Planting The Garden

Just as Spring has come to us I saw this morning that snow is still hanging on as long as it can up north. I’m so sorry. It may be windy as the devil here but it’s warm and sunshiny and I’m starting in the Herb garden this afternoon.

I love fresh herbs year round and we usually have Rosemary and Lavender year round so those are taken care of. My mint is up and growing nicely and I think some Dill and Lemongrass, Chives and Cilantro and Parsley.

I need to catch up on reading this weekend so that is where I will be. I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday. Since we have had so much rain on Saturdays lately today is back to back baseball for Charli. Go Dodgers!

xx P


Thursday has come with a surprise or two. This morning I received this little gem. Celestial Teahouse Mountain Chai. A true masala chai with Assam black tea. It is the best.  The aroma is intense and the taste is smooth, full-bodied and chock full of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves,nutmeg, star anise, black pepper, roasted chicory and vanilla bean. I had never seen it before, even on their website so I looked on Amazon and they had 1 box left for $10.99. OU Boy paid $2.50. Yep.

It was really good and I love the packaging. The banana bread was a hit. People like dusting the pan with cinnamon/sugar mix. It gave it a small crunch on the bottom which I quite enjoyed.

Since this was the first day in a long time we’ve been off together we went to the book store. Of course. Had some tea and bought some books and then called Corbin and Charli Ava and told them we were having treats and tea at the book store. All you could hear in the background was ” NOT FAIR”.  But it was nice to be lazy on a sunny day and wander around seeing Spring showing off around town.

He’s off tomorrow too. That may be a bit much for me so he’s making plans to golf with my son Mike, which better mean I get my babies back!

Now I have to go read 3 books before tomorrow. Is it Spring where you are now? For those of you dealing with flooding, we are praying with you.

xx P


Monday morning and the Sun is shining and it’s warm! I am therefore declaring it is Spring. Winter has been like a bad house guest and overstayed his welcome. Yes, Winter is a he. So Voila!

This morning I’m sipping on my favorite Lemon and Lavender from Celestial Seasonings.

Celestial Lavender Tea. Only pinning to remind me how absolutely tasteless this is.  Something about these flavors makes my mouth very happy.

I had a great weekend. Although my body is paying for it. I found a new French Press and a Bundt pan. Nope I didn’t have one. I try never to have things around that I may have to bake with. I made a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. I mixed it up a bit this time with the icing. I used heavy whipping cream instead of just milk. I used 2 cups of confectioner’s sugar, 4 tablespoons of Kerrygold butter, 4 tablespoons of cream cheese, a splash of Vanilla and the cream as needed. Let me say this was the best frosting I’ve ever had! Smooth and addictive.

I had to send a huge chunk and a big dollop of extra frosting to work with Tommy this morning for my favorite Hyatt employee! She has already scraped the bowl clean.

Saturday we hit up The Catch at their newest location where I proceeded to show Tommy how unladylike a beach girl missing her shrimp can be. I ripped those suckers open and was done in 5 minutes. He’s just staring at me…..good thing it wasn’t crab!

Yesterday I worked moving my office and setting up the gym room. The last thing was the television. I was not allowed to take down Corbin’s Spiderman and Venom poster so now while I run I pretend they are cheering me on. I also had  a mirror installed so I could track my yoga moves for form. Holding myself accountable.

Today is a good day to have a good day!

xx P




Good Morning Y’all. The sun is shining and the rain is finally over. Everywhere I go there are signs of Spring. Birds hatching, flowers pushing through the soft dirt to poke their lovely green heads up to the sun.

It is truly one of the most beautiful seasons. New birth, baby calves, piglets and chickens getting their first look at Mother Earth and the human race. One isn’t looking too hot right now, but sometimes you make the wrong decision and you have to live with it for a bit.

OU Boy stayed home yesterday as he had an awful headache. I kept checking on him in the bed to make sure he was still breathing. I mean, my mattress is brand spanking new and I’d rather not have bodily fluids on it if he were to croak. I only say that because whether it’s  hangnail or a heart attack, that man treats them the same. He’s gonna die.

I am sipping on Tazo Green Ginger this morning because I ate a bag of Twizzlers last night. They are like crack, I swear! You can’t just nibble on one. So now I’m paying the price for having an addict for a mouth and a convent for a stomach. They aren’t happy with one another today, so I will do my penance and sip ginger tea all day and moan and complain. I’m quite good at that!

Yesterday I received an invitation from Amazon to be a Vine Reviewer. Now my reviews can go up early. So yeah!

Time to refill the teapot! Have a glorious day and laugh, it makes me happy!

Has Anyone Seen Spring?

Good Morning! I haven’t even had a chance to make tea this morning. It’s been busy.

The kids are packed up and headed to Dallas to spend time with Grandpa Bob. They will be back in a few days. Yesterday our activity was going on a nature walk and finding signs of Spring. Besides the wind gusting, it was nice and warm out. Corbin found the first dandelion and made his wish. Charli Ava found trees full of tiny buds and white flowers. They stunk like feet she said.

Corbin gave us a running commentary of the state of the world and how people are throwing trash out and ruining it. After much begging we ended up at the cemetery. It is huge and has been in our family forever and Corbin and I love to go there. So off we went to the cemetary. It is really a great place to go. It’s huge and a lot of older folks walk the paths and some sit and visit. We clean up the graves for the babies and soldiers whose resting places aren’t kept up. Maybe due to distance and time. And Corbin was highly offended by people who haven’t picked up their Christmas decorations yet.

When their Dad called and asked where we were I told him in the cemetery. So he came and got us. I think we probably walked a few miles. But we brought home pecans, odd stones, and feathers and had a lot of fun. Charli Ava had to go home but Corbin slept over so we grabbed the picnic basket and headed to the park. By bath time he was out.

Today is another busy day. Heading to the Labor Board and out to the country. Then putting the final coat of chalkboard paint on an old coffee table for the kids. If I’m feeling brave maybe a trip to the grocers.

xx Hope you are all having a nice day and now I’m going to go fix myself some tea!

The Tea Fairy Finally Arrives…


I was noticing this morning that the Tea Fairy stopped by sometime yesterday and left me some English Breakfast tea. Thank goodness! I made french press coffee yesterday and while I do like a cup occasionally, it is a bit much for my tummy. So once again there is peace in the kingdom.

Since the wind wasn’t too awful late afternoon I went out. This is the time of year when all the seedlings are out and I want one of everything. I only needed some mint but I smelled every herb and just noticed what a miracle this little mint plant was. Someone placed a tiny seed in some good soil and although it took some time that little seed struggled through the dark soil and emerged as something entirely different than the tiny seed. Just like we do. We all struggle. Not with the same things, but still we struggle in the dark places and hopefully soon we burst through into the glorious sunshine smiling. Stronger and completely different than we were when we were plunged into the dark.

Slow down today and look for the small miracles all around us. And for goodness sake, have a cup of Tea!

Tea Time

xx Patricia