Lazy Sundays Are The Best!

It’s a bright and shiny Sunday here. 59 degrees and that sun makes a huge difference in your mood. On days like this I wake up like Cinderella, stretching and waiting for the birds to make my bed. Happy and Content. Today I’m sipping on a good standard, Earl Grey and cleaning up my mess in the craft room.

My friend, Pamela, came over yesterday afternoon for a cup of tea and gossip. Neither one of us knows any so that was a short conversation. She brought me a very large bag from Michael’s Crafts chock full of Valentine supplies and red and pink boas. She always overbuys and I get what is left. So I’ve been busy making heart garlands for the windows and turning boas into wreaths.

I know we are late to the party but we started watching The Crown last night and before we knew it midnight was here! I spent the entire time fact checking on google! I had to promise not to watch the rest today until Tommy gets home. Yes, he is back at work. Which means he’s laying on a bed watching movies at one of the Hyatts.

Interesting conversation in my head last night. I never see babies named Karen. Or Cinderella. With all of the oddball names out there how come no one has picked up on Cinderella or Malificent? Or Karen? What’s the oddest baby name you’ve heard? I have to say mine was when I was helping a fellow teacher with her Kindergarten enrollment day. A mommy came over and told me her daughter’s name was Asshole’. Pronounced ASH-Ole’. When I asked her how she spelled that I realized she had named her kid asshole. I guess it’s all in how you pronounce something.

Tomorrow we will be at the cancer center so fingers crossed Quick trivia question from church….What fruit does the Bible say Eve tempted Adam with? I knew this one. Do you?

xx P


Good Sunday Morning!

Good Morning! Feeling a bit pink today. I woke up with the most peaceful feeling and I’m running with it! I have a confession to make. I have been doing this weird thing for a week now and I have to say, I love it. If you would have told me I would love it I would have told you to be gone.

Every morning I make my English Breakfast Tea, which is half unsweetened Almond Milk and half tea. Then I plop a half teaspoon of Kerry Gold Butter in there. Yes, I said butter. Real butter and I only use Kerry Gold from Ireland. I stir it up and add a dash of cinnamon and it is smooth and delicious. It sounds gross, but it is not. I even did it with coffee and I love it. Mainly because my tummy loves it.

Tommy’s mass is getting larger but we do have a date with the surgeon this week and I have an eye appointment. The eye appointment I am so looking forward to. After almost 3 years of dealing with the contact lens infection and the transplant and multiple other surgeries I have become dependent on my Corneal Surgeon. And I haven’t seen him in 4 months! That’s a good thing and a bad thing. So we shall see what this year brings for the eye. I’m hoping just the one other surgery and maybe all 11 stitches out.

I dug dip. And I mean deep to find information on the referral surgeon. He received his medical degree at a dental school. Seriously?? But I can’t find anything at all about references or reviews. He’s from Saudi Arabia and other than that he doesn’t seem to exist.

We are actually doing better in the anxiety department. Maybe because we are doing a lot to keep our minds off of this. So far today I have washed all of my windows inside and out, because you know it’s 62 today. I have dinner in the slow cooker. I cleaned all of my ceiling fans, which is dumb because I do it every Monday anyway. I cleaned out the fridge, which was easy as it’s mostly full of wine, Prosecco, milk and tea. And I turned in all of my work that wasn’t due until February! I finished working out already which I am really proud of.

Thank you my dear friend Cynthia for sending me tea! You know just what to do to calm me down. And I appreciate it. My sister cares, but she’s still leaving for Curacao in a few days for the winter and will be busy lying around on the beach with a book and not turning her phone on.

That’s our Sunday so far. How’s yours going?

xx P

GOOD THINGS HAPPEN. Kindness is Free.


Good Sunday Morning! Sipping on a Caramel Brullee Tea Latte this morning and I think I saw the sun! It’s been raining for days and I saw last night we’ve had over 6 inches of rain this week alone. Feeling soggy.

The five-year old, Corbin, had to leave school early Friday because he threw up. He has allergies and had coughed so hard he threw up. School policy is they have to go home if they throw up. He is always so funny. It was a gloomy day so we posted up on the sofa in our underwear and watched Season Two of Stranger Things. While we ate popsicles and sour vampire gummies. By we I mean him. I’m not eating that crap and he wasn’t eating my Spinach Smoothie.

Then he discovered Candy Crush on his computer. He was sound asleep by 8. The next morning I felt a little pinch on my arm and rolled over and he is staring down at me. “Hey! Wanna play Candy Crush?”. Me: ” Corbin, what is the rule?” Corbin: ” First the coffee then the talkie”. Later Charli and Jodi came over and we had a Candy Crush battle on 2 phones, 1 tablet, and the desk top. It was a fun couple of days. Today Tommy has the allergy cough and nasal crap.

I actually pulled on my galoshes and my Florida State raincoat and went and bought groceries. The coat was just to mess with the Oklahoma fans but I met several fellow FSU people at Target and I bought the Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea while Tommy just shook his head and called me a sell out.

It may not be a beautiful day outside, but inside I’m curling up with a cozy mystery and sipping tea.  I hope your Sunday is full of what ever you desire. Whether that’s good food, good friends or Thor.

xx Patricia


Good Morning! Sitting back listening to Beyonce‘ sing about Becky with the good hair and sipping on some Harney and Sons Chocolate Tea this sunny but cold Sunday.

I completely fell down the research rabbit hole yesterday. I had a task. Removing everything from 2 hard drives I don’t use a lot to flash drives so I can toss those suckers. I got maybe half way there when my son called and we spent a long time digging through the research we had. After that it was over. You know how it is when you are researching history and those threads just come together and before you know it the day is almost over.

So we had snow yesterday. I feel horrible even saying that since it only dusted one shrub and then the sun came out and it was great and there was no snow. People still lost their minds and this time horses got loose. It was like bumper cars on the interstate. By Thursday it should be close to 90. I don’t even know. Mother Nature is playing with us.

It’s still a bit chilly at 42 degrees but I have no plans to leave the bed today. Book in hand, tea on the tray and I am good for the day.  School is already canceled for Monday. It’s turning into a really ugly thorn in the legislator’s sides. Good. Do something about it.

Have a great Sunday y’all! Be a good human. Have some tea. Eat the cupcake. Or some crab legs!

xx Patricia   




Good Palm Sunday to you all. It’s so quiet this morning. All I can hear is my birds chirping outside of the window. Today’s tea is a really nice Darjeeling. The warmer the weather gets, the lighter teas come to the front of the tea cabinet.

I was so moved by the young adults who marched on America yesterday. The six minutes of silence was a powerful statement. And we started discussing how all of these old men are running our country and they are not in the least representative of this new generation. I said maybe there should be term limits and age limits. You have to be a certain age to be President and at a certain age you should be just too dang old.

I have seen first hand what can happen when people say Enough! Right here in our state the PAC I belong to brought together women from all across the state to fight for the right to vaccinate or not vacinate our own children. One representative was particularly vile in his behavior and language. But it’s amazing what a group of determined women pushing strollers can get done. All bills failed and now our goal is to not put this guy back in office.  We owe it to our children to leave them a better world than the one we had. If you take money from lobbyists than you shouldn’t get to vote on that issue, whatever it is, because well, you’re on the take as my daddy would say.

Let’s do better. Get involved in what ever way you can, but this has to end. Talk to your children, know your representatives. They, as well as the president, work for us. Let them know that you are watching and voting.

That is my rant for the week. Enjoy your Sunday, and don’t be an ass.

xx Patricia