Our Saturday Adventures

Good Sunday Morning! And for all of the mothers/step-mothers and Dads who are also mothers, Happy Mother’s Day.

I haven’t even made tea this morning. My calves are burning from all the walking we did yesterday. We started out at the Gulfport Seafood Company because they get fresh shrimp daily from our home in Gulfport, Mississippi. Yesterday they had a beautiful selection so I bought some to grill for salads then I shot my youngest a text telling him how gorgeous they were and a few hours later he sent me a picture of his gumbo pot full of rich, simmering gumbo. Yummy.

After dropping off the shrimps back at home we stopped off at Michael’s for some craft supplies and noticed a new store next to it. It was Five Below. Everything is $5 or below. I picked up a cute bed canopy and we are going to circle the top with LED lights and make a reading nook for Charli Ava. Then it was a stop at Ulta which was packed! We popped into the library to pick up the latest Kevin Hearne book.

Finally we stopped in at The Corner Bakery and had lunch. I had the Caprese salad on a sourdough baguette. It was delicious. With the kids getting out of school soon I stocked up on pool goggles and underwear. Those two things seem to disappear most often. I don’t even understand the underwear though.

So today is a food prep day. It’s so much easier when you have everything prepared in advance for those Mondays.

Have a great Sunday   xx Patricia

Thank You For Giving Me Life and Letting Me Keep It!


I haven’t had a good Earl Grey London Fog Latte’ in forever so this morning I made an entire pot and drank it all by myself! It was beyond yummy.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. A day to honor your Momma for giving you life and not killing you during your teenage years. She tried, but I’m squirmy and good at hiding.

This is one holiday I am always conflicted about. If you suffered abuse as a child, I think that’s pretty normal. I sat at the computer for a long time yesterday trying to send flowers. In the end, I couldn’t do it. It was too much of a reminder that we were required to get her flowers when she had run out of steam and people to beat or verbally abuse. My dad made us get flowers and apologize. Can you believe that? Apologize for getting abused? So it brings up a lot of dark feelings.

So I will say Happy Mother’s Day and move on. Have I forgiven her? No. I don’t know that I can. I have forgiven myself for not being a part of her life anymore. She may be 80 but her behavior hasn’t changed. She is still manipulative and has a tongue that could kill you. To this day she pits all of us against each other. Much like prisoners, she doesn’t want us getting together and comparing notes or we just may overthrow the kingdom.

I will love her for giving me life and that is all.

I wish all the rest of you a wonderful Mother’s Day! And even though she is no longer alive, Happy Mother’s Day Gracie! You raised me right and I’ll never forget you.

xx Patricia    headed out on an adventure tomorrow….look out Texas!


Everything’s Gonna Be All Right!

Good Thursday morning! Sipping on a lovely Assam Tea from Taylor’s of Harrogate. It has the loveliest aroma and a nice malty taste. Getting ready to head back to Dean McGee and let them take my eye pressure again. I’m pretty sure it’s better.

When I saw my shrink on Tuesday I told him I needed to go back on my meds. I felt like it was the best thing for my sanity and my eye. Turns out there is something to that. I don’t know what, but when I took a pill late yesterday and my eye felt normal. And so did I!

Yesterday we picked up the sofa we had ordered. The love seat and the 2 chairs and ottoman should be ready in a few weeks. I love a structured sofa. And I love the look of natural linen. The pillows that come with the sofa have writing on them and so do the 2 chairs. But look what they say. Tea! They have all kinds and places of tea. You could also get them in French script. Or anything you choose really. I was so in love with it once we cut it loose from the yards of plastic and cardboard. What do you think?

I haven’t decided on curtains yet. I don’t want to mess up the perfect walls.

I am off to the eye institute. And then to the market. I hope you have a wonderful day.

xx Patricia


Feeling Anxiety? Try a “Grounding” Tool!

Good Morning! The heat is on here and we are switching our teas up. The strong black teas going to the back of the cupboard and the green and herbals going to the front. This morning it’s Harney and Sons Blueberry Green Tea. It’s light but so full of flavor and the aroma is heavenly. Most Barnes and Noble stores carry Harney and Sons.

Yesterday was a roller coaster of feelings. I was not calm, my hands were sweating so badly and I was snapping at everyone. We got home from the eye institute around 7 last night. It was a really long day.

Good news is that my corneal transplant is good. It is humming right along and all of my stitches are fine. It is a pressure problem. Normal eye pressure is 12 to 22 HG and mine was almost 40. This is not uncommon for those people, like me, who have been on massive amounts of steroid drops. I’ve been on them non-stop for almost 2 years now. They can cause cataracts and high pressure or high blood pressure in the eye. Is it a coincidence that I just went off my calming meds and get this? I don’t know but I have an appointment today with my Psychiatrist.

One thing you should know is that I am terrified of taking medicines that I have never taken before. So when Dr. Davis said “Do you have any kidney problems?” I thought oh heck, he’s going to give me some kind of pill. Sure enough he did. I don’t know what it is but it sucks all the moisture out of your body and leaves you with the driest mouth and throat! I drank so much water I was in the bathroom every 5 minutes. It goes straight through your kidneys. I was supposed to be on them for a few days at least but I had a strange reaction so we are sticking with pressure drops and reducing the steroids. By the time I left last night it was down to 18. I love how he said, “Well you may get to see your friend Dr. Bailey again, he specializes in steroid induced glaucoma and could do a quick procedure to help out.” Yeah, I don’t like him that much.

So today I go see my head doctor and will tell him that for now I’m going back on the meds. Dr. Davis said I need to. I am unable to calm myself physically and the meds help me with that. I prayed the other day that if I was going to have any eye issues let them show up before July, well, that one was answered! But I’m not willing to have this particular issue. So a smaller dose, but still controlling my blood pressure and my mind, I will just suck it up.

Thank you for all of your support yesterday. Today my eye is definitely feeling better. My shoulders are as sore as heck from stress, but that will go away eventually. I go back tomorrow so we shall see.

Have a great Tuesday and Stay Calm!   xx Patricia


Monday morning! The first day in a long time that I have not had any tea brewing. I’m trying not to eat or drink anything until after my eye doctor appointment today.

Saturday while at the crawfish birthday boil my eye started to feel funny. A bit tight and blurry. I noticed I couldn’t keep my balance. It has gotten worse since then and we’ll see in a little bit what is wrong. Could I have picked a worse time to stop my anxiety meds? So I’m trying very hard to not stress, but it’s not working. Even OU Boy is stressed about it. Is the transplant rejecting? It’s going to be a long day.

We had a great time at my son’s. The kids swam and jumped on the trampoline and I ate until my mouth was burning from the spices. But oh was it good. I had Red Velvet Cake when we got home. It helped with the burning….yeah, let’s say that.

I finally slept last night. All night too. Didn’t wake up until after 7 this morning. So that’s good. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well at the eye clinic and I’ll let you know later what happens.

Thanks so much   xx Patricia


It’s the weekend! And it’s going to be beautiful. Almost no wind, bright sunshine and fun times ahead.

I was drinking tea at 4 a.m. when I should have been sleeping. Then OU Boy woke up and went to get birthday donuts. Of which we ate one bite each before declaring them too sweet.

So it’s been another year and what have I learned?

I’ve learned that life can always surprise you. Just when you think you know what is happening….boom….you don’t. I have no control over anyone or anything. Just go with the flow. Yes, that is what I’ve learned. Go with the flow. But make sure it’s your flow and not someone else’s. Be kind. You will never regret it. Be polite. Everyone will remember it. Be content. Where you are.


Before I go enjoy my day I did want to say thanks for sticking with me and getting me over this rough week of detoxing from the Xanax. I am ready for life, unmedicated. I sure hope it’s ready for me.

Brittany Fuson Paper | Shop | Greeting Cards to me! And all of you other lucky May Babies!  xx Patricia

It’s Friday! Let the Sun Shine!

Good Morning! It’s Friday and I’m starting off with a cup of Harney and Sons Green Blueberry Tea, which is a delight for the nose and the mouth!

I got some sleep last night, but I’m not going to pretend this is easy because it isn’t. I’m drinking a lot of tea and spending a lot of time reading. We keep the monthly Trader Joe’s booklet in the bathroom. It makes for fun reading. Anyway we saw this ad for Persian Cucumbers, which I didn’t even know were a thing, and the way they describe it..well, here.

Some people are surprisingly cool on cucumbers. We consider this one of life’s mysteries. Perhaps these people have never tried one of our Persian versions of the fruit. Yes it is a fruit. If someone less than impressed with curcubitae were to sample our smooth, thin-skinned cukes…experiencing their aromatic sweetness, and their tender, yet crisp bite…we believe they would change their cucumber-tune in a flash. I mean are we still talking about food here? Someone loves their cukes! 

You have to take your fun where you can find it some days. Books, tea and laughter will get you through a lot. I’m reading a good tale by Jo Nesbo.  Norwegian Detective in Australia. Different.

Back to the books! Have a good Friday and Be Good To Yourself!

xx Patricia


Some Pink Flamingo Love


I am late getting on here today. It is storm season in Oklahoma and our weather guys live for this time. We knew yesterday was going to be a severe weather day and it was. David Payne was on television interrupting my Survivor time until after I went to bed and it was still thundering and lightening and blowing rain and wind this morning.

Other than the pool overflowing and water coming up to the sidewalk, we were okay. It seems every year either Moore or Shawnee get slammed with tornadoes and I saw a church sign that said “Dear God, It’s starting to feel personal. Moore, OK.” Poor guys.

I’ve been awake since 5 this morning and have no idea what to do that time of day so I read. And I thought. I’m doing pretty well with no anxiety meds. So far my tummy has been upset a bit which could just be my Crohn’s and I’m having trouble sleeping which could be the big ass street light. I’m not jittery or icky feeling but I am noticing things. Food tastes too everything. Too salty, too sweet, just too much and this is an issue for me because I need to want to eat. A lot of the withdrawal effects are the same effects I have when I forget to eat and I’m just noticing that so I am trying to eat something every few hours. All in all it is much better than I expected.

We shall see how it holds up this weekend. Saturday is my birthday and my son is having a crawfish boil so that should be fun and crazy and loud with dogs, kids and friends and family. We have a lot to cram into May! Next weekend OU Boy’s brother graduates from the big town of Union City High School. They have like one 4 way Stop sign. It is tiny.

Anyone have any sleep remedies? Not Melatonin. Can’t do that. Let me know. I’m off to finish The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand. It’s good!

Have a Pink Day! xx Patricia

A Literary Tea Party by Alison Walsh

A Literary Tea Party: Blends and Treats for Alice, Bilbo, Dorothy, Jo, and Book Lovers Everywhere by [Walsh, Alison]

A Literary-Inspired Cookbook for Voracious Readers at Teatime
Tea and books: the perfect pairing. There’s nothing quite like sitting down to a good book on a lovely afternoon with a steaming cup of tea beside you, as you fall down the rabbit hole into the imaginative worlds of Alice in WonderlandThe Hobbit, and Sherlock Holmes . . .
Fire up your literary fancies and nibble your way through delicate sweets and savories with A Literary Tea Party, which brings food from classic books to life with a teatime twist. Featuring fifty-five perfectly portioned recipes for an afternoon getaway, including custom homemade tea blends and beverages, you will have everything you need to plan an elaborate tea party. Cook up and enjoy:


  • Turkish Delight while sipping on the White Witch’s Hot Chocolate from The Chronicles of Narnia


  • Drink Me Tea with the Queen of Hearts’s Painted Rose Cupcakes from Alice in Wonderland


  • Eeyore’s “Hipy Bthuthday” Cake with Hundred Acre Hot Chocolate from Winnie the Pooh


  • Hannah’s Sweet Potato Bacon Pastries and Jo’s Gingerbread from Little Women


  • Tom Sawyer’s Whitewashed Jelly Doughnuts from Tom Sawyer


  • And more!


Accompanied with photographs and book quotes, these recipes, inspired by the great works of literature, will complement any good book for teatime reading and eating.

What a lovely book full of recipes and book references. Each one evokes a memory of a story, a book, another time and place. Perfect for the tea lover, book lover or both!

Netgalley/Skyhorse Publishing  June 05, 2018


This was one of the teas I had samples for. It was a lovely color and it tasted like summer. Every sip reminded me of summer. Herbs and fresh-cut grass. Was it my favorite? No. But it was nice.

And we need nice. I have been awake since about 4 this morning. I was up a few hours later and I don’t think I need to be up and about at the same time as normal people. It was an odd experience seeing OU Boy’s morning habits. I probably shouldn’t do that, at least for a while. I am stopping my anxiety meds. I have been tapering off of them for a month and now I’m down to none and am feeling everything.

Food tastes different. I feel lighter. Yesterday was rough. It still felt like I was holding a live wire in my hand, but I got through it. I didn’t know how it would affect my sleep last night and I’m not sure it did. I keep repeating This is my new normal…over and over. I have definitely done more. Before noon I had done 4 loads of laundry, read a book, reviewed said book and had lots of tea. I had finished all of my email business and I was ready for whatever.

We are bracing for severe weather here. I think they may be just hoping for it in the storm center. That is really not what I need at the moment. A tornado and no Xanax, but I made this decision. I don’t want to be on meds. I want to be in control of my mind and body so I’m rambling on here rather than biting my fingernails. Thank you for listening.

Enjoy your day and thanks for the support!

xx Patricia