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Books, Books and More Books!

The Woodpecker Always Pecks Twice

A Bird Lover’s Mystery.  This is the third book in this series set in North Carolina. The first is Die,Die Birdie and the last one we read was Towhee Get Your Gun.

Amy Simms, owner of Birds and Bees, has no use for her alarm clock now that she has her very own red-bellied woodpecker waking her up at the crack of dawn. The rat-a-tat -tat is waking up the entire neighborhood.

When Amy stumbles from her bed and grabs her binoculars to check out her little friend, nicknamed Drummy, a storm is brewing outside and the rain is beginning to pour down. Just as she is about to put down the binoculars she glances once more across Ruby Lake and sees a light at the old Mckutcheon house. No one has lived there in forever.

Peering hard through the rain she can vaguely make out two people struggling in…

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No Charm Intended A Cora Crafts Mystery by Mollie Cox Bryan

Cora is at it again!

Books, Books and More Books!

No Charm Intended

Cora and her best friend Jane are back with another weekend craft retreat. This time the theme is wild crafting and after the last retreat they could use a smooth week end filled with food, crafting, and friendship.

Settling into her new life and career in small-town Indigo Gap, North Carolina, Cora Chevalier is preparing to host a wildcrafting retreat at her Victorian home, Kildare House. But on day one, Cora wakes up to a disturbing text. I kidnapped her.  Is this some weird wrong number or is something going on.

Gracie, a seemingly lovely girl who is a student,nanny and part time sitter for London, Jane’s daughter, is missing.

When the police arrive Cora finds out she isn’t the only one who received weird texts and when Gracie’s boyfriend, Paul, and their good friend Henry show up at Kildare House scared and worried, rambling on about some game they all…

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Hello Everybody!🍵


I’m in the mood to toss a little love around! While I did give myself a black eye the other day with the cupboard door, sutures are still in place..Whew! I was pretty scared!

Did everyone enjoy the weekend? It was a bit rainy on and off but that’s April.

Some very nice man brought me a bunch of lemon macarons with lemon curd filling. I am still drooling over them and the nice cup of Earl Grey I had with them. Thanks Mr. 🐇.


The Second Chance Tea Shop By Fay Keenan

Blog Tour Day for this charmer!

Books, Books and More Books!

The Second Chance Tea Shop (Little Somerby)Second chances, new loves and scrumptious cakes, in this heart-warming novel. Perfect for all fans of Fern Britton, Katie Fforde and Cathy Bramley.

Folllowing the tragic death of her beloved husband, Anna Hemingway decides it’s time for a fresh start. So Anna and her three-year-old daughter Ellie move to a picture-perfect cottage in the beautiful village of Little Somerby, and when she takes over the running of the village tea shop, Ellie and Anna start to find happiness again.

But things get complicated when Matthew Carter, the owner of the local cider farm, enters their lives. Throughout a whirlwind year of village fetes and ancient wassails, love, laughter, apple pie and new memories, life slowly blossoms again. But when tragedy strikes and history seems to be repeating itself, Anna must find the strength to hold onto the new life she has built.

This beautiful, life-affirming debut novel marks the beginning…

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Happy Saturday…let’s Chat…


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the word love. And how loose we’ve become with that word. On Social Media especially. We like/love posts, pictures and friends work. We say Love you as we hang up the phone or say good bye. But by saying it so casually has it taken away the true meaning of it? I think it has. I am the worst about loving stuff on line.

Love has a meaning and shouldn’t be thrown around so casually. After having a long chat with the tub faucet this morning about this subject, I was wondering, how exactly do I know if I really Love something or someone?

I was reminded of a conversation a friend and I have had while watching a movie. Would you take a bullet for them? Me personally, there is only one person I would do that for. Would I be gutted if this person was not in my life? Yeah, again, just the one person. Would I grieve the loss of the relationship? Probably not. So yes, maybe I overuse the word. I like a lot of things, a lot of people and places.

I am going to try really hard to stop saying love when I mean something else. Instead of saying ‘I loved your photos!’, I could say ‘ Your photos made me smile! Thanks!’ I would also like to say thank you to Skipah (over  Here ) for letting me bend his ear and giving me his most valuable wisdom!

Have a Great Day!       xx  Patricia


Nothing a Spot of Tea Won’t Fix!


WE managed to recover most of our photos and documents yesterday. But it did put me in a less than happy mood. And since I refused to use my tablet because I’m petty, I had plenty of time to worry about my eye. Don’t get the wrong idea. My eye is now just as blue and perfect as the right one, vision is quite a different thing but we’ll get there.

My eye surgeon has decided I can not or as he says don’t need to come back in for 3 weeks and this has thrown me for a loop. I’ve been trying very hard to practice being in the moment. At all times I have to remember to not look down, not get wet, don’t rub or touch my face. Sleeping has been awful. Tossing and turning and making sure I don’t accidently roll on my left side. The time change has not helped that one bit!

Anxiety and I are in a real struggle  right now. I know I can do this. I may have to rearrange the situation to make me comfortable, but I know I’ll beat this.  Nothing so bad a good cuppa won’t solve!

xx  Patricia