A Change of Plans Led To More Fun!

tea party. #tea, #teaparty

What a cute vintage poem!  Since I just woke up I am actually sipping some coffee this morning. It was a long night.

We were headed to the Thunder vs. Portland game downtown at the Peake. Found a great parking spot right on the riverwalk which is really pretty. And this is as far as we got!

Half way down the stairs it got dark. I still can’t see well in the dark so the Anxiety Fairy was flitting all over with her snarky, look on the dark side self. I panicked. I was just unable to see the depth of the stairs and so we went back to the car and I called the kids to see if they wanted to use our tickets. They said Yes! So we met at their house downtown to watch the grands.

On the way we passed the OKC Memorial for the victims of the bombing. Each chair is lit up and it is a very solemn place.

We had a wild night with Corbin and Charli Ava. Throw in 2 large dogs and a black cat and chaos quickly ensues. We had no idea how to work their television and neither did the kids, so OU Boy pulled up the game on his phone and lo and behold it was Kiss Cam time! And the kids started squealing when their parents popped up on the screen. It was really comical. With Oh Gross! being the sentiment.


As you can see we also built a fort out of Lincoln Logs and Corbin kindly placed benches around for the bears.

They were in bed asleep when the kids came home and they were so excited. We visited way later than any of us should have since everyone had to be up at the crack of dawn. Except me. OU Boy called me at 10:30 this morning and I told him I had just woken up and he told me what I could do as well as what the horse I rode in on could do. Tsk, Tsk….

So here you go! This is what you look like after a night out. Do not freak out. I will comb my hair and get dressed and maybe put on make up.


   xx Patricia










White milk glass condiment tray I but together with vintage little spoons!

Planning A Tea Party Without Losing Your Mind

Planning a little girl’s Tea Party doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg along with your sanity! Here at the Pirate Nation we are planning a simple, pink tea party for a young lady.

No, I’m not spending hours in the kitchen. These are all simple to do. I even found a picture on Pinterest breaking down the Naked Cakes, as I call them, Get yourself a Sara Lee Pound Cake and slice it into 3 equal lengths and then just choose a round or as they did in the picture, a decorated cookie cutter and pop some out. Squeeze a bit of icing and plop on a flower.

What could be easier than Rice Krispie Treats? Just dunk them in some melted candy dots in pink. Same with the pretzels. Easy, as well as eatable! Kids don’t care about fancy, they like simple things and you’ll only work yourself up into a snit paying $4/cupcake when they only eat the icing. And a simple heart-shaped Strawberry Jam tea sandwich will be a hit.

As for decor, Boas are cheap at the party store and tutus are easy to make and you can customize your colors.

I like the pink tea tins and I have a few…or maybe more, but we like using a Red Rooibos Tea as it gets pink. Nothing is as cute as tiny baby food jars, painted and topped with tiny crowns and full of jelly beans. Great favors. And the paper straws are a must. I snap them up any time I see them. I have been known to design a tea around a straw. Think Flamingo!

My little miss Charli Ava loves those straws so much I have taken to hiding them!

Have yourself a little tea party with your favorite girls! I promise they will love it!

xx Patricia

Today I Choose A Nice Cup of Oolong

Good Morning Y’all! The children are back in school! 3 weeks is just too long. We have been through several reams of paper, sticker books, markers and 100 paper plates and two rolls of tape. Snowmen and Gingerbread men are hanging all over the place. But we made it! And learned quite a bit!

I am always on the look out for unusual tea pots or tea rooms and I love these! My friend Vicki who lives in Bromley owns Lady Bug Pest Control so the ladybug teapot is perfect for her. I am the cupcake queen, so I would love that one. I already own the three lovely ladies along with creamers for each. Left to me by an ex-husband’s Grandmother who liked me. And of course the Flamingo cup and saucer is on my list.

At the end of the Winter Break PaPa was surprised to hear the kids asking what time it was. When he would say 3 p.m. they would run to the tea-table and sit and wait for tea. Each day we tried a different tea and their opinions were quite funny.

We had many deep and important conversations about hot dogs, how chicken nuggets are made, and why you can’t just opt out of school. Just so you know Corbin popped up with a question. Did we know what hot dogs were made of? Not a clue I say, I don’t eat those. Well that’s good, he says because they are made of cancer. Now you know. Proceed at your own risk. We watched the video on how they make chicken nuggets and they will never eat those again.

All in all we survived. The last week was hardest because it was bitterly cold, but today the sun came out and we were above freezing. We danced with our new Bluetooth microphones to Taylor Swift and the Biebs, along with AC/DC, Halestorm and Queen, as well as their Daddy who has quite a few videos on Youtube.

We are getting ready to swing into Mardi Gras mode, Mardi Gras is on Feb. 13th this year, early but we are ready!

How was your week? Did you get snow? My hometown of Brunswick,Georgia did! And lord did it cause problems. The police sent out a notice for people to stay home!! LMAO

XX Patricia

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Today we are watching the original Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas!  This song still takes me back to all of us girls watching this while our parents were out at their Christmas parties.

We know all the words and nobody…..and I mean Nobody does the song Sisters like my own sisters and myself! Lord,help the mister…who comes between me and my sister! lol


Making memories now with the youngest among us! Enjoy!


Making Our Christmas Ornaments 🎄🎄


A beautiful misty day. 50 degrees when I woke up. Which was horrible as usual when I have those 8 a.m. Eye appointments. There was almost no staff there as they were out with the flu.  But  it was the fastest appointment I ever had!

Yesterday we painted one batch of Salt Dough Ornaments, which are easy as pie to make, and then last night we whipped up a big batch of Cinnamon Ornaments and another batch of Salt Dough, rolled thinner. The recipes we used are below and we found them on Pinterest. Our house smelled amazingly good as they dried!


We are all waiting for news from Hospice on Uncle Richard. My Momma is feeling better and doing physical therapy. She is probably better off in the hospital with the weather the way it is in North Dakota!

Papa picked up the other ghost books so it’s off to read! 📚😙






Gingerbread party non Edible Cinnamon Ornaments                                                                                                                                                                                 More   27 Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments For Kids To Make

Meet Cozy Author Miranda James!

Fixing to Die (A Southern Ladies Mystery) by [James, Miranda] Digging Up the Dirt (A Southern Ladies Mystery) by [James, Miranda] Dead with the Wind (A Southern Ladies Mystery Book 2) by [James, Miranda]

A Southern Ladies Mystery Books ( There are more)


Twelve Angry Librarians (Cat in the Stacks Mystery) by [James, Miranda] Claws for Concern (Cat in the Stacks Mystery) by [James, Miranda] No Cats Allowed (Cat in the Stacks Mystery) by [James, Miranda]

A Cat in the Stacks Mystery Series


I am a native of Mississippi and recently returned to live in Jackson after spending thirty-three years in Houston, Texas. I have loved mysteries since I discovered Nancy Drew at the age of ten. At twelve or thirteen I wrote a mystery and even submitted it to a publisher — and promptly received a form rejection letter. That dashed my hopes for a writing career for a while, but I went back to writing mysteries while I was in graduate school in Rice. My first published adult mystery was actually the second one I wrote: CRUEL AS THE GRAVE was published in 2000.

Since then I have published twenty additional mysteries, the latest of which is ARSENIC AND OLD BOOKS, the sixth in the Cat in the Stacks series. In my day-to-day life I am a librarian like Charlie (except my specialty is medical libraries) and I have two cats, neither of whom is a Maine Coon. I love reading and writing mysteries and taking care of two spoiled cats (that’s probably redundant–all cats are spoiled because they generally accept no less). I write mysteries to entertain readers and help them relax and get away from the pressures of daily life. That’s why I read them myself.

Pumpkin Spice Tea and The Cemetery Story



Happy Fall From Harney & Sons

Good Friday Morning Y’all. It is 38 degrees this morning and windy! Windy as in I could be in Nevada if I just stood out there. Which I won’t because it is cold.

I received the Harney & Sons Pumpkin Spice Tea along with the Hot Cinnamon Spice so thought I would give it a go this morning. On opening the tin no one aroma was really strong. It smelled like Rooibos tea with a cinnamon aroma. Close up sniff test was the same.

I checked the ingredient:” Rooibos, natural pumpkin flavoring, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. I could smell the rooibos but not any pumpkin. The tea came up a red color and the flavor was more of a Rooibos with cinnamon. I really never tasted any pumpkin or that lovely clove. Harney & Sons Pumpkin Spice Tea I was a bit disappointed with the spices but the tea tasted good. like a lightly spiced rooibos. I also tried it later and added one of my little pumpkin spice mixtures, like the ones in the spice aisle, but I make my own. And that seemed to be better. I can definitely think of quite a few things this would be good with! Anything pumpkin.

Give it a try. Harney & Sons are having a really good sale right now and their shipping is 2 days and it is free!

So what in the world am I doing our of bed so early? 6:45 I woke up and heard very faint strains of classical music coming from somewhere. I checked my house and unless the fairies were having a concert, my house was music free. Went outside, which is how I found out about the cold, and nope, nothing. Now I am sure most people would have just shrugged and moved on with their day, I am not most people.

First I thought, well maybe the rapture came and I’m the only one left and the music will always play now. (Yes, this is how my brain works) then I had some tea and realized that half of my neighborhood would still be here too. As I made the bed the music got louder. So off came all of the covers and there was my phone. Under my pillow playing quietly away. I have a Samsung so I was just happy it hadn’t exploded under my head.

I haven’t seen OU Boy so I’m assuming he’s busy building a ball room sized version of the grand hall of Hogwarts for a party tomorrow night.  At least he’s stopped badgering me to go to some Comic Con this weekend. $80 a ticket to hang with adults who dress up and live for comic books and games most of us stopped playing when we grew the feck up!

Why oh why would someone want to do that? Let’s see:

Me: Why do grown ass people do that?

Him: They like to.

Me: No.

Him: They might meet the love of their life?

Me: Again, No. I can tell you right now no woman wants a grown man-child as a lover. It is just one of the dating questions. Do you live at home? Do you have a job? Do you have a car? Any arrests? Any diseases? Do you dress up and play imaginary games with friends? There should only be 2 Yes answers in there.

Him: We could take the five-year old!

Me: No. I’m sure he would ask the same question. Is it Halloween? Why are the mommies and daddies dressed like Halloween? Because some people can’t hack it in the real world, sweetie. Wanna go to the cemetery?

And that brings me to the cemetery story. It’s no secret that OU Boy’s family owns the largest cemetery I’ve ever seen. And it’s gorgeous. When I run, I go there. Run the paths, have a chat with Great Grandpa Tecumseh, check out the newest models of headstones. I love it. I’ve always spent a lot of time in cemeteries and grave yards. The difference being that graveyards are part of the church yard. Cemeteries are stand alone venues. I had my first kiss on a coffin in the coffin display room. While rushing for a sorority they left us in the graveyard and I just had a seat. So it should come as no surprise that the five-year old is also a lover of cemeteries. I had promised him the other day we would go if we had time before soccer practice and OU Boy almost drove off the road when his little voice piped up on the way to practice with,” Oh, man, we didn’t get to go to the cemetery!”.

OU Boy: You are all weird. That’s unnatural. There is something wrong with you people.

Hey buddy, you read the warning label and were fully aware we were bat shit crazy. But cute.  So where ever you are bud, stay warm and have fun!

xx Patricia    Abnormal? Dude, there is history AND art to be found in cemeteries, it's like a humanities geek's paradise.  Abnormal my great-aunt Eulala! There is history in this place!

Didn’t We Have Fun?! Tuesday Adventures in Pirate Land!

This is the last week of Fall Break for the seven-year old. Yesterday was such a gorgeous day outside. Still shorts weather. Since Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my days off, we decided to have one more summery day.

Armed with extra quantities of Green Ginger Tea, we set out. First to the trusty Redbox to grab a few movies, then to the library to drop off some books. The lunch vote was about to go on forever so Freddy’s Frozen Custard it was. I have no idea if these places are all over the country but it was our first time at this new location.

Freddy’s is all about Retro. I can easily picture Rizzo and all the kids from Grease hanging out here. And since they were decorated for Halloween with that lovely spider webbing strung over each booth the five-year old thought surely they wouldn’t mind if he did a few Spidey moves with it. It is a lively enough place that the kids were entertained by everything.

I had no idea what custard was. My mother said it is when you cook the starter for your ice cream and then churn it until it is as smooth as can be. So I ordered the small pumpkin pie concrete. That’s what they called it. Because you aren’t sucking anything out of there unless you have some super-duper sucking skills. I do not. We all shared it and it was amazing. They actually put a slice of pumpkin pie in with frozen custard and topped it with whipped cream and grated nutmeg.

Even OU Boy who never tries anything new took a bite. His eyes glazed over and he said,” What is custard?” And that’s the last we heard from him as he was guarding his own like a lion with a hyena lunch.

After lunch we decided a trip to the park was needed. Things got interesting at the swings. There was a lovely little girl (8) who was playing with us while her Aunt was on the swing checking her phone. I told her,” Wow you have the shiniest hair I’ve ever seen.” Her: “I know, I just dyed it.”  Now all kinds of thoughts are running in my head. Is she a kidnap victim? Sure didn’t act like it as she could have walked off at any time. Is she in witness protection? If so, she talks way too much. And since I’m trying not to be judgy this week, OU Boy is making me snap a band on  my wrist every time I am, so we left.

After a wash up we popped Spiderman Homecoming in because the five-year old declared I would love it. (Meh). Then Hocus Pocus. By this time the five year old was asleep and the seven-year old was pondering out loud why we are all so tall and skinny in our family. How do you explain genetics to someone that age? OH, and she also does not know who Reese  Witherspoon is and has never seen Legally Blonde. But she has seen IT. We have some catch up to do on her film education.

We had soccer practice where the five-year old had to pee. Right Now. Dude, we are on a soccer field. So to avoid having him labelled a sex offender we didn’t let him pee in the bushes. OU Boy gave him a cup and told him to squat on the truck seat and go. Let’s just say he got distracted and I had to put a towel over my seat on the way home.

That was our day. And it was a good day. Sometimes things can seem so overwhelming and I seriously needed a day of play. And snuggling on the sofa with a little boy all tuckered out from fun, all is right with the world.

xx Patricia




Family Favorite Casserole Recipes by Addie Gundry

Family Favorite Casserole Recipes: 103 Comforting Breakfast Casseroles, Dinner Ideas, and Desserts Everyone Will Love by [Gundry, Addie]

The first in the RecipeLion series, presenting 103 easy recipes for accessible casseroles that are ideal for entertaining, everyday dinners, and even breakfast and desserts.

From Cinnamon Roll Casserole to John Wayne Cowboy Casserole, the 103 casserole dishes in this cookbook are simple and stress-free, but each is packed with flavor, making them your go-to family favorites to whip up any day of the week. In 103 Family Favorite Casserole Recipes, Addie Gundry shows that a dish doesn’t have to be complicated to be creative. You don’t need multiple pots and pans to find flavor. And with the proper tools, tips and techniques, anyone can cook memorable meals. She teaches you how to whip up everything from Potato Chip and Chicken Casserole to Strawberry Icebox Casserole to Skinny Cheeseburger Casserole. A casserole is something to be shared—something warm, rich, and worthy of a gathering on its own. Every recipe is paired with a beautiful finished dish photograph that will make readers jump at the idea of casserole night.

Nothing says home to me like a casserole. In the South we call them casseroles and in the North my Grandma called them hotdishes. What ever you call them in your house they are delicious!

When you need to bring a dish, casseroles are the go to staple. Someone sick? Or passed away? Get out the casserole dish. These are comfort foods. Meant to hug your tummy with warmth and memories.

There are so many in this book and they all look yummy!