Hello Monday! No matter what you always show up, don’t you? This morning I wanted to tell you about a tea I found yesterday. It’s Tazo Cucumber White. The box states the ingredients as : White Tea, Lime Peel, Dandelion Leaves, Black Darjeeling Tea, Cucumber,Peppermint, Lemon Verbena and natural Lime Essence.

On opening the packet you get a lovely and light aroma of the lime and lemon verbena. After steeping it for 3 minutes it smelled lovely. The taste was refreshing and bright. It reminded me of the water I keep in the refrigerator. A carafe full of White Tea mixed with slices of lime, cucumber and mint. Only it’s hot. I loved it and will definitely be adding it to the iced rotation as well.

I especially liked the box which stated: Where do cucumbers go to unwind? A spa carved in the crevice of an iceberg, with blue cooling pools, white tea saunas and a swim-up bar lined with lime peel mugs filled with piping hot tea.

Cucumbers are apparently living the life! So that’s our tea for today. Now, grab that cup and listen to this!

Without mentioning names, Tommy came home Saturday and said, You are never going to believe it but there is a lady up at the club having a dog birthday party. Dog bowls full of water and treats, All kinds of doggy decorations and excess but I’m still thinking this is one of those little old ladies who thinks her dog is a child. WRONG!! Couldn’t be further from the truth. Going back to see, it was a birthday party for a kid who thinks he is a dog. He dresses like a dog, he eats out of bowls and barks. You know every mother there was talking trash about her parenting skills! I mean Corbin thinks he’s Spiderman but he knows he isn’t. Can you imagine these poor Junior League Mommas watching their offspring eating out of a dog bowl on the ground? This should have been on Lifetime for some reason. My Strange Addiction or My son, the dog.

What’s the craziest party you have ever been to? And if you’ve been to one of my out of this world kid’s birthday parties you better just hush.

Love and Kindness….Bless her heart!

xx Patricia


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Just another wacky Wednesday here at the Pirate Nation. I just placed a summer tea order and can’t wait to try the Pear. I love pears. Right now my favorite drink is bubbly water with pure pear juice. It’s refreshing and not too sweet. But this morning I went back to a good old English Breakfast.

Yesterday I cooked. Like from scratch. I was cooking up the chicken and had so much of it that I made a really good smoked chicken salad plus green chile chicken rolled enchiladas. I stuffed the chicken salad in fresh bell peppers. It’s so hot outside I wanted something light and cool. With a fresh fruit salad it was perfect.

I am experimenting with different tea blends. I took a Meyer Lemon from STASH and brewed it with a white tea from Taylor’s and popped it in the icebox. Definitely a keeper. Tazo’s Passion is a favorite around here. The kids think it’s kool-aid. And it has no sugar. Today I’m trying the Harney and Sons Chocolate mixed with some Chocolate Mint leaves. We shall see what happens.

Southern-Style Strawberry Buttermilk Biscuits will melt in your mouth as just-sweet-enough roasted strawberries add a welcome burst of flavor.              Recipe for Mississippi Mud Cake - This recipe is so EASY to make and it will surely WOW all of your guests at your next social event or party!

Strawberry biscuits are melt in your mouth good! You can use your favorite biscuit recipe and just add a handful of chopped berries. Voila! As for the Mississippi Mud Cake, well that is a really easy recipe and every baker has their own interpretation of it. Mine is the good old pecan and marshmallow on top of the finished cake. Back in the oven to melt the marshmallows and then cover it with pecans and chocolate frosting. Slap yo Momma good there!

Have a great Wednesday. You can still kick ass, just be nice about it. I am off to play Susi Homemaker and then read a gory, serial killer tale!

xx Patricia




I’m feeling minty today so I’m sipping Tazo Peppermint Tea. I may or may not have abused my tummy last night with sour gummy worms, so I’m trying to baby it this morning. I’ve tried apologizing to it but it’s tired of hearing it. So we are doing mint green today,

Yesterday I got one of those calls we all hope for. ” Hey, I’m going to Home Depot, do you want to come along?” Uh, yes! I love that place. So full of possibilities for those people who know how to make things. I was just trying to find some good mint varieties that my sister  told me about.

It’s looking a bit gloomy this morning. Could be severe weather today so that’s something to look forward to. Other than that I’m making Strawberry Scones and a Mississippi Mud Cake. From the way that the BF was hacking all night, I took out some chicken breasts for some healing soup. One of the breasts will be cooked over Lapsang Souchong loose tea. Then chopped up for a lovely smoky chicken salad. So tea time is settled.

Have yourself a productive and useful day. Be the better person. Stay calm and make tea!

xx Patricia



Good Morning Y’all. The sun is shining and the rain is finally over. Everywhere I go there are signs of Spring. Birds hatching, flowers pushing through the soft dirt to poke their lovely green heads up to the sun.

It is truly one of the most beautiful seasons. New birth, baby calves, piglets and chickens getting their first look at Mother Earth and the human race. One isn’t looking too hot right now, but sometimes you make the wrong decision and you have to live with it for a bit.

OU Boy stayed home yesterday as he had an awful headache. I kept checking on him in the bed to make sure he was still breathing. I mean, my mattress is brand spanking new and I’d rather not have bodily fluids on it if he were to croak. I only say that because whether it’s  hangnail or a heart attack, that man treats them the same. He’s gonna die.

I am sipping on Tazo Green Ginger this morning because I ate a bag of Twizzlers last night. They are like crack, I swear! You can’t just nibble on one. So now I’m paying the price for having an addict for a mouth and a convent for a stomach. They aren’t happy with one another today, so I will do my penance and sip ginger tea all day and moan and complain. I’m quite good at that!

Yesterday I received an invitation from Amazon to be a Vine Reviewer. Now my reviews can go up early. So yeah!

Time to refill the teapot! Have a glorious day and laugh, it makes me happy!



Good Sunday Morning Y’all! It is a bit chilly this morning so I made a lovely Earl Grey London Fog, using Tazo Tea Organic Earl Grey Noir. It warmed me up enough to put a load of laundry in the washer.

This is the first Sunday we have had off together in a long time. OU Boy woke up and headed to Yukon to pick up our bedroom furniture and yesterday he made me a new kitchen table. Who knew he had woodworking skills?

We watched the GS Warriors embarrass the SA Spurs last night, switching between that and the hockey game. My Cubs won yesterday, so I am geared up for tonight’s match up at the Peake between the Thunder and the Jazz. Until then I will be hair up, hoodie on and reading Ms. Laura Child’s Plum Tea Crazy!

I hope you all have a peaceful Sunday and get all your chores finished before the games start!


TEA…A Magical Drink


I have been up for quite a while now. There were so many new books debuting today and they needed tending. Today we’re having Zen Tea from Tazo. One of my all time favorites. I most definitely need calming down today and this tea does just that.

Did anyone watch the Jesus Christ Superstar on Sunday night? What did you think? If you were alive for the original one especially! We bounced between that and The Ten Commandments which by now I can recite along with the characters. When I saw it as a child I was in awe. As an adult, it was more of a comedy. I mean these folks were from Egypt and they were as pale as a ghost. Lost some credibility there. But hey, the old Batman isn’t so hot anymore either. Could they not afford a better costume?

No school here today. Teachers are still standing up for themselves and their students down at the capitol building. Last night on the news I saw kids who showed us books years out of date and taped together. Some using just workbooks that have already been used many times. Where exactly is that lottery money going? And why is big oil and gas griping about a 3 percent increase in their GPT? The thing is here in Oklahoma they can pass a raise but it means nothing if the teachers are having to fund their own classrooms. So hang in there y’all!!

I found this on the wall of a tea room:  Tea,Tea, a wonderful drink, the more you sip the more you think!

xx Patricia

Checking out TAZO organic earl grey noir

This morning it is a bit on the chilly side so I’m trying out this new to me tea. Tazo organic earl grey noir. The caffeine level is about a 5 out of 5. Good for a morning jolt. And I used it to make an Earl Grey London Fog. It was and is delicious.

The smell of the bergamot was strong when I poured the water over it and the taste was just a perfect blend of black tea and bergamot. I definitely will keep this in the cupboard.I’m not sure where all the severe weather and snow are that they predicted. Not here. But it is going to be chilly today so another great day to sip hot tea and read a good book.

Tommy and I have this thing we’ve done for years. We choose something and try different variations of it all month-long. Sometimes its wine from all different countries but yesterday he hit on the best list ever! The best places for Sunday Brunch! This should be fun!  Yesterday wasn’t a good day for that however. My Crohns flared up and I was not happy. Today it’s behaving itself, but it’s like a toddler, you just hold your breath and hope for the best.

Enjoy this second day of April. Notice the little things. Give someone a compliment. Be a good human being.

xx Happy Tea Drinking    Patricia




Good Early Morning! Spring Break began yesterday for OKC schools. Two weeks off and then the teachers are more than likely going to strike. I had to have a huge mug of Tazo Awake Breakfast Tea this morning. Needed a little extra kick after yesterday.

We all had lunch and set out to the movies. I love going in the middle of the day on a week day. Just retired folks there.  Tommy and Corbin wanted to see Black Panther and Charli Ava and I wanted to see A Wrinkle in Time. They started at the same time so it was a good idea. With treats in hand we went our separate ways.

After 30 minutes of previews the movie came on. Only it wasn’t the movie we paid for. Lucky for us the older couple there were watching for the second time and they knew it wasn’t right. The manager came in and said the only copy they had available had Spanish captions but English-speaking. That’s fine I said, my television has been stuck on captions for months and I have no idea how to fix it. So then we had some more previews but the guy brought more snacks and more free passes.

I learned that in a horror situation I can not be depended on to rescue you. This preview came on for Hereditary, a horror film that is extremely horrific! I mean scream and jump in your seat. At one point they showed a scene and I immediately grabbed my purse and started down the stairs! Then I remembered I left Charli! so the moral of that story is you are on your own in the Zombie showdown!

Finally the movie came on and it was absolutely beautiful, and we all cried. Well done Reese, Oprah and Mindy! The five-year old went crazy for Black Panther and wants to go again. Next will be Peter Rabbit.

When the kids came yesterday they brought a picnic basket of goodies with them!

My lovely daughter in love knows exactly what to get me. Tea infuser shaped like a book, the fishermen set of tea bag holders, books on tea, a journal and a lovely pillow! I do love that woman!

Today I’m on my own with them and they come in the door on high-speed. But Camp Granma is officially open and we are off on an adventure!

xx patricia



March has crept in quietly and warmly. The sun is steaming through the window and today’s tea is brought to us by good Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea. After the drinking dirt debacle the Tea Fairy wasn’t having any trial or error this morning.

This has been an emotional week for me personally. A lot of things are changing here. For instance my new vision insurance starts today! Yeah. As of yesterday I am officially retired from work. Which just means I don’t have to work anymore but I’ve already accepted some freelance work and will continue to work toward my sommelier  credentials.

So, a new month, a new season and change. It seems the appropriate time to begin something new. With someone new. I look forward to collaborating on a project with someone I respect and love very much.

It’s not hard to believe your life can change in a second for the worse, but it’s also hard to believe when it changes for the amazing in one day! You work and work and one day out of the blue it all comes together. Everything clicks and it seems as if you have an angel on your side.

Welcome to March!

xx Patricia



Oh my what a gloomy Monday it is here. It rained overnight and the clouds are still hanging gray overhead.

We had to be at the OU Medical early this morning for OU Boy’s stress test. He couldn’t have his beloved sweet tea for 24 hours before. So I got him some Adult coloring books and markers and stuff to take his mind off of that. For a guy who goes through over a gallon a day it was tough!

I’ve been on the hunt for new teas for a few days now. This was a surprise and a very nice one at that.  Tazo Apricot Vanilla Creme. This would be a lovely tea to have with toast and apricot jam, or an apricot tart. It smells so nice. The apricot hits you in the nose right away and the vanilla is a smooth ribbon running throughout and it all comes together with the white tea beautifully. Perfect for Spring and Summer, I can see using this iced as well. Or you could make this lovely Vanilla infused naked cake….no words…

vanilla naked layer cake... so pretty! x

Lately I’ve been feeling the need to shake things up a bit. I went on an adventure Saturday to the country, poking around for unique locations. Stepping out of my comfort zone. Then on a whim I decided I wanted to be a brunette, so yeah, that happened and the stylist cut a bunch of layers into it so now I’ve got curls all over my face, but we’ll see how I like it. I love playing with hair color. Unfortunately for some reason mine never takes. In a few weeks it will just wash down the drain and we’ll be back to blonde.

I hope everyone had a restful weekend and maybe some of you are off today, so have a good one!

xx Patricia