU Boy comes to the door and tells me he has a quick errand to run but he has chicken parm in the oven and the timer is set. Me: Blank Stare. Who are you and where is my husband? He just laughed and said he googled a recipe. People that was the best stuff I have ever tasted! That man can cook. He crushed Ritz crackers and mixed olive oil and herbs and parmesan and I would have eaten my arm to get to that stuff! Just when you think you know a person….Boom…they have new skills!

Y’all have a great one. I am going to try!

xx Patricia