Lady Bedford’s Tea Parlour & Gift Shoppe


Welcome to the lovely world of Lady Bedford’s Tea Parlour & Gift Shoppe. Located in beautiful Pinehurst, North Carolina.

In naming her tea room, Marian Caso was inspired by the story of Anna Maria Stanhope Russell, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, who is credited with inventing the British custom of afternoon tea. since 2008, it has become a favorite with locals and tourist of the area.

You can look forward to a Victorian atmosphere with crystal and fine china. Diners have more than 60 loose-leaf tea options, which are individually brewed once ordered. They also offer breakfast and lunch and a number of afternoon tea selections, making it perfect for those looking for a light tea as well as something more substantial.


Address: 21 Chinquapin Rd, Pinehurst, NC 28374

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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If you are in Pinehurst, check them out!
Have a great Sunday and take time for tea and conversation!

Once Again Someone Has Stolen the Title of My Memoirs.

Good Saturday to you all. I’m going out on a limb here with this morning’s tea. I love a good Assam and tend to stick to the few places I have found that do them so well. So this is my first time drinking Taylor’s of Harrogate Pure Assam. Assam in Northeastern India grows exceptional tea in the lush soil of the Brahmaputra Valley and Taylor’s is picked at the peak of the season from some of the region’s finest estates during the second flush harvest. It is rich, strong and full-bodied with malty notes.

The smoky malty flavor is there but it is not as in your face as some others. I really enjoyed it. Definitely going in the keeper box!

I’m finishing up Island of the Mad, which is a series starring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes, her husband. It is quite different. I swear every time I have a good title for my memoirs, someone snatches it up faster than that woman who snatched those boots on sale at Marshall’s from me!

Next up on the TBR list is A Literary Tea Party by Alison Walsh which I’m hoping will be full of teas and goodies! Our babies have been back in school for 2 weeks now, adding time on to an already long day so they can still be out of school by the 29th of May. So Corbin decided we needed a lazy Friday night. While we went and played in the park, OU Boy went and grabbed pizza. Then we went to Barnes and Noble to check out the new books and by then it was almost dark so we stopped at the ice cream shop and got a cone.

Everyone was exhausted and fell asleep right after bath time. This morning I was dragged to the park before tea time even. We ate fresh strawberries and ran the track and came home to get clean for Benjamin’s birthday party.

Now that they are off to the park with their aunt and cousins I am headed to Barnes and Noble to get some work done and enjoy tea and people watching!

Enjoy your Saturday! Go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

xx Patricia



Good Morning Y’all. The sun is shining and the rain is finally over. Everywhere I go there are signs of Spring. Birds hatching, flowers pushing through the soft dirt to poke their lovely green heads up to the sun.

It is truly one of the most beautiful seasons. New birth, baby calves, piglets and chickens getting their first look at Mother Earth and the human race. One isn’t looking too hot right now, but sometimes you make the wrong decision and you have to live with it for a bit.

OU Boy stayed home yesterday as he had an awful headache. I kept checking on him in the bed to make sure he was still breathing. I mean, my mattress is brand spanking new and I’d rather not have bodily fluids on it if he were to croak. I only say that because whether it’s  hangnail or a heart attack, that man treats them the same. He’s gonna die.

I am sipping on Tazo Green Ginger this morning because I ate a bag of Twizzlers last night. They are like crack, I swear! You can’t just nibble on one. So now I’m paying the price for having an addict for a mouth and a convent for a stomach. They aren’t happy with one another today, so I will do my penance and sip ginger tea all day and moan and complain. I’m quite good at that!

Yesterday I received an invitation from Amazon to be a Vine Reviewer. Now my reviews can go up early. So yeah!

Time to refill the teapot! Have a glorious day and laugh, it makes me happy!


Taylors Green Jasmine Leaf Tea Caddy 125G Taylors of Harrogate Green Jasmine Leaf Tea, Loose Leaf, 4.41 Ounce Box - Green tea with jasmine in cup and teapot

This green tea has been a favorite in China since the days of the Song dynasty, eight centuries ago. The best quality comes from Fujian Province where Flowery Orange Pekoe leaf tea is mixed with freshly opened jasmine flowers, and left overnight to allow the tea to absorb the scent of jasmine. The flavor is light and sweet with a subtle perfume. Use a warmed teapot and add one teaspoon of tea per person and an extra ‘one for the pot’. Add water just under the boil and infuse for 2-3 minutes. Serve on its own. You can top the teapot up with more hot water as you enjoy the tea.

This is a really lovely tea. You get that mellow green tea with a hint of jasmine on the back of the tongue. I am loving these new green tea combinations this time of year. Light and wonderfully flavored, I don’t think I have ever met a Taylor’s tea I did not like.

Most tea sellers sell samples, so you can try before you buy a large quantity and I would suggest doing just that. The market we go to has a huge tea selection and I feel it is my obligation to educate anyone in the tea aisle. Yesterday I helped a lovely woman choose an oolong.  I left feeling I had done a good deed. OU Boy sarcastically said next time I should just bring my business cards along and pass them out in the tea aisle. Not a bad idea as I would hate for someone to judge tea on one bad choice.

One poor fellow kept telling us he was looking for steeped tea. OU Boy whispered, Isn’t all tea steeped?  Yes, honey, but we don’t tell people that, we can only ask what color it was and if he liked it. Or just pick one and tell him it’s steeped.

It’s been a great week so far. Sunshiny and the wildfires are getting under control. Baby ducklings are waddling by the lake and two ducks were fighting over a female in my pool. Spring is definitely in the air!

I have heard so much about the Netflix show The Handmaid’s Tale that I got the first season and we binge watched and ate chocolate twizzlers. I will not be watching it again. Subjugation of women is not a topic I can discuss without hand gestures.

Have a lovely Tuesday! Try a new tea, expand your horizons!

xx Patricia



Monday is here and it is a sunny one today. The rain has cleared out and yesterday we went on an adventure. Grab your cup and share this pot of Scottish Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s of Harrogate!

We had such a lazy Sunday. Reading, cleaning house and all those things that need to get accomplished on your days off. I am off today too, but my book pile says otherwise. We knew we needed to make a grocery run and that is where things went horribly wrong!

OU Boy suggested we go to Buy For Less. I said I would rather not and he assured me it would be fine. It was not fine. My nose started wrinkling before I walked in. Then my upper lip started to go up. OU Boy was trying to be cheerful and pointed out asparagus was on sale for 98 cents a pound. I looked and it said From Mexico.  To which I said loudly I’m not buying shit from Mexico. We can grow our own food here. And that is where it ended.

Him: Good God, you can’t go around blurting stuff like that out. We are leaving.

Me: Why can’t I? It’s asparagus season, surely someone in the USA is planting it!

Him: Fine, I’ll take you to your store.

Me: Smiles

So we get to Uptown Market and darn if asparagus wasn’t on sale there as well! I was so happy….OU Boy quips, careful, your inner snob is showing. So yes, there you have it. I am a food snob. I have no control over the nose wrinkle or the lip curl. This market is comforting to me and they are so nice. So we got our stuff and drove by Lake Hefner and saw all the ducks, swans and what I thought were doves but OU Boy said they were pigeons.

When we got home I noticed there were two male ducks fighting to the death in our pool! I went to check it out and they were viciously snapping at each others neck! What is going on I said? OU Boy says, Don’t go near them, they are mating. No I say, they are fighting. They are both males. As I got close a female shoots out of the water and heads for the sky. And they are still fighting. Just like men. The woman has flown off and they still want to fight. Finally they left, but it was disturbing. Much like the first time I saw a rooster and a hen. That was straight up rape there! We got rid of our roosters because we couldn’t look our hens in the face anymore. I’m pretty sure one of them committed suicide by standing in the middle of the road just to not get raped again.

OU Boy made home-made pizza last night and I had beans and veggies. I had a small piece of his pizza and I have to say that dough was spot on.

Then I picked up and finished my book. Jar of Hearts…talk about a thriller!

Have a great Monday and don’t forget to stop for tea. Catch your breath. Calm your soul.

xx Patricia



Good Morning! This came in the mail yesterday. More tea goodness to add to the bulging cupboard. I was really excited to see this one. There are six of each one to try. I’m going to start this afternoon with the Earl Grey.  At less than $20 you can get this sampler box which makes a terrific gift for Mother’s Day or a Birthday.

This morning I threw a handful of blackberries in my oatmeal with a drizzle of honey. Oh my lord it was good. Normally I do blueberries, but right now I have a lot of blackberries so you use what you have. I love blackberries. They not only taste like summer and sunshine, but they take me back to being a kid and picking them in the wild along the railroad tracks and even down in the beach dunes.

Spring is popping out all kinds of yummy vegetables. Tender new shoots of asparagus which I use in salads or just grill or roast it with some new potatoes and summer squash.

I started Mary Alice Monroe’s new book Beach House Reunions so I’m feeling all summery and beachy. Yeah, that’s not a real word, but you get it.

When I ran this morning the air was rather ashy. You can see the smoke from all of the wildfires that are still raging. At least this morning it was a little humid, so maybe we will get some much-needed rain. Even the Oklahoma River is dry as a bone. So someone isn’t shaking their rainstick!

Y’all have a great day and just be nice to each other!

xx Patricia

Harney & Sons Royal Wedding Tea


Good Morning! Starting the morning off with one of the new Palace Collections, Royal Wedding Tea. First look at that sachet. It smells heavenly and looks so pretty!

On the back it says….We are honored to present our Union of Chinese Mutan White Tea Buds, With Almond, Coconut, and Vanilla To Taste And a Floral Abundance of Pink Rosebuds And Petals. A Regal Tea to Celebrate a Glorious Union.

Opening the tin released a lovely and aromatic blend of roses, almond, coconut and vanilla. It is  a very fragrant blend. I steeped it for 4 minutes and the smell was even stronger. This is a light tea with a perfect blend of all of the above. I drank an entire pot it was so good. This would be perfect at a bridal shower. I liked it so much I’m thinking today I’ll run back to Barnes and Noble and pick up another, just to get this one for $5!

My granddaughter’s school in North Dakota is so engaged with us on social media and yesterday they were taking orders for May baskets to be delivered to the student or staff of your choice so I’m sending them my order today for Vangie and for my son who is a teacher there. What a sweet idea this is. Since they are in what we call the frozen tundra, these teachers teach outside of the box. The are a happy bunch all the time and I love them!

It was in the 80’s yesterday and the winds were awful. The wildfires changed direction and I have never seen fire like this. Total over 300,000 acres have burned and this is pasture land, homes, and livestock that have been lost. 2 people have died and this has been going on for a week up north of us. We desperately need rain. Last night it looked like Sherman burning Atlanta here. So send prayers and get out the rain stick!

Pretty much my day in pictures. Read, Run, Eat, Drink Tea, Repeat. I just finished the latest Bird Lover’s Mystery by J.R.Ripley and it is really good! Have a good Wednesday and enjoy your day with a cup of tea and a book.

xx Patricia

Harney & Sons Blueberry Green Tea Review and a Tale!

blueberry tea 

It’s Tuesday…back to work. This morning I’m trying out the lovely Blueberry Green Tea from Harney & Sons new Historic Royal Palaces Collection. First the tins are gorgeous, let me say. We went for a walk yesterday and ended up at Barnes and Noble for lunch, which was yummy Spinach and Artichoke Quiche. But the good news was they had the entire Royal Palace Collection and if you bought one, you got the Royal Wedding Tea for only $5! In these tins there are 30 sachets rather than the usual 20 in a tin. So for $16 I got two teas I was planning on ordering anyway.

Opening the Blueberry Green Tea,which contains Green tea, lemongrass, blueberry pieces, Blueberry flavor and cornflowers and vanilla. The smell was all blueberry on opening the tin. But when the water hit the bag in the teapot, the blueberry smell was strong and pure. It is a green tea so it is light in color and I loved it so much that I poured the remainder over ice and drank it on another walk. Would I recommend it? Heck yes! It is going to be a great summer tea iced.

Last night we went to dinner with Aunt Gayle at Outback. It’s so nice to be close to her. She lost her husband in December and they loved Outback, and OU Boy had never been to one before. They did it all from the Bloomin’ Onion to the Thunder from down under dessert. I had a salad. We talked and laughed and it was good to see her out and having a good time. We can walk to her house so she is close. When you are grieving it is so easy to just shut yourself off from going out, and it’s amazing what just a simple dinner with family can do for your spirit. We all left laughing about how full we were and what a good time we had.

I found out yesterday that our blogging world has lost Teacher of YA. Stephanie. Her sister didn’t have any reasons or details yesterday, but I know we all will miss her terribly and are sending much love to her family.

xx Patricia     Make a difference in someone’s day today. A smile. A kind word. You just never know.

Lavender Blue, Dilly, Dilly….

It’s Monday! And the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and this song is stuck in my head! So I went with it. Since our tea today is Lavender Lemon by Bigelow Teas.

Actually, I went to sleep last night listening to Disney Lullabies. Yep, that’s right. And I slept like a baby until 6 a.m. Then I got up and started making noise so OU Boy is out the door headed to the golf course.

We finally got all moved in to our new home. We had decided not to take any of our old furniture with us. It’s been moved from Mississippi to Oklahoma and I wanted a fresh start. We trusted we would come out okay. And boy did we!

We did buy a new mattress, because mine was 20 years old and OU Boy is picky about mattresses. Not about picking his clothes up off the floor, but sleeping apparently is a priority. And then a friend asked about furniture and said he had an Art Deco  looking cherry wood bedroom set and could we take it? Uh, yes. It is gorgeous, about 80 years old or so and is beautifully made. Bedroom done.

OU Boy built us a table with his very own hands! So we’ve done pretty well over the last couple of days. We met our neighbors. They are from Russia. Lovely couple. We have explored our area and found nothing lacking. Especially happy a new Tuesday Morning has opened down the block! I was looking for a bedskirt and had to mansplain that.

All in all we are happier than a pig in mud! And the kids all went back to school today after the teacher strike. The teachers were outside holding signs saying they missed their kids. Well, we are very happy to see y’all as well!

Y’all have a great Monday…I’m going to the walking track, which comes out at Barnes and Noble.

xx Patricia

TEA…A Magical Drink


I have been up for quite a while now. There were so many new books debuting today and they needed tending. Today we’re having Zen Tea from Tazo. One of my all time favorites. I most definitely need calming down today and this tea does just that.

Did anyone watch the Jesus Christ Superstar on Sunday night? What did you think? If you were alive for the original one especially! We bounced between that and The Ten Commandments which by now I can recite along with the characters. When I saw it as a child I was in awe. As an adult, it was more of a comedy. I mean these folks were from Egypt and they were as pale as a ghost. Lost some credibility there. But hey, the old Batman isn’t so hot anymore either. Could they not afford a better costume?

No school here today. Teachers are still standing up for themselves and their students down at the capitol building. Last night on the news I saw kids who showed us books years out of date and taped together. Some using just workbooks that have already been used many times. Where exactly is that lottery money going? And why is big oil and gas griping about a 3 percent increase in their GPT? The thing is here in Oklahoma they can pass a raise but it means nothing if the teachers are having to fund their own classrooms. So hang in there y’all!!

I found this on the wall of a tea room:  Tea,Tea, a wonderful drink, the more you sip the more you think!

xx Patricia