Tuesday Morning and I am sipping a new Decaf Espresso Chai. I needed caffeine. I’m holding my eyes open with sheer willpower!

We have been so busy with the kids and school things and sports that on Sunday we had to just take a breath. Charli has third grade testing this month and it began today. So we did practice tests and a lot of math and tears and reading and sighs…oh the drama of being 8 years old!

Last night Aunt Gayle saved us all by taking us to The Cheesecake Factory so we didn’t have to cook and the kids could get to bed early and be well rested for today.

Now Charli Ava is our sweets addict. As you can see she’s watching Aunt Gayle like a hawk waiting for her bites!  No one wanted to share this Red Velvet Cheesecake and since it’s been years since I had eaten cheesecake and I was feeling very smug for having a Beet Salad for dinner, I ordered this. And ate a large chunk!

Their parents should be home tonight. I told the kids that if they didn’t go home tonight I was dropping them at the Fire Department. I’m only half kidding here. They are always a joy to have. Except for Saturday when Corbin decided to color with a permanent marker. Thin sheets mean bleed through. On to my coffee table. I was so stressed I just sat down and sobbed. Corbin came in and said, “Don’t cry Gran, I did it. I’m sorry and I love you so please don’t cry.” Heart melts….. And then the me in him comes out when he tries ” Let’s just cover it up with a book and PaPa won’t notice.”

All in all it’s been a successful 7 days. Everyone is alive. No one has any owies except for growing pains at night. Still haven’t figured out how to help with that. We tried a heating pad last night and Charli said it helped a lot. Any Ideas out there??

Also it helps if you have a split of Prosecco after dinner! Aquaman looked even better with a glass of that!

On a different topic, our elderly neighbor Bert who the kids love, was struck and killed by a car on his morning walk yesterday. Right outside the kid’s bedroom window. Bert served in the Vietnam War, had severe head trauma and had been run over before and I was very upset at the unfairness of it. He deserved a peaceful passing and we will miss him terribly. Rest soft, Bert.


Going to take a nap. Have a good Tuesday. It should be in the 90’s here today.



Memorial Day…The Fallen but not The Forgotten

In the States today is Memorial Day. A day to remember and memorialize our soldiers who unselfishly gave their time, their bodies and their lives on behalf of our country.

My family has a long history of serving. From wars across the pond, to the Revolutionary War and everything after. I am proud of them. The ones that came home and the ones who did not. The ones who continue to carry scars inside and out from the horrors of war.

Today we remember you all and say thank you. You are my rock stars, my heroes and my idols. Thank you all.

xx Patricia

To All Our Veterans, We Salute You.

Grab a cup and raise your glasses! To our fighting men and women of the Armed Forces.

On Veteran’s Day, we pause and say Thank You. We owe you a debt we can never repay. You fought for our country, you believed in what you were doing and I am proud to be a part of a family that serves and protects us all.

Some of you came back and some did not. Some came back whole and some did not. I love every one of you!

xx Patricia