Sharing Some Chai and a Dead Deer


Yes, you did read that correctly. It is still cold out but at 30 degrees I guess we can’t complain. Well we can, but we won’t. Especially since I have a lovely pot of Chai sitting next to me! Nothing like all of those warming spices to get those bones warm!

Today was the Corneal Surgeon appointment. It was really early but I think I covered my jammies nicely! My lovely doctor made it back from Korea safely. He had some nice tales to tell. As he was explaining what comes next, OU Boy quickly got up and hustled to the waiting room. He has a thing about people poking things in my eye.

I had to wear these weird steam punk looking glasses and then I had to sit in a chair, bend down and look at the floor. Dr. D. sat on the floor between my legs and popped a fluid filled lens on my sclera. And then I was rattling off those eye chart letters! Keeping fingers crossed I will have one more surgery to fix some flap the lens sits on and then I can get this Scleral Lens. Not to be confused with a Sclera Lens, which makes the zombies look dead. No sutures came out but he may just leave them in forever.

But it gets better, he always has a Resident or a Fellow with him and he explained my case and then said, “Removing the cataract that developed because of the massive steroids was really easy because she is so young.” Yep, right then and there I fell in love with him all over again.  So that is the good news. The bad news is this lens costs around $4,000.00 but it’s for life. Insurance covers some but not the bulk of it. I’m trying to decide if I want this bad enough to forgo my entire Spring wardrobe. I’m still thinking.

OU Boy just sent me this on the way back…only in Oklahoma…

Yes, that is a gutted deer on the roof of an SUV. I have no words.   Stay warm and Be Nice. Try a cuppa Chai!

xx Patricia

Where There Is Tea, There Is Hope

Well this morning has started out with a 6 degree reading on the thermometer! It just seems so wrong for it to be so cold and yet the sun is advertising something else entirely!

Today’s tea is brought to you by the lovely folks at Taylor’s of Harrogate. A rich and full-bodied Scottish Breakfast Tea with a splash of milk. I’ve been meaning to ask y’all about the milk thing. I know the debate will forever rage on adding it to the cup first or after you pour tea. I don’t care. But I do care if it’s cold. I heat my milk separately and then add the tea. And I only add milk to full, black teas. What’s your way?

I have an appointment with my Corneal Surgeon tomorrow and I expected that darn Anxiety Fairy to pop up this morning, as I like to worry in advance, but so far it’s just the Frozen Fairy. I have been a bit anxious over the past 3 weeks when my doctor went to Korea for the holidays. Korea. I grilled him like the CIA before he left.
“Will you be able to get back?”, ” Are you sure?” “Can you let me know you got home all right?”  He knows I’m nuts, but he is also a fellow tea lover so I can’t wait to hear what new teas he tried.

I’m also hoping for good news about the next surgery. As at the moment I have no lens in my eye at all. Just a lot of really bright light….sort of like the one people see on the way out of this life. So hopefully they will have figured out a way to put one in there.

OU Boy decided to make a cake about 9 p.m. last night. Just the cake. No icing. Is it even called cake if there isn’t icing? I’m not complaining because at least he isn’t smoking! Doing really well with that. So what if he wants to make cake at bedtime. We’re weird and we own it.

xx Patricia   Have a great Tuesday! Have a cup of tea and some cake!

Good Saturday! I Cooked! That is All.


This is most definitely a Do Not Go Outside day. It’s cold and there are icicles on the overhang.  This is the first Saturday we have had off together in 3 years, not counting me sitting in ICU somewhere with OU Boy and his heart.

Apparently I am not used to it. He tried to come back to bed this morning and it seems as if I told him No, I’m not going to! So he went and laid on the sofa. I am pretty sure I meant I wasn’t getting up to go anywhere, but I felt bad so I made a full on breakfast.

Huge mugs of Irish Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s, omelets, hash browns, and sausage balls. And I cleaned up my own mess. I think OU Boy is in shock as he left quickly after that. So this is going to take some getting used to.

I’m fairly sure he is headed out to the farm and will return with a truckload of shit I don’t need but still want to see! Personally I am going to my reading nook and finish the 4 books I have due on Monday. And by nook I mean the bathtub. By now you should know that.

What do you have planned for the week-end? Something exciting? Enjoy yourself and Be Nice to your Spouse. This breakfast thing will get me out of any trouble for like a month!!

xx Patricia

It is Positively Frigid! The Audacity!

The kettle is getting a workout this morning. Winter has had the audacity to send her cousin Frigid Temperatures to Oklahoma. Thank the gods for tea! Otherwise this could get ugly!

Yesterday was cold and overnight the temps took a nosedive into the low teens. Yes, I understand what the North is going through and I don’t care. You chose to live there. But this is our first day off in a long time and I wanted to do something out-of-doors. Nope. It’s tea and a book with some fuzzy socks thrown in.

Yesterday I made a huge batch of stew so we have soups and stews to warm our insides but I don’t care if the house is on fire I’m not going out until it’s at least 50 again. I’m calling it Hibernation. I am positive it will warm up in a snap. (keep repeating). Much like a bear, I have stocked up on food, found a comfy and warm spot, and in a few months I’ll pop out well rested and ready to roll. Of course I’ll pop out for Mardi Gras. Although this year Mardi Gras is on Tuesday and Ash Wednesday is the next day, the beginning of Lent for us Catholics. So you better pig out on that Valentine candy quick before the season of fasting begins!

Enough rambling for today. I need more tea!

xx Patricia      Stay Warm. Stay Inside. Stay Positive!

Warm Up With Some Bengal Spice Tea!

One of my all time favorites, especially during cold weather is Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice! It’s chock full of good warming spices such as Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger,Cloves, Nutmeg!

This is the first Herbal tea I recommend to new herbal tea drinkers. It’s so flavorful and sweet and makes you warm all over.

So, what is a Warming Spice? They are spices used in cooking or tea brewing that warm the body and improve circulation.  There are a number, but my favorites and the ones I use the most are:

Black Pepper, which has antiseptic and antioxidant properties

Cardamom, a member of the Ginger family, is an expectorant, helping to open the respiratory passages.

Cayenne, a member of the Nightshade family, is rich in vitamin C, and helps relieve chills, coughs, and congestion. You can even sprinkle some in your shoes in winter to keep your feet warm.

Cinnamon, a member of the Laurel family, helps dry dampness in the body and warms people who are always cold and suffer from poor circulation. It is an antiseptic and a great digestive!

Garlic, a member of the Lily family, helps fight infection. It is a potent vasodilator and improves circulation by helping to prevent the blood from clumping together.

Ginger, a member of the Zingiberceae Family, is a natural antioxidant and antiseptic. It improves circulation in all parts of the body. Ginger baths are warming, muscle relaxing and cold and flu relieving. Make a Tisane with ginger and add to your bath!

Horseradish, a member of the Mustard family, is high in Vitamin C and aids in the digestion of fatty foods. It is antiseptic and a strong decongestant.

It’s so easy to toss these in whatever you are cooking or brewing. Chai Tea is full of these lovely warming spices. Not garlic. Don’t do that.

These are my go to spices in winter. They keep you going and glowing, warmly in the coldest weather.

We are plunging from being in the 50’s and still wearing shorts to today, which is supposed to drop into the 20’s. We will be using every one of these spices to keep warm!

xx Patricia






Today I Choose A Nice Cup of Oolong

Good Morning Y’all! The children are back in school! 3 weeks is just too long. We have been through several reams of paper, sticker books, markers and 100 paper plates and two rolls of tape. Snowmen and Gingerbread men are hanging all over the place. But we made it! And learned quite a bit!

I am always on the look out for unusual tea pots or tea rooms and I love these! My friend Vicki who lives in Bromley owns Lady Bug Pest Control so the ladybug teapot is perfect for her. I am the cupcake queen, so I would love that one. I already own the three lovely ladies along with creamers for each. Left to me by an ex-husband’s Grandmother who liked me. And of course the Flamingo cup and saucer is on my list.

At the end of the Winter Break PaPa was surprised to hear the kids asking what time it was. When he would say 3 p.m. they would run to the tea-table and sit and wait for tea. Each day we tried a different tea and their opinions were quite funny.

We had many deep and important conversations about hot dogs, how chicken nuggets are made, and why you can’t just opt out of school. Just so you know Corbin popped up with a question. Did we know what hot dogs were made of? Not a clue I say, I don’t eat those. Well that’s good, he says because they are made of cancer. Now you know. Proceed at your own risk. We watched the video on how they make chicken nuggets and they will never eat those again.

All in all we survived. The last week was hardest because it was bitterly cold, but today the sun came out and we were above freezing. We danced with our new Bluetooth microphones to Taylor Swift and the Biebs, along with AC/DC, Halestorm and Queen, as well as their Daddy who has quite a few videos on Youtube.

We are getting ready to swing into Mardi Gras mode, Mardi Gras is on Feb. 13th this year, early but we are ready!

How was your week? Did you get snow? My hometown of Brunswick,Georgia did! And lord did it cause problems. The police sent out a notice for people to stay home!! LMAO

XX Patricia

A Tea Party With My Loves

Today is a day of rest for me. I did so much cutting, pasting, creating and baking yesterday with the munchkins I am worn out today! I let the five year old and the seven year old make pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. The recipe was from a blog I follow. I had sent it to my FB page and it was pretty straight forward. There really was no mess to speak of!

Now the cutting and pasting and scotch tape put on everything, that was a mess! But I’ve found these babies love to clean. Sweep and mop up. They did a great job and we had the best tea party, with the five-year old marveling that a shortbread cookie could be even better dunked in tea and then stuck in the sugar bowl! He claims it was an experiment so I had to give that one to him as it was pretty slick!

Today we are back in shorts and sandals…more weather flakiness. While my family has 6 inches of snow in Mississippi! The Georgia cousins are whooping it up. I remember one time when I was very young we heard it was snowing in Atlanta. My Daddy, being from the frozen tundra states, packed us all in the car and we headed to Atlanta from Brunswick, right by the ocean where we never got snow! By the time we got up there, it was mostly sludge. We were not impressed and it would be many years before I saw snow again.

Now on to do the Sunday stuff!

A Fun Saturday With The Kids!

Well that Dessert Fairy wasn’t needed today! Charli Ava and Corbin weren’t putting up with that type of unreliable behavior. We took matters into our own hands!

This had all of the makings of a huge mess but it went great! Corbin was in awe that “that lady just sent you that recipe on the computer!” And yes that lady did. For the pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. The key to cooking with kids is organization and responsibility.

While I called out the ingredients, Charli placed them on the counter as Corbin yelled, Check! While they were having a blast they also learned to measure and fractions and reading.  They were very proud of themselves!  The recipe is on our Tea and Tales 1  Facebook Page. Or HERE

We colored and cut and pasted snowmen, trees, angels and used a lot of scotch tape! We all talked to Momma still in the hospital and when their Dad called to say he was on the way they made signs for the front door and locked it. They just needed 300 more minutes to finish up the little gifts they made for their Dad. And another note that said, This isn’t your house so we don’t have to unlock the door.

Corbin decided that shortbread is even better dipped in Sugar Cookie Tea and then in the Sugar bowl! And then he ate the bars and thought they were the best thing he ever, ever had in his mouth! And he was correct. These are delicious!

So, while it was freezing cold outside, we were warm and listening to Christmas music and creating things. It was the best day ever!

xx Patricia

Some Tea, A Tale and some Music


Good Friday Morning Y’all! That tea kettle could not whistle fast enough this morning! It was 14 degrees outside. I am so happy that I ran errands yesterday. The cupboard is stocked and maybe the Dessert Fairy will pop by with some pumpkin bars.

I’m also finishing up the mugs I’m painting to go in the gift packages along with an assortment of tea and tea accessories.


While I was out yesterday I found a gorgeous cream Poinsettia for my neighbor who carries the Bible and a Glock in a holster wherever he goes. You never know when he could come in handy so that’s covered. I also found a very nice lady who helped me locate the correct size Spiderman underwear in boxer form for the mini-demon. This woman and her daughter were on it. If something didn’t have a price the daughter went to inquire.

For some reason everyone I met yesterday was in a good mood. It was weird. Have a productive Friday and hear is one of my favorite Christmas songs!

Wrap Your Hands Around A Warm Cup Of Tea And Let’s Chat

Good Morning Y’all! Well Mother Nature has sent some of that arctic Canadian weather our way. One day in the 70’s and this morning 24 degrees. No. Not going to work for me. I had to make a huge amount of Chai this morning just do feel warm.

I talked to my Momma last night and she had an MRI where they found quite a few small fractures and  a few healed breaks. First up I wanted to know how the you know what she got those! Especially the old ones as I did not want to have to dig up my Grandfather and kill him again. The newer ones are due to her osteoporosis. So we are concentrating on the pelvic break. She still can’t put weight on one leg and she is working herself up into a full on Hissy Fit!

My Momma retired from the warmth and love of Mississippi to the land just south of the wall. North Dakota. On the border pretty much of Canada. Why? I have no clue. My sister lives there and my father is buried there but she hated that place. She is a Charleston girl. Anywhoo, I’m asking about the MRI and she said they took her in a wheelchair out to the truck. WTF?  Yep, good old St. Andrews doesn’t have a MRI machine. Fargo sends one up once a week. And the doctor is called a Hospitalist. What the heck is that?

The food sucks, the weather sucks, and if the nurses know what is good for them they will keep those Percocet coming on the regular! Just be kind to her. I know she’s a handful of 5 foot nothing, and she can cuss you out like a sailor, but it’s just because she’s scared. I’m thankful for all of you and most of all for my sister Susi who lives there and keeps us informed and works her bum off for Border Patrol but still takes care of our mother. Which we are blessed and grateful for.

OU Boy is still pushing for her to come live with us. OU Boy may not be around much longer. Especially if things go wrong at the Rose Bowl. Keep pushing buddy and you and Momma will be living in a home getting fat at the Cracker Barrel!

xx Patricia