Kindergarten Woes and a London Fog

Oh Thursday….really? 40 is the best you can do today? And with rain? It isn’t winter yet Mother Nature. I am not ready for socks and layers and coats. Especially coats. But this morning I made myself an Earl Grey London Fog and warmed the cockles of my heart. I have no idea where the cockles are but I’m feeling very Wuthering Heights today.

They ( No, I don’t know who they is) say that man plans and God laughs. That was yesterday. The minute I finished work and was looking forward to reading and doing some yoga the phone rang. I looked and saw it was my son. Long story short, Papa got to pick up Corbin from school. I love how excited he gets when he sees his Papa at the gate. The pure joy on their faces as Corbin throws himself into his Papa’s arms shouting to everyone, “Look! It’s my Papa!” Although now we are so well know that if another child sees us first they all start yelling, “Look it’s Corbin’s Papa/Gramma”.

He grabbed my tablet as soon as he deposited his belongings on the floor. Got right down to playing Temple Run 2. Until….I looked at his daily report. Mr. Perfect got in trouble for laughing and playing in the bathroom. Now I’m conflicted because I am at the school a lot and no adult accompanies any of the Kindergarten classes to the bathroom. They just go on their own and I don’t like that. Seriously if you find 3 of your besties in the bathroom it’s something to shout about! So sorry but this goes in the non punishment category. He knows he made the wrong choice and it’s Kindergarten for cripes sakes.

Had to take him shopping at the market where he met another little girl and they proceeded to want everything in the store. He got socks. And crackers. Miss Charli had a wonderful time at the Philharmonic and told us all about the bass. She goes to a special class after school that is a more in-depth look at critical thinking, science and math so she had a full day yesterday and was tired.

I am trying the Butternut Squash Soup With Pear again today. I think the pears we found just weren’t flavorful enough, so I’m trying some different ones. I swear I could eat this soup every day.

Stay warm out there and be kind. Lord knows we need some kindness right now.

xx P



Good Tuesday Morning! I don’t know about you but my normal schedule has taken a vacation somewhere. This morning I’m sticking with the Rooibos tea. To me it’s very calming and I need that.

I’m counting down the days to eye surgery. 6 days until Monday. Yesterday I had a bit of a scare when my eye pressure went way up. I was putting pressure drops in every 2 hours and by last night it was better. But I was a wreck. I think I had too much sun over the weekend and maybe got splashed in the eye.

We had such a great weekend. While the boys golfed we girls floated blissfully in the pool. Taking hundreds of pictures of the kids in various poses jumping into the water. Miss Charli Ava is an artist at this. Her shots look like some type of ninja moves. Corbin on the other hand has just the one signature move. Jump. No flash, no Esther Williams moves. But he can jump in and bob up and down in the water.

There was a lot of grapes and popsicles  while we rested and watched Stranger Things, one Momma fell asleep and then the guys came home and we were back in the pool hearing those familiar words….WATCH ME! Finally everyone went home and we went to bed!

As I went to straighten up their room yesterday and gather any hidden laundry I noticed that bit by bit they are moving stuff into my house! Like Kate Hudson in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. When asked about said stuff the little one said, “Well I wasn’t going to say anything until I was done.”

Today we are calming down and I am hoping to get at least 10 reviews in the draft box and clear my email.  I hope you have a productive day. And even if it’s iced, take a moment to slow your roll and sip some tea!

xx Patricia

TWINING’S Earl Grey De-Caf Tea

Hope your snow is melting and you see some signs of Spring! I was pleasantly surprised at lunch Sunday when I ordered Earl Grey Tea. It was from Twinings and it was De-Caf! So I had one to enjoy then and another packet to enjoy later.

It was really a nice tea. Fragrant, light, and even my lunch mate enjoyed it!

Thank you all for the support and kind words. I have worked through all the feelings and although I am not happy with what happened, I now have a better understanding of why. The why wasn’t meant to be malicious or salacious. It was just a bit of bragging that I would have rather not have done on my behalf.  After quite a few tears on both sides, for me, it’s over. I have forgiven and I have made myself clear because not everyone is a mind reader.

And the love that I have for this person exceeds any disappointment I felt. And by holding onto any lingering anger, I’m only hurting myself. And I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want any negative energy around me. Or in me.

Everyone is back home today. Although this morning was a bit of a rough start. The kids are thrilled with the coffee table turned chalkboard. It’s great to practice handwriting and drawing. It was good for everyone to get away for a couple of days. You come back with more patience and an appreciation for your own bathroom!

We are making vegan meatballs and spaghetti for lunch today and after that I think we all need a nap. I’m being very kind to myself today so I may toss in some garlic bread!

xx Patricia   Enjoy your day! Be kind to yourself. And don’t assume people are mind readers.  P.S. They aren’t.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day Y’all!  While the rest of the world can suck down some Guinness, I’m over here trying out Twinings Darjeeling.

From the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling is one of my favorite teas. Normally I have loose leaf but when I saw our local market was stocking Twinings now, I decided to try it out. It is such a nice, delicate tea with a pureness that only a First Flush has. And I must say I enjoyed it.

I’m not really that into celebrating this day except for the cabbage. And I’m not cooking that stuff in my kitchen. The smell would send the poor boyfriend running out the door. But being the lovely guy he is, he will take me out to get some at Murphy’s.

This is where I got caught up. Yesterday as I was writing this I got a better offer from said boyfriend who showed up with Murder on the Orient Express and Bladerunner 2049 so after an appropriate time for thank you’s, we snuggled on the sofa and watched movies all night and talked brackets. My team is still in and his is not.  The Orient Express movie I loved. It was funny as heck. The other one I have no idea what was going on and it was dark the entire movie and I still don’t know what it was about.

As for the rubber band reminder, I had to take it off. I broke out in a rash. And I’m pretty sure I know why. Coming back from the city the other day we were at the light by the Governor’s Mansion. It was windy AF! And right by the light was a woman bent over with nothing but her hot pink thong showing. I’m gonna guess the wind whipped her pants off. Or maybe she had recently lost a lot of weight and was off to find new pants. Either way her butt cheeks were on display for the entire neighborhood. If that had been me, I would have slunk behind the nearest shrub. Not her, she owned it and with her head held high she kept walking. I salute you girl! Definitely a Samantha on the Sex and the City card!

So today I am up early because there is no wind. That means Brunch and Golf. With a book of course.

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday! How is everyone’s weather? Are we all on the same season yet?

xx Patricia   Happy as a cat with a saucer of cream!


Have Tea. Send Cookies. And Books, yeah, Books.

Trying out one of the Holiday Teas from Celestial Seasonings, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. 

I wasn’t really impressed with the smell right out of the box. But after brewing there was a lovely and delicate aroma of sugar cookies. Not that overwhelming artificial ingredients smell, just a light sugar cookie smell and a lovely naturally sweet taste. Absolutely perfect for dunking a holiday sugar cookie in.

Yesterday was the last day I had OU Boy to boss around and do things for me so I needed to grab a few things from the market that I could mange to make myself. The first one did not have a very good selection of tea, although I did meet a lovely older gentleman who had spent a lot of time in the UK and we compared notes and I gave him advice on Rooibos for his wife.

So it was on to Wal-Mart to brave the crowd. I didn’t buy anything here but wanted to show you these pictures of the tea/coffee aisle.

Yes that is a bunch of tea. But the best part to me was how much was gone! People are buying tea now and the stores are responding to the demand. That is very encouraging. Then we went to Target where they had a lovely sale on Tazo Tea. So I stocked up on some of those and some holiday teas. In line the two people in front of me were also only buying tea! So all in all, I bought 2 cans of soup and lots of tea. That’s it.

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics

xx Patricia

Making A Choice…and Tea!

Tea board

Good Thursday Morning to Y’all. I’m feeling Zen today. So I’m going with the Tazo Zen tea today. With the temperatures dropping it may get moved to the back shelf until warmer weather so the winter teas have some room.

This has been a week hasn’t it? Although I have to say that the leak under the slab was relatively painless. I discovered it on Monday when my closet floor felt really hot. OU Boy pulled out his digital infrared thermometer and it was 105.5.  We knew we had a hot water line break. The plumber was here early the next morning. And by early I mean he was here at 9 a.m. on the dot.  People, I am not company ready at that time of day. This meant a change in my schedule and my anxiety was looking for a way out.

OU Boy bundled me and all of my things up and dropped me at the library and sent me text updates about the jack hammering and the dust collecting. And people watching at the library is always a fun activity. Everything was repaired and new concrete poured by early afternoon. Now everything in the living room is covered with a fine layer of dust that I’m thinking of just leaving there for a Halloween decoration.

I’ve talked some about CBT and how it has help my anxiety and I had an email asking what that was. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is identifying the event and controlling how you react to said event. I’m not a professional here. I’m a visual learner. I learn best by reading or seeing something rather than you telling me orally about it. I have worksheets, or I did for a while. Now it’s just second nature. The worksheets are divided into 3 parts A- The Activating Event (Something happened) B-Belief/Stuck Point (I tell myself something) C- Consequence (I feel something). Then I ask myself, “Are my thoughts above in “B” realistic? In my mind I’m playing out the scenario and any way it can negatively affect me. It’s a way to help me control situations. And for me it works.

I was all set to be really Zen today and OU Boy just shot me a text that the entire Thunder team and families are up at the Club celebrating the Thunders tenth anniversary. Even Melo and Lala! I am not feeling very zen towards him at the moment. I knew he cut out of here awful early this morning. Seriously, how could you forget to tell me that???

Have a calm and peaceful day. Make a choice to be kind. Make someone’s day a little bit better today. A smile, a kind word, a cup of tea, or you can just try not to start shit! Whatever level you are at!

xx Patricia

The London Fog: A Tea Latte’

Earl Grey - Lavender Earl Grey - Jasmine Earl Grey

Our tea today is from Twining’s. Did you know they had so many varieties? And the reason we are focusing on them is that I learned how to make a London Fog.

And it was delicious! Here’s how:

Have you ever wondered how to make a London Fog? It's the ultimate tea latte recipe with a hint of sweetness and boost of caffeine. Perfect for cold winter mornings or afternoon pick-me-ups! This recipe came from Pinterest and is the exact one I use.


  • 1 Earl Grey tea bag
  • 1/2 cup hot water
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or other milk of choice)
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1-2 tsp raw honey, maple syrup or sweetener of choice
  1. Steep your tea bag in the hot water for 3-5 mins (depending on strength preference)
  2. Mix together almond milk and vanilla extract and steam or froth depending on what tools you have.*
  3. Stir sweetener in with steeped tea and top with frothed milk.
  4. Enjoy hot!