You may think this is an odd arrangement of green things but stick with me, it will make sense!

Today is my son’s birthday. Yup, he’s a big boy now. And green is his favorite color. And these are a few of his favorite things! Hiking and camping in the mountains and forests, eating donuts, learning new things, a Botany expert and the boy can swig a bottle when necessary.  He isn’t afraid of anything and he takes chill to another level.

Such a tiny, premature, little bundle of joy has turned into a grown man who can pat me on the head. He’s been through a lot in his life but he kept going. He can get on my last nerve until I give him The Look. But I love him for his passion and the fact that he gave me my Corbin.

So today I just want to say Happy Birthday Mike! Make it a good one!


Where There Is Goodness There Is Magic

Good Sunday Morning to you! Sitting here in the office savoring my morning tea. English Breakfast by Tazo. I popped a pinch of cinnamon on top this morning and with a dash of Almond Milk, that stuff is delicious!

Outside it’s looking pretty gloomy. And windy, very windy. But at least we haven’t had to turn on the heat yet. Supposed to rain today and we desperately need it. I swear this is the driest place I have ever lived. We go through lotion by the gallon.

One of my beliefs is that if you can dream it, you can do it. A little bit of magic, a whole lot of hard work, and a strong network of women who keep you on the right track and you can change the world. Or at least your little corner of the world. And that is what I wanted.

I believed in my husband until he believed in himself and Boom!, he took off like a bottle rocket. I am so proud of him I think I have stars in my eyes, or maybe those are floaters in that left eye. Either way, he had a dream and he made it happen. The fact that it came at the same time as my dream was a bonus.

Every challenge I’ve taken on, this man has been right there beside me cheering me on. And now we get to do that for each other. You see, after having several heart attacks and open heart surgeries before he was even 35, then being told there is no more they can do, he was pretty much just waiting to die. Now he is fighting to live and not only live but flourish. The smoking is gone, the diet is great, lost about 15 pounds since Christmas and I couldn’t be any prouder of him. I mean good lord, one day I found him cleaning out and organizing his dresser and closet! A man throwing away socks and underwear! It’s a miracle I tell you!

This year instead of just dreaming a little dream, how about living a little dream!

xx Much Love  Patricia

Trying Celestial Seasonings Lemon Lavender Lane Herbal Tea!

Waking up to sunshine pouring through the windows this morning. Should be in the 50’s. Great news for us. Sipping on a nice cup of Lemon Lavender Lane Herbal Tea from Celestial Seasonings. I’ve been wanting to try this one!

On opening the box, the aroma of lemon with a hint of lavender hits your nose. It’s a bright and very aromatic tea. The flavors came through very well. The Lavender tones the Lemon down and you end up with a smooth cup of a very nice herbal tea. This one is a keeper.

Apparently some people like to keep food in their cupboards so I have been forced to move some of my teas to my office. As you can see in the picture, what you can’t see is the tins and boxes stuck behind the ones in front. Or the ones still in the kitchen cupboards.

I also wanted to show you how lovely this dresser thing is. The box in the background was my mother’s. My Uncle made it for her. Speaking of Momma, she gets to go home from the hospital and my sister from Denver is going up to help her for a bit. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that,but Oklahoma is as far north as I’m willing to go.

Enjoy your Saturday and pick up a different tea today and give it a try! Let me know what you find!

xx Patricia

A New Barn and Silo! With A Side of Gratitude!

Great selection to choose a perfect cup of tea,

Things have most certainly been wacky around the country this week! Here we are edging towards 50 degrees and our friends and family in the deep south are in snow while the Northeast gets a bomb blizzard!

So it just fit with the wackiness of things when OU Boy came home last night with a truck full of stuff from the grandparents storage. All of my fellow lovers of free junk we can re-finish or paint or turn into other things will understand my giddiness. There was an old Marine trunk full of woodworking tools, paint brushes, hand carved crochet hooks with indentations for my fingers even! Material that just so happened to match my living room decor perfectly! Black and White Herringbone with Red trim. Enough craft supplies to keep my babies busy for years!

And then I unwrapped this….    After some digging on-line I found out it is from The Barnyard Collection by J.S.Nicol made in Sri Lanka. The little barn is a cookie jar and the silo is a Teapot!!!! Cuteness overload.

There was also 6 sets of luggage which was never used and a lot of blankets which we donated today. One huge box contained nothing but gift bags, tissue paper and bows! One was full of picture frames and gorgeous antique mirrors, even a lovely dresser tray for my combs and such and lots of candy dishes. Since OU Boy is quitting smoking I’m filling those with mints at home and some for his office.

Next time it will be shoes. She is cleaning out entire rooms of shoes that have never seen the light of day and we are the same size. So all in all it was a kick ass day! Our 2018 is starting off with a bang.

How are things where you are? Snow? No snow?  It’s almost tea time so I’m going to brew up some nice Earl Grey from Harney and Sons in my new Silo Teapot!

xx Patricia

Today I Choose A Nice Cup of Oolong

Good Morning Y’all! The children are back in school! 3 weeks is just too long. We have been through several reams of paper, sticker books, markers and 100 paper plates and two rolls of tape. Snowmen and Gingerbread men are hanging all over the place. But we made it! And learned quite a bit!

I am always on the look out for unusual tea pots or tea rooms and I love these! My friend Vicki who lives in Bromley owns Lady Bug Pest Control so the ladybug teapot is perfect for her. I am the cupcake queen, so I would love that one. I already own the three lovely ladies along with creamers for each. Left to me by an ex-husband’s Grandmother who liked me. And of course the Flamingo cup and saucer is on my list.

At the end of the Winter Break PaPa was surprised to hear the kids asking what time it was. When he would say 3 p.m. they would run to the tea-table and sit and wait for tea. Each day we tried a different tea and their opinions were quite funny.

We had many deep and important conversations about hot dogs, how chicken nuggets are made, and why you can’t just opt out of school. Just so you know Corbin popped up with a question. Did we know what hot dogs were made of? Not a clue I say, I don’t eat those. Well that’s good, he says because they are made of cancer. Now you know. Proceed at your own risk. We watched the video on how they make chicken nuggets and they will never eat those again.

All in all we survived. The last week was hardest because it was bitterly cold, but today the sun came out and we were above freezing. We danced with our new Bluetooth microphones to Taylor Swift and the Biebs, along with AC/DC, Halestorm and Queen, as well as their Daddy who has quite a few videos on Youtube.

We are getting ready to swing into Mardi Gras mode, Mardi Gras is on Feb. 13th this year, early but we are ready!

How was your week? Did you get snow? My hometown of Brunswick,Georgia did! And lord did it cause problems. The police sent out a notice for people to stay home!! LMAO

XX Patricia

And So The Adventure Begins! Hello 2018!

Hello January! Hello New Year! A day of new beginnings. A fresh start. A Do Over if you will.

The time of year we decide who we are going to be this year. A time of re-invention. An opportunity to look back at what worked and what didn’t. At who was there for you and who needs to go.

What habits are holding you back from your full potential? Smoking? Drinking? Cheating on you exams or your partner? Well this is the day to get back on track. Stop abusing your body, your friends and your brain!

Stop blaming every one else for the mess in your life. Own it and fix it.

My personal shortcomings are allowing anxiety to even cross my doorstep! Along with my fear of commitment, to people that is, not books or tea. I am deeply committed to those as well as my Corneal Surgeon, who better be back from Korea!

My personal cause this year is Health. Mental and Physical. I am putting my foot down on any thing that jeopardizes either of those. Keep a journal. Every day. At the end of the year you can look back and see what worked and what did not. It’s very helpful.

I have made some amazing friends here in Blogland and have learned so much about other cultures, foods, and of course books and tea. I always learn something new, or find someone with the same weird sense of humor. Even if I don’t agree all the time, I like hearing the opposite side.

Be Nice. Be Kind. Be the best version of you that you can be!

Much Love for 2018!   xx  Patricia

What The Heck Is The Difference?

Everyone set for New Year’s Eve? I started our with a strong cup of Scottish Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s of Harrogate, who are one of my favorite Tea Sellers!

A visitor to my tea room asked me Exactly what is the difference between English, Irish, and Scottish Breakfast Teas? Aren’t they all the same? Well, let’s find out.

First, what is a breakfast tea?  Breakfast Teas are black tea blends intended to accompany a hearty, rich morning meal, or as the English say a fry-up. Because they are so strong and robust they do well with milk. Also a higher caffeine level.

English Breakfast Tea would originally have been a China black tea. Jump ahead to the end of the 19th century and tea was beginning to be produced in Sri Lanka. You started to have a stronger Ceylon component in English breakfast tea.

Irish Breakfast Tea has a strong Assam component which gives it a more robust, malty flavor and reddish color. There is a theory that the use of tea was growing in popularity in Ireland at the same time that the British East India Company was producing tea in Assam.

Scottish Breakfast Tea tends to be the heartiest of the bunch, possibly due to Scotland’s soft water. Back in the day teas were blended specifically for the water conditions in the areas in which they were marketed and consumed.

Important to note that at no time has there been a standard formula for any of these blends. One’s English breakfast could be another companies Irish breakfast. So it really is a matter of personal taste and preference.

Personally I like the Irish and Scottish blends in the winter and the English blends in the spring and summer. I don’t know why. But with a glug of Almond Milk they are all warming and comforting in the cold.

Happy New Year y’all!  Grab the Prosecco and let’s go!

xx Patricia










Notícias (para não ficar perdida) on We Heart It


The Boy Got His Printer!!

Enjoying our cups of Earl Grey after lunch when the phone rings and it’s my son asking me to go outside. Okay, Why?  It’s snowing he says! No, it’s not I say! Really? Really!

Oklahoma City has the oddest division of weather. It can be storming with freezing rain 5 minutes away and we are dry as a stone! But since then, there have been a few flurries blowing around. Nothing to write home about, but it’s pretty.

It has been cold though! And if we don’t get some snow soon I will be running out of the third batch of paper plates and copy paper from making indoor snowmen. The kids were in Dallas at their Dad’s for Christmas so we left the five-year olds printer and paper in his office. I tried to video tape it, but it was early and I was tired.

We have copied every body part we have and then he started printing copies of a dollar. With plans to give them to his Dad. Dad said he’d rather not go to jail. OU Boy got the seven-year old and me a Bluetooth microphone and we have spent the last two days rocking out to Taylor Swift. My son is really in to vinyl recordings now so we found an unused original first Wu Tang Clan album, but he won’t let us use the microphones with that.

Enjoy and stay warm and toasty!

xx Patricia

Taylor’s of Harrogate Tea Haul

I hope you all survived what ever holiday you subscribe to! I think pretty much every tea Taylor’s makes is now on my tea shelf. I really like this company because of their participation in the Ethical Tea Partnership and the Rainforest Alliance.

I hated to even open them they are so pretty, but open one I did! Yesterday we tried the Scottish Breakfast Tea, as I am Scottish, and it was a really smooth and hearty with a splash of Almond Milk. I enjoyed it a lot. Multiple times.

Tommy picked up our dinner at the club. Seriously, did anyone think I was cooking? And it was delicious. And clean up was a breeze. We watched White Christmas and then went back to bed. Then we ate and went back to bed. We watched a couple of BB games and went back to bed. And not one nap was had. I’ll leave you to ponder that one!

With everything going on it was just the day we needed and we loved every minute of it!

xx Patricia

The Gift Is Just What’s In Your Hearts, And Not What’s In Your Hands…

Here it is already Christmas Eve. I’m having my breakfast tea in bed with my new pink socks. Reading a book. Rocking out to Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Last night we had to make a run to Wal-Mart. Big mistake. I have never seen so many angry people! The Instant Pot supply was gone. At the check out with our one roll of snowman paper, the lady behind me said, ” Well you must have done all of your shopping early!” To which I replied,” Well when you break this craziness down it’s really just Jesus’s birthday. He only wanted my love so it was an easy gift to give.”