Everyday We’re Hustling..


Not much hustle today. Waiting for OU Boy to go back to the Cath Lab again. Been a long 24 hours! Anxiety was okay until they asked if we wanted them  to resuscitate if things go badly. WTF?? Well yeah! I mean at least give it a shot for gosh sakes 😕

Left my meds at home so I am just gritting my teeth and slugging Zen Tea. Send happy thoughts!!

xx Patricia





Gratitude never goes out of style! Every morning I am grateful there is tea in the kitchen and a kettle to boil the water! Yesterday I was grateful to celebrate our nation’s birthday.

Last night I was grateful I didn’t freak out when the fireworks began shooting into the sky with a loud boom!

This morning we are slurping some Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea. But yesterday was a quiet and instrospective day for me.

    So I treated myself to some soothing Paris tea from Harney and Sons. This stuff could be perfume it smells so amazing and the Lavender-Lemon Macarons were perfect with the tea.

Since we have no filter what so ever here, I’ll tell you that I discovered a small lump on my back. Anxiety was right there with Oh My God, It’s a Tumor! Yep I can always depend on her to go to the worst case scenario. But it isn’t. It’s just a nasty bite from a bug and I’m taking care of it. But I can still feel her on the edge of my mind. Goading…doing the What if thing she loves to do.

Normally this would bring my week to a complete standstill, but I keep reminding myself that it is what it is. No more, No less. And really, what is it compared to a new cornea?

So today I win. Anxiety loses.   Good for me!

xx Patricia

Bring On The Red, White and Blue!

Everyone have your fireworks? And a safe place to shoot them off? Okay, then we’re good.  These are our go-to snacks for the Fourth of July!

Today is my Friday so I have a ton of semi-important things to complete. The first of which was moving my things back to my own bedside table. I give up. I can not sleep on the other side. I have to be closest to the door. For some reason I feel trapped unless I’m by the door. Some of that left over pirate blood I guess.

Yesterday OU Boy surprised me with a ton of macarons. And a Chocolate Cupcake with Peanut Butter Buttercream. My mouth was making some really unladylike sounds for about 20 minutes. But I did show some restraint with the Macarons, as I wanted them for breakfast.

This afternoon we have Physical Therapy, or he does, I’m going along because his first visit came with a Massage Certificate and I am all over that. I’m not sure how this holiday thing works with the 4th being on a Tuesday. As for me and mine, we will be parked at the lake. Eating watermelon, cupcakes and homemade ice cream. And slathering on sunscreen.

Have a good one!  And if you know the holiday protocol, let me know.

xx  Patricia    feb17

Hello Sunday, What’s Up?

Not much. That’s what. It is storming like crazy here right now. lightening and thunder and wind and rain. The whole enchilada~ But we need the rain, so I’m not going to complain as I can’t go outside today anyway.

I slept horribly last night. I’m trying to sleep on the other side of the bed to see if I can stop rolling onto my left side where the eye cup thingy is. And I hate it!  Does everyone have a favorite side of the bed? Well, I surely do. And I tossed and turned and did not sleep last night, so this morning I zombie walked myself to the kitchen and instead of grabbing my allergy meds, I grabbed OU Boy’s muscle relaxers. Only I didn’t realize it until I started falling asleep. Sitting up, with tea.

Now my entire body feels like Jell-0 and I have absolutely no motivation at all. So I am just going with it. Today I will do nothing. And I’m okay with that. Totally calm. These things are good!


I Will Always Try Again! Be Brave!

Good sunny Saturday to all of you people of the page! This morning has been a 3 cups of tea day so far. I woke up before normal human beings should ever do! And once I’m awake I can never go back to sleep.

With OU Boy being down with his back someone had to go to the market yesterday. Obviously I can’t drive yet so the deal was that he would drive and I would brave the market alone. A daunting task that my poor therapist has been preparing me for so I went. Actually inside. I’m going slowly down the aisles being careful not to whack myself with a cereal box or freeze to death in the ice cream aisle.

I was doing good. It took a lot for me to go in there alone with limited vision and my aversion to stores in general. All of a sudden….I felt a tap on my shoulder and immediately swung around in a defensive posture with my right hand ready to throat punch someone. And it was OU Boy. The poor lady in the freezer section had her mouth hanging open and her phone out when I explained the situation to her. We all laughed and OU Boy was just glad I didn’t have time to rip out a box cutter or two.

Point being, I was scared but I put one foot in front of the other and pretended I wasn’t. And it worked for me. That is the key. It worked for me. And later when I saw a post on 10 ways ( why is it always 10?) to beat Anxiety, in my head I’m saying “Shove that where the sun don’t shine, buddy!” Because while we all are lumped into the same Anxiety/Depression/PTSD label, our experiences are not one size fits all. What works for you may not work for me. My advice? Do what works for you. Create a world you feel safe in.

Be Brave!26779ed2ee79450750471ade26cc0e4d

Grab a cup! It’s Going to get Weird!

This is what I call a working lunch. Nice cup of tea and a yummy salad. I can not even begin to tell you how glad I am that this month is over. The 28th especially. It was a year ago on that date that I woke up blind in one eye and started this year-long process of getting a new one. One of my favorite husbands died on the 28th. OU Boy hurt his back on the 28th. So much like the little boy in the park yesterday, I’m going to just start skipping that date. I refuse to acknowledge you so you do not exist.  All in favor, take a shot of tea!

I do not like to watch kids movies. Except Coraline. And the one with the mouse singing Somewhere Out There. Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But as part of our vacation package, I was obliged to watch 4 of them. I’m pretty sure the kids fell asleep out of boredom. Honestly by Day 3 I was just sitting on the sofa staring into space. We had swam, camped, hiked, golfed, pretended we were on Ninja Warrior, made cards, painted rocks until I couldn’t even think like a grown up anymore.

When did meal time become a negotiation? I’m quite sure my mother put the food on the table and we ate it. Or if it was liver, we at least hid it in a napkin! The 6-year-old is a great eater. She eats anything without complaint. The 4-year-old however wants to negotiate like a pirate. And every time I cave. It’s that little smile and those twinkling eyes, the same ones that get me at 2 a.m. when he wakes me up and asks if I was thinking about a snack too. Using his best British accent. Thanks for that Peppa Pig.

   Who could say no to that face??

So if you are raising kids. I applaud you for not leaving them at the Fire Station. Boys, I can deal with, girls not so much. They talk constantly and I swear if I had to hear the word actually one more time, I was going to trade her to the gypsies for a new cooking pot.

xx Laugh! It takes years off of your face!  Patricia

Happy To Be Back Home!

I’m Back! Does anyone else need a vacation from the vacation? Not only do we need one, but we came home in worse shape than when we left.

OU Boy’s back went out after lifting the last of the supplies out of the truck. He made it to a chair float and then couldn’t get up, so we left him in the lake. It started off so nice. There was no one else about and the deer momma and her babies made a visit and we had found treasure ( treasure is defined as anything the fairies may need or something we can use to make some craft with) in this case we found an entire headdress worth of big duck feathers, 3 dead baby fish, and some really nice rocks.

There was golfing and swimming and running a Ninja Warrior obstacle course where we met a boy who said he was 7 and his birthday is next week and he’s turning 9. “Don’t you mean 8?” we asked. Nope, he says, ” I decided to skip 8 and go to 9.” I mean this boy had a plan! He was going to continue this until he was 25 he said. I had nothing. No come back. Just a confused look. Plus I was a little perturbed I hadn’t thought of that first.

Today I keep wondering why in the world we even have kids! Good Lord, it is like a full-time job when you already have a full time job. And I’m not even going to talk about the bathroom visits they make like we live in a commune or some weird parallel universe where people come in and cheer for you to go potty.

More on that subject tomorrow when I’ve recovered!

xx Patricia


A Tale of Two Tents…and a Duck

It is the weekend. Sunday to be exact and I am getting prepared for our camping trip. This is our spot on the lake. I can sit and watch the kids from the sailing school try their hand at their own little boat. I miss those times.

As for campers, we are not the primitive type of camper. That would be my son, Mike, who can exist with just a hammock and fishing pole for days. We take our own air conditioner. And a really long extension cord. I’m quite sure I’m the only camper with all white bedding and 800 thread count sheets.

This time we’re taking the kids. 4 and 6. They are born campers and hikers. Only like me the 4-year-old is not going in any lake water. So we have a solution. You just bring your own small pool, and fill it with fresh water at the campsite. Ta Da, as Corbin would say!

Everything is packed and ready. And today I’m going to be making cupcakes. A Lemon Lust one and a ChocoCherry one. They are our favorites and make a great breakfast with some tea or coffee or Almond Milk.  The only cooking we do on site is hotdogs and marshmallows.  If you go on Pinterest you can find a million camping hacks, but seriously I’m not pre-cooking crap. A loaf of sourdough bread, some PB&J, chips, cupcakes and what more could you need? We’re a non-eating group except for OU Boy and he’ll drive to the marina and get a meat pie or something equally gross.

Wish us luck and I’ll see you when I return! Update 20170625_113254

xx Patricia

Meet Laura Childs Cosy Mysteries! Bring Tea and some Scissors!

It’s been so long since I read the very first Tea Shop Mystery by Laura. And I was instantly in love. This series has a lot of things I love. Tea, Charleston,Recipes and smart and funny characters. Here are a few of the titles!

Product Details  Product Details Product Details

The Tea Shop Mysteries – set in the historic district of Charleston and featuring Theodosia Browning, owner of the Indigo Tea Shop. Theodosia is a savvy entrepreneur, and pet mom to service dog Earl Grey. She’s also an intelligent, focused amateur sleuth who doesn’t rely on coincidences or inept police work to solve crimes. This charming series is highly atmospheric and rife with the history and mystery that is Charleston.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

The Cackleberry Club Mysteries – set in Kindred, a fictional town in the Midwest. In a rehabbed Spur station, Suzanne, Toni, and Petra, three semi-desperate, forty-plus women have launched the Cackleberry Club. Eggs are the morning specialty here and this cozy cafe even offers a book nook and yarn shop. Business is good but murder could lead to the cafe’s undoing! This series offers recipes, knitting, cake decorating, and a dash of spirituality

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

The Scrapbooking Mysteries – a slightly edgier series that take place in New Orleans. The main character, Carmela, owns Memory Mine scrapbooking shop in the French Quarter and is forever getting into trouble with her friend, Ava, who owns the Juju Voodoo shop. New Orleans’ spooky above-ground cemeteries, jazz clubs, bayous, and Mardi Gras madness make their presence known here!

Laura Childs

Laura Childs is the New York Times bestselling author of the Tea Shop Mysteries, Scrapbook Mysteries, and Cackleberry Club Mysteries. In her previous life she was CEO/Creative Director of her own marketing firm and authored several screenplays. She is married to a professor of Chinese art history, loves to travel, rides horses, enjoys fund-raising for various non-profits, and has two Chinese Shar-Pei dogs.

Laura specializes in cozy mysteries that have the pace of a thriller (a thrillzy!)  I can say I have read every one of her books. She has truly mastered the cosy mystery genre and has now branched out to writing Thrillers! Her first was Little Girl Gone and next to come out will be Shadow Girl. Both Afton Tangler Thrillers. And she has nailed it! I have read them both and she has successfully crossed over to the hard side! OH, and she is writing these under her actual name Gerry Schmitt.

Laura’s latest Tea Shop Mystery is Pekoe Most Poison. So today I’m having some Pekoe and I’m pretty sure it’s not poison!

Give her a try. I’ve never been to a library that didn’t have them all, so you can try before you buy!

xx Happy Weekend