Hello Sunday, What’s Up?

Not much. That’s what. It is storming like crazy here right now. lightening and thunder and wind and rain. The whole enchilada~ But we need the rain, so I’m not going to complain as I can’t go outside today anyway.

I slept horribly last night. I’m trying to sleep on the other side of the bed to see if I can stop rolling onto my left side where the eye cup thingy is. And I hate it!  Does everyone have a favorite side of the bed? Well, I surely do. And I tossed and turned and did not sleep last night, so this morning I zombie walked myself to the kitchen and instead of grabbing my allergy meds, I grabbed OU Boy’s muscle relaxers. Only I didn’t realize it until I started falling asleep. Sitting up, with tea.

Now my entire body feels like Jell-0 and I have absolutely no motivation at all. So I am just going with it. Today I will do nothing. And I’m okay with that. Totally calm. These things are good!


It’s Time For The Weekend!

Good Morning fellow people of the page! I woke up to a man on a ladder outside my window this morning. He was changing out an upstairs window but good grief man it’s Saturday! 9 a.m. or so would have been just fine!

Last night was the final Reign. I’m not even going to lie. I cried like a 3 month old getting his first shots! And The Originals wasn’t much better! I’m still not sure what happened at the end there. So if someone can explain that to me, please do!

OU Boy showed up with dinner last night, so I didn’t have to eat cereal at 10 at night. Thank you kind sir! However the sweets fairy was nowhere to be found. She is such a stingy bitchy thing sometimes.

I’m making a pitcher of Tazo Passion tea this morning for later. If you liked it hot, you’ll love it over ice! It’s a burst of happy for your mouth!

We are under another Heat Threat today so make sure you stay hydrated and please for the love of all that is holy, dress for the body you have, not the one you want. Please. (Lady next door).

xx  Be Kind and Be Calm5ef7878b0fbf3afdf2e4b161bcf6652e


Drinking Tea and Reading Books


That is about all we can do here at the moment. Power is sketchy this morning. We’ve already had two more storms  roll through and now the sun is shining but I hear we are gearing up for later this afternoon.

When the patio furniture started flying through the air, it got real around here! The winds were from 50 to over 90 mph. Here we were trying to catch the chairs and drag them inside, along with all the newly potted herbs. The rest of the night was spent trying to figure out if someone was at the door or was it just the wind.

Poor OU Boy took a tumble off a ladder yesterday as well. Cracked his head and a rib. So he was going to be of no assistance whatever if one of those tornadoes decided to hit. At some point the weather guys got so amped up I twitter offered a Xanax.

Since power is about as dependable as Twitter is today I will just say Stay Safe! And make sure you have on clean underwear.

xx Patricia 20170419_135150~4

A Multiple Cups of Tea Day!


Hope you are all having a somewhat sane Wednesday. After yesterday and last night things were a bit dicey this morning. Whenever we hear David Payne interrupt our day with words like; Supercell, Cloud Wall, lowering, rotation and PDS ( pretty dangerous storms) you just know you aren’t going to be able to watch the final NCIS!

Here in Oklahoma, the weather guys take over the channels at the first hint of a storm crossing the border from Texas. They were so hyped up last night that at one point our weather guy said, ” NO, don’t follow that one, it’s going into Kansas, we don’t care about them”, chase the one to the west. It isn’t like it’s a big secret that we don’t care for Kansas. Why is Oklahoma so windy? Because Kansas sucks and Texas blows. Not my joke but you see it a lot.

This morning we are all praying for our fellow humans in Elk City, which was just trashed last night with one fatality. Tomorrow will also be a Significant Weather Event day. Fingers Crossed!

Eye Doctor update: Doctor #1 said Wow looks great, I think we’ll take out one of the sutures. As soon as he left the room I looked over at the tech and said, “Now Dr. Davis is going to come in and bring me back to earth”. Which is what happened. Nope no sutures coming out. No sign of rejection either. I told him I had named the graft Dru and he actually wrote it in  my chart. ( Call graft Dru). Same restrictions as before.

Anxiety almost won the day today and yesterday, but it didn’t. I didn’t kill anyone, or have a full blown panic attack, so that’s a win!

OH, and Cynthia, someone brought me a huge bag of Collards!!! We’re cooking outside tonight!



Can Mother Nature Please Make Up Her Mind?😞


Mother Nature is as indecisive as me it seems. Yesterday I’m laying out in the sun in 80 something temps and this morning it is 50 degrees and cold and wet from last night’s rain and hail.

I am ready for one or the other. Just make up your mind!

So today I am reading a new Fern Michael’s book in the Godmother Series and it is really good!

As a treat todays tea is Yogi Mayan Cocoa Spice. Each tea bag has a little saying on it and today mine says Sing from your heart!


What are you all drinking?

xx P

Happy Earth Day🌏


Good Morning! We made it through the wind and rain alive. It rained and blew from 3 a.m. yesterday to sometime last night. Our neighbor’s carport is now 3 doors down ( no not that 3 doors down).

Power has been restored and now clean up begins before the next round of storms. Anxiety was high yesterday!

Hopefully it will stay dry today!❤

Happy Earth Day IMG_20170422_080324_185

As Blue As Blue Can Be…


Good Morning! Well storm season has officially arrived. Last night the worst stayed south of us but we lost power and woke up to a 4.4 earthquake. Seriously Oklahoma, we need to talk about pacing! You can’t throw all the action into one day and night. Spread some of that love over Kentucky’s way.

I overdid things yesterday. And now I’m back to wearing the gauze and the eye cup. What did I do? I cried. I bawled like a baby getting a shot! Sobbed. I knew I shouldn’t do it. I tried hard not to but I needed a good cry. You know? Sometimes you just need one. Or am I alone in that?

A good strong cup of Pu-erh set everything right eventually. Some people from the Weather Channel died in Texas yesterday evening. Those deaths we take very hard here.

Have a great day while I go close my eyes and follow orders. (hahahahah)

xx Patricia yellow7

It was a dark and stormy night….


It’s tornado season in Oklahoma. It’s been raining for days. It’s gloomy and wet and when I looked back in my journal, it was the exact same weather as last year on this date.

The  first day was all right. The second day, I either had/have a cold, or as I kept telling OU Boy, Ague, which he looked up immediately on his phone and informed me I do not have malaria. So I watched Game of Thrones episodes and then watched Sky1’s The Five (Harlan Coben’s The Five) more than once because it was an amazing show with a killer ending!

acold                       thefive

In between blowing my nose and whining, I watched old television shows on whatever channel those come on, I wasn’t getting up to find the remote so I have no idea what channel it was. But I can tell you one thing, those Western shows have the cleanest cowboys and saloon girls I have ever seen. Good teeth too! Then there was a show called CHIPS, I think and wherever they are I think they only have motorcycle cops.

acold1 acold2

So here we are on Day 3 and it’s still raining and Nyquil is not doing the job it promised. I have been drinking tea non-stop and today I am seriously thinking of pouring straight up whiskey in that cup! At the moment I am torn between wanting someone to baby me and wanting to shoot the  next person that drives by. Instead I think I will watch my favorite rainy day movie, The Secret of Roan Inish. If you haven’t seen it, you should.


So thank you all for listening to me whine and pout. What do you do when you are  just feeling miserable? Any secret recipes for vanquishing this cold/ague thing?


Much Love


And Now a Tale….

So this happened yesterday! When you are living in Oklahoma you know at some point you are going to see a tornado. Coming from Mississippi, where our biggest fear is the Hurricane, tornado coverage by the Meteorologists In Oklahoma is like a play by play at a playoff game and  is extremely thorough.

I grew up on the coast of Georgia ( Go Pirates! ) and then lived on the Gulf Coast in Gulfport, Mississippi before that nasty Katrina slapped a bulls eye on our beloved coast. But with all of the hurricanes and tropical storms, it is so different. WLOX will come on and say ” Hey there is a hurricane out there, better watch it!” and then we can go back to NCIS. We pretty much always had enough notice that some bad mess was about to go down. And I appreciate that.

But I have never seen the level of excitement for storms that the people here in Oklahoma have. Now I live with a former storm chaser and I am quite sure that I could walk into the living room stark naked carrying a steak and baked potato (both of which OU Boy loves) and I would be told to move from in front of the television because David Payne is talking 90 miles an hour giving us a street by street play of where every drop of rain is.

As soon as Tornado season starts, you can kiss your television shows goodby, because these guys will not give up any slot to stop reporting on storms. Now I do appreciate that they are so good at their jobs, but sometimes it can get a little too intense.

Yesterday afternoon I’m listening to the reports and things are really ramping up in the studio and with all of the storm chasers.I was on my way to the bathroom when I hear one of the chasers ( Val, who chases with his wife Amy) screaming Oh my God, we have debris! Debris is bad. Debris means a tornado is on the ground. And then the station lost contact with Val! I swear it was sheer panic! I’m texting OU Boy, telling him Val is missing and we don’t know where he is. He eventually came back on line and was okay.

So I’m sitting in shelter and I realize my toenail polish is blue! Yes, I actually went and got my nail polish box and sat in the shelter changing out that polish! I’m not dying with blue nail polish on my toes! It didn’t match what I had on and you can bet your sweet little behind, if I had died, my Momma would have commented on it!

My problem is I don’t know how to deal with tornadoes. I usually shower, shave my legs, wash my hair and make sure all of my shoes and bags are safely tucked away and spend the rest of the time yelling at the television because I don’t care about some storm on the ground hundreds of miles away from me. I barely care  about  the ones right on top of me. There is very little you can do anyway so why get so hyped up somebody wants to pop a Xanax in your mouth!april29storm

I’ve gotten used to the constant coverage now. I respect what these guys do. I’ve seen first hand what these Category 5 storms can do.  I’m sure you have all heard about the Moore tornadoes and there are a lot more cities affected that you never hear about. Now, I still don’t understand why the same people keep re-building in the same places that get hit over and over, but I guess it’s the same as we did on the Gulf Coast, it’s home.

To all of you who lost your homes and property yesterday, the one thing Oklahoma is great at is pulling together and helping those who were hit. We’re all here for you!