What happened to the cold front? And Guinness!

Thursday! Sunny and bright. David Payne is still going on and on about that cold front that was coming in last night. It’s 76 degrees. I am feeling pink today. Going to take advantage of this nice weather to go on a run today. I tried yesterday, but that dang bird!

I went to PetSmart and spoke with the vet. About food, treats, toys, getting a friend. So I buy the Millet, some toys with strings, and a food processor as three times a week she needs finely chopped mix of fruit and veg. I don’t know what millet is. But I think it’s like catnip for birds. I took a video of her eating it and she looked like a crackhead! And then proceeded to tweet loudly at me for an hour. I did walk to the vet and to some shops so I guess that’s exercise. Still looking for some jumpers/sweaters. I am so picky but I did get lucky and found 2 puffer vests for running and 2 comfy sweaters. I tried on a turtleneck and almost choked to death. Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the lady had to come to check on me.

I did manage to make a batch of Butternut Squash Sweet Potato and Apple Soup with my new Immersion Blender. So when OU Boy got home we went and got more squash and apples. Then decided to go to the Irish Pub near us.

They are an authentic Irish Pub and make the simplest food taste amazing. The Lamb Stew is served with chunks of Irish Soda Bread and Brown Bread to sop up all of that delicious gravy. OU Boy had the Galway Fish and Chips and we split a Guinness. The lady on the harp was very talented and we went home stuffed. I don’t know why I was looking so grim here. Probably watching the soccer game on the television. We love to try local places and this is one of our favorites.

This weekend should be interesting. My sisters in Denver, South Dakota and North Dakota are about to be knee-deep in the white stuff. Those poor girls in the Dakotas haven’t even had a summer yet!

Enjoy your Thursday!  There’s a book giveaway on my book blog. What kind of food should we try next? I’ve never tried Thai!?

xx P








Saying Goodbye to Lu

This morning we received a call from Aunt Gayle that it was time. The kitties we always watch have been together for 15 years and Lu had cancer. This morning she was dying. Painfully.

My wonderful hubby and I dropped everything and ran around the corner. Tommy took her to Nichols Hills Veterinary and I kept Aunt Gayle busy at home. Tommy held her and they hooked her up to an i.v. and he was with her when she took her last breath. The staff was so kind and compassionate and for that I am grateful.

Neither Gayle or I could have done that. We’ve lost too much, too quickly. But Tommy did. He cried all the way there and we’ve all been a bit weepy especially since we are allergic to cats!

So, to my Daddy in Heaven….I’m sending you and Mr. Louis a new friend. Her name is Lu and I know y’all will take care of her.

Poor Smokey, her cat husband, was so subdued and sad all day. Tomorrow will be soon enough for us to remove all of her things and wash all the bedding, as Aunt Gayle flys to Washington tomorrow to watch one of the nieces’ graduate.

That’s all I’ve got today. It’s a sad day.

xx P



Hello Monday! You are looking awfully sunny today, let’s keep that up, shall we?

Today’s tea is brought to you by Taylor’s of Harrogate. Scottish Breakfast with Almond Milk. I love this tea. From the first slurp memories of my Gran surround me with love.

We are both off today and haven’t left the bed except for beverages. Today is a week of concussion protocol. The pain is down to a tender area on my skull but knowing me, I will overdo it somehow. Today I am just happy to have my hubby home with me.

Yesterday was a quiet day. I watched the Ted Bundy starring Zac Efron and that was predictable. I watched The Book Club and then I watched the movie Wine Country. Read two books. One a wicked and twisty thriller and Scott Pelley’s upcoming book Truth Worth Telling, which was well worth the read!

It is supposed to be a beautiful day so I think we are going to the lake and hope I don’t trip on something. Have a good Monday and if not, well there’s always tomorrow.

Much Love!

xx P

Tea and Sarcasm!

Since most of you know I have a sarcastic and  morbid sense of humor. When I saw these lovely tea cups and saucers I started wondering if I could use them in a theme tea of some sort.

A Sarcasm, Over the top, tea party. Where we are all just swooning and sipping our tea and being catty and sarcastic. And everyone gets to take home a cup and saucer. We shall work on that for a bit.

Otherwise I shall give them to people as gifts and let them figure out if it’s sarcasm or not. Maybe one to Trump. Everyday I wake up and hope he’s just gone…with all of his Evangelical brothers and sisters to the Rapture. But no. He’s still here being an idiot.

I’m in a rather snitty mood today. Our vacation to Padre Island was moved by the rest of the “family” to Port Aransas. I would never go there on purpose and none of them have been there. I sent Tommy a text and he sent back. ” Me. You. Sandestin.Hyatt.Done”.

Problem solved. I have to go watch the next episode of The OA on Netflix before Tommy gets home. We are in too deep now.

xx P  Also where is the spell check button now???




Definitely not feeling in the pink today. Allergies are high now that the 70’s have arrived and the trees think it is Spring. It’s been 48 hours of moaning and groaning that I’m going to die. Normally Tommy would be home today but I think he went in to work just so he could get away from my sniffling, whining self.

I should probably just drag the little camper out into the desert and wait it out. I am annoyed that the sun is shining and everyone is chipper. But then I was annoyed by the Super Bowl that sucked along with the half time show that sucked, I mean what kind of penal facility did Adam Levine go to in order to get those tats? The entire thing was sad, even the commercials. So we watched Game of Thrones Season 1.

After a few hours of declaring my imminent death, Tommy made me a hot toddy. The first one had way too much lemon juice, the second one didn’t have enough honey and the third one I just drank because I felt like I was pushing my luck! And he did pop over to La Baguette and brought me French Onion Soup and a few little macarons.

So now I’m going to finish my tea and go back to sleep. Why do fevers make you so sleepy? Lucky for me I have an endless supply of tea and received two books in the mail, so I won’t complain. (We all know that’s a lie.)

xx P

Sunny Monday and Lots of Tea

Finally a Monday that isn’t a holiday! Thank you. Everyone is back where they are supposed to be and I am loving that it’s in the 60’s again. Sunshine galore!

It would be difficult to choose a tea today because I’m having them all. Either I was hit by a Mack truck while asleep last night or I’m having a huge flare up. I’m hoping this isn’t some plague type event, but more due to the fact that I ate potatoes and onions last night and as nightshade plants they really cause every joint in my body to hurt. I’m sure the tiny terrorists left some germs here so it could be anything. All I want to do is lay on the floor like a 2-year-old and whine.

Tommy is off today and keeping me supplied with hot water and warm vegetable broth. He won’t stay in the same room as me since I declare I’m dying every other minute. He and Charlaine Harris are in the bedroom ignoring my needs. sniff…sniff.

One of my neighbors is back from a 2 month vacation along with her yappy dog which isn’t helping. So before I do bodily harm to anyone I’m going to post up on the sofa and continue binge watching The Haunting of Hill House.

Enjoy your Monday !

xx p

Vinegar of the Four Thieves

I’ve been asked to post this again this year so here it is. You need to go ahead and get on this as flu bug season and other nasty things will soon be here!

Vinegar of the Four Thieves 

Image result for vinegar of the four thieves


A Grandma Quote:  “It may stink, but you’ll smell worse if you die from some god awful disease”.

It’s that time of year. Colds, Flu and other nasty germs that find their way into our homes and offices. It’s still not too late to make up a batch of this wonderfully effective vinegar.

I don’t remember when I found this recipe in an old journal, but here is what it said…

According to the story, during the time of the Bubonic Plague, four thieves were breaking into homes of the dead and robbing them but they never got sick~ This recipe is what supposedly saved many of them from getting sick. The specific blend of herbs have antiviral, antibacterial,antiseptic and antifungal properties. It’s really good at repelling nasty little insects and bugs.


2 Tablespoons each of:

Dried Rosemary, Dried Rue, Dried Sage, Dried Lavender, Dried Wormwood, Dried Peppermint, and 2 tablespoons of fresh, chopped garlic

Mix together and place in a large jar with a plastic lid. Pour 32 ounces of Dr. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix well and put the lid on. Metal lids can get yucky so use a plastic one. Put in a dark, cool place and everyday turn it over and give a shake. After the 8 weeks, strain the vinegar and toss the herbs and bottle the vinegar.


You should know that this stuff stinks to high heaven! I mean it stinks. But it is also very effective. We use it to wipe down surfaces and even put a tablespoon in water and drink it.Make sure you try a small amount at first and no more than a tablespoon, diluted in water. It is also a good way to keep bugs away. Just put it in a spray bottle and you are

good to go.Image result for vinegar of the four thieves


Let me know how it goes!

We are in a salve, lotion, soap, tincture and herbal tea making frenzy here. But the house smells amazing!  Growing your own herbs is easy and fun, plus you know they are good quality!


xxP cupcakeholder1


His Sixth Birthday Party….but he’s still 4

A gloomy Sunday out there today. It feels damp and it is cloudy. A good day for some English Breakfast Tea!

Yesterday was the birthday party for Corbin who is now 6. Although he just told his mom he’s only 4, so I guess it’s never too early to lie about your age.

The party was at Memorial Park which is huge and has everything a kid could want. Not too hot,not too windy. Charli and Papa preferred to sit in the shade and play games and eat those no bake cookies. The pinata was the hit of the party with kids going in for the candy like a swarm of bees.

It was all of the cousins and his classmates. The little blonde girl is his “friend”. She is also very bossy and over dramatic. As in she had a blister on her heel from the monkey bars. Yeah, puzzle that one out! They ran and played and ate everything in sight and we ducked out with Charli and went home to play games and watch television and just sit!

All in all it was a really good day and everyone had fun. Today Charli and I are doing nothing. I’ve written my tea cards and stamped those and many games have been played and music videos watched.

I hope you had a good week-end and are doing some self-care and recharging for Monday!

xx Patricia