Well we made it. Friday morning Tommy’s BP had been acceptable for 10 straight hours. Really good. Like normal people. 124 over 78! We finally found the right cocktail of meds. And I want to thank all of the nurses, especially Debbie at OU. Part of the anxiety and stress is the not knowing. And this beautiful woman shut the door and sat down and explained everything and wrote it down. They released him right after lunch and we headed to the pharmacy and got his new meds and then home for a nap in his own bed and a nice soak in the tub.

He was determined to go to Corbin’s first dance. And we made it. I was working the photo booth and he helped by corralling the props and herding the kids into a somewhat straight line.

The gym looked amazing, the DJ was really good, but the hottest ticket in the gym was the photo booth.

Those three little munchkins are best friends. Last year they were all the same height but as you can see Corbin had a growth spurt, but then we are all tall Viking people here. They danced their hearts out and took tons of pictures together and ate a lot of cookies but when it came time to go, little Alex did not want to take off her party shoes and go to her Grandmother’s house. She started to cry and the boys jumped right in to hug her and console her and offer for her to come with them. On the way out, Corbin said, ” Grandma, Emerson and me are cousins now.”  Really? ” Well then it’s okay if he calls me his Grandma too, then?” Uh, no.

I sent his dad a the above picture as he was home with Charli Ava and he wrote back, Good Lord Mom, he looks like a little Amish boy! Actually the boys had to have matching outfits, which were located finally at H & M. Corbin refused to wear the bow tie or boutonniere, as they felt funny on his skin.

We slept like the dead last night and woke up this morning feeling like we had the worst hangover ever! We didn’t realize how tightly we were wound up and I guess we just crashed finally. But everyone is doing well. Monday we meet with the surgeon at the Cancer Center and we’ll go from there. But I had to share Corbin’s first dance with y’all and thank you for all of your thoughts and love and prayers. You are all amazing!

xx P

Good Sunday Morning!

Good Morning! Feeling a bit pink today. I woke up with the most peaceful feeling and I’m running with it! I have a confession to make. I have been doing this weird thing for a week now and I have to say, I love it. If you would have told me I would love it I would have told you to be gone.

Every morning I make my English Breakfast Tea, which is half unsweetened Almond Milk and half tea. Then I plop a half teaspoon of Kerry Gold Butter in there. Yes, I said butter. Real butter and I only use Kerry Gold from Ireland. I stir it up and add a dash of cinnamon and it is smooth and delicious. It sounds gross, but it is not. I even did it with coffee and I love it. Mainly because my tummy loves it.

Tommy’s mass is getting larger but we do have a date with the surgeon this week and I have an eye appointment. The eye appointment I am so looking forward to. After almost 3 years of dealing with the contact lens infection and the transplant and multiple other surgeries I have become dependent on my Corneal Surgeon. And I haven’t seen him in 4 months! That’s a good thing and a bad thing. So we shall see what this year brings for the eye. I’m hoping just the one other surgery and maybe all 11 stitches out.

I dug dip. And I mean deep to find information on the referral surgeon. He received his medical degree at a dental school. Seriously?? But I can’t find anything at all about references or reviews. He’s from Saudi Arabia and other than that he doesn’t seem to exist.

We are actually doing better in the anxiety department. Maybe because we are doing a lot to keep our minds off of this. So far today I have washed all of my windows inside and out, because you know it’s 62 today. I have dinner in the slow cooker. I cleaned all of my ceiling fans, which is dumb because I do it every Monday anyway. I cleaned out the fridge, which was easy as it’s mostly full of wine, Prosecco, milk and tea. And I turned in all of my work that wasn’t due until February! I finished working out already which I am really proud of.

Thank you my dear friend Cynthia for sending me tea! You know just what to do to calm me down. And I appreciate it. My sister cares, but she’s still leaving for Curacao in a few days for the winter and will be busy lying around on the beach with a book and not turning her phone on.

That’s our Sunday so far. How’s yours going?

xx P

Well, That Didn’t Go As Planned!

You Can't Buy Happiness But You Can Buy Tea  by LeeLeeandLivvy, $15.00

Good Morning!  Grab a cup of tea….things are going to get gross!

I was much more anxious about this surgery yesterday than I was the Corneal Transplant. I couldn’t explain why, I just was.  Although the nurse said my blood pressure was really low, I was still scared.

This time I had a lovely OR nurse who stayed with me through the entire thing. I had already forgotten they have wrist restraints and for this surgery I had them on my head, chest and thighs as well. Nothing says Anxiety like being tied down and then put to sleep!

It was supposed to be a shorter operation where they took out the cataract caused by the steroid drops that help the transplant heal. But they had to do it the old school way since I have 11 stitches left on my eye. Normally they take out the cataract and insert a intraocular lens. But it seems that somewhere in my past I had head trauma. Now I don’t have enough “ropey” things attached to my retina, so no lens. They took mine out and now I don’t have any. I asked my Momma if she knew anything about me and head trauma. She reminded me of that time I ‘flew’ out of a live oak tree and landed on the roots and broke some bones. Yep, that would do it.

So, new plan. It’s become obvious that I don’t do well under anesthesia. Even sound asleep I fight the restraints. So now we hope the pressure goes down and get the Retina Surgeon involved and this time knock me way out! This morning has been all about getting the pressure down with pressure drops. So far we’ve gone from the high 30’s to around 23.  And I’m back on 3 different drops 4 times a day. Friday will be decision day unless something happens in the mean time.

How bad does this crap hurt? I have an Amazon package sitting on my bed and haven’t even opened it. Shocking, right???

About nap time for me. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. I really appreciate them.

xx Patricia

Let’s Just Be Better Humans..Okay? Good Then.


It’s been a week since surgery. I am so in love with this little clear cuppy thing over my eye. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so fragile. So vulnerable. Post-It Notes are all over the house. Do. Not. Touch. Your. Eye.  Tomorrow is my eye doctor day. I’m rather excited too. My doctor just left on vacation so I get to have Dr. Montenegro….uh huh. Tall, handsome, Spanish Dr. Montenegro. So that should be fun!

I also get to be unsupervised today. We’ll see how that goes. Tommy left me lunch. Red Beans and Rice. I should really say thank you to him more often. I seem to thank the people that don’t actually put up with me a lot more than I thank the ones that are here doing the dirty work of making sure I don’t wander into the street or lift anything.

Thank goodness this man loves me more than I deserve! He’s my Person. Does everyone have one of those? Someone who has known you forever and  will drop everything to get to you when needed? I hope so. We all need someone like that. So today I’m being Thankful for Tommy the person who makes sure I eat. That makes sure I have everything I need to be comfy and happy.  I am thankful that Jennifer calls to check up on me even though she is going through her own trials right now. Thank you to my Momma, who listens to me bitch and moan like I’m the only person in the world that has had a health issue.

Today I would also like to say Happy Birthday to 2 amazing women. feb15   Happy, Happy Birthday to Nikki over at flyingthroughwater  and also to Cynthia over at makingpeacewiththewrongsideof40    I hope you both have wonderful days!  Here’s a tiny cake!

xx Patricia