Sharing Some Chai and a Dead Deer


Yes, you did read that correctly. It is still cold out but at 30 degrees I guess we can’t complain. Well we can, but we won’t. Especially since I have a lovely pot of Chai sitting next to me! Nothing like all of those warming spices to get those bones warm!

Today was the Corneal Surgeon appointment. It was really early but I think I covered my jammies nicely! My lovely doctor made it back from Korea safely. He had some nice tales to tell. As he was explaining what comes next, OU Boy quickly got up and hustled to the waiting room. He has a thing about people poking things in my eye.

I had to wear these weird steam punk looking glasses and then I had to sit in a chair, bend down and look at the floor. Dr. D. sat on the floor between my legs and popped a fluid filled lens on my sclera. And then I was rattling off those eye chart letters! Keeping fingers crossed I will have one more surgery to fix some flap the lens sits on and then I can get this Scleral Lens. Not to be confused with a Sclera Lens, which makes the zombies look dead. No sutures came out but he may just leave them in forever.

But it gets better, he always has a Resident or a Fellow with him and he explained my case and then said, “Removing the cataract that developed because of the massive steroids was really easy because she is so young.” Yep, right then and there I fell in love with him all over again.  So that is the good news. The bad news is this lens costs around $4,000.00 but it’s for life. Insurance covers some but not the bulk of it. I’m trying to decide if I want this bad enough to forgo my entire Spring wardrobe. I’m still thinking.

OU Boy just sent me this on the way back…only in Oklahoma…

Yes, that is a gutted deer on the roof of an SUV. I have no words.   Stay warm and Be Nice. Try a cuppa Chai!

xx Patricia

Where There Is Tea, There Is Hope

Well this morning has started out with a 6 degree reading on the thermometer! It just seems so wrong for it to be so cold and yet the sun is advertising something else entirely!

Today’s tea is brought to you by the lovely folks at Taylor’s of Harrogate. A rich and full-bodied Scottish Breakfast Tea with a splash of milk. I’ve been meaning to ask y’all about the milk thing. I know the debate will forever rage on adding it to the cup first or after you pour tea. I don’t care. But I do care if it’s cold. I heat my milk separately and then add the tea. And I only add milk to full, black teas. What’s your way?

I have an appointment with my Corneal Surgeon tomorrow and I expected that darn Anxiety Fairy to pop up this morning, as I like to worry in advance, but so far it’s just the Frozen Fairy. I have been a bit anxious over the past 3 weeks when my doctor went to Korea for the holidays. Korea. I grilled him like the CIA before he left.
“Will you be able to get back?”, ” Are you sure?” “Can you let me know you got home all right?”  He knows I’m nuts, but he is also a fellow tea lover so I can’t wait to hear what new teas he tried.

I’m also hoping for good news about the next surgery. As at the moment I have no lens in my eye at all. Just a lot of really bright light….sort of like the one people see on the way out of this life. So hopefully they will have figured out a way to put one in there.

OU Boy decided to make a cake about 9 p.m. last night. Just the cake. No icing. Is it even called cake if there isn’t icing? I’m not complaining because at least he isn’t smoking! Doing really well with that. So what if he wants to make cake at bedtime. We’re weird and we own it.

xx Patricia   Have a great Tuesday! Have a cup of tea and some cake!

You,Me and a Cuppa Tea!


Good Morning Y’all! Since I am still fighting this sore throat thing I am sticking to some good Zen Tea from Tazo this morning. Since I was so rudely shaken out of bed by a text from my sister! Yep, that would be you Victoria Beth!

She is such a kind and good soul, she has been up in the frozen tundra we call “as far north as you can go and still be in the USA”, taking care of our mother while she recuperates from a broken pelvis. And to be sure I asked her what the heck she was doing out of bed! Turns out Momma gets up at 5 a.m., you know that time when most murders happen. True Story. Honest.

We are trying to get used to this new schedule of having Friday and Saturday off, but I am as confused as heck! Yesterday I stayed in bed all day reading with a throat so sore I thought I may have swallowed acid. Thank goodness today is better.

I guess this is a Bank Holiday as it is closed. And for a good reason. Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. A man I never met, although I have met his wife. I wonder what he would think of the current political debacle? I wonder how much progress we have made and whether he would be disappointed in us? Most of all I’m wondering why race is an issue. We are all members of the human race. Period. No distinctions needed about color,who you love or who you want to become. Seriously, we are all the same. Except Trump, I’m not sure where he came from but I do wish he would go back there!

Enjoy your Monday. Be Nice. Be Kind. Be a Human Being!

xx Patricia, who is going back to bed.


Warm Up With Some Bengal Spice Tea!

One of my all time favorites, especially during cold weather is Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice! It’s chock full of good warming spices such as Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger,Cloves, Nutmeg!

This is the first Herbal tea I recommend to new herbal tea drinkers. It’s so flavorful and sweet and makes you warm all over.

So, what is a Warming Spice? They are spices used in cooking or tea brewing that warm the body and improve circulation.  There are a number, but my favorites and the ones I use the most are:

Black Pepper, which has antiseptic and antioxidant properties

Cardamom, a member of the Ginger family, is an expectorant, helping to open the respiratory passages.

Cayenne, a member of the Nightshade family, is rich in vitamin C, and helps relieve chills, coughs, and congestion. You can even sprinkle some in your shoes in winter to keep your feet warm.

Cinnamon, a member of the Laurel family, helps dry dampness in the body and warms people who are always cold and suffer from poor circulation. It is an antiseptic and a great digestive!

Garlic, a member of the Lily family, helps fight infection. It is a potent vasodilator and improves circulation by helping to prevent the blood from clumping together.

Ginger, a member of the Zingiberceae Family, is a natural antioxidant and antiseptic. It improves circulation in all parts of the body. Ginger baths are warming, muscle relaxing and cold and flu relieving. Make a Tisane with ginger and add to your bath!

Horseradish, a member of the Mustard family, is high in Vitamin C and aids in the digestion of fatty foods. It is antiseptic and a strong decongestant.

It’s so easy to toss these in whatever you are cooking or brewing. Chai Tea is full of these lovely warming spices. Not garlic. Don’t do that.

These are my go to spices in winter. They keep you going and glowing, warmly in the coldest weather.

We are plunging from being in the 50’s and still wearing shorts to today, which is supposed to drop into the 20’s. We will be using every one of these spices to keep warm!

xx Patricia






Trying Celestial Seasonings Lemon Lavender Lane Herbal Tea!

Waking up to sunshine pouring through the windows this morning. Should be in the 50’s. Great news for us. Sipping on a nice cup of Lemon Lavender Lane Herbal Tea from Celestial Seasonings. I’ve been wanting to try this one!

On opening the box, the aroma of lemon with a hint of lavender hits your nose. It’s a bright and very aromatic tea. The flavors came through very well. The Lavender tones the Lemon down and you end up with a smooth cup of a very nice herbal tea. This one is a keeper.

Apparently some people like to keep food in their cupboards so I have been forced to move some of my teas to my office. As you can see in the picture, what you can’t see is the tins and boxes stuck behind the ones in front. Or the ones still in the kitchen cupboards.

I also wanted to show you how lovely this dresser thing is. The box in the background was my mother’s. My Uncle made it for her. Speaking of Momma, she gets to go home from the hospital and my sister from Denver is going up to help her for a bit. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that,but Oklahoma is as far north as I’m willing to go.

Enjoy your Saturday and pick up a different tea today and give it a try! Let me know what you find!

xx Patricia

What The Heck Is The Difference?

Everyone set for New Year’s Eve? I started our with a strong cup of Scottish Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s of Harrogate, who are one of my favorite Tea Sellers!

A visitor to my tea room asked me Exactly what is the difference between English, Irish, and Scottish Breakfast Teas? Aren’t they all the same? Well, let’s find out.

First, what is a breakfast tea?  Breakfast Teas are black tea blends intended to accompany a hearty, rich morning meal, or as the English say a fry-up. Because they are so strong and robust they do well with milk. Also a higher caffeine level.

English Breakfast Tea would originally have been a China black tea. Jump ahead to the end of the 19th century and tea was beginning to be produced in Sri Lanka. You started to have a stronger Ceylon component in English breakfast tea.

Irish Breakfast Tea has a strong Assam component which gives it a more robust, malty flavor and reddish color. There is a theory that the use of tea was growing in popularity in Ireland at the same time that the British East India Company was producing tea in Assam.

Scottish Breakfast Tea tends to be the heartiest of the bunch, possibly due to Scotland’s soft water. Back in the day teas were blended specifically for the water conditions in the areas in which they were marketed and consumed.

Important to note that at no time has there been a standard formula for any of these blends. One’s English breakfast could be another companies Irish breakfast. So it really is a matter of personal taste and preference.

Personally I like the Irish and Scottish blends in the winter and the English blends in the spring and summer. I don’t know why. But with a glug of Almond Milk they are all warming and comforting in the cold.

Happy New Year y’all!  Grab the Prosecco and let’s go!

xx Patricia










Notícias (para não ficar perdida) on We Heart It


Finally, It’s Going Down!

Good Tuesday Morning to Y’all! A whole lot of Chamomile drinking went on last night. I used up all of my lovely Taylor’s Chamomile. It is my favorite brand of chamomile tea. Very clean and soothing.

And yes, my little heart needed soothing. Yesterday, as I said I had to have some wonky tests and measurements on my eye. They would strap you in and count to five and Boom brightest white light I have ever seen. At first I thought it was The Light, but no, just an ordinary torture device. Just when I thought it was over Dr. D. says, ” Hey let’s dilate your eyes too, just to see behind a little better. So then I couldn’t see crap and I looked like an Emo character or a crackhead, my pupils were huge! And everything hurt. Then we had a conversation.

Dr. D: How about we do this on Monday, the 27th so you have a week to get off the steroid drops?

Me: I’m free tonight, how about you?

Dr. D: (hilarious laughter)

Me: Seriously, I can come on Sunday even.

Dr. D: No. Monday when my operating team is here. Oh, yeah, did I tell you my cousin and I were wrestling and he choked me out until I broke a vessel in my eye. I even tapped out 3 times.

Me: Maybe he thought you were applauding.

Dr. D: So slow down on the steroid drops and after surgery we will discontinue them. If we do it before it might be angry and I  don’t want to operate if it’s angry.

Me: Seriously? Now I’m thinking there is a sentient being in there.

So next Monday I go in for surgery to remove the cataract that is like the size of the Sta-puffed marshmallow man. It formed due to the steroids I have been taking for 17 months. Not unusual with steroids. And no we will not be using lasers. I still have 11 stitches and a mans cornea on my eyeball and lasers tend to suck the cataract out so we’ll be doing this the old-fashioned way. I was promised the good anesthesia.

I’m sure a lot of you have had your eyes dilated and know what a pain it is. When I came home I walked into a lot of walls and a t.v. and I cried. A lot. And took a Xanax. So until Monday, I will be babying that eye and trying not to worry.

Have a great day today! OU Boy is gone to do manly turkey day things with his bestie. They are frying multiple turkeys and doing the prep today. We do Cajun style and make our own sauce to inject and then he covers it with something. I don’t know, I don’t eat meat.

xx Patricia Another great find on #zulily! 'Hive Rules' Wall Sign by P. Graham Dunn #zulilyfinds

Holiday Teas from The Boulder Tea Company Are Here!

It’s time for some more teas for the holidays and these are from The Boulder Tea Company out of Boulder, Colorado. If you have never been, go! Or at least take advantage of the great sales they have on tea right now, including gift sets!

This minty, full-flavored chocolate tea, is reminiscent of an after-dinner mint. You’ll discover why fans of this tea treasure it as a cup of indulgent, healthy and almost decadent brew…a simple, tasty indulgence you will look forward to daily.



An enticing herbal blend our master herbalist and tea expert created to raise your spirits, ward off seasonal maladies and re-charge vitality. Simply taking time to brew up a cup or pot of this warming herbal tea and unwinding for a few minutes makes a splendid difference…. with each sip, layers of stress fall away as you re-group for your day or evening. Perfect before or after sleep, meditation or work breaks.


Cooler weather and the hustle-and-bustle of the holidays takes extra energy to keep you on top of the season. Winter Spice energizes with a deeply satisfying flavor and wafting, spicy aromas that inspire and satisfy on the busiest days. Take a break, brew a cup and glide through life a little more energized…. your taste buds will thank you.



They have a terrific Loose Leaf Tea selection and I’ve done a post already on their Tea House, which is heavenly!  I’m all for supporting local businesses so give it a try and let me know what you think.

Today the seven-year old is home with pink eye. No matter what’s going on leave it to my family to raise their hands and volunteer for it. Including pink eye. Poor little munchkin though. I know how bad those things feel. And I’m wearing my protective eye cup all day so I don’t catch something that would postpone my eye surgery.

The dog barking neighbor lady went totally bat shit crazy. Now, she hasn’t been at her best since she’s been by herself and I’m quite sure it’s depression. She came outside looking like the girl in the Ring movies and paraded her mutt up and down the street yelling about dogs are supposed to bark and if the neighbors don’t like it she’ll move. Uh, okay. I’m good with that.

Y’all enjoy your Wednesday! I’m going to make some more tea and let little Miss put the warm bag on her eyelid.

xx Patricia

Happy Sunday! If you need me I’ll be in the bed! Bring your own snack!


Sunday morning is pretty gloomy and cold around here. It was and still is a multiple cups of tea day. My poor body keeps waking up at 5 a.m. every day since this time change. I’m not happy about that.

Yesterday and last night was dedicated to watching football and hoping Alabama would crash and burn. Mississippi State gave it a good try, but no. OU came through but Georgia lost and we wept. They had a perfect record.

Before I forget, if you don’t already know Starbucks is running a special through Monday on their Holiday flavors only. Buy one get one free! The flavors are Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulee’ Latte, and Chestnut Praline Latte’. No coupon required. It is from 2 to 5 p.m.  Depending on where you live you may have different choices. I had the Caramel Brulee’ yesterday. Today I’m thinking the Chestnut Praline.

Luckily I get to hang out in bed all day. With a good book, Sophie Kinsella’s new one “Surprise Me!”, along with lots of pots of tea. Yesterday there would have been miniature lemon and red velvet bundt cakes. But like I said, that was yesterday.

Have a restful and peaceful Sunday no matter where you are. And if you are in the OKC area today Alexander McCall Smith is at Full Circle Books so go meet him and check out his series The #1 Ladies Detective Series.

xx Patricia


The Holiday Teas Are Back!

FPO  FPO FPO  Image result for nutcracker tea Related image Related image Related image Image result for nutcracker tea

Time to get down the Holiday Themed Teas! Celestial Seasonings and Bigelow Tea both have some lovely teas that are usually found in your local grocery market.

Image result for nutcracker tea   A really cute gift for a co-worker or neighbor or in my case, the postman because he is the only person I like to hear ring my doorbell.

Another think I love about these teas is you can use them in your baking, replacing the water/juice with a strong steep of a tea. The possibilities are endless! When we made the Caramel Apple Cupcakes, we used the Apple Cinnamon Tea. And if you haven’t tried mixing up your tea, you are missing out! So far my favorite is mixing Bigelow’s Vanilla Carmel with their Peppermint and adding warm Almond milk. It’s an event in your mouth!

If you find a new one do let me know! Enjoy your Friday and share a nice cuppa with someone you love. Or even moderately like.

xx Patricia

Drinking tea punctuates our day with precious and refreshing pauses... ~ Mutsoko Tokunaga