A Celebration of Autumn!

autumn leaves

Here in the South, and yes Oklahoma is considered part of the South, it is Fall. Now don’t rush to pack up your summer shoes and your shorts, as we still have the a/c running and the weather is in the 80’s.

But for our purposes, it’s Fall. And we are having a Celebration of Autumn themed Tea. I would say tea party, but come on we all know it’s me and some other crazy chicks, looking for any reason to drink. Tea. I meant drink tea. Yeah.

Since our leaves have not actually turned any color other than green,we are going to have to dig into the Autumn/Halloween decoration box and find those garlands of fall leaves I bought before Michael’s up and died.


I’m using two different teas. One of my favorite Lapsang Souchong and the new Celestial Seasonings Pumpkin. Not Pumpkin Spice, just Pumpkin. I’m about over the Pumpkin Spice after seeing it on the Cheerio box.It just doesn’t feel special anymore, you know?

Along with Pumpkin Scones, Espresso Brownies and Amish Sugar Cookies, we’re serving the Lapsang Chicken Salad Finger Sandwiches, along with a Pecan Pear Salad. For dessert we are going with Mini Pumpkin Pies, along with Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes with Cinnamon Buttercream.


Each person brings one of the goodies and the hostess provides the tea and decorations. It’s a fun and relaxing way to get together and catch up and we all know we can make time for a few hours once a month. I spend more time in the bathtub every day than that!

I’m reading a bunch of new cozy mysteries and mixing up some new herbals to go with them. Have a wonderful day and save time for tea!  xxP

A Cup of Earl Grey and A Tale


Grab the teapot and make yourself some Earl Grey this afternoon! I’ll wait….


As you already know if you follow my book review site, www.piratepatty.wordpress.com, I have been struggling with an eye infection that turned bad in a big hurry. A 6mm glob on my eye that since June has been the focal point of my days. I am extremely lucky that I have the Dean McGee Eye Institute at my disposal.

But you can read all about it over on my other site. Being blind in one eye isn’t so bad when you’re a pirate. I had plenty of patches along with a rolling pirate ship from Toys R Us. Suffice it to say I missed all of Summer. My favorite time of year. I promised not to whine anymore about it, but Meh...

I live with Anxiety and PTSD. The kind where you’ve just seen way too much bad stuff and you would rather just stay in and avoid people and be in control. But at the moment I am not in control and that’s a first for me. So to calm myself I’ve started having an actual time for tea every afternoon. The entire process is calming and allows me to focus on just one thing.

Today I want to say Thank you!   To all of my fellow bloggers who keep me entertained and informed every day!  Luckily I am only blind in one eye so I can still read and write. And I do enjoy hearing from people from all over the world. I’ve learned so much about other cultures and countries so keep that up!  The other day one of my fellow bloggers reminded me we had been friends for a year! I have marriages that didn’t last that long! Just know that if you are here, it’s because I find you interesting!


Have a great Thursday and Be Kind to one another…share some tea! xxP

The Tea Fairy Shows Up!

Just yesterday I was lamenting/whining about my tea stash getting low. Actually, my teabag stash was low. And then lo and behold that Tea Fairy finally showed up and the world was once again safe

edited_1473020792286_resized  This was a small portion of everything Tazo. There were a couple of flavors I had not tried so first up was the Tazo Green Ginger.  Here is the description.

Tazo Green Ginger is a soothing blend of green tea with hints of ginger and pear. On opening the packet, the aroma of Ginger hit my nose first followed by a lemony aroma.


The first steeping came out a very clear, pale color similar to a good green tea. And from the first sip the ginger was dancing all over my tongue, mixing perfectly with the lemongrass that makes up the green  tea, ginger and lemongrass along with natural flavors. The hint of pear came in the second steeping and the third was still as smooth, just more full bodied.

So this one is a keeper! Even my sweet tea loving guy liked it! Suggested sweets…..

Some Gingerbread Scones or my favorite Gingersnap Soft Cookies…yum…

The Bridge Tea Rooms, Bradford-on-Avon

Image result for the bridge tea rooms bradford on avon wiltshire england

Judged as  ‘near perfect’ and awarded The UK’s Top Tea Place by the prestigious UK Tea Guild The Bridge Tea Rooms offers the very best in traditionally British Afternoon Teas, lunches and light meals throughout the day. The afternoon  ritual of serving tea has been developed to a fine art. Delicate bone china, the finest  leaf teas, and friendly staff in Victorian costumes serving home-made cakes, scones and sandwiches. Housed in a former blacksmith’s cottage dating from 1502, the Bridge Tea Rooms positively oozes atmosphere, and the classical music playing gently in the background sets a tranquil tone.

Image result for the bridge tea rooms bradford on avon wiltshire england  Image result for the bridge tea rooms bradford on avon wiltshire england Image result for the bridge tea rooms bradford on avon wiltshire england

I love that they keep the Victorian theme even having their staff dress for that time pImage result for the bridge tea rooms bradford on avon wiltshire england

Loose-leaf tea in china cups, homemade cakes and light bites served by staff in Victorian costumes.
Address: 24a Bridge St, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 1BY, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1225 865537


Friday 9:30AM–5PM
Saturday 9:30AM–5:30PM
Sunday 10AM–5PM
Monday 9:30AM–5PM
Tuesday 9:30AM–5PM
Wednesday 9:30AM–5PM
Thursday 9:30AM–5PM

Enjoy your Sunday!  xxooP

Tiny Tim’s Tearoom in Canterbury

Image result for tiny tim's tearoom  Tiny Tim’s Tearoom is the only traditional English tearoom in Canterbury, offering a relaxing and luxurious 1930′s atmosphere.

Visit us to sample the best Afternoon Tea in Kent with freshly prepared sandwiches, warm home baked scones with lashings of clotted cream, and a tempting selection of our handmade pastries.Image result for tiny tim's tearoom

Sit and relax in our chandelier lit rooms while taking time to enjoy one of our exquisite teas from a selection of over 30 different blends, read one of our daily newspapers, and listen to our collection of 1930’s and 40’s period music.
Meet friends for an enticing mid-week lunch from our light menu including the chef’s special quiche, homemade hearty soups, large soft Huffkins filled with bacon and egg or mature cheddar cheese, or treat yourself to our very own Meatloaf Puffkin. We have a good choice of Kentish wine, beer and cider to accompany your meal, or for special occasions Kent’s award winning sparkling wines!Image result for tiny tim's tearoom

Afternoon TeaIf it is an oasis of calm you require join us in the afternoon for our famous Kentish Cream Tea served on a traditional 3-tiered stand offering our traditionally baked scones with all the trimmings and a choice of one of our award winning teas or coffees.
All of our products are made freshly from scratch and include no preservatives or additives. We know what goes into all of our food and we are proud to source as much as we can from local producers and suppliers.
Our breakfast menu is the best in town and is available all day. Omelettes made with large free range and local eggs, or two delicious poached eggs served on thick toasted granary bread made for us by Oscars family run bakery of Faversham.
For those rare sunny days in spring and summer we open our courtyard that has a limited number of tables to allow our guests to revel in the warm weather, whilst inside we throw open the windows and doors to allow the sun to warm our very souls!Image result for tiny tim's tearoom

The tearoom is owned and run by John Cutmore and his partner Caroline Kerwick. Together they employ approximately 20 staff who between them, create, bake, cook, make, serve and clean everything in the tearoom. We are proud to use as many local ingredients and utilise local producers and suppliers as much as possible.

Monday                                     Closed
Tuesday                           9:30am–5pm
Wednesday                      9:30am–5pm
Thursday                          9:30am–5pm
Friday                               9:30am–5pm
Saturday                           9:30am–5pm
Sunday                           10:30am–4pm

Last orders 15-20 mins before closing.
No bookings taken.
We will be closed on Sunday 12th June 2016 for one day.

They also sell tea in the gift shop!Earl Grey tea
I’ll meet you there!  Enjoy your day!

A Tea Time Guide

Ahmad Tea is a UK-based family business, now in it’s fourth generation of tea blending and tasting experience. Founded on a passion for the finest tea, we are dedicated to the unique place that tea drinking commands at the heart of daily life in Britain and beyond.

They also have a U.S. site now where you can order the same great tea. I have had good experiences with their teas and when I saw this chart I had to share.

Tea! N.B -cream tea is served with jam- not marmalade!(marmalade is served with breakfast toast!); it's 'elevenses' & is morning TEA break! low tea generally means tea & a sandwich & possibly cake or a biscuit - has nothing to do with seating arrangements!? <a href="https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/101925982155308055157/+Homesteadsurvivalist/posts/7sLNvYJQfL6" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">plus.google.com/...</a>:

When spending summers at my grandparents farm in North Dakota every day we would help pack up the morning tea in the thermos and take some nice baked goods out to the fields for my Grandfather and any helpers. My Grandfather came from Scotland to America when he was 2. My Grandmother, from Norway.

Around 3 in the afternoon we did it all again. And then we would get to have our tea. With the lovely little cups Grandma had for each of us. The little sugar cubes and the delicious homemade cookies, biscuits and homemade bread and butter. It is still my favorite memory!

Don’t forget to give yourself a time out for tea and just breathe! xxooP



My Sweet Obsession

cupcakeholder1If you know me at all then you know I love all things cupcake! And Tea. I am absolutely obsessed with tiny little cupcake holders. I have my own collection and for some unknown reason, I keep making more. I first found them when my Uncle Floyd sent me two lovely vintage glass ones and the rest I find at antique shops or I make them myself.

The ones on the left are the ones I found and the ones I was given. The ones on the right are exactly how you can make them for pennies. Most of us have unused candle holders, the ones used for tapers. And we usually have a saucer or two where the cup has gone missing. Got hot glue?  Well there you go. And I have done it with Dollar Tree plates for tiered looks and I have purchased the cutest little ones from Beaucoup.

These are under $5 each!  They are wonderful for tea parties, baby showers, bridal showers or just to give a lovely cupcake and holder as a gift!

Enjoy your Friday and don’t forget to stop for Tea….and a cupcake!  xxP

Mrs. Rowe’s little book of Southern Pies by Mollie Cox Bryan


Image result for mrs rowe's little book of southern pies

What goes better with Tea than Pie?  I have a confession to make. I love pie. Just saying the word brings a smile to my face.

I have had this book for a few years now and only recently noticed that it was done by Mollie Cox Bryan, author of some of my favorite cozy mysteries.

This book contains recipes from Virginia’s Queen of Pies, Mrs.Rowe. Reading her story and how she became known as The Pie Lady was very interesting, and her wonderful pie recipes are so simple and delicious your mouth will be watering

Uh-huh, looks yummy doesn’t it. Since peaches are abundant this time of year, we made the Peach PieThe Perfect Peach Pie... The flavor of the fresh peaches is up front and delicious, the pie isn’t overly sweet which allows the peach flavor and natural sweetness to come shining through. This is indeed The Perfect Peach Pie!:

But there are so many good recipes in here! One of my other favorites is Sour Cream Raisin  which I always got when we visited my Uncle Floyd and he would always take us to Charlie’s.  OU Boy’s favorite is the Classic Banana Cream Pie. 

Banana Meringue Pie - my husband's favorite dessert.  Just baked it for him, hoping we get some "honey-do" jobs done this weekend!  http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/Banana-Meringue-Pie:   Sour Cream Raisin Pie recipe from The Farmer's Kitchen in Atlantic, Iowa:

I add meringue to my sour cream raisin pie because that is how I first ate it. The meringue recipe in the book is fantastic, as is the vinegar crust.

I would definitely recommend this book to any and all  pie lovers! So today when you have some time, enjoy a slice of pie with your Tea! I am also reading her newest book, Death Among the Doilies. You can check it out on Amazon http://goo.gl/ObbZxe


Mollie Cox Bryan is the author of the Agatha-award nominated Cumberland Creek Mysteries. This year, she’s launching a new series: Cora Crafts Mysteries. The first book is DEATH AMONG THE DOILIES out in August 2016. She also penned MRS. ROWE’S LITTLE BOOK OF SOUTHERN PIES and MRS. ROWE’S RESTAURANT COOKBOOK; A LIFETIME OF RECIPES FROM THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY . She also is the author of a Kindle book HONEY, I’M SORRY I KILLED YOUR AQUASAURS (AND OTHER SHORT ESSAYS ON THE PARENTING LIFE.)



Chocolate Angel Cafe’and Tearoom

Continuing our journey through Texas and some great Tearooms we found! Enjoy!

“The Chocolate Angel is named after our mother, Mary Ruth. She loved to entertain and was a wonderful cook and hostess. As little girls, we watched her make sinfully delicious batches of rich chocolate fudge from her own secret recipe. Try as we might to duplicate it later in life, we never got it right, so we developed our own secret recipe for microwave fudge, which is marketed as “Miracle Fudge -a gift of love from The Chocolate Angel.”

Like our mother, we collect and read recipe books for enjoyment (no time for romance novels.) It’s here that we find ideas and inspiration for “new” menu items. Our business has grown far beyond our wildest dreams and sometimes when we are most tired from a hectic day, it is comforting to know that our Chocolate Angel is watching over us and rejoicing in our success.” Sherrie McCall & Marcia Clingan, Owners

Chocolate Angel Café & Tearoom Locations:

Chocolate Angel Café & Tearoom

Campbell Road Village

635 West Campbell Road Suite 310

Richardson Texas 75080

Open for lunch Tuesday – Sunday

11 am – 3:30 pm

Reservations Recommended

for parties of 6 or more

Afternoon Tea

Thursdays, Fridays 3:30 pm, Saturdays 3:45 pm

Reservations Required

Sunday Brunch Buffet

Waffle Bar & Omelette Station

Service begins at 11am

Reservations  Recommended


Plano location at Parker and Preston Roads 972.943.1099

High Street location at High Street Antiques Mall 972.904.9597

If you are in the Dallas area plan on having tea at one of the locations! I love the Richardson location, but the food is amazing at all of them.
Enjoy your Tuesday and don’t forget to stop for a cup of tea!  xxP

Serenitea Tea Room

Sit and Sip!

English-style tea service, lunch & all-day Saturday breakfast in a quaint, tranquil environment.
Named by Southern Living Magazine as one of the top 10 tearooms in Texas!
Serenitea invites you to enjoy lunch and Afternoon Tea in an elegant and
relaxed setting.  Its serene atmosphere entices enjoyable conversation or
pleasant solitude.  Have a tête-à-tête  with a friend or meet in groups – perfect for
meetings and special gatherings.  Serenitea is also an ideal place for baby
showers, bridal showers birthday parties and luncheons.
Sit and Sip!
Our lunch menu offers
hearty selections of soups,
salads and sandwiches.
The English-style tea
service is offered all day
long with finger sandwiches
and scones. Be sure to end
on a sweet note with our
delectable desserts.  Sit and                  
sip one of our many iced or
hot teas from around the
Our lunch menu offers hearty selections of soups, salads and sandwiches. The English-style tea service is offered all day long with finger sandwiches and scones. Be sure to end on a sweet note with our delectable desserts. Sit and sip one of our many iced or hot teas from around the world!Serenitea Tea Room & Gift Shop - Sugar Land, TX, United States. An English Afternoon Tea.Serenitea Tea Room & Gift Shop - Sugar Land, TX, United States
They also sell Tea in the gift shop as well as teapots and tea wares.
Address: 13889 Southwest Fwy, Sugar Land, TX 77478
If you are in the Texas area, stop by and show some love to the folks at Serenitea!