Holiday Teas from The Boulder Tea Company Are Here!

It’s time for some more teas for the holidays and these are from The Boulder Tea Company out of Boulder, Colorado. If you have never been, go! Or at least take advantage of the great sales they have on tea right now, including gift sets!

This minty, full-flavored chocolate tea, is reminiscent of an after-dinner mint. You’ll discover why fans of this tea treasure it as a cup of indulgent, healthy and almost decadent brew…a simple, tasty indulgence you will look forward to daily.



An enticing herbal blend our master herbalist and tea expert created to raise your spirits, ward off seasonal maladies and re-charge vitality. Simply taking time to brew up a cup or pot of this warming herbal tea and unwinding for a few minutes makes a splendid difference…. with each sip, layers of stress fall away as you re-group for your day or evening. Perfect before or after sleep, meditation or work breaks.


Cooler weather and the hustle-and-bustle of the holidays takes extra energy to keep you on top of the season. Winter Spice energizes with a deeply satisfying flavor and wafting, spicy aromas that inspire and satisfy on the busiest days. Take a break, brew a cup and glide through life a little more energized…. your taste buds will thank you.



They have a terrific Loose Leaf Tea selection and I’ve done a post already on their Tea House, which is heavenly!  I’m all for supporting local businesses so give it a try and let me know what you think.

Today the seven-year old is home with pink eye. No matter what’s going on leave it to my family to raise their hands and volunteer for it. Including pink eye. Poor little munchkin though. I know how bad those things feel. And I’m wearing my protective eye cup all day so I don’t catch something that would postpone my eye surgery.

The dog barking neighbor lady went totally bat shit crazy. Now, she hasn’t been at her best since she’s been by herself and I’m quite sure it’s depression. She came outside looking like the girl in the Ring movies and paraded her mutt up and down the street yelling about dogs are supposed to bark and if the neighbors don’t like it she’ll move. Uh, okay. I’m good with that.

Y’all enjoy your Wednesday! I’m going to make some more tea and let little Miss put the warm bag on her eyelid.

xx Patricia

Happy Sunday! If you need me I’ll be in the bed! Bring your own snack!


Sunday morning is pretty gloomy and cold around here. It was and still is a multiple cups of tea day. My poor body keeps waking up at 5 a.m. every day since this time change. I’m not happy about that.

Yesterday and last night was dedicated to watching football and hoping Alabama would crash and burn. Mississippi State gave it a good try, but no. OU came through but Georgia lost and we wept. They had a perfect record.

Before I forget, if you don’t already know Starbucks is running a special through Monday on their Holiday flavors only. Buy one get one free! The flavors are Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulee’ Latte, and Chestnut Praline Latte’. No coupon required. It is from 2 to 5 p.m.  Depending on where you live you may have different choices. I had the Caramel Brulee’ yesterday. Today I’m thinking the Chestnut Praline.

Luckily I get to hang out in bed all day. With a good book, Sophie Kinsella’s new one “Surprise Me!”, along with lots of pots of tea. Yesterday there would have been miniature lemon and red velvet bundt cakes. But like I said, that was yesterday.

Have a restful and peaceful Sunday no matter where you are. And if you are in the OKC area today Alexander McCall Smith is at Full Circle Books so go meet him and check out his series The #1 Ladies Detective Series.

xx Patricia


The Holiday Teas Are Back!

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Time to get down the Holiday Themed Teas! Celestial Seasonings and Bigelow Tea both have some lovely teas that are usually found in your local grocery market.

Image result for nutcracker tea   A really cute gift for a co-worker or neighbor or in my case, the postman because he is the only person I like to hear ring my doorbell.

Another think I love about these teas is you can use them in your baking, replacing the water/juice with a strong steep of a tea. The possibilities are endless! When we made the Caramel Apple Cupcakes, we used the Apple Cinnamon Tea. And if you haven’t tried mixing up your tea, you are missing out! So far my favorite is mixing Bigelow’s Vanilla Carmel with their Peppermint and adding warm Almond milk. It’s an event in your mouth!

If you find a new one do let me know! Enjoy your Friday and share a nice cuppa with someone you love. Or even moderately like.

xx Patricia

Drinking tea punctuates our day with precious and refreshing pauses... ~ Mutsoko Tokunaga



Knocking on Winter’s Door This Morning

It got cold in a quick hurry yesterday. And this morning started out in the high 30’s or so. Whatever, it is cold! Today’s tea is the Harney & Sons Pumpkin Spice. I added a shake or   two of Pumpkin Pie Spices into the warmed and frothed Almond Milk and got this really good latte’.

Honestly I wasn’t sure if the addition of the milk would overwhelm the tea, as it is a light tea, but nope it warmed all the way to the tips of my toes. So that one is a big yes for me.

Not much exciting going on here. Still working on the SAT test book and trying my son’s patience. This morning he butt called me and I’m hearing what sounds like him on a run in leaves. So I’m yelling into the phone,” Are you okay? Are you in danger? Have you been kidnapped and need to be rescued? Hello???” All I got was a text saying ” Sorry Mom, no worries”.

Does it seem like I’m procrastinating? Yeah, I have to clean out the fridge today. I have a tendency to put things in there and forget them. Best to get it over with. I should probably light a Lady of Guadalupe candle first. I think she’s the saint of disgusting things.

Stay Warm. Stay Safe. Take care of yourself and enjoy a cup of tea! Or clean your fridge, the candles are at the market.

xx Patricia

The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura

Teaism has shaped all aspects of Japanese life. The simplicity of tea infuses Japanese architecture and art, as well as its spiritual institutions. Okakura Kakuzo’s book-length essay about tea and its role in Japanese culture was written in English and intended for the Western reader.

This book isn’t just a tea history lesson, but a human history lesson as well as the divide between East vs West in the tea battles.

Beautifully written taking us from the beginning of Teasim, the Asian philosophy and lessons on being in the moment. How tea shaped art, architecture, and philosophy.

The writing is turn of the century British, by a Japanese writer.

A beautiful book that shows us what role tea played and is still playing in our lives. If you have a tea obsessed person in your tribe, this would be a lovely gift.

Image result for the book of tea by kakuzo okakura             Image result for the book of tea by kakuzo okakura

xx Patricia  Happy Saturday Boys and girls!

The Tea Fairy Stops By for a Cuppa!


I received the Fall catalog from Harney & Sons on Monday and immediately got down to making decisions. I knew I wanted the Hot Cinnamon Spice as well as the Pumpkin Spice along with some white teas.

I love when a tea company tosses in some samples with your order. This time I received a sample of Paris Tea ( love it ),Organic Green Tea with Citrus and Ginkgo, Organic English Breakfast and Japanese Sencha Green Tea.

Since I was feeling a bit foggy today, due to the fact I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish a book and I had that ‘still in the book’ fogginess. So I started with the Hot Cinnamon Spice. On opening the tin of sachets the aroma of cinnamon was strong and pleasant. Honestly I could have just stood there and inhaled the aroma for a long time. But in went the sachet, steeped for 5 minutes and then the smell was permeating the entire office. I found myself smiling for no reason. I’d say the tea had a medium body to it. Not too light and not too heavy. It definitely was invigorating and my mouth was doing the happy dance as all that cinnamon hit every taste bud. A big winner for me! I can see using this in all types of holiday goodies. And just like the red-hot candies I love, I wanted more!

Have you picked up any holiday or special seasonal teas yet?


Grab a cup and enjoy some tea this afternoon! Offer a friend a cup! And have a peaceful day!

xx Patricia


I found purple tea. I’ve had some that were lavender but now I  have found purple! I saw quite a few sellers of this tea once I started looking. I received the Kenyan loose leaf and as you can see by the dry leaves they have a dusky purple hue. In the cup they become a lovely shade of purple and the taste is very nice.

Yesterday was Thursday and was busy from start to finish. It’s always soccer practice for the seven-year old and this time we met up with Jodi and Corbin at the ‘rocket park’. I call it that because I have no idea what the name of it is. But it has a very tall rocket in the middle of it that you climb a ladder round and round until you get to the top where there is a deck. I made it to the second highest which is the slide and slid on out of there.

Today is full of sunshine and all is well. Jodi and I discussed the dust situation and she agreed it was a good move as a Halloween decoration, along with the dead plants outside. So that’s settled. Corbin says he is going as Georgie from IT and Charli Ava wants to do the corpse bride. Copycat!

Last night I was alone, just strolling through the reader checking out who is doing what and I come upon this post the title of which was ” Why women should stop doing the Cucumber Cleanse for their vagina.” Well hell yeah, I had to click on that! It is a thing and it included directions. Peel the cucumber, swish it around in your vagina for 20 minutes. Then I had questions. Is it a cucumber like Cynthia grows? Or a skinny english cucumber? Does it have to be peeled? Does it have to be cold? And why 20 minutes? I mean heck, I’ve got other stuff to do. And what are these people using their vaginas for that they need a cleanse?  Since I was home alone I had to tell Cynthia about it. Because I’m a good friend.

So yeah, it’s Friday the 13th. And that was my weirdness for the day. Not really, I’ll be weird all day. It’s kind of my thing.

xx Patricia     Enjoy your day, Smile and have a good cup of tea.


Hello Weekend! Spread The Love!

Good Friday Morning to you all! This morning I am on my third cup of tea. A nice Rooibus Tea this morning. I personally like the one from Twinings, but there are quite a few out there that are very nice.

Yesterday I think we all found out that during the night folks do a lot of odd things in their sleep. I wondered what I did, if I do anything, which I doubted .

Him: You sleep with your mouth open and you snore.

Me: I do not.

Him: You also sleep just like Corbin. You just flop on top of people like an X and sleep there until someone throws you off.

Me: I do not.

Him: If anyone in the bed gets up for any reason you steal their spot.

Me: Uh Uh.

Him: You also have trouble accepting the truth.

Me: What???

Him: You heard me.

All I know is that I wake up every morning alone, like Cinderella and stretch for a few minutes and then stumble into the bath where I sit reading a book in the tub until OU Boy calls me and lets me know it’s time to get out and move on with my day.  I like to wait until  the very last-minute to get things done. And I can get a lot done in just a few hours.

It’s Friday, everyone needs a little love today, so don’t be stingy with it~ Toss that shit around like confetti! OH and all my friends on the coast….Jim Cantore just landed in Gulfport, y’all….we all know what that means! Be Safe!

xx Patricia

Tea: A Gateway Drug…

It’s Friday! You made it through another week! Raise a cup for that! I have to say this Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea is a real winner for me! The smell alone had me smiling. It will definitely be a Fall/Winter staple at my house!

The other day when I was searching through all the tea sites I found this recipe for using Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea with Fireball for a hot toddy. Heck yeah! That idea is getting  used this football season.

Yesterday to keep my mind occupied I started Fall cleaning. I took the refrigerator apart and cleaned it and labelled all of the bins. Same with the stove only I didn’t label it since we aren’t really that close. Scrubbed every cupboard in the house. Got the slip covers on the sofas, got all clean pillows and bedding, and cleaned all the vents. And you won’t believe this but I already have dinner done for tonight! Yep, I put it in the crock pot last night and this morning Voila! dinner!

Tonight we are going to see the Kingsmen sequel. I loved the first one so much I’ve seen it like 5 times. And I never watch anything more than once. If you have Netflix, you should really watch The Five by Harlan Coben. It was on Sky TV in the UK last year and I think on Canal in France. I watched it more than once. It is just as wonderful as his books. So if you get a chance watch it!

Have a great Friday! Make someone elses day great too. Smile! Be Kind! Do what you can to help just one person today.

xx Patricia  bluebird


Every Tea Should Come With A Tiara!

All tea services should come with a tiara, that way you can be prepped and ready for the 8 pm white tie dinner

I stole the above picture from Harney & Sons on Pinterest. The caption was Every Tea Should Come With A Tiara.

Being the Southern lady that I am I heartily agree! We look for every opportunity to wear our tutus and tiaras. Except when you go out to get the mail. Yeah, I learned that the hard way. People will talk. Kind of like when OU Boy weed whacked the bar ditch in his Tommy Bahama flip-flops and shorts. Farmers talk….

So it’s Sunday. I think our rain has stopped but our poor neighbors are getting hammered still. So let’s all keep them in our thoughts and donate whatever you can, time, money, food, clothing.  Poor OU Boy had to deal with flooding all day yesterday and again this morning. He called and said the Tea Vault had water on the floor but all the tea was safely high up on the shelves. Whew!

Today I’m getting our rocks ready to become Ladybugs, little cottages and some inspirational words. Yes, that is what we settled on. And since Miss Charli Ava has decided she wants to learn to speak French, I think we’ll do some French words as well. It warms my heart that she wants to learn and keep our French heritage alive! And her Mom is helping her also, so soon she will be all snooty and looking down her nose at the rest of us!

paristea3  Since I poached their picture, Let’s give some love to the people who keep me out of jail. Thanks Boys!

xx Patricia